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Which zodiac signs should not wear opal?

In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the jester says to the Duke: “May the god of melancholy protect you, and may the tailor make you a doublet of iridescent taffeta, for your soul is a fickle opal, neither give nor take.” In the books of the Roman writer and scientist Pliny, it is written that opal is a stone that fell from heaven and united within itself the play of the most beautiful precious stones of our entire planet. He said that opal is characterized by the sharp play of light of the carbuncle, the aquamarine tones of emerald, the golden yellow of topaz, the violet reflection of amethyst, the blue of sapphire – in opals they are all mixed together and shine in a delightful kaleidoscope.

Known magical properties of opals

Opal is an energetically and magically very strong stone. Since ancient times, it has been used as one of the most powerful tools of witchcraft and secret rituals. This beautiful mineral also has very powerful protective properties, and that is why since ancient times it has been widely used as a talisman.
Opals began to be mined on an industrial scale relatively recently (at the end of the 19th century), but people have known about this magical stone for a very long time. And at the same time, the mineral was always in high demand: people hunted for it, searched for it, tried to take possession of rare specimens and bought it at the highest price. Opal jewelry, being a talisman, protects its owners from the negative effects of the witchcraft of black magicians, from the evil eye and other energy attacks, during difficult days of the lunar cycle. Since ancient times, in Ancient Rome, the opal stone was considered a stone of hope and love, and in the Ancient East, opal was revered as a valuable amulet that reliably protects love and well-being in the family. This beautiful mineral was used to save people from disease epidemics, misfortunes, troubles, robberies and fires. To this day, many cultures around the world still use this mineral as a talisman.

The magical properties of white opal

Opal is a powerful talisman for practicing magicians and for people of a creative mind. Experts believe that jewelry with white opal helps to significantly alleviate physical suffering, as well as various temporary and permanent pain. It is also believed that white opals strengthen the spirituality of their owners and harmonize their relationships with the outside world.

The magical properties of black opal

Particular care must be taken when handling black opal. In the very first hours of contact with the stone, it is recommended to be especially vigilant, listening very carefully to your well-being. If you experience severe sensations from the mineral, you are advised to stop taking it. But under no circumstances should you just throw it away or give it to someone else! Because the stronger the black opal stone, the longer and more difficult the attunement with it occurs. To begin with, put it in a closed, dark place for a long period, and then, after some time, take it out and try to “make friends” again with your black opal. You will get used to it gradually. And then, if contact takes place, you will find your assistant and a strong defender. Well, if your relationship with the mineral doesn’t work out, don’t be upset. Magicians claim that black opal itself chooses its owner and, in general, does not even serve all magicians. And what can we say about ordinary people who have no experience in owning such powerful minerals? A large ring with a black opal in a gold frame is considered an indispensable talisman for magicians, which gives them the gift of foresight.

The magical properties of pink opal

  • The mineral helps to win over others, improves relationships at work and in the family;
  • Helps to find love and significantly reveal the sensual sphere;
  • Pink opal improves appetite;
  • Balances the nervous system, improves mood;
  • Relaxes a person and normalizes sleep;
  • Improves the reproductive system and promotes conception.

Blue opal properties

  • Attracts financial well-being and good luck;
  • Helps you meet your love or establish relationships with your loved one;
  • Develops intuition, reveals creative potential;
  • It perfectly helps a person to believe in himself and gain confidence in the future;
  • The energy of blue opal works in unison with the aura of the owner and enhances his best aspects, while reducing the negative ones.

Natural Ethiopian opal properties

Experts believe that the effect of Ethiopian opals helps a person to focus on the most important things and not pay attention to the unnecessary little things in life. The stones give their owner prudence, composure and willpower to make the right decisions. Ethiopian opal jewelry is an excellent option for creative and reserved people. It will help you open up and relax, discover your secret talents. People stop being afraid to show their best abilities to the fullest. The magical properties of opal from Ethiopia are as changeable as the surface of this stone sparkling with different colors. С properties of Ethiopian opals have long been known. These beautiful iridescent stones perfectly eliminate bad moods and gloomy thoughts. This positive mineral helps you more confidently decide to make changes and see the truth in things.

The magical properties of fire opal

Fire opals – protect the wearer from natural disasters. It is believed that the energy of a fire opal set in gold doubles.

Owyhee opal properties

  • Helps develop intuition and even awakens paranormal abilities;
  • This stone will help you speak more clearly and convincingly in public;
  • Opal Owyhee will help you become less shy;
  • Will give you the strength and ability to rely only on yourself, regardless of others;
  • The stone raises the authority of its owner.

Dendrite opal properties

  • Strengthens a person’s intuition, helps to perceive the world around him more clearly;
  • Jewelry with dendritic opal is a means of achieving harmony both inside and outside;
  • Clarifies any questions that arise in the head;
  • The energy of dendritic opal is very useful for a person’s self-esteem; the mineral helps well to reorganize and regroup his emotions and thoughts;
  • This mineral serves to enable you to better judge what is right and what is wrong;
  • Moss opal dendropal with its effect allows you to accept others more and this opens up the opportunity for you to become better friends with others.

Opal stone properties for whom it is suitable

People have always known how great the magical effect of opal is on a person. The mineral is great as a talisman for business representatives. Opal brings success to purposeful and self-confident people and multiplies their well-being. The only condition is that the owner of the stone is distinguished by decency and honesty. But for weak-willed people, the opal stone can only cause anxiety – instill strange fears for no reason and nightmares. This is why it is better to wear it with caution.

