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Which zodiac signs can wear a ruby?

Ruby – what kind of stone? Ruby photo and origin

Ruby or Yakhont as it was known in ancient times – one of the most expensive and sought-after precious stones in the World. The Indians called this stone “Ranta Raj”, which meant “King of Gems”. Ruby mining sites are multifaceted. It is mined in Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Kenya. There are no absolutely identical stones in nature. All of them will differ either in shade or in the presence of inclusions, fibers and other distinctive features. On the Mohs scale, the gem has a hard 9, only diamond is stronger than it. Jewelers and true connoisseurs of precious stones are on a real hunt for rubies, especially if they have a rich blood-red color called “pigeon’s blood.” This shade is considered one of the most expensive and jewelry with this stone can cost up to the cost of a car.

Magical properties of Ruby

Ruby (Yakhont) is famous for its strong magical properties. This stone has long been considered a powerful talisman, capable of endowing its owner with power, strength and healing from many diseases. Magical properties of Ruby:

  • Ruby – the element of the stone is Fire, so it’s no secret that one of the most powerful aspects of the stone is the Magic of Love and Passion. This gemstone can ignite the flame of passion and add fire to an existing relationship.
  • For men Ruby – a symbol of courage, determination, achieving goals. This is the stone of kings, kings, and generals. The stone can protect against evil, disease, problems and obstacles.
  • Ruby – a talisman for people in risky professions. It will protect against injuries, illnesses and dangers, but do not forget that the stone helps only people with good intentions and a pure soul.
  • Ruby – the stone of a real warrior, a person who is ready to fight for the values ​​in which he believes. The gem will contribute in every possible way to his victory.
  • Ruby attracts money energy. The stone makes dreamers real earners. From now on, you will always have time to “get on the right train.”
  • Ruby heals the mind, heart and soul. The stone fills with vital energy. Melancholy and apathy will remain a thing of the past, and a new meaning to life will appear.
  • Shamans believe that ruby gives offspring to infertile couples. The gem heals and helps make families happy.

Who is Ruby suitable for according to their Zodiac Sign?

Rubin patronized by the Sun itself. It endows him with the most powerful energy – the Energy of Fire. If we talk about who simply needs to have this fiery mineral, it’s Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn. It is on these Zodiac Signs that ruby ​​has the most beneficial effect.

archers with the help of Rubin’s magical powers they will be able to achieve absolute power over events in life and those around them. Everyone will not only listen to their opinion, but also follow their advice and do as they tell.

Leo Women the stone will give long-awaited passionate love, into which they will plunge headlong. Men Lviv The stone will impart courage, courage, and determination.

Aries and so, through overly fiery and hot-tempered natures, they will finally be able to direct all their strength and energy in the right direction.

Scorpions ruby will become a real money magnet. From now on, all financial problems will be left behind. An opportunity will always come your way to “hit the jackpot.”

Capricorns The ruby ​​will become a family talisman that will protect your home and people close to you from outside attacks.

A ruby ​​can be safely worn as an amulet by all Zodiac Signs, but do not forget, the stone does not like evil people.

Ruby is a type of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide). The name comes from the Latin word ruber, meaning red.

Ruby has rare energy. In ancient times, it symbolized the sun, it was called the unquenchable flame, and the Mongol Khan Kublai Khan offered an entire city in exchange for it. Burmese legend said that if you place the mineral under your skin, you can become immortal.

Ruby is one of the four most expensive gemstones along with diamond, sapphire and emerald. It symbolizes protection and good luck.

Physical and chemical properties of ruby

  • Formula – Al2O3
  • Impurity – Cr
  • Color – red, red-brown, red-purple, red-pink
  • Line color – white
  • Gloss – glass
  • Transparency – transparent
  • Hardness – 9
  • Cleavage – imperfect
  • Fracture – conchoidal
  • Density – 3,97-4,05 g/cm³
  • Syngony – trigonal
  • Refractive index – 1,763-1,772


Varieties of ruby

  • Indian ruby ​​has an original cut and color.
  • Red ruby ​​is the most popular type of stone and has a deep blood-red hue and luster.
  • The Burmese ruby ​​is the most flawless, high-quality, expensive and sought-after ruby.
  • Star ruby ​​is a rare and natural species that exhibits a star-shaped visual effect, also known as asterism, when seen under a single light source.
  • Pigeon’s Blood Ruby is a bright red color with a slight purple tint that appears dark red when illuminated.
  • Pink ruby ​​is a name outside the United States for minerals that are low in chromium, which gives the gemstone its red hue.
  • Tanzanian Ruby – has an undesirable blue coloring and is made of basalt, which makes it have higher clarity and is slightly darker.
  • Mozambican ruby ​​- its color ranges from violet to soft red with a slight purple tint.
  • Mogok ruby ​​- being the most sought after and extremely rare species, it has a very high price. The minerals have a pure bright red color.
  • Glass filled ruby ​​is made from natural stones. These minerals are filled with substances such as lead glass to improve clarity and durability. This type is widely used in jewelry.


