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Which zodiac signs are rutile quartz suitable for?

Rutile quartz stone gets its name from the Latin word rutilus, meaning “golden-red.” Its other names are also known: Aphrodite’s hair, threads of love, Cupid’s arrows and even the affectionate “hairy”, which give a complete idea of ​​the appearance of this stone. Quartz comes in many varieties, and rutile quartz is the most expensive of them all. It has incredible appeal, there is something magical and mystical about it. The mineral has a peculiar appearance – it is a transparent stone, inside of which thin threads are visible, very similar to hair of graphite and golden color. These “hairs” are rutile fibers, which determine the value of the mineral.

Magical and healing properties

  1. The hairy cat helps to enhance the charm and sexuality of its owner, which makes him especially attractive to people of the opposite sex. That is why jewelry with stones is usually given as a gift to people whose personal and family life is not going well.
  2. The stone helps a lonely person find a mate, and public people, such as politicians and artists, win the favor of the public.
  3. Since ancient times, this mineral has been considered a powerful love spell.
  4. The magical properties of the stone will also help those who have problems in the sexual sphere, in particular those suffering from impotence or frigidity. It is capable of not only inciting carnal passion, but also stimulating platonic feelings.
  5. It is believed that for a woman who constantly wears silver jewelry with rutile quartz, the stone helps improve the condition of the skin and slow down the natural aging process.
  6. Hairy has the ability to relieve its owner from a sad and melancholy mood, as well as depression. Previously, the stone was present as a talisman in the arsenal of magicians and sorcerers, since it prevents the negative energy of others from affecting the aura of its owner.
  7. If you wear the mineral as an amulet, it can awaken all the hidden talents of its owner, and for people who have already started a family, it brings a calm atmosphere, peace, comfort and harmony in the home.
  8. The hairy plant is very useful for people of creative professions – it presents important and productive thoughts, gives inspiration, helps the development of rich imagination and talents given by nature.

The Philosopher’s Stone of the East is what the mineral is called in Asian countries. And this is not surprising, because it is capable of enhancing not only insight, but also the gift of clairvoyance in its owner.

It is believed that the owner of a hairy hair can easily determine the intentions of any person present in his life in any way.

In addition to magical properties, rutile quartz also has healing powers:

  • the stone strengthens the immune system and enhances the body’s defenses;
  • promotes longevity;
  • can significantly alleviate the course of various diseases, both chronic and colds;
  • has a positive effect on the nervous system;
  • helps get rid of insomnia and various anxiety conditions;
  • reduces the negative impact of radioactive, chemical substances, as well as ultraviolet radiation.

Quartz with rutile, which has green shades, has the ability to endow its owner with a calm and flexible disposition. Therefore, those who are interested in developing character flexibility, without which neither successful career growth nor happiness in their personal life can develop, should prefer this particular stone option.

Rutilated Quartz and Zodiac Signs

The stone is suitable for representatives of all zodiac signs, but it is believed that it is more favorable to Taurus, Leo and Cancer. If representatives of these zodiac signs experience loneliness and dream of organizing their personal lives, wearing the mineral daily will help eliminate this problem in the near future.

The stone has no effect on only one zodiac sign – Aries. But this does not mean that Aries cannot wear it. It is possible, but only as decoration.

If Libra chooses rutile quartz as their amulet, then they may soon reveal hidden talents that they had never suspected before.

Hairy will help Aquarians find true love and long-awaited peace of mind. However, representatives of this zodiac sign should wear a stone that has inclusions of golden shades.

Rutile quartz is a stone that is equally suitable for everyone: both creative individuals who want to develop their talents, and simply lonely people who dream of organizing their personal life. And the stone can act as an excellent gift that can influence the lives of loved ones and change it for the better.

Rutile quartz (hairy quartz) is a mineral of fascinating beauty and unusualness, the transparent sphere of which is pierced by thin lines of inclusions. It is the inclusions that make this stone so interesting to contemplate. Different shades, they will always be located in a new way. You will never find another stone like it. The density and arrangement of the threads will be new each time.

