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Which zodiac sign suits aquamarine?

Blue, transparent, like sea water on a clear day, aquamarine served as an object of worship among different peoples. Its amazing properties made it a desirable amulet for both monarchs and sages. Sailors especially appreciated the patronage of the mineral.

Aquamarine in history

Thanks to its “sea” color, the inhabitants of Ancient Hellas considered blue beryl to be the soul of the water element. According to the beliefs of that time, the wearer enjoyed the patronage of the god Poseidon. A person under the influence of the stone was not susceptible to seasickness, had the ability to tame raging waves and could hope to return from the most distant sea journeys. On the other side of the world, in Ancient China, aquamarine was valued primarily for its extraordinary transparency. Minerals slightly colored blue or green were successfully used in the production of lenses along with rock crystal. Optical instruments (glasses, magnifying glasses) with an aquamarine-colored lens were recommended for use in eye diseases. It was believed that constantly wearing the stone made the owner more receptive, allowing him to better sense what was hidden from ordinary vision. The tradition of wearing blue crystals in rings later spread to medieval Europe, where aquamarine became a desirable talisman for occultists and magicians. Wearing it supposedly could give or enhance clairvoyance abilities and protect against deception by people and demons. But at the same time, the mineral demanded honesty from the owner himself: aquamarine could lose its transparent blue color on the hand of a liar and a vicious person. As a symbol of power over the sea, a large crystal (920 carats) adorned the crown of the leading maritime power – Britain, back in the XNUMXth century. Despite the centuries that have passed since the Royal Navy was truly a powerful force in Europe, the aquamarine remains that symbol today.


In the modern world, deep blue crystals are highly valued in jewelry. Blue pebbles are considered less valuable, and varieties of all shades of green can be purchased even cheaper. Aquamarine gets its color from inclusions of iron compounds, so the saturation of the shade depends on their amount in the environment where the mineral was formed. The brightest and highest quality gem-quality specimens are mined from deposits in Brazil. Many beautiful crystals are found in our country, in the Urals and Transbaikalia. Sea stones are widespread on almost all continents and in many countries. A popular and expensive mineral can be counterfeited. Both glass and synthetic spinels or corundum are often used as imitation. It is quite difficult to distinguish them from the original; they look almost the same. But some verification methods are available even to an ordinary buyer:

  • blue and blue spinel always has round bubbles of gaseous inclusions in its structure;
  • cobalt dye, used in the manufacture of imitations, acquires red shades under an ultraviolet lamp;
  • A real aquamarine crystal has a pleochroism effect, that is, the shade changes at different angles;
  • cabochon cutting of natural aquamarines causes the phenomenon of asterism (six-rayed luminous star) or cat’s eye (moving a strip of light along a hemisphere);
  • Aquamarines can be distinguished from topaz by the nature of inclusions in the form of chrysanthemums or snowflakes.

The semi-precious stone is cut using both a step method and an emerald cut. Smooth semicircular cabochons are very common. Modern jewelers can also use imaginative methods, making even not very beautiful specimens look more interesting and attractive.

When exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun for a long time, crystals lose their greenish and blue color and may change to yellowish or brown. Bright blue Brazilian aquamarines are especially susceptible to this. It is believed that their rich color was acquired under the influence of natural radiation. You can also add brightness to the stones by heating up to 400ºC. This method is successfully used in jewelry, but such crystals fade faster.

The magic of aquamarine crystals

In ancient times, the magical properties of the aquamarine stone were associated with transparency and a bluish or green color, attributing to it the ability to protect against everything dishonest and lacking sufficient clarity. Its external resemblance to sea water made it a popular talisman among sea workers back in the Middle Ages. The ability to calm a person with the play of light, the play of shades and pleasant colors has created its reputation as an excellent remedy for disorders of the nervous system.

It is still believed that if a crystal suddenly becomes cloudy, trouble or deception awaits the wearer. This can also be indicated by the appearance of a greenish tint in blue varieties. It is also credited with the ability to make a person courageous. People who are insecure are advised to carry a piece of jewelry or an aquamarine crystal with them at all times.

In Indian philosophical and religious systems, the magical properties of aquamarine are associated with the 5th chakra. This is the basis for its use to stabilize the emotional state. Wearing blue stones and contemplating them can make a person more balanced, give him peace of mind and the ability to have a philosophical attitude towards stress factors. Aquamarines can patronize those who communicate a lot with the audience: teachers, lecturers, pop artists.

Among the medicinal properties, the abilities to cleanse the body associated with magical qualities are especially highlighted. Lithotherapists extend the influence of the stone to cure allergic reactions and skin diseases. The ability to cleanse the digestive tract of toxins and normalize water metabolism makes it a desirable talisman for those trying to lose excess weight. Diseases of the thyroid gland and respiratory system associated with the 5th chakra can be treated much more effectively if you constantly wear aquamarine crystals or products with them during therapy.

Who is aquamarine suitable for?

Those whose sign is associated with the element of Water (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio), the sea mineral can always support, giving confidence and calm in difficult times.

Aquamarine crystals can be of particular importance for hot-tempered Scorpios. They can balance the emotional state and enhance endurance. But you should be careful: the characteristics of crystals that impart firmness and courage, requiring honesty, can turn out to be unexpected. The desire to tell the whole truth about an unpleasant person directly to his face can lead Scorpio to conflict, even if he manages to cope with the surging emotions.

Pisces will find in aquamarine a faithful companion in many life situations. The lack of self-esteem and the ability to stand up for oneself in a conflict can be compensated for by a stone that gives firmness to the owner. For those whose emotionality sometimes leads to too much sacrifice, a desire to help, even neglecting their own comfort, aquamarine’s ability to balance will be invaluable. The talisman will protect them from useless worries and worries about their neighbors, and will give them the ability to respond sensibly to requests and demands.

