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Which zodiac signs can wear Sultanite?

The sultanite chameleon stone became known to mankind relatively recently, but was immediately loved for its unusually beautiful color that plays in the sun. Jewelry with sultanite was worn by rich Arab sheikhs and rulers of eastern empires. It was believed that the stone could transform even an outwardly unattractive person. Therefore, this mineral was certainly present among the jewelry of aristocrats of past centuries.

Description and Application

Sultanite stone is a type of diaspore mineral and is hydrated alumina. It is used only for jewelry purposes. It is interesting that when extracted from the depths, in most cases the gem spontaneously crumbles, but the remaining core is real corundum with high density and hardness. This residue is used by jewelers. There are quite a lot of diaspora deposits on our planet, but there are few sultanite deposits left. It is believed that its production will soon be exhausted. In Russia, the mineral is mined in the Urals; there are also deposits in the Middle East, the USA and China. But the crystals that are found in the countries are too small and are of no interest to jewelers. The only high-quality gem is mined in Turkey. The Anatolian Mountains are a real treasure trove of this stone. The use of the mineral was first mentioned in eastern scriptures. Turkish sultans wore jewelry made of shiny gems and decorated their clothes and household items with them. Perhaps that is why the stone was called “sultanite”. There are other names for the gem, such as:

  • ferruginous kyanite;
  • Thanatarite;
  • zultanite

The characteristics of the mineral are not unique in any way from other gemstones. However, its main feature is its ability to change color. In nature, the mineral has different shades. The color depends on the presence of impurities in the stone. In the light it begins to play, shimmering from one shade to another.

Under different lighting conditions, the crystal can become either light green or amber-yellow, then turning into red-brown.

The price of real mineral is high. For example, for a ring with a 1-carat sultanite you will have to pay at least $300. However, a gem of this size does not allow you to enjoy the changeability of color. The cost is determined not only by the rarity of the stone, but also by the elegance of its framing. This mineral does not tolerate being surrounded by low-grade metals. If sultanite is inserted into cheap material, it will begin to fade. This property of the stone has long been used to determine the quality of precious metals. The gem requires only gold or silver frames. Sultanite in silver or gold will reveal itself in full force.

Due to its rarity and high cost, the gem is available only to wealthy people. Therefore, a synthetic analogue of the mineral is most often found in mass sale. Hydrothermal sultanite is produced in many countries, including Russia. Moreover, in our country, to produce a synthetic analogue of the mineral, they use a unique material called nanostal, created by Russian chemists.

Magical properties

Unlike many precious stones, this gem does not have healing properties. But it is widely used in witchcraft rituals. The magical properties of the sultanite stone have been known since ancient times. Fortune tellers used cracks in the mineral to predict the future. A pendant or ring with sultanite was used as an amulet that protected against the negative influence of envious and unkind people. The mineral is also able to warn the owner about impending misfortunes and life changes. In such cases, it magically crumbles.

The Turkish gem is perfect for representatives of creative professions. In aristocratic circles, the mineral has long been considered a stone of inspiration. This is the crystal of poets and musicians, artists and actors. Anyone who carries a stone with him easily tunes into a philosophical mood. The gem helps to think outside the box; it gives its owner perseverance and patience, which helps to move forward and not give up on the business he has started.

The magical properties of sultanite will help when speaking in public, giving the gift of eloquence.

Which zodiac signs can wear jewelry with a stone? Those for whom the mineral is suitable according to their horoscope include Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Transparent crystals generally favor fire signs. Their gem gives them balance and the gift of foresight, and also reveals creative potential. For such zodiac signs as Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn, a brilliant gem gives dreaminess and romanticism. It helps relieve the emotional stiffness of earth signs, making them more sensual and cheerful.

Not many people know that this gemstone was discovered not so long ago. Most often it is called the jewel of Arab sheiks. Without exception, all the aristocrats of the last century believed that the sultanite was capable of transforming even the most unattractive person.

Ladies, who were always worried about their appearance, were especially susceptible to these legends. Perhaps precisely because of such excitement earlier, this stone is currently considered rare.

This is because there are very few places left where sultanite can be mined – four: the Middle East, the USA, China and the Urals. It is worth noting that the best sultanite is considered to be the sultanite mined in Turkey in the Altai Mountains.

sultanite with diamonds necklace

Like any other stone, sultanite acquired not only magical properties, but also healing ones. In this article, we will look at what secrets this jewel hides and who would be suitable for such jewelry.

