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Which zodiac sign suits a cat s eye?

A gem is characterized by an obligatory visual glare of light that shimmers across the surface of the stone. In other words, a narrow vertical strip of concentrated light running through the center, externally associated with the iris retinas of a cat’s eyes. Namely, with an elongated cat’s pupil. The specific effect is most noticeable when the gem is twisted or rotated. The name cat’s eye implies a term that covers several different minerals. Traditionally, cat’s eye is considered to be the original name for stones such as cymophane or chrysoberyl. However, several gems have been found in nature that look similar after processing. In addition to chrysoberyl, representatives of quartz, apatite, jade, tourmaline, moonstone, opal, aquamarine, beryl or scapolite can have this effect. This feature may be present in precious sapphires and rubies, but in chrysoberyl this property is seen most expressively and vividly. The gem often has a color scheme of gray-green, lemon yellow or golden green. It happens that stones are found in dark and light brown shades. Color and tint are affected by the content of minor impurities. In addition to colors, minerals differ in the degree of transparency and the intensity of the cat’s eye phenomenon. The most expensive and rare are the specimens with the remarkably striking appearance of a cat’s eye. Amazing optical iridescence appears when light beams are reflected from multiple tiny inclusions of mineral needle-like and fine-fiber formations, hollow channels or tubular-type voids. Usually found more often and therefore less valued are quartz samples with a gray-greenish, inexpressive iridescence. The mineral, represented by a transparent variety of quartz, contains multiple inclusions of crocidolite or asbestos. Although the quartz variety of cat’s eye does not have such pronounced opalescence as the chrysoberyl variety, the stone is still a subspecies of one of the most expensive quartzes. Cat’s eye is a fairly hard gem, so it is not easy to damage. Still, strong and sudden temperature changes are not desirable for the stone. Wash the mineral with lukewarm water and then wipe with a dry cloth to enhance its shine.

Cat’s eye stone has healing properties.

Lithotherapists have noted a healing effect on organs affected by asthma. Traditional healers note the healing effect of the gem on the affected areas of the larynx and throat. The stone brings significant relief from troubling problems of the respiratory system. The presence of the mineral in the hands helps relieve nervous tension. Ancient healers believed that with the assistance of the stone it was possible to cure night blindness. Massage movements with the mineral near disturbing areas promote the healing of small wounds and cuts, and also eliminate hematomas and bruises. Natural stone preserves, normalizes and increases the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract. By stimulating digestion, the gem tones up metabolism.

Cat’s eye stone has magical properties.

Natural cat’s eye stone enhances prudence, adequacy in thinking and behavior. The gem increases insight, the ability to analyze and intuition. The mineral brings self-control, perseverance and discipline. Wearing the stone is highly recommended for indecisive, insecure and timid people. The mineral will give them charm, elegance and irresistible charisma. Gives you energetic determination, confidence in actions and independence. Gem is a supporter of peaceful resolution of conflicts, in this he is simply an incomparable ally. Thanks to the awakening of eloquence and charm, the stone is very protective of politicians, bankers, businessmen and diplomats. The mineral will not be superfluous for those with creative professions. Cat’s eye is a source of preserving love and marriage. The magic of the stone attracts increased mutual devotion, unquenchable passion and attraction between lovers. A natural mineral located next to its owner gives a noticeable rebuff to manifestations of envy and glamor. The stone gem will be useful against attacks from enemies. The presence of a stone changes people’s attitudes from biased to objective and fair. The natural mineral is quite aggressive towards its owner’s ill-wishers. “Cat’s eye” is a general name for a number of stones that have a characteristic optical effect: a glare reminiscent of a vertical cat’s pupil. Initially, the stone is a type of mineral chrysoberyl (usually yellow-green, less often emerald, red, honey colors). But he’s not the only one with the cat-eye effect.

Cat’s eye – mysticism in every sparkle.

