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Which zodiac sign should not wear pearls?

When choosing a bracelet or necklace made of round mother-of-pearl beads, you need to first ask whether pearls are right for you. A mineral of organic origin can decorate every woman and harmonizes with almost any outfit, but does not always match the horoscope of its owner. This explains the contradictory properties attributed to one of the most valuable seafood. Why is it that for some people pearls are a talisman and a talisman that attracts good luck, while for others it only brings disappointment and makes them depressed? The answer to this question can be found by understanding the magical properties of the gemstone, to which all women are partial.

How did pearls appear?

There are as many legends about the origin of mother-of-pearl stones as there are peoples who have valued shiny balls since time immemorial. The most beautiful of them was born in Ancient Greece. It tells the story of how drops of water from Aphrodite’s hair turned into pearls when the foam-born goddess came ashore. In the ancient East, in Arabia and Persia, it was commonly believed that a pearl treasure is born where the ends of the rainbow touch the sea waves. The only people who probably knew where and how the jewelry was obtained were pearl divers. In ancient Japan, there was even a separate group of coastal residents, in which the secrets of the profession were inherited – from mother to daughter. Only women could obtain pearls. In other countries, men were engaged in difficult and dangerous fishing. Plunging to a considerable depth, they risked their own lives, raising mollusk shells to the surface, in which beautiful treasures were born from the bottom of the warm seas. Most of the shells turned out to be empty, and only in some cases did brave sea workers manage to get a shining ball out of them. Enterprising Chinese solved the problem simply: they began to artificially grow precious balls. Having figured out how pearls are formed, people began to place a small pebble or bead in the shell. Over the course of several years, the mollusk enveloped the foreign object with shiny mother-of-pearl, turning it into a real pearl. All that remained was to assemble the finished “products”. To this day, cultured material is obtained using ancient technology. Despite the fact that there was no longer a need to dive for precious stones in the shark-infested waters of warm seas, pearls did not become cheaper. Its high price is explained by the large amount of labor required for cultivation: not every pearl has jewelry quality. Even when a seed is introduced, on which a layer of mother-of-pearl should grow, a precious round stone is formed in only one out of 4-5 mollusks. It takes several years to grow a shiny ball about 7-8 mm in size. The pearl mussels themselves hatch from eggs and grow for 5 years until they reach an age when they can be used to produce valuable products. Knowing how gems are formed, how much time and labor is spent on their production, you may be surprised at the abundance of jewelry with these stones. But this can be explained quite simply: in addition to real, natural or cultured pearls, there are also artificial pearls.

What kind of stone is Majorca?

The Spanish jewelry company Majorica has discovered and patented an exclusive method for producing imitation real pearls. The composition and formula of the material, produced at an industrial enterprise without the participation of marine life, is kept secret. The company only demonstrates to everyone what Majorca pearls are and how they are made. The process of making the base can be observed in the company store on the island of Mallorca, where the jewelry production and the company’s head office are located. The artificial material is balls of glassy mass. The master makes each pearl by hand by heating a stick of translucent substance. The molten soft mass is wound around a metal rod. The cooled balls are mounted on a wooden frame and sent to the workshop for finishing. There they are coated with a paste that includes powder made from real pearls and mother-of-pearl. The company also keeps the full composition of this paste secret. Dried pearls, already similar to real ones, are polished with special soft brushes. At the same time, imitation major pearls acquire the luster characteristic of natural stone of the highest quality. Thanks to modern technologies, Mallorca is painted in a variety of colors: yellow, black, pink. They imitate expensive and rare varieties of natural cultivated stone (blue, for example), and paint the balls in colors unusual for the mineral, applying gold or silver. Ready-made pearl beads are strung on strong threads. Jewelry containing Majorca stone can be complemented with Swarovski crystals and metal elements. Ready-made necklaces and bracelets are sold all over the world and are highly valued.

Other ways to imitate pearls

People learned to counterfeit real stones a long time ago. Already in the 15th century, “Roman pearls” were known, which were made from glass balls filled with paraffin. In China, they still use “pearl essence” – an extract of fish scales that has a pearlescent sheen. To fix it on the surface of the glass, the colored balls were baked in muffle furnaces. After applying several layers, the fake pearls were ready. In the 20th century, the “shell pearl” technology appeared: beads were milled from a thick mother-of-pearl layer of shells, and they were coated with varnish to add shine. The imitation made from natural material was relatively cheap, and faux pearl beads became fashionable on the American continent. Currently, in addition to imitation, improvement of low-quality natural pearls is also used. For this purpose, tinting and irradiation are used. Cheap yellow pearls can be turned into more valuable brown and dark ones (petrol, eggplant and various shades of blue). Very valuable and rare black pearls can be obtained by irradiating ordinary low-quality stones with X-rays or neutrons. The demand for such varieties is much higher, and it is more profitable for jewelry manufacturers to sell goods at a higher price.

Are there freshwater pearls?