Ruby color

Rubies can have orange, pink or purple hues.

All rubies are red, but they can have orange, pink or purple hues.

How is ruby ​​formed?

Like many gemstones, rubies are formed under extreme temperatures and pressures underground. When compressed, oxygen and aluminum atoms turn into corundum. This mineral, when interacting with chromium, gives rubies a special shade. If ferric iron is present during the formation of a ruby, it turns orange or pink.


Where is ruby ​​mined?

Rubies are mined in India, Afghanistan, Thailand, Cambodia, Mozambique, Pakistan, Tanzania, USA, Myanmar, Madagascar and Sri Lanka.

Magical and healing properties of ruby

Ruby has strong aphrodisiac properties

Ruby can strengthen the heart, muscles and stomach, stimulate blood circulation, and also solve problems related to sexuality and fertility. In addition, the stone can help the body remove toxins, as well as help improve the condition of the kidneys, lymph and adrenal glands.


Ruby is strongly associated with love. It has strong aphrodisiac properties. This mineral encourages us to let go of the past and move on. This is an ideal gemstone for those who have a sensitive nature as it helps control emotions and engage the mind in a timely manner. It also helps restore trust in your loved one.

Ruby is believed to be associated with good luck. For those who want to attract wealth and success, it can be a good talisman. It is a leadership stone that has the power to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to strive for more.

How ruby ​​is used in feng shui

Ruby is a gemstone of energy, passion, pleasure, warmth and movement. Those who want to strengthen their relationship with their partner should place the mineral next to their bed.


You can bring ruby ​​into your living space and let the stone boost your confidence and bring harmony and balance.

Ruby is also a great stone for any workspace or office. It helps you concentrate, recharge your energy and decide to act. Those who want to climb the career ladder should keep the mineral on hand.

Ruby for men and women – who and when to wear

Women should wear ruby ​​if they have problems conceiving and bearing a child. It is also believed that this stone increases attractiveness, helping to receive more attention from the opposite sex.

Ruby helps men achieve success in their careers and promotes financial well-being.


Ruby for zodiac signs

Ruby is suitable for Capricorns and Cancers

Ruby has a special connection with Capricorns. Firstly, both the sign and the stone are ruled by Saturn. Secondly, they both have powerful energy and a deep belief that self-absorption will make life brighter. They also have traits such as persistence and strength. It is a mineral of protection and symbolizes peace, balance, love and beauty – all things that can help Capricorns thrive.


Ruby is also suitable for Cancers who tend to be modest. The stone will boost self-confidence, increase their self-esteem and restore determination and faith.

Compatibility of ruby ​​with other stones

Ruby works well when paired with red spinel, garnet, carnelian, red jasper, red beryl and red quartz.

If you want to achieve balance, you can look for softer blue-green stones of the water element.

Those who use ruby ​​to heal and open their hearts can pair it with any green stone, from emerald to agate. They work directly with the heart chakra.

If you want to increase your level of protection, pair ruby ​​with grounding black stones such as obsidian and black tourmaline.


How to properly use and store ruby

One of the best ways to make the most of a ruby ​​is to wear it on your skin.

A symbol of nobility, ruby ​​is considered a precious and flawless embodiment of perfection. It is no coincidence that people in high leadership positions love this stone. One of the best ways to get maximum benefits is to wear the mineral close to your skin so it comes into direct contact with your own energy source. Recommends paying attention to decorations.


You can wear a ruby ​​necklace to bring the stone closer to your heart, or a bracelet to connect the mineral to your pulse.

In the past, people wore ruby ​​amulets to protect against poison, spirits and bad thoughts. In the modern world they are often used for the same purpose. The world is full of negative energies, but you can keep your own space clean with the help of a stone.

Like all crystals, ruby ​​works best when it is cleansed and charged. Rinse it regularly with warm water and use a very soft brush for a deeper clean. If you do not want to immerse the stone in liquid, then rid it of negative energy using sage smudging or sound baths.

To charge a ruby, leave it in sunlight for a few hours.


Ruby jewelry should be stored in separate cases or fabric bags. Remove products when exercising, gardening, doing housework, or when showering, washing dishes, and washing your hands. Do not expose stones to sudden temperature changes.

How to distinguish a real ruby ​​from a fake

Real rubies are very hard stones that are highly scratch resistant. They can only be damaged by a diamond or moissanite. If you manage to leave a mark on the surface of the stone with your fingernail or other sharp object, then it is a fake.

Try scratching a ruby ​​on a hard, smooth surface, such as a piece of glass. If after this a red stripe remains, then the stone is artificial.

Using a flashlight, shine a beam of light directly onto the surface of the ruby. A real stone will fluoresce, glow, or shine brightly. If it is a fake mineral, light will pass through it.

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