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Which zodiac sign suits the color pink?

Hello, this is TOTEMICA SHOP, we make handmade jewelry with animals, symbols and zodiac signs. Chanterelle earrings in silver and Lion bracelet made of silver and genuine leather Whether to believe in the signs of the zodiac or not, everyone decides for themselves. But the fact remains that many people are guided by zodiac characteristics when choosing the color of clothing or interior items. What color is considered successful and profitable for each zodiac sign?


Aries is encouraged to choose bright, rich colors such as red and orange. These colors, combined with the bold and decisive qualities of Aries, can lead to success and prosperity.


Taurus people should pay attention to green and brown shades. Green symbolizes nature and growth, while brown symbolizes stability and reliability. These colors promote financial luck and material well-being.


Geminis are suited to bright and light colors such as yellow and blue. Yellow color stands for intelligence and communication skills, and blue stands for logic and analytical skills. These colors can help Gemini achieve career and financial success.


Cancers are recommended to choose white and gray colors. White symbolizes purity and innocence, while gray symbolizes balance and stability. These colors will help Cancers maintain emotional balance and achieve success in business.

a lion

Leos are suited to bright and extravagant colors such as gold and purple. The color gold symbolizes wealth and luxury, while purple symbolizes creativity and individuality. These colors can help Leos achieve financial success and respect from others.


Virgos are advised to choose neutral colors such as grey, brown and beige. These colors symbolize practicality and balance, which can help Virgos in business and finance.


Libras are suited to pastel and delicate colors such as pink and blue. Pink color symbolizes kindness and emotional openness, and blue symbolizes harmony and balance. These colors can help Libra achieve financial goals and create a harmonious environment.


Scorpios are suited to dark and intense colors such as red and black. Red symbolizes passion and energy, and black symbolizes mystery and mystery. These colors can help Scorpios achieve career and financial success.


Sagittarians are suited to bright and optimistic colors such as blue and purple. Blue symbolizes wisdom and intelligence, while purple symbolizes creativity and individuality. These colors can help Sagittarians achieve financial success and respect from others.


Capricorns are advised to choose dark and classic colors such as black and grey. These colors symbolize power and authority, which can help Capricorns in business and finance.


Aquarians are suited to unusual and original colors, such as green and blue. Green symbolizes nature and growth, while blue symbolizes harmony and balance. These colors can help Aquarians achieve financial goals and create a unique image.


Pisces are advised to choose delicate and soft colors such as purple and pink. The color purple symbolizes creativity and individuality, while pink symbolizes kindness and emotional openness. These colors can help Pisces achieve financial success and create a harmonious environment. So, when choosing a color, focus on your zodiac sign and its characteristics. Ultimately, colors can influence our psychology and behavior, and choosing the right colors can help us achieve success and well-being. In our store you can buy yourself or a loved one an original gift with meaning. Write to our manager on Instagram, we will select the very jewelry you dream of! June 11, 2019 A semi-precious delicate gem, rose quartz is often used in jewelry. It is distinguished by its transparency, lightness of shade and unique beauty. It is believed that the stone brings good luck and attracts love and sympathy of the opposite sex. But who is rose quartz suitable for according to their zodiac sign and what are the features of this mineral?

Physico-chemical properties of the gem

  • milky pink hue due to admixtures of manganese, titanium and iron;
  • the stone is unevenly painted, the surface has areas with varying degrees of transparency;
  • beautiful glass shine;
  • hardness on the Mohs scale – 7 points;
  • The most popular form of processing is cabochon.

The mineral, which is not suitable for jewelry processing, is used to create unique dishes, cups, chess and figurines. Rose quartz is also used in the glass and ceramic industries. Gem powder is often used in cosmetology to make products that help reduce weight and restore the structure of skin cells.

It is believed that the rose quartz stone is not suitable for all zodiac signs. But it also has unique healing and magical properties.

Zodiac signs favored by rose quartz

Astrologers are sure that the pink gem is best suited for Taurus and Libra. It is these zodiac signs that will quickly feel all the magical power of the mineral. For other zodiac signs, the stone is neutral, so everyone can wear jewelry with it.

In its raw form, rose quartz stone is suitable for people who find themselves in the following difficult situations:

Should we believe astrological forecasts and choose stones based on them? You decide. But many owners of rose quartz noted that the house became calmer and lighter after purchasing it.

History of the mineral in myths and legends

The origin of rose quartz is shrouded in myths and legends. In some stories, the stone is considered a symbol of pure and great love. In others – harmony of soul and kindness.

According to one legend, rose quartz was given to people by the god of love Eros. The purpose of the gift was to teach city residents pure love, humanity, empathy and the ability to live in harmony with the world and nature.

Some ancient peoples believed that the pink gem was the petrified juice of Mother Earth herself, which calls on every inhabitant of the planet to live in harmony with the beauty of nature.

There is another very beautiful legend showing that rose quartz stone is suitable for all lovers. One mortal youth Adonis, the son of Kinir and Myrrha (rulers of beautiful Cyprus), fell in love with the goddess Aphrodite with all his heart. And the goddess reciprocated the mortal’s feelings.

