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Which zodiac sign suits rock crystal?

What else can rock crystal be associated with if not the big crystal ball of a gypsy? Undoubtedly, this stone has real magical properties. One of the most important supernatural properties of the mineral is considered to be its ability to give rise to a person’s talent for divination, clairvoyance, and the abilities inherent in mediums and psychics. This is actually why it is so popular and in demand among people involved in extrasensory perception and esoteric sciences. There are several varieties of rock crystal, and each type is endowed with special magical abilities: “Buddha’s Tear” or Rauchtopaz is a mineral with a somewhat smoky tint, endowed with the ability to both purify and enlighten the consciousness of its owner, absorbing all the negative energy and aggressive vibrations. Rauchtopaz is designed to heal its owners from depression, melancholy and sadness, and is a symbol of calm and humility. Citrine is a stone of happiness and joy, creative and artistic people. Perfect for everyone involved in working on stage, and these are not only artists, but also politicians, speakers, and presenters. Yellow stone will help activate all talents and creativity. Pink crystal (rose quartz) is a stone of love, infatuation, sexuality and fertility. Pink rock crystal from the evil eye and damage not only calms aggression, but also protects against third-party energy attacks. Black crystal or Morion is considered the gem of black magicians, alchemists, necromancers and even warlocks. The dark, deep crystal is endowed with the ability to communicate with the lower world and all its dark forces. Morion is traditionally considered masculine, endowed with powerful masculine energy and sexual masculine vibrations. An internet page about dark magic will tell you how to charge Morion rock crystal. An amulet made with this crystal is designed to activate the full power of mental processes occurring in our heads. Rock crystal is considered a talisman and amulet for all people engaged in serious mental work that requires maximum concentration: students, scientists, professors, doctors, economists. Crystal is able to accumulate and concentrate positive energy and positive vibrations, which makes this mineral especially effective in protecting the home from enemies and all sorts of ill-wishers. Rock crystal druses will be excellent amulets for the family hearth and home owners.

Rock crystal stone: magical properties, zodiac sign

Rock crystal is most useful to Aries – it is this zodiac sign that most needs the magical properties of this crystal. However, among the signs of the element of fire, not only Aries can easily enjoy and use all the powers and abilities of the gem. The stone is also recommended for Leo and Sagittarius – fire signs are endowed with a special temper that cannot be found in other representatives of the zodiac circle, and this crystal, thanks to its transparent structure, will absorb negative energy and allow you to cool the temper and aggressiveness of the fire element. Representatives of the element of Water can also use the magic of stone to achieve harmony and balance in all areas of life. Rings, pendants or bracelets with natural crystals are perfect for Pisces, and druzes made from crystals of this mineral are perfect for Cancers. The stone is also not contraindicated for other signs of the Zodiac. A ring with rock crystal with magical properties, which can be used by both men and women, can be purchased in St. Petersburg in the online store mineralmarket.ru. We always have the largest selection of jewelry with natural stones of the highest quality and at an affordable price. Other products made from this stone: Since ancient times, rock crystal has been considered a mystical stone, a companion of mediums and those who associate themselves with magic. The stone is capable of attracting good luck and averting misfortune, but only for those whose thoughts are pure.

Short description

Rock crystal can cool the skin of its owner. This property has been noticed for a long time. Rock crystals were used to cool the fingertips of seamstresses in ancient and medieval times. Such a device cost a lot of money in any currency. Another interesting fact is that glasses were made from this mineral in ancient times. How much they improved vision remains a mystery. But the first glasses were discovered in China, and the age of the find is more than 2 years. Crafts made from rock crystal have been used since ancient times. Skulls made from this mineral have been found more than once. Natural crystal was used in this matter for good reason. The skull has always symbolized death and misfortune, and the female one is the embodiment of true evil. In excavations in Egypt, a crystal female skull was found, made without the help of any tools; the lower jaw of the product was movable. Polishing was carried out using a mixture of quartz chips and sand particles. Even people who do not believe in the magical nature of the artifact note that when they look at it, goosebumps run through their bodies. If a burning candle is placed in the skull, the respondents repeatedly reported that they began to fall into a black sleep, reminiscent of a hypnotic one. This mineral also symbolizes sincerity of intentions and will protect against “star” disease. Vanity is a frequent companion of famous people. To avoid it, orators, winners of the Olympic Games and rulers of Ancient Greece and Rome drank only from crystal goblets.

The magical properties of rock crystal

Rock crystal is a stone that can show the future. To this day, balls and hemispheres are made from it to learn about the future. By candlelight, magicians are able to see in a crystal ball something that only they can see. But ordinary people can also find an accessory made from this mineral useful. If a person whose business is failing after failure, and whose partners are cheating and stealing, buys a spherical rock crystal and puts it in a safe or other secluded place, then it will be impossible to deceive him. Financial scams against the owner will fail, and the deal with the deceiver will fall through, but instead a more profitable and truthful offer will be received. For purity in relationships, it would also be a good idea for newlyweds to place a figurine made of sacred ice in their bedroom. The stone will protect against betrayal, maintain purity and trust in relationships, but will somewhat reduce love passion and ardor in sex. To prevent this from happening, you need to place a product with pomegranate in the room so that lovemaking brings satisfaction to both partners, and the passions do not subside. Garnet and crystal do not contradict each other, they are not rivals. Their energy has a gentle effect on their owners; they complement each other. Rock crystal is a stone of sages and seers, but it can also help its owner in the process of developing scientific granite deposits. But when learning new information, it is better not to wear it. Rock crystal jewelry will help during an exam or in a situation where you need to apply long-studied but slightly forgotten knowledge. It perfectly stimulates memory and concentrates attention. But the mineral will hinder rather than help the assimilation of new information. Therefore, you don’t need to wear it every day. The magical properties of the stone will emphasize nobility and fill the heart with courage. The ancient Chinese believed that rock crystal was the frozen breath of a dragon. Magic entwines the stone and its owner with gentle rays, emphasizing his modesty and meekness. In ancient India, grooms gave crystal stones to their brides as wedding gifts. If the chosen one accepted the gift, then she showed that she was pure and innocent. If a girl deceived a young man, accepted a pebble, and was herself defamed by another, then a curse fell on such a family. The couple could not have children. The stone can be processed, faceted or on a druse. For practicing magicians, it is better to purchase the latter option, then the crystal charges itself. Any magical action wastes the energy of the stones. If you don’t charge them, it returns extremely slowly. Rock crystal has a magical memory. You can learn about the rituals that were performed using the crystal.

