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Which zodiac sign suits tourmaline?

As you know, stones and zodiac signs have their own special connection, which can be traced in their properties and characters, in their influence on each other. Always selection of natural stone As a talisman, you should start by searching for a suitable mineral. In particular with tourmaline, the situation largely depends on the color of the crystal. Tourmaline is a rather strong stone that may not be suitable for everyone and not in every form. You should always pay attention to your compatibility with the stone and its color. It is best for Aries to buy for themselves green tourmaline, it will help calm the fiery disposition of the sign and give balance to the spiritual component. Tourmaline is not very suitable for Gemini and Taurus; it is better to choose some other stone as a talisman. Let Cancers take a closer look at blue or blue tourmalines, expensive, but reminiscent of the water element of the sign. It is important to wear the stone not too long or too often, so that it does not bring disharmony. But at the same time, the mineral will add sensuality and intuitiveness to the life of Cancer. Who is tourmaline suitable for? especially for Leos. These stones aim this sign at achieving goals, confidence and the desire to act here and now. For Leo, these are very useful properties. For the effect to show itself, it is better to take red or pink tourmalines. These were once worn by royalty. For Virgos, tourmaline is indifferent; it will do neither harm nor good. Libra should immediately take a closer look at the pink or soft green versions of the stone. In this case, the mineral will give confidence, which representatives of this sign so lack. All this will help Libra make the right decisions and not doubt them. Suitable as a talisman for Scorpio black tourmaline, Sherl. It is better if it is inserted into a ring or ring. The stone will give visionary abilities to the owner and strengthen intuition. Also, Scorpios with the stone will begin to feel a little better. Neuroses, anxiety, panic attacks will be eliminated, and the effects of stress and overwork will generally be neutralized. Sagittarius can take a closer look at almost any tourmaline; all of them will become good talismans for the sign. The stone will help the wearer reveal his talents and realize himself in life. The talisman will help you find a common language with people, as well as bring things started to completion. Tourmaline will also be useful for Capricorns. It will help this sign become calmer and more confident, and solve psychological problems. The stone will give you strength and reward you with success and wealth. To do this, it is best to take a yellow or brown stone. It is better to choose a gold frame. Tourmalines for Aquarius It is best to choose in blue, sea color. Such stones will guide you on a creative path, help you understand yourself and find new friendly connections. Tourmalines are contraindicated for Pisces, as they are too strong for this sign and can confuse him or set him on the wrong path. Such dreamy natures can go too deep into soul-searching, which is fraught with psychological problems. Tourmalines are not suitable for everyone, as can be seen from the above information. This is a difficult mineral; you need to find an approach to it, and also initially choose the right gem, focusing on your zodiac sign. ☘Therapeutic properties of the stone In addition to magical properties, many natural minerals also have healing properties. This is an ancient stone, and therefore it has been used by mankind since time immemorial. He is revered in the East, but in Europe he became known not so long ago. In many ways, its beneficial properties can be explained by its interesting feature of constantly maintaining an electric field around itself. Tourmaline is the only stone of its kind. Plus, the mineral is also credited with a small amount of infrared radiation. Stone therapy depends, first of all, on its composition, and therefore on its color. For example, green stones are good for treating internal organs, lungs, blood vessels, and are excellent at calming the nerves. Blue minerals improve immunity and treat back diseases. Black tourmalines are considered very strong, they protect against toxins, and therefore are recommended for people employed in hazardous industries. All tourmalines, without exception, increase cell regeneration, improve metabolism, and reduce blood pressure. It is clear that any item that can heal has its own contraindications. For example, tourmalines should not be used during fever or immediately after wounds or injuries. If a person wears a pacemaker, pendant with tourmaline will not be the best solution for everyday wear, since the stone has its own, albeit small, electric field. It should be used with caution by children and pregnant women, as well as those who have thyroid problems. ☘Areas of stone application Tourmaline is used not only as a beautiful stone for jewelry. It is also used in various other areas, for example, using its electric field. This way you can polarize the air, which is what the Chizhevsky lamp effect is based on. The stone can be ground into powder, which is used to release energy. It is used to make tourmaline fiber, which is used to create special fabrics used for medical purposes. Glass lenses are also made from crystals. Thanks to the ionization of the stone, that is, its ability to attract dust, small debris, blades of grass, the stone began to be used in radio engineering, where such features are very useful for high-frequency devices. ☘Jewelry made from natural tourmaline stone The main area of ​​application of tourmaline, of course, remains jewelry. Since ancient times, people have loved to decorate themselves with stones, and tourmalines have been known multi-colored crystals for quite a long time. They were perfect for creating decorations, both simple and special royal ones. Tourmalines have been especially loved in the East for a long time. In Europe, their popularity waxed and waned. Last time jewelry with tourmalines are coming back into fashion. They are complemented with gold, silver, and platinum. With the latter metal, jewelry looks most elegant. Among the products there are various models – rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings. Rings with natural tourmaline stone look very aristocratic and brilliant. Any decoration turns out luxurious with this stone. Prices for tourmaline can vary widely. The cost depends on the color of the stone. For example, green and pink are considered the most common and quite affordable. The blue and blue colors of the mineral are considered rare. Also among the unique varieties are polychrome samples. Recently, craftsmen have learned to produce synthetic tourmaline. It is produced in laboratory conditions, it turns out almost identical to natural. It is used not only for insertion into jewelry, but also for technical and industrial purposes. Such stones usually cost much less than the originals. Unfortunately, such minerals can often be passed off as real. Therefore, when purchasing, you should study the stone well and ask the seller for a certificate for the product. Buy jewelry only from trusted large sellers. If you suspect a fake, you can submit the product for examination to a specialist. Author: viktoria Category: Articles and store news Date of creation: 2018-08-22 Views: 12056 Comments: 0 The meaning of the Tourmaline stone. The magical properties of tourmaline. Who is tourmaline suitable for according to the horoscope?

