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Which zodiac signs can wear ruby?

Ruby is a red gemstone, one of the four most valuable gemstones known. Its meaning is expressed in love, passion and energy, and is also considered a symbol of strength and power. Ruby – photo of jewelry with stone

Signs of the zodiac

Ruby is a stone of passion, strength and energy. It is known for its vibrant red color and symbolizes love, power and perseverance. Ruby helps to strengthen inner strength, attract love and stimulate energetic expression of personality. Below are five zodiac signs that may particularly benefit from this stone. ♌ Leo: Ruby is especially beneficial for Leos as it enhances their resilience, strength and passion. It helps build self-confidence, attracts love and brings out their inner brilliance. ♈ ︎ Aries: For Aries, who value strength and determination, ruby ​​can be a source of energy and motivation. It helps strengthen the will, attracts success and stimulates the achievement of goals. ♏ Scorpio: Ruby supports Scorpios in their pursuit of passion and deep penetration. It helps strengthen intuition, attracts positive changes and stimulates the manifestation of their energy. ♐ Sagittarius: Ruby stimulates Sagittarius in their desire for adventure and knowledge of the truth. It helps build self-confidence, attracts good luck and helps develop their intuitive abilities. ♊ Gemini: Ruby helps Gemini in their quest for communication and self-expression. It helps build self-confidence, attracts positive interactions and stimulates energetic ideas.

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History of the origin of the stone

Ruby appeared in the jewelry industry long before our era. It was originally mined in India, where it was considered a sacred stone and was used in religious ceremonies. The ruby ​​was very valuable to local rulers and was often used to decorate crowns and other royal regalia. Over time, ruby ​​became known outside India and began to be mined in other countries. However, the real golden era for ruby ​​was the period of the reign of the British emperors in India. In those years, the ruby ​​became a symbol of luxury and wealth, and the best examples of the stone became an adornment for the royal family. In the 19th century, rubies began to be used in European jewelry. It quickly gained popularity due to its beauty and exceptional characteristics. Ruby was an excellent choice for fancy jewelry, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Today, ruby ​​continues to be one of the most popular gemstones in the world. It graces the jewelry of luxury brands and is prized for its beauty and exclusivity. Ruby is not only a stone that displays the unique touches of its creator, but also a symbol of status and luxury.

Stone properties

Lunalu warns: you should not expect overtly magical properties from the stones, they definitely strengthen and improve you, but the most important thing is you ♥ – Colour: Ruby has a bright red color that can vary from light shades of pink to rich red tones. — Hardness: Ruby is a very hard mineral and has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. – Shine: Ruby has an intense luster that can be metallic or glassy. — Transparency: Ruby can be completely transparent, but often contains inclusions and has a translucent structure. – Weight: Ruby is a heavy stone, and is in 8th place by weight among precious stones. — Price: A ruby ​​is a gemstone and its value depends on many factors including size, color, clarity and clarity. The price of a ruby ​​can range from several hundred dollars to several million.


Ruby jewelry is one of the most valuable and beautiful pieces of jewelry on earth. In order for such decoration to retain its original appearance, it is necessary to follow a number of rules for purchasing and caring for it. — When choosing jewelry with a ruby, you need to make sure that the stone does not have cracks, scratches or other defects. — Ruby as a crystal can be quite fragile, so it is necessary to prevent shocks, falls and other mechanical impacts on the jewelry. — To maintain the shine and purity of the ruby, it is recommended to clean the jewelry with a soft brush and warm water. — Do not use aggressive chemicals to clean ruby ​​jewelry. — It is recommended to wear ruby ​​jewelry only on special occasions and avoid wearing it during sports, household work or professional activities where there is a risk of damage to the jewelry. — Jewelry with rubies should be stored in a separate case or soft fabric bag to avoid damage when stored together with other jewelry. Ruby is the “king of precious stones”, “leader of precious stones”. This is exactly how the name of the mineral is translated from Sanskrit, and given its beauty and value, this is no coincidence. The ancient Greek scientist and philosopher Theophas gave the stone its familiar name. Its roots go back to the Latin language, from which it is translated as “red, scarlet” (in the original – “rubens”).

Ruby is a stone of passion and fire!