Opal stone magical properties zodiac sign

Astrologically, opal can be worn by representatives of all zodiac signs. Opal is the stone of the Moon and it primarily protects Pisces. Black opals are more recommended for Scorpios. For Aries, experts recommend fire opal. The stone greatly favors and helps in every possible way those born in October. Opal is able to help its owner discover his creative gift, and this does not even depend on the type of activity of the owner and his zodiac sign.

The healing properties of opal for women

  • The mineral strengthens the nervous system and increases resistance to stress;
  • Improves muscle tone;
  • The functioning of the liver and kidneys is significantly improved;
  • Effectively helps improve women’s health;
  • Allows you to easily relieve tension and get rid of nervous tics;
  • Helps remove waste and toxins from the body;
  • The condition of blood vessels, blood circulation and vision improves;
  • Promotes weight loss and cleansing of the body.

The magical properties of opal for women

  1. This mineral helps develop the talents of its owner;
  2. Opal does not affect everyone in the same way – it can lead to prosperity and success for those who are self-confident, but for others it can attract only troubles, and some can even go crazy with passion;
  3. Opals reveal their positive influence only in the hands of truly talented and mature people and help them develop and find their place in the sun;
  4. Opals can bring disappointment and disappointed hopes to those who are timid and insecure;
  5. When opal begins to show its positive properties, it perfectly helps protect against enemies and envious people.

Opal does not have the crystalline structure characteristic of minerals. It has a low hardness rating. But it is impossible to ignore the beauty of the color effect called opalescence. The rainbow iridescence, which changes with the slightest rotation of the stone, is caused by the refraction of light on ordered submicroscopic silica particles. Those opals that exhibit this effect are called noble and belong to the category of precious stones.

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Properties of opal – description

Opals are composed of particles of silicon dioxide and water. The water content in their structure ranges from 0,4 to 32%. The properties of opals and their jewelry quality mainly depend on its quantity. For those stones that are classified as noble, the weight ratio of water to other elements is in the range of 6-10%. The more water, the more transparent the opal. When completely dry, it becomes completely opaque and may even crack and crumble.

Types of opals and colors

The inclusion of oxides of various chemical elements leads to the appearance of color in the opal. When classifying opals in terms of structure, more than forty varieties have been identified. These include, among others, the following types:

  • The matrix is ​​a noble black opal with small areas of shimmering other colors.
  • Harlequin, in which colored areas create a mosaic in the form of polygons.
  • Fire opal, in which the opalescent areas have a fiery orange hue.
  • Ordinary opal is an opaque stone of varied colors.

The most commonly used opals for jewelry are white (milky) opal, orange-red and dark blue, called black because of its very dark shade. The factor by which a stone is assessed is the level of opalescence, that is, the play of color within the sample.

Products with opal

Opal has long been classified as precious, as evidenced by the name, which literally means precisely this quality in translation from Sanskrit. Products with opal take pride of place in many jewelry collections. Since opalescence cannot be enhanced by cutting, opal is not cut, but processed using the cabochon method.

Catalog of products with opal:

  • Sets with opal
  • Gold rings with opal
  • Stylish earrings with opal
  • Pendants and pendants with opal
  • Elegant gold brooches with opal
  • All jewelry with opal

How to clean opal

A very beautiful noble opal is also very capricious. It must be worn to prevent it from drying out. At the same time, it must be removed if there is a risk of ingress of any chemical elements – acids or cleaning agents. The opal can be washed in soapy water at room temperature and then kept wrapped in a damp cloth for several hours. Then you can dry it and keep it in the sun for a while.

Opal deposits

More than 90% of all opal used in the world comes from Australia. The remaining deposits are distributed over other continents. The oldest mines are located in the Czech Republic, in the Cherventsy region. It was there that the main mining of the magnificent stone was concentrated before its discovery in Australia. Now very beautiful opals of various types are mined in North America. There are small deposits in several places in Ukraine and in Kamchatka in Russia.

Opal stone meaning

For the ancient Romans, the symbolic meaning of the opal stone was to attract love and fulfill hopes. And now it is often used as a talisman, especially for creative and talented people. As a rule, the meaning of opal is identified with its origin and color, and therefore different opinions may seem contradictory if applied generally to all varieties.

Whose stone fell – horoscope, zodiac sign

Fiery or bluish-blue European opals are suitable only for strong Pisces and Scorpios, those who can distinguish danger by color changes. They are believed to fill the mind with empty dreams. The same stones that are mined in Australia and Ukraine bring good luck, and to the greatest extent, to Sagittarius. Only this luck is not about obtaining material wealth, but about striving for a high goal.

Aries and Taurus can wear jewelry with any opal except black. Astrologers advise Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn to prefer only fiery. Cancers and Aquarius are suitable for opal of any color, if they really like it. Scorpios should pay attention to fire and black opals, but not get carried away with white ones.

Healing properties of opal

Lithotherapy ascribes to opals a preventive effect against the threat of heart disease, stomach disease, and infectious diseases. This stone is believed to improve vision and heal the eyes. Fire opals are used for diseases of the blood and circulatory system. They are also believed to be calming during periods of depression.

Magical properties of opal

Those who study the magical properties of stones endow opal with enormous energy, considering it fatal. It worries people who want to live a calm life and do not experience creative impulses. This applies most of all to black opal. In contrast, white opal symbolizes patience and tolerance. Buddhists compare it to a lotus and endow it with the same purity.

Opal also helps with foresight. This stone cannot get along with fickle and unnecessary people. They say that if a prophecy is used to harm someone, the opal ceases to endow its owner with such a gift.

Catalog of products with opal:

  • Sets with opal
  • Gold rings with opal
  • Stylish earrings with opal
  • Pendants and pendants with opal
  • Elegant gold brooches with opal
  • All jewelry with opal

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