Tourmaline is a magical and amazingly beautiful stone

They say that tourmaline – a magical stone. From the ancient Sinhala language, this is the literal translation of the name of the mineral. Therefore, it is often used for concentration and for the creation of spiritual forces. It can give you a great mood, energize you and protect you from illnesses. Develops the stone and creativity, allowing you to achieve success in various fields of art. Consequently, tourmaline is most often chosen by zodiac signs such as Capricorn, Leo, Taurus, in which talents and inexhaustible reserves of new ideas are hidden.
With this mineral it is easy to endure stressful situations; it will strengthen the nervous system. In addition, the natural tourmaline stone can strengthen the immune system and help in the treatment of diseases of the liver, endocrine system, and skin. It is often used as an anti-aging agent.
It’s also worth buying tourmaline simply because it is a very beautiful stone. Looks perfect with evening dresses. It will complement formal office suits well. Can also be used as an everyday jewel.

Tourmaline – the meaning of the stone

Tourmaline – an extraordinary stone, the name of which speaks for itself. Literally, “tourmaline” is translated as “multi-colored, many-sided.” And indeed, the color palette of this mineral is so diverse, it seems that nature has placed all the colors of the world in this stone in order to perpetuate them. What’s it worth just one? watermelon tourmaline. Its natural beauty and zonal color transition from green to pink will not leave anyone indifferent. This is the favorite stone of sorcerers, an amulet of love and youth. It is also called a “love stone”, since in ancient times tourmaline was used to attract reciprocal love.

Tourmaline and Zodiac Signs

Tourmaline suits all Zodiac Signs except Virgo. It has an ambiguous effect on them and astrologers do not recommend this stone for daily wear, but it is allowed to wear tourmaline as jewelry, not very often and always removing it at night.

Tourmaline Magical Properties

  • This is a stone for people of creative professions. It reveals creative potential, helps you find a muse, and inspires.
  • Tourmaline attracts love and tender feelings. Protects the family, helps with the birth of healthy children. The stone is recommended to be worn by women who are planning motherhood, as it will help in conceiving a child and its healthy development in the womb.
  • Tourmaline protects children’s sleep, protects against the evil eye
  • Tourmaline makes the aura colorful and completely protected. Protects a person’s emotional health.

Tourmaline in jewelry

Tourmaline occurs in nature in a variety of colors. Its color directly depends on its chemical composition.

Thus, pink tourmaline received its properties from active metals. There are also cherry-red, purple, and blue stones.

If iron is present in the mineral, it acquires a yellowish or brown tint.

But watermelon tourmaline has a magnesium structure. There are also polychrome minerals, in which several colors merge at once. Thus, you can buy green tourmalines with either a yellowish or brown tint on one of the faces.
Regardless of color, the stone is characterized by a fairly high density (up to 3 g/cm3) and relative hardness (up to 7,5 points). With careful processing, jewelers are able to give it an oval, heart-shaped, and rectangular shape. The crystals themselves have a prismatic structure. At the same time, the facets of tourmaline reveal themselves in a special way – they shimmer with a glassy sheen and can change shade when the polarization changes. This is also the magical properties of tourmaline.
Today jewelry with tourmaline You can buy it in Ukraine in a silver frame. The noble metal will not only highlight the advantages of this naturally beautiful stone, but also enhance its healing properties.

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