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Which zodiac sign is the zircon stone suitable for?

A bright semi-precious stone whose name is so often misleading. A stone of success that helps you achieve your goals. A mineral is a substance homogeneous in structure and composition that is part of a rock, meteorite or ore, formed in the earth’s crust or its water shell as a result of natural physical and chemical processes. Jewelry stones (both precious and semi-precious) are beautiful and rare varieties of a particular mineral. Zircon Density It is the ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume it occupies. When comparing two objects with the same volume, the one whose density is higher will be heavier. 4,6–4,7 g/cm³ Mohs hardness A relative scale of mineral hardness, with Mohs 1 being the least hard and 10 being the hardest. The standard for the greatest hardness is a diamond with a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale. Colorless, gray, yellow, green, pink, as well as shades of red and brown

History of zircon

Zargun means “golden” in Persian. It is from this word that the name of the stone comes. The unique refractive properties of zircon can only be compared to a diamond. It is not for nothing that in the East zircon is called its younger brother. Advertising – Continued below

Varieties and colors of stone

Zircon has several of the most famous varieties.


It ranges in color from pale pink to bright red and brown.

Jargon or jargon

Yellow zircon. Advertising – Continued below


Bright blue zircon, which received its color after calcination. Zircon is often confused with zirconium, but these are fundamentally different things. Zircon Zirconium is a natural gemstone and is a silver-colored metal. Advertising – Continued below cubic zirconia (aka zirconium cube) is a well-known cubic zirconia, and its name is associated with the chemical composition of this stone: cubic zirconium dioxide. It is incorrect to call cubic zirconia zircons, since cubic zirconia is an artificial stone. Read more:
Cubic zirconia and zircon – is there a difference? Цironium is a plastic grayish-silver metal, a chemical element designated in the periodic table by the letter combination Zr. Zirconium is the main natural stone of zircon and cubic zirconia created in the laboratory.

Physical and chemical properties of zircon

Chemical formula of zircon ZrSiO4. The stone is fragile and easily damaged by quartz. Advertising – Continued below Zircon contains many impurities, which determines the varied colors of the stone. In nature, white, gray, pink, red, burgundy, yellow, brown, almost black and green stones are found. Oxides of iron, calcium, aluminum, and less commonly hafnium are present as impurities. Transparent stones with a red tint are called hyacinths and are used in jewelry. When heated, zircon hyacinth turns bright blue. Heat treatment can also result in yellow or colorless stones. The stone is usually small in size. The luster ranges from resinous and matte to glassy. Advertising – Continued below

Place of Birth

Stones are mined mainly in Thailand, on the island of Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Madagascar. Hyacinths are also mined in the USA, Brazil, Canada, Norway and Australia. Zircon deposits are also known in Russia, in particular in the Urals, Yakutia, and the Kola Peninsula.

Application area of ​​zircon

Today, stone is used for the manufacture of fire-resistant and fire-resistant materials. In addition, hafnium and uranium are extracted from it. Advertising – Continued below High quality zircons are used in the jewelry industry. The downside is the low density of the mineral, so it is easy to damage. Unfortunately, in modern realities, natural zircon has been almost completely forced out of the jewelry market and replaced by artificial cubic zirconia. Zircon is much more common in antique items.

How to distinguish natural zircon from fake

  • To distinguish natural zircon from cubic zirconia, you should remember the characteristics of the stone. Transparent specimens themselves are very rare, however, they will certainly contain inclusions, voids, etc. Cubic zirconia in any case will be transparent, like a tear.
  • Zircon shimmers exactly like diamond, but where there are any inclusions there is a resinous tint.
  • Zircon has a very low density compared to cubic zirconia, therefore, stones of the same size will differ in weight – zircon will be lighter than a fake.
  • Zircon is often radioactive. If you have a device that measures radiation levels, it can help determine the naturalness of the stone.

Healing and magical properties of alular

Since ancient times, people have worn amulets made of zircon, endowing it with the power of power. In ancient times, this stone was worn by sages. It was believed that zircon helped reveal lies and endowed the owner with intuition and the gift of foresight. Zircon promotes the development of memory and observation, protects against deceivers. An amulet with this stone attracts good luck and promotes wealth.

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It is believed that zircons of different colors have different effects on people. For example, yellow zircon is recommended to be worn by people with hypertension, stomach and liver problems. Blue stone restores the function of the thyroid gland and pancreas, and also helps with tumors in the brain. Black zircon increases the body’s resistance to viral diseases.

Which zodiac signs are zircon suitable for?

Astrologers primarily recommend wearing zircon to Sagittarius and Aquarius. The color of the stone must match the element of the sign.

Did you know that.

Zircon contains impurities of rare earth metals, as well as uranium and thorium, which make the stone radioactive.

One of the most ancient stones is zircon. The age of the stone depends on its deposit; the oldest is the mineral mined in Australia. Its age is more than 4 billion years.

Zircon gemstone has unique physical properties, amazing color and brilliance. However, despite this, although it deserves a place among the most expensive, it was never fully recognized by people.

Sad fate

The reason why the precious mineral was never recognized is man himself. Since the mineral has a wide range of colors, in ancient times it was often confused with other precious stones, such as ruby, topaz, citrine or sapphire. White zircon, or rather transparent, was perceived as a type of diamond.

With the development of science, having assessed all the physical properties of natural material, scientists were able to create cubic zirconia – an artificial diamond. Over time, this creation of human hands began to be called zirconium because of the consonance of the words cubic zirconia and zircon in English. And although zirconium, artificially made by scientists, is very different from the natural mineral, the consonance of the names has led to the fact that zircon and zirconium today are perceived by many as the same stone. Because of this, the value of a truly unique material has become even lower.