For Libra, who belongs to the Air trine, the mineral aquamarine corresponds in its ability to establish balance, stabilize relationships, and create justice. The ability to communicate, the tendency to give advice and reconcile conflicting parties are characteristic of people born under this sign. A ring or pendant with aquamarines will provide the ability to see situations more clearly and act effectively.

Wearing aquamarine jewelry is not recommended for all Fire signs. The element, which is in eternal opposition to the properties of sea stone, is capable of influencing it in an unpredictable way. At best, aquamarine crystals will become a useless trinket; at worst, they can lead to troubles and failures.

Carrying a water stone for Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) may be beneficial. Just as moisture awakens dry earth to life, giving it the ability to give strength for the growth of seeds, so aquamarine is able to awaken emotions and imagination unusual for dry earth signs. By softening their natural pragmatism, Aquamarines can bring Taurus and Capricorn closer to true love, allowing them to show a little warmth to others themselves.

When purchasing products with aquamarine, you need to remember that its properties are enhanced when placed next to silver and diamonds. This combination in China was called the reflection of stars in water, meaning the doubling of the properties of both stones, the addition of the mobility of Water with the energy of Air, characteristic of a diamond. It is best to store stones out of direct sunlight. If worn frequently, it is recommended to occasionally immerse them in sea water, if possible, or at least rinse them under running water.

Aquamarine is an amazing creation of nature, belonging to the beryl family. The name of the stone comes from the expression aqua marina (Latin – “sea water”). Aquamarine carries a full range of shades of light blue, and there are also stones with a cat’s eye effect.

Aquamarine is a “stone of sea water.”

Aquamarine is an amazing creation of nature, belonging to the beryl family. The name of the stone comes from the expression aqua marina (Latin – “sea water”). Aquamarine carries a full range of shades of light blue, and there are also stones with a cat’s eye effect. Aquamarine may fade due to exposure to sunlight. Only heating to 400-500 degrees C can preserve the color stability of the stone. The existence of aquamarine was known back in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, where it was considered the stone of Poseidon, the god of the ocean. As legends say, aquamarine was a treasure of mermaids, but accidentally fell out of their box and ended up on the shore, where it was found by people. It is believed that the stone protected sailors from the lord of the sea when they went on long journeys. The largest jewelry aquamarine weighing 110 kg was mined in Brazil in 1910. In European countries, aquamarines were used to decorate royal regalia. For example, a stone weighing 920 carats still adorns the crown of the Queen of England. The most beautiful in color, as well as the most transparent, aquamarines are mined in the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Urals.

The healing properties of Aquamarine

Since ancient times, aquamarine has been credited with special healing qualities. It is often used to avoid motion sickness in transport. The mineral helps relieve toothache, improve vision, and overcome diseases of the stomach, liver, and kidneys. The stone normalizes blood circulation and blood composition, helps to cure diseases caused by improper functioning of the thyroid gland; helps strengthen the immune system, so first of all it is suitable for those who often suffer from colds: bronchitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, laryngitis and others. When wearing aquamarine rings and bracelets, it is easier to tolerate herpes, psoriasis, eczema, lichen, urticaria and other skin diseases, many of which the stone can even prevent. The mineral has a beneficial effect on a person’s psychological state: improves sleep, relieves anxiety, helps overcome bad habits, and gives strength to maintain a diet.

Of course, one should not rely solely on the healing properties of stones in the presence of a truly serious illness.

Aquamarine for zodiac signs

[Fish] Aquamarine represents sea water, so it will be most suitable for people born under the sign of Pisces. With the help of the stone, they can find harmony and overcome various fears and stress. [Aquarius] The stone is also a reliable amulet for Aquarius, helping them to establish friendly relationships with other people. [Cancer] For Cancers, aquamarine will be a good assistant in love affairs. [Scales] The stone will help Libra to find peace and prudence. Aquamarine rings are of particular importance. If you wear such a product on the index finger of your left or right hand, this can help you move up the career ladder. A ring on the ring finger will help strengthen family relationships.

The magical properties of aquamarine

Since ancient times, aquamarine has been revered as one of the most powerful magical stones that can reveal any lie. The mineral will help the owner understand the mysterious meaning of everyday events and even the most common things, and will direct energy in the right direction. Aquamarine is a symbol of wisdom and justice, so the owner can perceive it as a teacher, a mentor who will tell you how to live according to the laws of virtue and morality. Aquamarine is able to change color depending on the mood of the owner and the weather. When a storm rages inside, it will turn greenish. Sadness has taken over – it will take on a dull and cloudy hue. Aquamarine seems to experience everything together with its owner and at the same time helps to overcome sadness and melancholy, calm worries, as if washing away all the negativity with the clean waters of the warm sea.

Aquamarine in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on the chakras

Aquamarine is associated with Vishuddha. This is the throat chakra, which controls the respiratory organs and the hearing system. The stone carries the energy of water, personifies calm, silence, serenity, and therefore the mineral is often placed in the bedroom or recreation areas, used in meditation to achieve a feeling of peace and inspiration in love. The best place for aquamarine in a room is its northern part.

Aquamarine is a stone for people with a pure heart!

As a talisman, aquamarine is most suitable for sailors, travelers and people involved in scientific activities. Being a symbol of friendship and love, the stone will help maintain purity and fidelity in relationships. It will give additional strength to strengthen family ties. Single people who become owners of aquamarine will meet friends or their other half with its help. Aquamarine is a powerful protector against damage and envious people.

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