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Which zodiac signs should not wear gold and silver?

Most people buy jewelry according to the principle: if you like it, then I take it. But this method is not as safe as it might seem at first glance. Jewelry has a special energy that is not suitable for everyone. It can make or break your life. In Vedic astrology, an entire section is devoted specifically to precious stones and jewelry.


The most important thing for Aries is to be careful with any green colored gemstones. Therefore, when choosing jewelry, pay attention to the shade. For example, even sapphires or garnets often have a greenish undertone. But red or brown jewelry is better suited. Therefore, it is worth purchasing carnelian, coral or jasper. Look for white, orange or yellow minerals.


Ruby, orange or white jewelry will not suit you at all, because they will take away your talent. Large stones should be especially avoided. Take a closer look at transparent stones – for example, diamonds. If funds do not allow it, you can pay attention to zirconium. Dark blue and green stones are also ideal for you. You can also wear any gold items.


Opal, moonstone and pearls are the stones you should avoid. It is better to give up silver, such jewelry will take your energy and not give anything. You should pay attention to the orange, yellow and pink shades of the stones. They will help strengthen your spirit and give you strength. The best minerals for you are sapphire, topaz, garnet, onyx and emerald.


Since the ruling planet of Cancer, the Moon, has no enemies at all, any jewelry is suitable for this zodiac sign. But if you are looking for an accessory that will positively influence you, you should pay attention to garnet, ruby, pearl, moonstone, and emerald. Also give preference to silver items.

a lion

Oddly enough, it is better for Leos to completely remove jewelry with zirconium and diamonds from their drawers. Also avoid lapis lazuli and sapphires. All these royal stones are not suitable for Leo at all. Instead, it is better to buy ruby, lemon and garnet.


Virgos will definitely feel out of place in silver jewelry with moonstone, pearls or opal. These decorations will color happiness and take away strength. You should pay attention to stones with a greenish tint, in particular emerald or onyx. Virgos are also suitable for gold jewelry with transparent minerals.


Libra should wear more gold. And if we talk about jewelry, then you should choose the most luxurious stone – a diamond. If you can’t afford it yet, take a closer look at white corals. But milk stones will definitely ruin your well-being. It is better to avoid rubies and garnets – they will not make you happy.


To put out the internal fire, Scorpios need to wear jewelry with green stones (emerald or onyx). You can also take a closer look at topaz, sapphires, jasper and red coral.


You should not wear gold jewelry with zirconium or diamonds, and it is also better to avoid carnelian, red jasper or red coral. The best option would be products with yellow sapphire, topaz, pearls or moonstone. You should also choose silver over gold.


Capricorns strive to wear real attributes of power, so gold jewelry with diamonds, emeralds or sapphires suits them best. Rubies, pearls, garnets or red coral should be avoided because these stones will prevent you from climbing the career ladder.


You need to be extremely careful with brightly colored stones such as yellow, red, brown or changeable shades. The ideal palette includes pink, blue, green and purple stones. Take a closer look at lapis lazuli, rose quartz, sapphire, and emerald.


It is better to exclude from your jewelry items with green jet, onyx, white corals or diamonds. Gold should be avoided. Yellow jewelry is considered ideal – topaz or yellow sapphire. You can also buy silver with milky or white minerals. Astrology, tarology, numerology, fortune telling, prediction, molfarism, extrasensory perception are not sciences and predictions do not always come true 100%. Information quite often is of an entertaining nature, so it should not be taken seriously, but only as a probability of events that every person can become the creator of, if they have the fortitude and inspiration to change their life for the better. See also: Experts believe that gold is a precious metal that many people should not wear on a daily basis. This jewel has its own characteristics, and at a certain moment it can really help or harm its owner. Astrologers told which of the zodiac signs can and cannot wear gold. Not every sign will suit these decorations, reports “Dialogue.UA”. How gold affects the signs of the Zodiac Gold is not just a jewel, as jewelers claim. It is gold products that will help their owners preserve beauty and youth for a long time. In addition, such jewelry is also a real source of health. However, astrologers say that wearing gold should not be worn by some people whose zodiac sign may react negatively. The thing is that the zodiac sign is really capable of influencing the body’s sensitivity to certain metals, including gold. Doctors have found that gold has a very strong effect on those people who, for one reason or another, suffer from stomach ulcers or gastritis. Esotericists compare gold to a source of energy and health, especially mental health. It is gold that contains the most powerful sources of energy that a person needs. However, astrologers recommend that each representative of the zodiac signs choose their own precious metal, which is fully capable of unleashing their potential and strength. Which zodiac sign should absolutely not wear gold? Some people, despite the magical and healing properties of gold jewelry, cannot wear them in large quantities. But do not despair, because each zodiac sign has its own precious metal and stone that suits them on an energetic level and will bring such people luck and happiness in life. Pisces People of the Pisces zodiac sign have one of the most sensitive and timid natures. They have a very gentle energy, so it is recommended that they wear gold only in the smallest sizes. You should not choose large massive gold earrings or bracelets. It will be enough to choose a light and beautiful pendant made of silver, which will have very little gold for decoration. Scales Despite how much Libra girls love gifts and beautiful jewelry, they should not overdo it with gold. You need to stick to moderation and allow yourself to wear no more than two accessories made of gold. It’s better not to look too closely at the earrings, because they are a paired accessory. For Libra, it is better to choose a small gold ring or a neat bracelet. Virgo Practical Virgos love jewelry – that’s a fact. However, astrologers and jewelers advise Virgos to select jewelry made of copper or bronze. If you want to wear gold earrings for the evening, then you must definitely choose an outfit that matches them. Virgos can choose earrings made of gold – this will bring them happiness and attract love to their heart. However, you should not overdo it: gold earrings for the Virgo sign must be small and neat, discreet. Who according to the horoscope should wear gold? There are some zodiac signs for whom it is really best to choose gold jewelry. This precious metal will bring good luck and happiness in their life. a lion Sun sign Leo simply needs to wear gold. Of course, Leo’s jewelry must be combined with their image, otherwise the energy of gold will not act correctly. Massive gold earrings for Leos will be simply ideal: they will attract love and money into the lives of these people. Capricorn People of the Capricorn sign often experience financial problems. To stop this, they need to wear gold jewelry. This precious metal will give Capricorns wealth and good luck. Previously, a famous astrologer said what awaits the signs of the Zodiac in the coming fall. Pavel Globa also told which of the signs will be lucky with money. Let us remind you that we have named the signs of the Zodiac that you should not mess with.

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