The mollusks that produce the gemstone do not only live in salty seawater. There are many species of bivalves that live in the rivers of Europe, Russia and other countries. But the price of river pearls is much lower than that of sea treasures. Even cultured varieties of freshwater and saltwater pearls differ greatly in cost. This gives reason to doubt the naturalness of freshwater jewelry. In fact, freshwater pearls are not fake pearls. The difference in price is explained by the costs of maintaining a pearl farm at sea and on the river. Otherwise, stone cultivation is similar. The growth rate of river jewels is higher than that of sea mollusks. In addition, several shiny balls can form in the shell of freshwater inhabitants at once. This naturally affects the final cost of the product. River pearls can be distinguished by several characteristics:

  • freshwater varieties are often irregular in shape and form clumps;
  • the shine of a river pearl is duller, matte compared to a sea stone;
  • Depending on the place of extraction or cultivation, sea pearls come in different shades, but river pearls are always white.

You should not be afraid to purchase pearls of freshwater origin. Despite their relatively low price, they are just as true a mineral as the sea varieties. The magical properties of river pearls and the meaning of the stone do not differ from the abilities of a gem obtained from a sea farm. The whimsical shape of freshwater pearls is very successfully played out in jewelry.

Unusual properties of pearls

Natural pearls have healing and magical properties known since ancient times. According to legends, Queen Cleopatra maintained her youth and beauty by drinking a drink made from pearls dissolved in vinegar and mixed with milk. And the beauties of the Middle Ages used powder from ground mother-of-pearl balls for cosmetic purposes.

The ancient Russian treatise “Svyatoslav’s Collection” claims that pearls ensure prosperity and longevity. To do this, it was recommended to crush them and consume them with milk. The general strengthening and healing properties of pearls were noted by both Indian healers and ancient Chinese doctors.

Thanks to the mineral, it was even possible to determine whether a person was sick. If a pearl jewelry suddenly lost its shine, changed color or was destroyed, an experienced healer could suspect some kind of disease. Modern science would associate this with a change in the chemical composition of the patient’s sweat and skin secretions. The substance that makes up any pearl, calcium carbonate, easily interacts with acids and fats, losing strength or changing color and structure.

The Tibetan treatise on health, Zhud-shi, recommends using pearl powder as a hemostatic agent. The powder is also used to treat poorly healing wounds, burns and skin diseases. Drinking milk with the addition of this powder helps fight anemia.

Modern lithotherapists use pearl water prepared according to Ayurvedic recipes. It is credited with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is recommended to take this infusion for fever, inflammation of various origins, liver and gallbladder diseases. This product should not completely replace medications and procedures prescribed by doctors. All the remedies of traditional healers are intended only to help in treatment.

Is the magic of pearls useful to a person?

Many people believe that pearls are a symbol of prosperity, wealth and longevity. But there are no less those who call it a stone that attracts misfortune and dooms a girl to loneliness. Why is the magic of pearl beads not suitable for everyone?

In order for a semi-precious piece of jewelry to give joy to its owner, you need to know whether the stone suits her according to her zodiac sign. The mineral personifies the very element of Water, and therefore can be successfully combined only with the character of those who, according to the horoscope, belong to water signs: Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces.

The strongest sign of the Zodiac in the Water trine is Scorpio. The strong energy of the owner can suppress the energy of the gem and lead to the destruction of the pearl. For those born under this sign, dark-colored stones are best suited: red-brown and black.

It is best for Cancers to wear light varieties: cream and pink Indian, the properties of which include the ability to give peace. Any types of freshwater stones are also suitable for Cancers. For representatives of this sign who are prone to frequent depression, it is not advisable to wear too dark varieties. The perfect shape and shine of the mother-of-pearl surface can comfort and give confidence if a person is worried.

Blue pearls, whose magical properties are based on the element of Water that protects them, will best be combined with the character of Pisces. Passive and calm energy will not allow them to do wrong things and will help them avoid conflict situations. Representatives of this sign can constantly wear pearls as a talisman.

For practical people born under the signs of the Earth trine (Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo), pearls can get in the way, distracting them from business. For people with an entrepreneurial spirit, it is advisable to limit communication with a gem to such moments when they are required to be receptive and sensitive, characteristic of the feminine energy of the stone. These can be periods of falling in love, creating a family and raising children. At moments when all of his enterprise is required from a pragmatic earth sign, it is better not to use pearls as a talisman: plunging the owner into a dreamy mood, the stone can harm him in business.

Air signs (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra) can benefit from pure and bright energy only when they themselves are pure in their thoughts. Lack of self-confidence can lead to conflict with the mineral and will respond negatively in communication and personal life. Too much communication between the active and frivolous air signs of the Zodiac and a gem can make them soar in the clouds of their fantasies.

The magical properties of pearls are in antagonism with the character of representatives of the element of Fire (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries). It is best for these signs to wear gold jewelry with a few inserts of rare and valuable pearls. It is undesirable for managers and authority figures to have long contact with the stone. Most often, such people themselves feel the strength of their energy, and the gem seems unattractive to them.

The meaning of pearls for unmarried girls is always loneliness. By making the owner passive, the stone does not allow her to seek meetings with potential partners on her own. But for married people, the gem will be a desirable talisman, eliminating everything extraneous from the life of the family. By harmonizing the energy of the owner, a pearl can give and return family happiness. Interestingly, dreaming of pearls means that the woman will soon shed tears.

