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Which zodiac signs should not wear moonstone?

Moonstone is a mysterious gemstone with a pearlescent luster that is associated with the moon and the magic of the night. It is known for its ability to reflect light and create a moonlit effect. Moonstone is also associated with feminine energy and intuition, and is considered a symbol of fertility and love. Its delicate beauty and elegance make it an excellent choice for creating jewelry. Moonstone – photo of jewelry with stone

Signs of the zodiac

Moonstone is a stone known for its mystical beauty and ability to reflect light like the glow of the moon. It symbolizes intuition, femininity and emotional well-being. Moonstone helps strengthen intuition, develop emotional harmony and bring calm and clarity to life. Below are five zodiac signs that may particularly benefit from this stone. ♋ Cancer: Moonstone is especially beneficial for Cancers as it supports their emotional well-being. It helps relieve stress, strengthen intuition and stimulate harmonious relationships. ♍ Virgo: For Virgos who strive for harmony and perfection, moonstone can become a source of emotional balance and inspiration. It helps strengthen intuition, develop spiritual insight and facilitate decision-making. ♏ Scorpio: Moonstone supports Scorpios in their quest for transformation and self-exploration. It helps remove emotional blocks, strengthens intuition and attracts positive changes. ♓ Pisces: For Pisces, who have deep empathy and sensitivity, moonstone can be a source of support and inspiration. It helps strengthen emotional connection, develops intuition and promotes harmony in relationships. ♒ Aquarius: Moonstone helps Aquarians in their quest for spiritual growth and transformation. It promotes the development of intuition, stimulates creative thinking and supports the flow of inspiration and harmony.

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History of the origin of the stone

Moonstone is one of the most mysterious and beautiful stones, popular in jewelry for many centuries. But how did it come about and become so famous and valuable? Moonstone was named so because of its special shimmering effect, which resembles the light of the moon. When light hits the surface of a moon rock, thin streaks of light are observed that change depending on the viewing angle. This effect is called “adularescence” and creates the impression that a soft light is moving inside the stone. Moonstone has an ancient history dating back to various cultures and civilizations. In ancient times, it was highly valued and considered a sacred stone associated with the moon and its energy. In India, for example, moonstone is considered a sacred stone and is associated with the goddess Lakshmi, symbolizing prosperity, wealth and beauty. For the ancient Romans and Greeks, moonstone was a symbol of femininity and fertility. Its mystical connection with the moon and its luminous effect made it an object of veneration and use in rituals and ceremonies. Moonstone was also common in Celtic culture, where it was used in jewelry to attract good luck and protection. During the Middle Ages, moonstone was popular among European nobility and royal courts. Its reflective properties made it desirable for creating jewelry and inlays in crowns, bracelets and necklaces. Moonstone was also popular during the Victorian era, where it was used to create romantic and elegant jewelry. In modern jewelry, moonstone continues to be a popular and valuable stone. Its mystical beauty and play of light make it attractive for creating unique and exquisite jewelry. Moonstone can be used in a variety of designs, ranging from classic styles to modern and fashion trends. Moonstone is also associated with feminine energy, intuition and protection.

Stone properties

Lunalu warns: you should not expect overtly magical properties from the stones, they definitely strengthen and improve you, but the most important thing is you ♥ Color: Moonstone can come in a variety of shades, but the most common are white, grey, peach and blue. Labradorescence: Moonstone is characterized by the effect of labradorescence, that is, the ability to glow and change hue when viewing angle and lighting change. Transparency: Moonstone can be translucent or have a milky or diffuse texture. Hardness: Moonstone has a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale. Origin: Moonstones are mined in different parts of the world, including Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar and Australia. Symbolism: Moonstone symbolizes femininity, intuition, emotional harmony and protection. It is also associated with the energy of the moon and is a symbol of fertility and new beginnings. Uses: Moonstone is widely used in jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, adding delicacy and mystery to them. Moonstone is a stone with a unique sparkle and mystical appeal. Its symbolic meaning and beautiful appearance make it a popular choice for jewelry and collections.


Avoid contact with chemicals, including perfumes, cosmetics and chemical cleaning products. Store your moonstone jewelry in a separate package or soft cloth bag to prevent damage and scratches. Avoid impacts and falls to prevent the moon rock from cracking or breaking. Clean moonstone with a soft, damp cloth or sponge, avoiding the use of abrasives or brushes. Do not use strong detergents or chemical solutions to clean moonstone. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight to avoid fading or discoloration of the stone. Check your moonstone jewelry regularly for damage and have it professionally cleaned and serviced by a jeweler if necessary. By following these guidelines, you will help maintain the natural beauty and longevity of your moonstone jewelry for many years to come. Moonstone is a mineral of extraordinary, alluring beauty, with a characteristic bluish or silvery-white glow, for which it acquired its name.