Its wide distribution does not play the best role either. The mineral is deposited in the following countries:

  • Australia;
  • Russia;
  • Thailand;
  • Korea;
  • Brazil;
  • Norway;
  • Cambodia;
  • Tanzania;
  • Vietnam;
  • Nigeria;
  • Sri Lanka;
  • Madagascar.

These countries have the most extensive zircon deposits. However, there are other countries where this mineral is mined.

Stone types

Not only the physical, but also the supernatural properties of zircon stone depend on its variety. There are 5 main types of this mineral based on deposit and color. Transparent stones, called Matar diamonds, are mined in the south of the island of Sri Lanka. The stone, called molokan, is dark brown in color and is found mainly in Norway.

The yellow mineral can have several shades, namely: golden, smoky yellow and straw. All stones of yellow shades have a single name – slang. There are jargon deposits in Australia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and southeast Asia. In all these countries, expensive stones are mined for jewelry.

Red zircon is mined in Russia, Vietnam, Thailand and 8 other countries around the world. It is called hyacinth. In addition to the red tint, the mineral can be orange or red-brown. Pink hyacinth is also found.

Green stones are rarely used to make zirconia jewelry. They are too dangerous because they contain radioactive elements. In a jewelry store you can only find products with light green stones, in which the concentration of hazardous substances is low. However, it is not recommended to wear such jewelry all the time. But dark green zircon is allowed to be stored only in specialized museums, subject to all safety standards.

Surprisingly, if you heat the mineral well, it will change its color. Thus, malacon (brown stone) will turn blue, which is called starlite.

The rarest and most expensive types are colorless and black stones.

Medicinal properties

Many believe that the healing properties of zirconium are due to its unique shape. The noble mineral has the shape of a double pyramid, which is known to have many healing powers. The stone has all these properties, doubling the effect. The healing effect of the jewelry depends on what type of zircon mineral is in the jewelry.

For example, to combat constipation and normalize intestinal function, it is best to choose blue zircon. The brown mineral can cure any cold and also protects against hypothermia. Jargon (yellow zircon) increases appetite, and hyacinths, stones of red shades, are suitable for cleansing the body.

The zircon mineral, called Matar diamond, improves metabolism, which helps to get rid of excess weight.

Black zircon has a wider spectrum of action. Most often it is used to normalize sleep if a person suffers from insomnia. In addition, the stone can relieve nightmares. In case of hypertension accompanied by nosebleeds, it is also recommended to wear black stones.

The therapeutic effect that all types of mineral have is the normalization of the endocrine system. Its effectiveness is especially pronounced in cases when it comes to diseases of the thyroid gland.

After a serious illness or surgery, it is recommended to wear this mineral. The best is hyacinth, whose characteristics contribute to the speedy restoration of physical and spiritual strength.

Magic of crystals

Zirconium jewelry and the stone itself have always been popular among magicians and sorcerers, since time immemorial. Its magical properties are amazing and diverse; in the right hands, the stone can become a powerful weapon against evil and deceitful people. There have been cases where people have solved crimes using zircon.

Magical properties inherent in any type of mineral:

  • denouncing lies and deceit;
  • revelation of vices and evil intentions;
  • endowing the owner with the gift of clairvoyance.

This stone loves clean and honest people; when it falls into the hands of a worthy owner, zirconium jewelry develops intelligence and intelligence, and instills confidence in one’s own strengths. It relieves emotional stress and is able to protect its owner from the negative influence of dark personalities.

What is the difference between types of stone? Despite the fact that all of the above properties are inherent in any zircon, each type of mineral also has its own abilities.

Thus, red zirconium protects during travel, helps scientists and traders. In addition, in ancient times it was believed that hyacinth could prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Yellow colored stones enhance sexuality and attract love. Jargon can bring its owner out of severe and advanced depression. Attractiveness to people, not sexual, is guaranteed by jewelry with orange zircon.

Green stones promote success in business, increasing the income of their owner. Starlite, a blue mineral, fills life with harmony. A brown stone talisman is suitable for farmers as it promotes a good harvest.

The brother of diamond, transparent zircon, guides a person at the moment of making important decisions and promotes the development of philosophical thinking.

Artificially created zirconium can also have magical properties, although in this case the “power” is endowed by a person.

What do the stars say?

Horoscope influences the lives of many people. Both ordinary citizens and rulers believe in predictions from the stars, and this has always been the case, since the creation of the world. Therefore, it has long been noted who this stone is suitable for and who should choose another jewel.

So, one of the signs favored by the mineral is Sagittarius. People born under his auspices often cannot find harmony between the physical and spiritual worlds. Zirconium helps to cope with this problem, then Sagittarius gets the opportunity to fully reveal their business and leadership qualities.

People born under the sign of Aquarius will be able to develop their intuition with the help of zirconium talismans. For Taurus, the stone will give confidence in their own abilities and maintain vital energy.

The effect of the mineral on different zodiac signs is actually the same. The differences lie only in the character traits of people, which he reveals.

He also singles out such signs as Cancer and Pisces. But the difference is that wearing the mineral is contraindicated for them, since it enhances the not-so-good qualities of these signs. For example, Cancer becomes self-centered, and Pisces can plunge into the world of illusions and their own fantasies.

Of all the jewelry, it is best to choose rings. In addition, the mineral is more suitable for men than women.

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