Mysterious and so diverse in shape and color, the mineral is the only stone that is not processed before being used in jewelry. The shape of the pearls is given by the water element itself. Each of them is unique and inimitable, charming and perfect in its own way.

Natural pearls are one of the most unique jewelry stones. Nature has presented people with a ready-made decorative product, the surface of which does not require additional processing. It is so feminine, thanks to its soft shades and shine, that the ancient Romans dedicated it to Venus.

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Properties of pearls – description

Pearls are of organic origin – they are formed in their shells by some mollusks. This is their natural defense against irritation caused by foreign bodies trapped inside.

The structure of a pearl is similar to the structure of the inner surface of a shell. Its main components are calcium carbonate in the form of aragonite and conchiolin, a protein substance. The mollusk envelops any object that irritates it in concentric layers of aragonite-conchiolin plates. The characteristic shine is the result of the play of light between the layers.

Types of pearls and colors

Pearls used for jewelry are divided into three types:

  • Freshwater pearls are mined in the rivers of Russia, China, Germany, and North America.
  • South sea pearls are found or cultivated off the coast of Australia, the Philippines, Myanmar, the islands of Polynesia and Indonesia.
  • Akoya pearls from the seas around Japan are the most prized because they have a particularly beautiful luster.

The shape of pearls can be any – from completely irregular (such pearls are called baroque) to spherical. The color of pearls depends on the type of mollusks that created them and the conditions in which this happened. The most common specimens are white or pale pink. Less common are cream, pink, greenish and black pearls. The rarest and therefore most expensive are blue pearls.

Products with pearls

Those pearl products that are currently offered by the jewelry industry usually use cultured stone, that is, one that is grown with human participation. It is evaluated according to the same criteria as “wild” – color, gloss, size, shape and surface cleanliness. For pearls grown using the nuclear method (with a nacre ball as a foreign body), the thickness of the layer is also determined. Sea pearls are significantly more expensive than river pearls, since their quality characteristics are much higher.

Catalog of products with pearls:

  • Sets with pearls
  • Gold rings with pearls
  • Stylish earrings with pearls
  • Bracelets with pearls
  • Pendants and pendants with pearls
  • Elegant gold brooches with pearls
  • All jewelry with pearls

How to clean pearls

Since pearls are organic in nature, they are not as durable as other gemstones. It easily changes under the influence of unfavorable conditions, swells in water, and in an overdried state can crumble and disintegrate. This stone is not hard, but very durable. However, it reacts strongly to acids, cosmetics, and hairsprays. Under the influence of unfavorable factors or over time, conchiolin changes its properties and the shine loses its intensity. Pearls can “age” and live, on average, 100-150 years. To preserve their beauty longer, it is recommended to wash your pearls in salt water once every six months. There is also a way to refresh pearls that have lost their shine. You just need to let the top tarnished layer dissolve in the acid, and then rinse the product thoroughly with water.

The meaning of the pearl stone

Since people have always tried to attach symbolic meanings to precious stones, pearls are also not ignored. It has become a symbol of true love, soul and joyful life. Pearls were worn to attract good luck and to survive trials with ease.

Whose stone is pearl – horoscope, zodiac sign

In order to understand whose stone is a pearl, you need to study different sources that determine the belonging of stones to the signs of the Zodiac, and compare the information, since they often contradict each other. Such work was carried out by the famous mathematician Yu.V. Kaftanova.

Guided by her tables, we can assure you that any pearl is ideal for Pisces, Cancers and Aquarius. It is not advisable for Aries and Virgos to wear it, especially black or gray. Leos should also be careful, although not so categorically. Pearls of clear tones are quite suitable for Gemini, but for Scorpios and Capricorns, on the contrary, only black, gray or mother-of-pearl. There are no contraindications for Taurus, Libra and Sagittarius.

The healing properties of pearls

Pearls contain a lot of organic calcium, and this determines its medicinal properties. Since ancient times, various methods of its use have been used, as a result of which, in one way or another, the substances that make up the pearl entered the body. Chinese medicine, for example, suggests grinding pearls into powder and rubbing it into the skin.

There are known methods of maintaining health that suggest drinking acidified water in which pearls have been kept for some time. Most likely, this method has some basis. After all, if you keep a stone in sour wine for a long time, it can completely dissolve. Then a glass of wine will become a saturated solution of microelements, which are very beneficial for the body.

The magical properties of pearls

According to legend, the magic of pearls lies in their ability to bring wealth and happiness. Some cultures, however, associate the stone with tears and loss of hope, but this is most likely due to its fragility. In most descriptions, the magical properties of pearls include protection from the evil eye, thieves and dishonest people, the ability to balance the rhythm of life and measure it with the lunar cycle. They say that pearls can appreciate a strong-willed and spiritually rich person, helping to attract good luck to him.

Catalog of products with pearls:

  • Sets with pearls
  • Gold rings with pearls
  • Stylish earrings with pearls
  • Bracelets with pearls
  • Pendants and pendants with pearls
  • Elegant gold brooches with pearls
  • All jewelry with pearls

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