Moonstone is a small piece of the Moon.

Moonstone is a mineral of extraordinary, alluring beauty, with a characteristic bluish or silvery-white glow, for which it acquired its name. There are moonstones of other shades: milky white, purple, as if shining from within with a golden glow. It is rare, but you can find minerals with a texture that resembles millions of stars and with a cat’s eye effect. Moonstone is so unusual and attractive that it is highly valued for its aesthetic qualities and is also credited with magical properties. Otherwise, the natural mineral is called “fisheye”, “pearlspar”, “aglaurite”. The rarest, and therefore the most expensive, are the varieties of moonstone: sanidine, adularia, which are mined mainly in Sri Lanka, India and Myanmar. Large deposits were discovered some time ago in Mongolia. In Russia, the mineral was found near St. Petersburg, where development is now underway. Philosophers and alchemists of antiquity believed that the mineral was given to people by the Moon Goddess. Myths said that the stone is frozen moonlight. While admiring the adularia, it’s quite easy to mistake it for a tiny piece of the Moon.

Healing properties of Moonstone

The people of many countries believe that the stone protects people from the negative effects of the Moon. It affects our intuition, the state of the nervous system, and the emotional background. Therefore, moonstone jewelry will be a good companion for those who suffer from epileptic seizures, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and depression. It will help you cope with uncontrollable manifestations of anger, inexplicable fears, and prolonged bad mood. It has been noted that the mineral has a positive effect on the genitourinary and digestive systems, the functions of the pituitary gland, normalizes lymphatic drainage, and makes childbirth easier.

Of course, one should not rely solely on the healing properties of stones in the presence of a truly serious illness.

Moonstone for zodiac signs

Moonstone is an ideal talisman for those born on a full moon, especially on Monday. In this case, the stone will become a reliable protector for its owner even in the most difficult circumstances. [Virgo] Virgos, who sometimes show a certain amount of laziness, will be pushed by the stone to meet their other half. [Scales] In the already sensual and artistic Libra, the stone will reveal new facets of talent. [A lion] Leos, under the influence of moonstone, will balance their best qualities: they will develop even greater self-confidence, gain additional strength, but at the same time they will be able to maintain internal balance and calm, and restrain inflated ambitions. [Scorpion] For Scorpios, moonstone will allow them to unleash their creative potential. [Sagittarius] Sagittarius, with the help of the mineral, will find a way out of any difficult situation and resolve all problems. [Capricorn] Moonstone will bring material stability to the life of Capricorns.

Magical properties of Moonstone

The very name of the stone directly indicates its connection with the Moon. The owner may notice a small cloudy white speck on the surface of the mineral, changing its size depending on the phase in which the Moon is located. During the full moon, if you take the stone in your hands, you can feel that it turns icy. It is at this time that it has the greatest magical effect. The stone has a strong influence on the development of intuition in its owner, especially if he was born under a full moon. And if both partners in a couple have a talisman, then it will be easier for them to improve their relationship during possible quarrels.

Moonstone in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on chakras

Moonstone has a positive effect on the heart chakra. Anahata is an open chakra, which is responsible for the functioning of the heart, the condition of blood vessels, chest organs, spinal health, and hand mobility. Under its influence, a person becomes open and sensual, acquires the ability to experience bright love – both for his other half, and for other people, the world around him, and God.

Moonstone is a talisman of pure love!

Moonstone has been widely used by jewelry craftsmen since the second half of the 19th century, and then it only increased its popularity. The soft silvery glow of the mineral made jewelry made from it unique, endowed with its own character. Moonstone looks most impressive when framed in silver. Moonstones are so mysterious that sometimes it seems as if they are talking to a person and trying to convey secret messages to him that can predetermine the order of our lives. Minerals become most powerful during the waxing moon – even their glow intensifies. Since ancient times, moonstone has been considered a symbol of bright, untainted love. It seems to attract truly strong, pure feelings into the life of its owner. So products with moonstone will be an ideal amulet for those who are in search of their other half or suffer from unrequited feelings. The mineral is able to attract a lover, awaken emotionality, sensuality, and mutual attraction in partners. Knowing about this effect of the moonstone, European women regularly wore special talismans with it, trying to arouse the interest of the opposite sex and find their loved one. A ring or bracelet with a stone, worn on the left hand, will help balance the owner’s feelings and emotions, prevent quarrels with loved ones, work colleagues, friends, and protect from enemies. If you put the ring on your right hand, it will allow you to achieve deep relaxation, awaken your imagination and insight. In general, products with moonstone influence the development of tolerance, tolerance, and mercy in a person.

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