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Which zodiac sign suits black tourmaline?

No gemstone has such a variety of colors as tourmaline. And although it has been known in the Mediterranean since ancient times, tourmaline was brought to Europe from Ceylon by the Dutch in 1703. They called it the Sinhalese word “tourmali”. Along with plain ones, polychrome tourmalines are often found. In one crystal of such tourmaline, areas of different colors or shades can be distinguished. Among collectors, light-colored tourmaline crystals with a black head are called the Moor’s head, and those with a red head are called the Turk’s head. Often the color distribution is zonal. In Brazil, for example, tourmalines are found with a red core, first bordered by light green, and then dark green and green zones. South African tourmalines have a green core surrounded by a red outer zone. Collectors call tourmalines with a red core and a green “rind” watermelon. There is probably no other such colorful stone in nature. There are many color options for tourmaline: in addition to all the colors of the rainbow, it can be black, colorless, plain and polychrome (multicolor). Polychrome crystal has different colors at the poles and can be colored in circles.


  • rubellite – red, ruby ​​red is especially valued;
  • verdelite – green, emerald green is especially valued;
  • dravite – brown: from yellowish-brown to dark brown;
  • indigolite – blue and light blue;
  • achroite – colorless, rare;
  • sibirite – crimson, lilac-red, red-violet;
  • sherl – black;
  • watermelon tourmaline – with a red core and a green border.

Tourmaline cat’s eye comes in different colors, but only the green and pink varieties have a clearly visible streak of light. Its appearance is due to inclusions of fibrous minerals. Some tourmalines slightly change color when exposed to artificial light.


When a crystal is heated or squeezed or rubbed, it creates an electrical charge. In this case, one end of the crystal is charged positively, and the other – negatively. Such an electrified crystal attracts dust particles and small pieces of paper (pyro- and piezoelectricity).

The Dutch sailors and merchants who first brought this mineral to Europe knew and used this effect. They cleaned their meerschaum pipes with heated tourmaline crystals, and therefore called this stone “aschenzier” – drawing out ash.

Place of Birth

Main deposits: Sri Lanka, USA (California, Maine, San Diego), Brazil (Minas Gerais, Bahia), Nuristan (Afghanistan), Madagascar, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Burma, Angola, Australia, Thailand, Russia (Transbaikalia, Urals), Tajikistan, South Africa, Elba Island and Switzerland.

Cut options

The most typical cut for tourmaline is the Baguette cut with 33 facets. This cut shape is often dictated by the elongated shape of the crystals. Although tourmaline can be cut into any shape depending on the artistic intent when making jewelry.

Selling jewelry with tourmaline

Tourmaline produces such bright jewelry that it invariably lifts the mood of its owner, and in combination with other colored stones it is a real kaleidoscope of colors. In the MIUZ Diamonds collections you will find rings and earrings with tourmaline and colored enamel; you can also order a pendant with this stone in the online store miuz.ru.

How to distinguish natural tourmaline from a fake

Tourmaline is usually imitated using glass of different colors and various types of synthetic garnets, as well as other materials that are similar in their external characteristics.

You can distinguish a natural stone from glass by holding a sample in your hands: the glass will quickly heat up, and real tourmaline will remain cold longer.

An easy way to spot a fake. All natural tourmalines have a pronounced property – the ability to become electrified. This is an excellent diagnostic method: rub the stone on natural woolen fabric, and then bring it, for example, to finely cut pieces of paper – they should be attracted.

Paraiba tourmaline has a neon blue glow; the stone sparkles even at dusk. And if you expose a cut stone to the sun’s rays, it begins to “burn” so that it does not provide shade. However, it is very rare and expensive, so it is unlikely that you will find jewelry with it.

Tourmaline: magical properties of the stone

The properties of tourmaline depend on its color:

  • Black. It sharpens perception, attracts inspiration, drives away self-doubt, and neutralizes negative emotions. Perfect for representatives of creative professions. Among the zodiac signs, it is best suited for power-hungry Leos and restless Scorpios.
  • Pink. Allows the owner to remain young at heart regardless of age, helps to love himself and attract the love of the opposite sex. Suitable for Capricorns.
  • Red. A talisman for creative individuals, helps to harmonize relationships in couples. Recommended for Aries.
  • Watermelon (red-white-green). It awakens harmony with the world and compassion in a person, helps to heal mental wounds, and teaches the owner to rejoice under any circumstances. Will help Virgos, Geminis, Capricorns.
  • Green. It is considered one of the most powerful stones of the heart chakra and a protector from any kind of negative influences. Such a talisman can be chosen by Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
  • Blue. Helps the owner develop spiritual qualities. Taurus, Sagittarius and Aquarius should take a closer look at blue tourmaline.

But you should not wear jewelry with sherl all the time – it is believed that it absorbs a lot of negativity, so it should be given a rest.

The healing properties of tourmaline

Depending on its color, certain medicinal properties are also attributed to this mineral. Thus, it is believed that watermelon tourmaline restores the nervous system. Pink stones have a beneficial effect on the endocrine and respiratory systems and heal the skin.

