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Which zodiac sign is Variscite suitable for?

The stone got its name thanks to Variscite, the region of Saxony where the mineral was found and described. Over time, the stone became quite popular and began to be mined in many parts of the world.

Variscite stone has magical properties.

The mystical power of the gem is clearly expressed by peace, as well as sensual and emotional stability. The mineral brings peace of mind and endurance, sometimes with signs of slight detachment. The gem helps not only to sensibly assess and react to an event, but also to turn any difficult situation to your advantage. The owner of the stone becomes characterized by kindness, care, sensitivity and mercy.
Variscite helps to facilitate mutual understanding when communicating even between radically different individuals. Thanks to these qualities, the stone is extremely useful for meditation.
Wearing the mineral leads to the transformation of negative human qualities into good, pure, sincere altruistic impulses, pushing its owner to help the truly disadvantaged and suffering. The gem guides you to rethink your actions and gives you the opportunity to correct the unworthy among them. This is a symbol of spiritual development, kindness and justice.
By bringing out the best qualities in a person, the stone helps to attract genuine respect and love from others.
As a talisman, variscite will be very useful for educators, teachers, health workers, lawyers, judges, representatives of executive services and those whose profession is connected with the destinies of people.

Variscite stone suits someone according to their zodiac sign/horoscope.

Natural variscite is deservedly considered the patron saint of Aries, making them softer and more good-natured, helping to improve relationships in the family and at work. For Leos, the stone will help them successfully cope with temper and manifestations of aggression. This mineral will also be useful for Sagittarius, for whom the mineral gives relief from gloomy moods and negative attitudes.

Variscite stone has medicinal properties.

Lithotherapy specialists have noted that the mineral neutralizes almost any stressful and depressive conditions. The gem extends its influence on the activity of all parts of the nervous system, independent of its peripheral or central parts.
The stone eliminates unreasonable fears, causeless worries, and corrects sleep. Traditional healers consider the mineral a panacea for all nervous diseases. Thanks to its delicate greenish tones and smooth color transitions, the gem amazingly relieves eye strain and soothes vision.
Variscite copes well with the function of an immunomodulatory and restorative agent.

Origin of the mineral variscite.

The mineral stone variscite has an island-type crystalline structure and belongs to hydrous aluminum phosphates. The origin of the gem takes place in hydrothermal conditions, at low temperatures.
Variscite is formed in the form of short stalactites, intergrowths, spherulites or spherulite crusts. Gem crystals do not reach large sizes and are relatively rare in natural conditions.

Variscite color and its shades.

The content of iron and chlorine impurities, in various combinations, creates a modest range of calm and soft colors. The mineral is characterized by delicate, unobtrusive shades of green, blue, emerald and yellow. White, pink, red and colorless specimens are rarely found.
The color transitions are unclear, very blurry and smooth. The transparency of the crystals is low, with a translucent effect at the edges. Externally, the gem is very similar to turquoise, chrysoprase and malachite.

Variscite stone physical properties.

Variscite is not the hardest mineral, so variscite stone lends itself well to processing. After polishing, the surface acquires a glassy, ​​waxy or velvety-silky sheen. The stone is translucent and slightly translucent around the edges.

Caring for variscite stone.

Variscite is a rather soft and fragile gem, so it needs to be handled with some care and precision. Avoid overheating and contact with oily substances, as the stone may become discolored if it absorbs oil.
It is better to wash it with cool water and a mild soap solution. The safest method for cleaning a gem is to wipe it with a damp cloth. At the beginning of the 19th century. near the town of Variscia (Saxony), a very beautiful mineral was discovered, called variscite. It is surprising that in the history of the gem there is not a single case of high-profile thefts, murders or insidious deceptions (unlike other valuable stones), although the mineral is rare and beautiful. Variscite has never been a bone of contention between neighboring nations or individual groups of people. Perhaps the reason for this lies in the magical property of the stone to avoid conflict situations and help others in this. Jewelry made from bright gemstones brings only positive emotions to the owners, and also attracts good luck and material stability. The first description of the stone as an independent type appeared in 1837, although the first jewelry made from it was made back in the Neolithic era. Ancient beads were found in Catalonia, in Barcelona, ​​but until the XNUMXth century. Variscite was considered a type of turquoise. The minerals are indeed very similar, and at first glance it is difficult to distinguish them: both gems are aluminum hydrophosphates, but variscite contains no copper It is formed in hard-to-reach caves in the form of deposits, individual crystals or long stalactites under the influence of a certain temperature, air pressure and humidity. In different countries, the stone and its varieties have different names. For example, blue and turquoise-azure minerals are often called California turquoise or spherite, emerald green is called chlorutealite, and the very rare red and pink variscite is called lutznite or bolnvariite.

Magical properties of crystal

It is not for nothing that variscite is called a symbol of kindness, because for those who are lucky enough to become the owner of such an unusual gem, it helps to develop in the spiritual sphere, reveals natural talents and inclinations, assists in meditation and calms the nervous system. Owners of jewelry made from Californian turquoise become benevolent and sympathetic over time, even if they previously had a difficult character. The variscite stone has magical properties – it is capable of attracting cash flows to the owner in just the amount needed for stability, but no more. Greed, selfishness, and deceit will never receive the support of the mineral, so you should not even hope for the success of a dubious deal by hiding a variscite talisman in your pocket. This gem is also successfully used in rituals of searching for truth in one’s own past (in previous lives). Everything that is hidden in the subconscious emerges in memory, the mistakes of the past become clear and it becomes possible to correct them in the present. If you believe in the power of the stone, you can protect yourself from many misfortunes, find financial stability and peace of mind.

The influence of the mineral on the zodiac signs

Figures-amulets made of Californian turquoise not only bring comfort to the house, but also protect it from natural disasters, thieves and people with evil intentions. In jewelry, the mineral goes well with silver, but not with gold – with it the gem loses some of its magical powers. Bracelets, rings and beads can be made only from variscite or combined with other gems, but you must take into account the zodiac sign of the future owner of the jewelry. You need to combine sephirit with other precious and semi-precious stones without fanaticism. A reasonable combination of 2-3 minerals will not only create a wonderful decoration, but will also enhance the magical properties of the stones. Astrologers recommend jewelry made from this stone to fire signs. He will help Sagittarius, Leo and Aries curb selfishness and pride, direct their thoughts and irrepressible energy into an altruistic direction. The stone can overshadow any negative character traits and replace them with positive emotions. The main rule is to understand what characteristic features you want to get rid of. But for Pisces, variscite is completely contraindicated, because their caring and desire to help under the influence of the mineral will intensify and turn into obsession. The stone softens the already trusting nature of Pisces so much that they become easy prey for scammers and adventurers.

The healing properties of the stone

Since the history of the mineral is not as long as, for example, diamond or emerald, the healing properties of the stone have not yet been fully studied. It still remains a mystery for both traditional healers and scientists. And this mystery is associated with the fact that the composition of the gem is heterogeneous. Meanwhile, everyone who has resorted to treatment with the mineral claims that thanks to prolonged tactile contact with California turquoise, significant improvements are observed in the following ailments:

  • depression;
  • causeless loss of strength;
  • mental disorders;
  • sleep anxiety;
  • insomnia;
  • vision of nightmares;
  • nocturnal enuresis;
  • CNS (central nervous system) disorders.

It cannot be said that the stone itself heals; rather, it simply enhances the effect of medications and procedures. Being in direct contact with a person, variscite activates all functions of the body, improves brain activity and encourages the fight against illnesses.

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