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Which zodiac signs will never get along together?

Has it ever happened to you that a person seems cool and wonderful, but only until the moment you start living together? A month or two later, not a trace remains of the wonderful relationship. But such a sad outcome could have been avoided. One of the reasons may be banal incompatibility according to the horoscope. Therefore, if you want to save yourself effort, nerves and time, then carefully read our article. ARIES Your pedantry does not fit in any way with the habits and behavior of Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. You will stress each other out quite a bit, and a war over a dirty mug in the sink is clearly not something worth wasting your time on. Therefore, if you want to pump up your zen or you are a notorious brawler, then go ahead, these signs will completely satisfy your need. In all other cases, you should choose someone more disciplined as your roommate. TAURUS In terms of living together, you should beat Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini by a tenth of a mile. You will always compete with some to see who is better at maintaining cleanliness and order, while others will drive you into a frenzy with their disregard for your rules. You need to look for “easier” partners who are ready to play by your rules and not try to climb to the top faster than you. GEMINI Taurus, Cancer, Aries – past the cash register. These comrades will overwhelm you with control, even if you are just roommates. Do you want to account for every step? Then please go for it. But something tells you that you don’t have such a desire. Of course, such behavior will not arise immediately, let people get used to it, but it will certainly arise. Therefore, if you do not have nostalgia for life with strict parents, avoid these signs. CANCER Your turbulent personal life will become a stumbling block if you want to live under the same roof with an Aries, Gemini or Sagittarius. Some will reproach you and challenge every step, while others will bombard you with valuable advice. Even if you didn’t ask them to. Especially if you didn’t ask them for it. You should look for roommates who are completely self-occupied. For example, Leos are perfect for this. They rarely care about anyone but themselves. A great option for you if you are willing to listen and admire it regularly. LEO Under no circumstances should Leos live with Aquarius, Gemini and Sagittarius. Your pride will regularly receive powerful blows, because the first sign will not care about you at all and will not consider you worthless, but the rest will try to prove that you are not a lion, but a little kitten. Unnecessary struggle for leadership and attempts to prove something to someone will take up too much of your time. And it can be used more productively and you know it yourself. VIRGO For all your fluffiness and softness, you will not be able to get along normally with Aries, Capricorn or Scorpio. They won’t appreciate it, won’t take note, and won’t correct it, no matter how much effort you put into it. You will get upset out of the blue and try to look for the reason within yourself. But this is not the case, it’s not your fault at all, the stars just aligned. Take a closer look at Libra; with them you should easily find a common language for good neighborly relations. LIBRA Scorpios, Capricorns and Pisces will make you constantly sway on an emotional swing, knocking the ground out from under your feet. As a short-term entertainment to tickle your nerves, it’s a very good choice. But they are not suitable for long-term living together. Well, of course, if your immediate plans are not to move to an institution where the windows have bars and the rooms are upholstered. No one doubts your ability to adapt and find compromise, but sometimes these sacrifices are simply not necessary for anyone. This is one of those cases. SCORPIO Ardent and passionate nature requires partners to know fire safety rules. This will not suit Virgos, Libras and Leos at all. The former will try to extinguish you, make you more even, and the latter will begin to direct your energy in completely the wrong direction. Either find those who are also full of different passions and can understand and accept you, or someone who will not pay attention to the flame raging next to them. SAGITTARIUS Dominance even in small things will make you a big problem for Leo, Virgo and Aquarius. Representatives of these signs do not like being pressured; a defensive response immediately kicks in. Before you have time to blink, instead of peaceful coexistence, you have trench warfare according to all the rules of combat. Living in a constant arms race and competition of who can dominate whom is difficult even for you, because this is enough in everyday life. And at home you want to relax and be a bundle of tenderness with a little touch of dictator. CAPRICORN You are the owner, which ones to look for. Therefore, you should avoid living together with Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces. The first do not bother at all with the distinction between “friends and foes”, sharing theirs without any problems and using yours, others will consider your habits an act of mistrust and almost a personal insult. If you are not ready to build communism in a separate house, then look for roommates who will respect your personal boundaries without compromising your relationship. It’s best to