Ruby is the “king of precious stones”, “leader of precious stones”. This is exactly how the name of the mineral is translated from Sanskrit, and given its beauty and value, this is no coincidence. The ancient Greek scientist and philosopher Theophas gave the stone its familiar name. Its roots go back to the Latin language, from which it is translated as “red, scarlet” (in the original – “rubens”). The stone is distinguished by a blood-red hue, which the color of no other mineral can compare with. In this case, the shade can vary: have pinkish, crimson tones. The most valuable ruby ​​is the one that has the so-called “pigeon’s blood” color – deep red with purple notes due to chromium particles. The most ancient deposits of the mineral have been known to mankind since the Bronze Age, and they were located on the territory of what was then Burma, where they mined, among other things, very large stones weighing over 35 carats. Currently, ruby ​​mining is carried out everywhere except Antarctica. The most valuable stones are mined in Asian countries: India, Myanmar, Ceylon and Thailand. In Russia, a region rich in rubies is the Urals. There are many beliefs and legends about rubies in different nationalities. Often people believed that these were solidified droplets of blood or wine. In all eras, rubies symbolized the supreme power of rulers. European royalty adorned the crown with the stone as a reminder of the painful torture of Christ and his blood. There is an ancient belief that a ruby ​​is able to foresee trouble and, turning black, warns its owner about it. Ruby is an extraordinary stone, majestic and mysterious. Since ancient times, it was considered a symbol of strength and power. It is not for nothing that great rulers preferred to decorate their clothes and wear jewelry inlaid with this particular stone. For example, Monomakh’s hat, decorated with a huge ruby, still evokes universal admiration.

Healing properties of ruby

Ruby is endowed with the ability to protect the moral and physical health of its owner, drive away bad thoughts, keep excessive desires under control, and come to agreement in disputes. In ancient times, it was believed that this stone protects against toxic substances and poisoning by them, and is a reliable prophylactic against various hemorrhages and various types of inflammation. Rubies will help stop bleeding, strengthen memory, overcome stress, and get rid of liver diseases.

Ruby for zodiac signs

[Sagittarius] Ruby will help Sagittarius in achieving not only financial well-being, but also in the love field. It is able to activate internal forces, allows you to clearly see the goal and choose the optimal path to achieve it. In addition, ruby ​​increases the stress resistance of representatives of this sign. [Cancer] For people born under the sign of Cancer, ruby ​​is a dual stone. On the one hand, it will strengthen the overall vitality, improve mood, relieve fears and depressive thoughts, strengthen the will and spirit, and help Cancer look at reality more broadly. People of this zodiac sign really lack all this. But on the other hand, does Cancer himself need this, because deep in his soul he prefers to remain in his comfort zone, his cozy inner world. The energy of such a strong stone as ruby ​​may be too powerful, even intrusive, for representatives of the sign. The mineral will seem to constantly push a person to action, and if you do not transfer all your forces in the right direction and do not spend them in the volume in which they will be produced under the influence of ruby, then this threatens to lead to overly excited states. [A lion] For Leo, the ruby ​​is literally essential. People of this sign are characterized by a certain laziness, which often prevents them from achieving their goals. Ruby will not allow its owner to spend time idly and relax too much. The mineral will give Leo a powerful charge of energy, under the influence of which a person will clearly understand what he wants, and with unprecedented strength he will rush towards his goal. Personal growth, climbing the career ladder, new profitable acquaintances with important people – all this is also in the zone of influence of a ruby ​​on its owner. By purchasing such a stone, Leo will receive not only an excellent amulet, but also a reliable assistant with close energy.

Magical properties of Ruby

Ruby is a stone of rulers, a sign of power, courage, and ardent passions. Under its influence, a person will become brave like a lion and wise like a snake. Ruby helps to awaken love spells, creative talents, ambition, the desire to stand out and be liked by others. Ruby is considered a stone for experienced, mature people who already possess a certain wisdom in life. At the same time, it is recommended to be worn by those who are not yet confident, shy, timid. The stone will give such people additional strength.

Ruby in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on chakras

Ruby is inextricably linked with the element of Fire, which has strong, joyful energy. Also obvious is its connection with the embodiment of the active masculine principle – the Yang principle. All this is traditionally associated with the southern zone of the home, that is, the zone of popularity and reputation. It is worth keeping a stone here for those people who want to improve their personal status in society or the position of the family as a whole. Ruby will attract the energy of Fire and the power of the Sun into the living space.

Ruby is a stone for strong and successful people!

Jewelry with a ruby ​​will protect the home and garden of its owners, protect them from damage and natural elements. Men should wear ruby ​​jewelry on the left side of their body. Women are recommended to wear jewelry with rubies as a set. So, earrings with rubies, complemented by a ring, are a wonderful combination. Such a duet will, as it were, tacitly confirm the saying of the ancients that ruby ​​is a stone of love. After all, if you look closely at a gem, you can see how all its facets sparkle with life, passion, and love. Owners of jewelry with bright pink rubies literally radiate joy and love of life. Owners of jewelry with a mysterious dark red ruby ​​are the keepers of the secret of wisdom, happiness and beauty.

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