What features does the Sultanite stone have?

Sultanite is a gemstone that consists of fifteen percent water, apparently this is the reason that it is quite easily amenable to physical force, in other words, it is easy to crumble.

The main feature is that sultanite has an alexandrite effect. What does this mean? The stone changes color when exposed to different lighting.

Let’s take a closer look at each type of color and what shade you can get:

  • Daylight – all shades of green.
  • Twilight – soft brown color, coffee and chocolate shades.
  • Incandescent lamp – bright red color.
  • Mixed light sources – in this case, the stone is capable of displaying several shades. This is due to the fact that stone elements reflect light in a completely different way.

ring with sultanite

Areas of application of Sultanite stone

It is worth noting that the scope of application of this type of stone is not diverse enough. Due to their structure, they are only suitable for jewelry making. This stone is often used to make jewelry and souvenirs.

Thanks to its alexandrite effect, the stone in your ring or any other piece of jewelry can shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. Not every stone can do this.

The stone is very popular among antiquarians, magicians, esotericists and simply lovers of jewelry.

pendant with sultanite

The magical properties of the Sultanite stone

There are many legends about the magical properties of this stone. It is worth remembering that the stone will give off its magical energy only if it is real.

Let’s look at the main ones:

  1. Attracting wealth into life – if a piece of jewelry made from this precious stone settles on your wrist, you will begin to feel an influx of money to yourself. Most likely this is due to the price of this stone.
  2. The opening of the third eye is a fairly popular belief. Clairvoyants and fortune tellers could use the cracks of this mineral to determine a person’s future.
  3. Protection from the evil eye – an amulet made from such a stone drove away all evil spirits from the owner who wanted to harm. Moreover, it is also capable of driving away all living people who are destroying and causing harm in your life.
  4. Help in finding your own “I” – the stone helps you understand your torments and find something you like. If you are a creative person, then this is exactly the stone you need. An incredible surge of strength, creative ideas and many other positive emotions – this is all that will open before you.
  5. Improving the flow of positive energy – yellow beryl can restore the flow of positivity into your life. You will no longer be in constant loss of strength and depression. If you are a person who wants to finally find inspiration, then this stone is definitely for you.

jewelry with sultanite

Healing properties of Sultanite stone

Few people believe, however, since ancient times people believed that sultanite has healing properties. The stone affects all human organs.

jewelry with demantoid

Those women who have problems with feminine power should wear a stone in their ring. Some women managed to cure various frigidities and restore the flow of external beauty and attractiveness.

  • If you are the kind of person who often suffers from headaches and toothaches, then you simply need to start wearing earrings with this jewelry.
  • If you have had problems with your kidneys or urinary tract for quite a long time, put a bracelet on your hand.

gold ring with sultanite

It is worth noting that people, especially women, believe that sultanite can cure even the most serious diseases: tuberculosis, stomach ulcers, bronchial asthma, heartburn, hemorrhoids, hypertension, neuroses, depression, phobias and many others.

Compatibility of Sultanite stone according to zodiac signs

This natural stone has its own special influence on different zodiac signs. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Water signs – the stone is a beacon for the necessary connections and good luck. An analogy can be drawn with water flowing away and taking away not only life energy, but also money. After wearing such a stone on your body for several months, you will certainly feel a surge of new energy.
  • Fire Signs – Everyone knows that these signs are quite emotional. Often such people suffer from emotional burnout and influxes of anger. This is all because of their temper and arrogance. It is their sultanite that will calm them down and give them peace of mind.
  • Air signs are also flighty and eccentric people. “God knows what’s on their minds!” – these words can most often be heard in the direction of these signs, especially when it comes to the female gender. It is these people who can find their purpose in this world with the help of this stone.
  • Earth signs are quite efficient people. And their problem is similar to the problem of fire and air signs. Since they spend almost all their free time on work, they are also susceptible to a weakening of their psycho-emotional state. The stone is able to restore the signs’ enthusiasm for work and restore the flow of positive energy. Moreover, earth signs will be able to renew cash flow and recreate the circulation of money in a person’s life. It is also worth noting the fact that earth signs become attentive to life. This means that they begin to notice things that other people don’t see. It will be quite difficult to deceive such people.

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