Green tourmaline works well with fears, helps strengthen the nervous system, has a positive effect on vision, cardiovascular and immune systems, and promotes slimness. Areas of influence of blue stones are the respiratory organs, eyes, immune system, brain, endocrine glands.

Tourmaline initially attracted people’s attention not with its bright colors, but with its unusual property – the electrified stone seemed to magnetize the woody room. It is believed that due to this quality it was known as the Ceylon magnet, and the word itself, which formed the basis of the name, is translated as “attracting ash.”

Tourmaline is an unusual “ash-attracting” stone!

Tourmaline initially attracted people’s attention not with its bright colors, but with its unusual property – the electrified stone seemed to magnetize the woody room. It is believed that due to this quality it was known as the Ceylon magnet, and the word itself, which formed the basis of the name, is translated as “attracting ash.” There is no other stone that has such a palette of shades. The amazing property of tourmaline is due to the fact that its crystals rarely have a uniform color. They can combine two or three different shades and even more. Under the influence of changes in chemical composition, a mineral can be red on one side and green on the other. By the way, this is the most common combination, in which the stone is sometimes called watermelon. Stones of other colors also have their own names. Rubellite is a variety of tourmaline whose shades range from pink to crimson. The blue stone is called indigolite, the green one is known as verdelite, and the yellow-brown one is called dravite. Sherl is a black tourmaline. The stone has been known since Byzantine times, where it was used to create gold jewelry for rulers. In Ancient Rus’, tourmaline was also in use. It came to Europe in the 18th century: sailors brought the stone from Ceylon to Amsterdam, which at that time was the center of the jewelry world.

The healing properties of Tourmaline

The list of medicinal properties of tourmaline is quite wide. It helps cope with liver and skin diseases, improves blood circulation and cleanses blood vessels, eliminates pain, cramps, dizziness, makes memory stronger and its owner younger. Tourmaline is also recommended for mental and nervous system disorders.

Of course, one should not rely solely on the healing properties of stones in the presence of a truly serious illness.

Tourmaline for zodiac signs

[Aries, Leo, Libra]. Representatives of these zodiac signs can choose tourmaline of any color. The stone will help them achieve inner peace and harmony, and will allow them to cope with incontinence and excessive stubbornness. [Aquarius, Sagittarius]. People born under these signs are better off choosing blue tourmaline. The stone will relieve excessive passions, calm its owner, and guide him on the right path. [Scorpion] Black tourmaline for Scorpios will become a kind of sedative: it stabilizes the nervous system and helps cope with tension and stress. [Capricorn] For people of this sign, tourmaline will help in the fight against drug and alcohol addiction and will awaken hidden abilities.

The magical properties of Tourmaline

For a long time, tourmalines have been considered good talismans and amulets. Rubellite (tourmaline of red shades) is perfect for people of creative professions, as it gives inspiration. Apirite and verdelite (varieties of stone of lilac and green colors, respectively) absorb excessive youthful energy; It is better to abandon these stones after 35 years. Indigolite (tourmaline of blue shades) is able to bring peace, tranquility, wisdom, and understanding of the world order into the life of the owner. Tourmalines, which have several colors at once, are the most joyful, iridescent, they bring happiness and the desire for creativity. You should handle with caution, perhaps, with black tourmaline: it has a reputation as a witchcraft stone. In general, the entire tourmaline family guards the financial well-being of its owner and his home. This is especially true in relation to real estate, works of art, and jewelry. Among the indigenous Indians, tourmaline was considered a purely masculine stone, as it stimulates the development of such qualities as determination, willpower in achieving goals, and high potency.

Tourmaline in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on the chakras

Several chakras are under the powerful influence of tourmaline. For targeted impact, it is necessary to select a stone based on its color. Thus, watermelon (red-green) tourmaline is inextricably linked with the heart chakra. Thanks to the stone, it opens up, awakens in a person a feeling of love, sympathy for other people, friendship, tact, patience, tolerance. The owner of such a stone gets rid of depression and phobias, acquires a feeling of security, begins to clearly see what is happening, clearly formulates and expresses his goals, and looks at any situation with optimism. In order for tourmaline to act in this way, it should be worn as a pendant in the area of ​​the heart chakra. The root chakra (Muladhara) is influenced by black tourmaline. Its owner will become physically stronger, get rid of stress and tension. Negative thoughts will leave a person, leaving the mind in a state of peace, clear thinking. In any circumstances, the stone will help the owner maintain good spirits and a positive outlook on things.

Tourmaline – a variety of shades and properties!

Tourmalines, depending on their color, have different effects on humans. For example, a ring with a red stone will bring a feeling of confidence in your abilities, stimulate additional attention of the opposite sex, and will become a good talisman for people of creative professions. Pink tourmaline is a reliable assistant in love, the patron of lovers, protectors from fears and unnecessary doubts. A ring with green tourmaline is suitable for any person, giving him peace of mind, spiritual harmony, and good health. Colorless tourmaline – achroite – will become a reliable assistant for entrepreneurs. Under the influence of the stone, business people will become stronger physically and mentally stronger. Such qualities are often necessary in business and contribute to additional success of a person.

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