“Cat’s eye” is a general name for a number of stones that have a characteristic optical effect: a glare reminiscent of a vertical cat’s pupil. Initially, the stone is a type of mineral chrysoberyl (usually yellow-green, less often emerald, red, honey colors). But he’s not the only one with the cat-eye effect. Chrysoberyl is mainly mined in Brazil, as well as in Sri Lanka, India, Russia (in the Urals). For many millennia, there have been beliefs about the ability of the stone to have a magical effect. In the necropolis of the Egyptian goddess Bastet, who was traditionally depicted as a cat, these particular gems were discovered some time ago. The cat and its mysterious eyes often evoked associations with the other world. Ancient Egypt was no exception: here the stone was endowed with the ability to manifest its effects not only in earthly life, but also in the world of the dead. In ancient cultures, the cat’s eye was revered as a magic stone, which was used by magicians and clairvoyants in their rituals, and only a select few wore it as jewelry: rulers, royalty, and the highest nobility. Most often, cufflinks and beads were made from it, which were very expensive, and therefore were not available to everyone.

Medicinal properties of cat’s eye

There is an established belief that all types of cat’s eye stones have healing properties. The mineral helps overcome fatigue, in particular if the eyes are overworked. Those people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer monitor are recommended to apply the stone to their eyelids. After just a few minutes of such exposure, the tension will go away. Cat’s eye is an effective assistant for anemia, asthma, throat diseases: bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis (in this case, you should wear stone beads). It will reduce joint pain, alleviate a person’s condition during attacks of rheumatism, and promote healing after fractures. Cat’s eye is also recommended for mental disorders.

Cat’s eye for zodiac signs

Cat’s eye is a stone that will get along well with any owner, provided that he loves it. He is open to interaction with all people, but is most suitable for those born under the influence of the element of Water. With such owners, the stone will reveal all its protective functions. For people under the signs of Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer, a cat’s eye is actually vital, according to astrologers. [Cancer] Many Cancers are characterized by a certain pessimism and melancholy. The cat’s eye will help overcome these aspects and other character flaws, and thanks to this, Cancers will be able to establish relationships with others. [Scorpion] The cat’s eye will be a good talisman for Scorpios with their strong, strong-willed, often difficult character. The stone will protect its owners from treason, deception, and robbery. [Fish] For people born under the sign of Pisces, the cat’s eye acts as a barrier from the negative influence of other people. It has an overall positive effect on both physical health and emotional and mental well-being. Pisces women will use the stone to strengthen personal and family relationships and eliminate problems if they already exist.

The magical properties of the cat’s eye

Astrologers believe that the stone attracts mutual love, fidelity, mutual understanding with the other half and friends, and the sympathy of other people into the owner’s life. In those people who experience timidity and uncertainty, the stone will awaken courage, charm, and attractiveness in the eyes of others. Thanks to its energy, the cat’s eye brings peace. This is an excellent assistant to prevent conflicts, improve family relationships and business contacts, and attract the favor of management at work.

Cat’s eye in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on chakras

The cat’s eye affects the throat chakra (Vishuddha). This is the center that is responsible for the ability to communicate and communicate with everyone: the people around you, your own self, the cosmos and higher powers. The state of the chakra determines how satisfied a person is with his professional and social life, whether he feels self-confident, and whether he is able to be inspired by new ideas. Vishuddha directly affects our sense of self and establishes the necessary relationships between the crown and lower chakras. Releases Yang energy in the Ajna chakra.

A cat’s eye in jewelry will help you achieve what you want!

Cat’s eye is a stone that will help make your deepest desires come true. First of all, it will become an effective talisman for women who want to find true love. Rings, pendants, earrings with a cat’s eye will attract additional attention to their owners, increase their attractiveness among the opposite sex, which will not keep you waiting for positive changes in your personal life. A cat’s eye in a ring is most effective. But those people who want to receive the healing support of the stone or feel its magical power can also purchase a pendant or beads. A ring with a cat’s eye on the index finger will help you move up the career ladder, and on the ring finger it will improve your personal life. Such talismans will be effective regardless of which hand they are worn on. A mysterious stone with a unique appeal will be a good companion for its owner. The cat’s eye can adapt to human energy. Therefore, listen to your inner voice: along with the stone itself, it will tell you which jewelry to choose.

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