talk about this moment “on the shore.” AQUARIUS Ideal order, constant control and a burning interest in the lives of others are not something you could boast of. Therefore, Taurus, Aries and Leo are clearly not what you need. Your motto is fewer rules, less stress, more comfort. Your ideal neighbor is more like a pleasant hallucination; he seems to exist, but is very unobtrusively present in your life. When no one and nothing puts pressure on you, you are a more pleasant and sympathetic person. PISCES You like to control the situation, even when you loudly declare how tired it is for you. Therefore, choose for yourself to live together those who will not be offended by your desire to be aware of everything. You sleep better when you know that you have everything under control, so immediately refuse to be in the neighborhood with Capricorns, Geminis and Taurus. These signs do not like control, and excessive attention can be perceived as a manifestation of hostility. Don’t try to convince someone of something, it’s a thankless task. And you shouldn’t change yourself, you are already such a person. Just find those who will be calm about this feature of yours. Relationships require mutual understanding, love and the lion’s share of patience. Some people don’t get along with each other under the same roof. It all depends on the nature of the partners, their readiness for family life, but to a greater extent – on their Zodiac Signs. Every love story has its ups and downs. Sometimes relationships, like expensive wine, only get better over time, sometimes everything is exactly the opposite. Some people are ready to love another person, while others only love themselves. Astrology can determine which path leading to love the Universe has predetermined for you. Despite their indomitable temperament, Aries are the most affectionate and faithful partners. If they have set themselves the goal of “living happily ever after,” then we assure you that they will go to the bitter end. In relationships, Aries try with all their might to create an atmosphere of romance and passion, giving gifts and attention to their partner. Aries love to surprise, especially if you are willing to add firewood to their fire of love. They prefer to share their fantasies uninhibitedly, head-on, which is why sometimes it sounds very rude and dirty. But an ardent and sensual Sign cannot remain silent about his desires, so he will have to listen, and not only listen. But in a relationship with them you will experience the depth of love and passion. 11rd place — Sagittarius The stars have awarded Sagittarians with one very valuable talent – they live in the moment, so family life with them is a complete pleasure. Such people charge you with enthusiasm, improve your partner’s mood, and make you see the world only in bright colors. Even in the most disastrous case, when the relationship is in crisis and is on the verge of breaking up, Sagittarius comes up with a plan “B” that helps save everyone’s happiness. True, Sagittarians are not perfect. These are critics and rationalists who can greatly offend their significant other without feeling even the slightest pang of conscience. They need activity, so when entering into a relationship with them, be prepared for the fact that Sagittarius will rock your boat of love so that you will either have to conquer new heights together or sink like a stone. 10th place — Taurus Taurus is a sign of order and stability. Those born under the auspices of this Sign are so intoxicated by dreams of great and pure love that they often do not completely notice crises in relationships. True, this does not in the least prevent Taurus from being happy as a couple. They live their lives, ignoring the opinion of their partner. But they have undoubted advantages: for example, tenderness, care and devotion, which cover their extravagant behavior. Taurus are owners, ready to fight with knives for their partner in order to surround him with their immense love in the future. 9th place — Capricorn Capricorns are an advantageous match because they are organized people and are absorbed in achieving happiness in their personal lives. The only problem is that it is very difficult to become the object of Capricorn’s adoration. Their job, career, and success come first. Therefore, until Capricorns achieve their main goal, they do not intend to build long-term relationships. Vivid feelings, romantic exploits and fiery confessions can be obtained from a Capricorn who has already taken place in life. But building castles in the air with a Capricorn who has not yet achieved success is a waste of time. In this case, they will perceive any crack in the relationship, even if it was their fault, as a good reason to break up. Libra is the most romantic but amorous sign of the Zodiac. It is easy for such people to recover from betrayals, betrayals, and high-profile breakups. Whenever a Libra’s heart is broken into pieces, they manage to pick it up and start looking for a new love, genuine and passionate. But Libra themselves almost never decide to break up and change the scenery first. The reason for this is indecision. Most often, Libra gives ambiguous hints: one day they flirt with you, the next they simply withdraw into themselves. They also hate conflict, so they will avoid arguments and serious conversations in every possible way. Like all romantics, Libras love to leave behind a feeling of endless love for them, and then, with the onset of serious relationships and everyday life, they quietly withdraw. So, if you are planning to build your love with Libra, you will have to come to terms with the fact that it will have to be built on a huge number of compromises. 