A strong feeling made them forget that they were from different worlds. But Ares, who was jealous of Aphrodite, remembered this. He attacked Adonis and killed him. And he fenced the body with thorny bushes, through which Aphrodite tried to get through to hug her dead lover. From the drops of blood of lovers, rose quartz appeared – a symbol of eternal love.

Another sad legend about rose quartz is also associated with unequal love. Two young people from different classes fell in love with each other so much that they did not want to put up with their parents’ desire to marry them off to other “equal” townspeople. All the passion and devotion of the young people was seen only by beautiful flowers – roses. After the death of the lovers, who preferred to go to the world of the dead rather than live separately, the flowers petrified and turned into rose quartz.

Interesting fact. In the annals of Ancient Rome and Egypt there is a mention of pink powder, which was used along with other components to rejuvenate the skin.

Deposits of beautiful quartz

Large mining sites for rose quartz, which suits all zodiac signs, especially Taurus and Libra, are located in the following countries:

  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Poland, Russia;
  • Japan, Kazakhstan, India;
  • USA, Brazil.

In our country, the largest deposits are located in Karelia and Altai. Moreover, the most beautiful and high-quality gem is mined on the island of Madagascar.

Depending on the deposit, the shade of quartz can vary from white-pink with splashes of white to purple. Interesting are the star-shaped options, where the core of the stone is slightly darkened and “rays” spread along the internal cracks.

What healing properties does the mineral have?

In addition to the question of who is suitable for rose quartz and which zodiac sign is best to wear it, jewelers and astrologers are often asked whether the gem has healing powers. Many magicians and lovers of traditional medicine are confident that the pink stone is capable of:

  1. Calm and restore the strength of the human nervous system. Even as a talisman of family happiness, it will bring that cherished peace and sound sleep.
  2. Restore the cardiovascular system, which is directly affected by stress and lack of sleep.
  3. Soothe inflammatory diseases.

Often the gem is used to purify water and charge it with positive energy. It is believed that rose quartz is able to quickly heal from stress and tune into a positive mood. In addition, it helps treat diseases of the lymphatic system, improving blood circulation and brain function, and it also has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract if you drink purified and charged water.

In traditional Chinese medicine, quartz balls are used for acupressure. It is believed that it accelerates cell regeneration and helps remove negative energy.

Traditional recipes for treatment with quartz

  1. Place the stone under your pillow at night. This will improve your sleep and relieve daytime fatigue.
  2. Leave the gem overnight in a jar of water. Drink water in the morning. It is believed that this gem will help cleanse and rejuvenate the body.
  3. Add a pinch of quartz powder to your night cream and apply it at night. It helps smooth out wrinkles and relieve skin fatigue.

Important! Quartz should not be used by people suffering from cancer.

What products are made from rose quartz

You can buy rose quartz not only for those whose zodiac sign it matches. Moreover, for all planets it is considered neutral.

The delicate semi-precious gem is often used by jewelers to create:

  • massive rings (link:/products/ukrasheniya/koltsa/s-kamnyami/s-kvartsem/), earrings and necklaces;
  • bracelets only made of stone;
  • original products, where in addition to quartz cubic zirconia is added;
  • neat pendants and earrings with small pendants;
  • hairpins, brooches and other jewelry.

Interesting fact. Besides Taurus and Libra, rose quartz is also suitable for Cancer, Aquarius and Sagittarius. For these zodiac signs, the stone can be a source of inspiration. And as a talisman of love, the gem is suitable for Pisces, Gemini and Aries.

The difference between a gem and a fake

Have you decided that the stone is perfect for you, but are you afraid to buy a fake? Remember how to determine whether it is plastic or glass:

Most often, instead of natural quartz, customers are offered glass with streaks, which jewelers call “cherry quartz.” The difference between this “fake” is its low price. Moreover, in appearance the analogue is very similar to the original.

Important! When checking a larger number of natural gems, it is enough to arm yourself with a needle. A Mohs hardness score above 6 indicates that the surface is not easy to scratch. But noticeable marks will immediately remain on glass or plastic.

Who would definitely like a delicate gem?

Let’s summarize who rose quartz suits according to their “soul” and zodiac sign:

  1. Taurus, Libra and Pisces will receive all the energy of the pink gem. For them, the stone will become a talisman of love and a talisman against the evil eye.
  2. Sagittarius, Scorpio and Cancer will be imbued with creative energy from the “stone of love”.
  3. Leos, Virgos and Aries will find family happiness and peace.
  4. All families will find sound sleep and peace of mind with untreated stone. Unmarried girls will meet their soul mate and soon enter into legal marriage.
  5. Stress and insomnia will go away with such a talisman.

Remember that gems are chosen not only for astrological and magical compatibility, but also simply for their external beauty. Thanks to its delicate shade, jewelry with rose quartz is perfect for a large number of summer outfits, will highlight white business-style blouses and will be a wonderful decoration for children’s ears and necks.

Do not forget that you should only purchase any jewelry in special stores or trusted online stores. It is not advisable to buy natural stones in souvenir shops. This way you can easily fall for a fake and get glass instead of a beautiful natural stone.

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