Rhinestone and zodiac signs

Who is a crystal stone suitable for? Astrologers recommend wearing rock crystal products to everyone without exception. This is one of the few minerals whose energy is so soft that it is not capable of causing harm or causing a conflict between temperament and the magic of the stone. According to the horoscope, Fire signs often have an explosive character. Sagittarians are sharp-tongued, they speak without thinking about the consequences and feelings of the interlocutor. Rock crystal is able to tame the irrepressible eloquence, seasoned with a fair amount of irony, of these signs. Aries often have a quarrelsome disposition and a hot temper; rock crystal will pacify them too. Leos, on the other hand, show vanity and can humiliate their interlocutor or a person they don’t like. Jewelry for Fire signs is best worn around the neck. These can be beads or pendants. Rhinestone is also suitable for water signs. The mineral contains a liquid that gives life-giving power to the water and air signs of the zodiac. The pebble will perfectly balance the often doubtful Libra and help them make the only right decision. It will give Gemini confidence in stability, less doubt – more constancy and sincerity. And for Aquarius, the stone will help them open up and trust people. The Earth sign is the most permanent. Rock crystal will be an excellent talisman and guardian; it will protect and heal earth signs. The best amulet for someone whose sign is Pisces and Cancer. It’s hard for the first to trust people and open up. They often seem cold and aloof, although a tsunami is raging in their souls at this time. And Cancer is a very gentle and vulnerable sign, it shows sentimentality and tenderness, but unhappy love can cause indelible emotional trauma. Rock crystal is able to protect its owner Cancer from unnecessary and dangerous relationships that will bring him disappointment and pain.

Medicinal properties

The healing properties of rock crystal are especially pronounced depending on what kind of jewelry and on what part of the body it will be worn. Thus, the stone has the ability to heal skin diseases, but it copes best with this task if it touches human skin. A rock crystal bracelet will be an excellent healer for dermatological ailments. Crystal earrings will relieve headaches, help with depression, and give vitality. Crystals improve memory and activate the brain. During high mental stress they help relieve tension. Rock crystal rings are a great help for back pain and problems with the spinal cord. Even in the present time of traditional medicine, rock crystal remains a very popular mineral in the field of lithotherapy. It is used for massage. Chinese specialists use small crystals to press on biologically active points in order to influence a particular organ through acupressure. The balls are also suitable not only for clairvoyance, but also for this procedure; there are even massage tools made from this mineral. Medieval healers believed that crystal stones could reduce high temperatures. But it’s not easy to normalize it, but to relieve inflammation. Metabolism in the body is a very important phenomenon for life. Rock crystal affects the exchange of silicon and potassium in the body. Stimulates proper functioning of the heart muscle.

Varieties of rock crystal

Green crystal is rare in nature; it has a dull green color. The rich color of the mineral is obtained artificially. Jewelry made from rock crystal stone, which is obtained artificially, loses its magical and healing properties. Rock crystal quartz comes in different shades, but natural tones are usually soft and light, sometimes faded. They are rarely suitable for the jewelry industry. Then the crystal is made in the laboratory, painting it in bright and rich colors. Smoked crystal, or topaz, is a type of quartz. If you heat it up, the unusual color will disappear like smoke. Smoky quartz is often called rauchtopaz, but it has nothing to do with the former. Rauchtopaz affects the nervous system, improves memory, treats diseases caused by nervous overstrain and mental disorders. Sometimes it is very dark, almost black. The richer the color of the product, the more pronounced its magical and healing properties. But this is only if the stone is natural and not created in a laboratory. Rose quartz is a mineral of love and tenderness, and is also considered to be a stone of dreams and wish fulfillment. Delicate rose quartz looks stunning and brings out the slight blush of the wearer, giving her an innocent look. Where is rock crystal mined? The largest deposits of the magical mineral were and remain in China, where it is widely used for massage and meditation. It is also mined in Ceylon, and a little in Switzerland. Russia also has reserves of this mineral, but it is of low quality and is often used as an ornamental material. Jewelers and magicians do not use it. The stone will be mined until the need for it runs out. At the moment, this is one of the most popular stones in magic, among jewelers and lithotherapists. The characteristic of rock crystal on the Mohs scale is 7. The stone is often called a diamond for its hardness and transparency. The formula of rock crystal exactly repeats the chemical formula of quartz and is silicon dioxide. Water charged with a mineral will have a beneficial effect on the human and animal body. At night, you can immerse the crystal in liquid, and in the morning drink it, saturated with silicon.

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