7th place — Aquarius Building a serious relationship, as practice shows, is quite difficult for Aquarius. They are restless, irresponsible, go against the system and love their freedom very much. Romance doesn’t weigh them down too much, but over time they will still try to run away from love, especially if someone encroaches on their territory. Life is much easier for people of this Sign when they are not connected to anything or anyone. Aquarians are too mysterious people, and you most likely will never get to know them completely. This undoubtedly adds charm to them, but takes a huge amount of vitality from their partners. In fact, freedom-loving Aquarians rarely withstand the shackles of a serious relationship. It is easier for them to run away from responsibility and love than to allow another person to settle deeply in their heart. Their fickle, inquisitive nature and inability to solve problems makes them not the best candidates for marriage. Leos are the most angry exes because no one can willingly give up on a Leo. Their royal grandeur and ego, inflated to universal proportions, make it very difficult to love anyone other than themselves. Having found their soulmate, Leos gain confidence that this is forever, that it is impossible to leave them. When entering into a relationship with them, be prepared to have to put up with their weaknesses and vices. Thanks to his combination of fortitude, grace and sharp mind, Leo is often called the king of the Zodiac Signs. They are well informed about this, so they love to demonstrate power over people. Their violent temper and desire to get their way runs counter to their painstaking work on relationships. Therefore, if something does not happen according to plan, notes of tyranny and self-centeredness creep into Leo’s behavior. Cancers go from trust to suspicion in a minute, because internally they are filled with feelings, fears and thoughts. Don’t try to understand Cancer’s behavior – it’s pointless and energy-consuming. Such people want love with all their hearts, but are endlessly afraid that it will disappear, so they value feelings so much that sometimes it goes beyond reason. Cancer is the most emotional sign of the Zodiac. Its representatives need support, devotion, family, high feelings, a sense of peace and complete security. Self-doubt makes them vulnerable to any, even the simplest, problem. So it is most difficult for Cancers to build a serious relationship, because they are filled with doubts about this. Pisces have a super ability: they know how to dramatize, turning any little thing into a problem of cosmic proportions. If you like one-man theater, then welcome to the warm embrace of Pisces. These people demand increased attention to themselves, first attracting yours. They will write poems and dedicate them to you, send romantic letters, sing serenades, fervently declare their love, but this romantic fairy tale will not last long. Practice shows that with the arrival of the first showdown, representatives of the Sign of Pisces fall into a riot. After Pisces there is no stopping: they will drown you, overwhelming you with emotions. Virgos reveal the top three leaders with whom it is most difficult to build relationships. The thing is that Virgos are not at all what they may seem at first. You can expect anything from people like them; their actions rarely border on logic, especially when they get “stuck.” The coldness and objectivity that these people project into the world is only an appearance. Unchildish passions and delusional thoughts flare up inside Virgos, and decisions devoid of any logic appear. In relationships they are like a ticking time bomb. It is better not to let them out of sight, especially if peace and quiet reign in your couple. In relationships with Virgos, there is calm only before the storm. Their absurd thoughts can come together in a logical chain at any moment, and Virgo will shoot unfounded accusations at you. 2nd place – Gemini Geminis take a well-deserved second place in the ranking of the most unsuitable Zodiac Signs for relationships. Representatives of this constellation are fickle people who cannot find themselves even next to their loved one. They are quite ardent and passionate in love. True, being in constant search and sorting through options, they usually do not enter into long-term relationships. And all because today Geminis are alone, and tomorrow they are completely different. Serious novels are not for them, because it is unlikely that anyone will be able to withstand such inconstancy, even despite the attractiveness and charm of Gemini. 1nd place — Scorpio Scorpios are too deep people. They are inaccessible and incomprehensible to mere mortals. The point is not even that it is difficult for them to open their hearts to someone: the problem lies in many internal conflicts. Scorpios do not want to “put their signature” on the agreement that a serious relationship offers them, with all this props and responsibility. It is very difficult for representatives of this Sign to open up to other people, they hate the feeling of vulnerability, and therefore prefer to quietly and silently observe from the sidelines, so as to not completely get bogged down in all this.

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