The icy transparent sphere of the mineral contains a mysterious world. The golden threads inside are called “hair of Venus”, and dark ones – “Arrows of Cupid”. Sometimes it’s as if a feather is hiding in the stone, and sometimes it really seems like the heroine of Botticelli’s paintings has just been here, dropping a golden strand.

Physical properties of rutile quartz (hairy quartz).

  • Formula: SiO2.
  • Syngonia: trigonal.
  • Hardness (Mohs scale): 7. (On a scale from 0 to 10, where 10 is the hardest stone, diamond).
  • Density: 2,6 g/cm3.

Rutile quartz is a type of silicon dioxide. Among other types of quartz, it stands out due to the presence of thin inclusions. Inclusions resembling threads and needles give the mineral a special charm. The inclusions are titanium dioxide of a brown or golden hue. Sometimes the color may be silver or greenish. They can also be found in other minerals, primarily of the quartz group – amethyst, rock crystal, rauchtopaz.

Dark-colored inclusions, which are usually called “Cupid’s arrows,” belong to tourmaline hairworms, but they are also classified as quartz – hairworms.

History of rutile quartz (hairy quartz).

The name of the mineral comes from the word «rutilus» – “golden”, “red”. Quartz with such golden inclusions is called “hair of Venus”. But if the inclusions are dark, then this is – “Arrows of Cupid” (“Cupid’s arrows”). Also, this mineral is called “arrows of love.”

Rutile quartz was known back in Ancient Egypt. The priests resorted to the help of the hairy creature when performing their mysterious rituals. European medieval alchemists also widely used it in various magical actions and love spells. This mineral was considered a powerful love spell.

In the East, hairs with dark inclusions were declared sacred. Muslims believed that the stone contained a piece of the beard of the Prophet Muhammad.

Deposits of rutile quartz (hairworm).

Deposits of rutile quartz are scattered throughout the world. The most famous are in Australia, Brazil, USA, Norway, Pakistan, Kazakhstan. Rutile quartz is mined and Madagascar.

How to care for rutile quartz (hairy) jewelry.

Hairworm belongs to the quartz group of minerals, and therefore has enviable hardness. 7 points on the Mohs scale indicate that there is little fear of mechanical damage to the stone. However, it still needs to be handled with extreme care. Store jewelry containing rutile quartz separately from other items and remove it before doing housework or sports. Make sure that detergents and cleaning agents, as well as cosmetics, do not come into contact with the surface of the stone.

Magical properties of rutile quartz (hairy quartz).

Rutile quartz (hairy) drives away depression, irritability, fears. It helps relieve the owner from loneliness. This is a slightly magical mineral; it is not for nothing that ancient priests and alchemists loved it so much. Rutile quartz can clarify future, aggravate intuition.

The hairworm is a powerful amulet; it seems to cover the owner with a protective shield, which becomes an obstacle to envy, black magic, and negativity.

The most important magical quality of rutile quartz is to attract the owner into life strong mutual love. It acts like relationship magnet, enhancing female attractiveness, beauty and influence on men. Golden rutile quartz exhibits these features especially strongly. Not without reason, in ancient times it was used as a love amulet, a real love spell.

The healing properties of rutile quartz (hairworm).

Rutile quartz has a powerful rejuvenating effect on the body, it slows down aging and activates defenses. Hairy supports and strengthens immunity.

In addition, it helps get rid of depression, fear, nervous disorders. The mineral will help its owner overcome fatigue. Also, rutile quartz actively fights against various colds and ARVI.

Who is rutile quartz (hairy) suitable for according to their zodiac sign?

Rutile quartz will be the most powerful amulet for Taurus, Libra, Gemini.

Rutile quartz (hairy quartz) has incomparable magic. The mysterious threads inside the crystal sphere leave no one indifferent! I would like to admire this decoration endlessly. And if you remember about the strong magical properties of hairworm and its ability to attract love into life and protect from the negative influence of others, then it becomes clear that this mineral should definitely replenish your jewelry collection!

Author: Anna Solovyova.

Photographer: Inna Kubareva.

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