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Who can wear alexandrite stone?

Alexandrite stone is a variety of chrysoberyl that is known for its rarity. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to change color depending on the lighting. Transparency captures the eye, and iridescence deprives words. But what else is it so remarkable?

Origin: legends, myths and reality

The name of the unusual stone is associated with Alexander II, the famous Russian Tsar. By chance, the first discovery of alexandrite in the Urals occurred on the day the prince came of age. The interesting thing is that people had previously met it, but for unknown reasons they mistook it for other breeds. So, in 1842, on April 17, the stone finally received its name. Mentions of the mineral, but under different names, are found in ancient Indian treatises written 4 centuries ago. Despite its rarity, at the end of the XNUMXth century it became very popular in high society.

Methods and most significant mining locations

The royal stone, mined in different places, differs from each other visually. Ural samples are considered the most beautiful and expensive. Their color transition is considered the deepest. Stones from India or Sri Lanka are less saturated in color resolution, but with smoother transitions. Alexandrites are mainly mined in Russia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Alexandrite properties

The stone belongs to the chrysoberyl group. The special structure of the crystal lattice provides the mineral with a unique “Alexandrite effect”.

Depending on the angle of inclination, passing through the crystal, the sun’s rays are reflected differently, which makes the stone an ideal prism.

Alexandrite contains aluminum, beryllium and chromium oxides. However, other elements may also be present. Even at the moment, not all the chemical composition and influence of components on the color properties of the crystal have been fully studied. At the same time, the mineral melts at a temperature of 1 °C, is resistant to acids, and unstable to alkalis.


  • gastrointestinal tract;
  • pancreas;
  • spleen.

The stone also helps in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system.


The gem is suitable for strong and strong-willed people. But it is not suitable for people with an unstable spirit. Why? The mineral educates the unbalanced owner, generating for him various feasible difficulties and tasks. But the one who endures will be rewarded.

The magical properties of the alexandrite stone are ambiguous. It connects our world with otherworldly forces and is often used in meditation and fortune telling. Contrary to beliefs, it itself does not bring trouble, but only warns of imminent danger.

The mineral predicts the future of its owners, and is therefore called a “magic barometer”. For example, if it acquires a yellow tint, this foreshadows the onset of difficult trials.

However, natural alexandrite not only prophesies events, but also influences them. To ensure a positive outcome, it is advisable to wear it together with another stone suitable for its energy.

Symbolic meaning

The mineral is considered a symbol of flexibility and adaptation, which helps the wearer cope with changes in life and adapt to new circumstances. He:

  • associated with growth, development and transformation of personality;
  • Helps you unlock your inner potential and become stronger and more confident.

Color changes symbolize opposites in life: light and dark, good and evil, joy and sorrow.

Types of alexandrite

Alexandrites have a unique optical characteristic – they change color. For example, in natural light a stone is of one shade, but in artificial light it goes into the red spectrum.

By Color

There are variations according to which gems are named. Intense green is the rarest and most valuable type of alexandrite. Light and pale green samples are more common.

At the same time, under artificial lighting, the stone acquires:

  • blue-violet;
  • reddish-brown;
  • purple tint.

The iridescence of these different tones makes the mineral unique and valuable.

Artificially grown

The second half of the 20th century was a period of active work on the creation of artificial alexandrite. In Novosibirsk, for the first time, it was possible to grow the Khochralsky gem.

Crystallization was carried out at temperatures above 2 Kelvin. Within a week, we managed to obtain alexandrite “icicles” up to 500 cm long and up to 12 cm in diameter.

At the American Bell Laboratory, the stones were synthesized by polarizing molten salts. Their crystals reached a length of 4 cm.

Sometimes artificial corundums grown in the Verneuil furnace are confused with alexandrites. To impart the required chemical and physical properties, aluminum and vanadium oxides are added to the composition.


Imperial mineral is used in various fields:

  • in jewelry;
  • for interior decoration with vases, jugs and figurines;
  • in lithotherapy and meditative practices.

The unique ability of the mineral to change its shade, bright and attractive appearance makes it popular among craftsmen.

For children

Basically, the action of an amulet, amulet and talisman made of alexandrite for children is aimed at protecting the fragile aura of the child. A crystal located at the head will protect you from the evil eye and damage.

It will calm the baby, give him confidence, mobilize inner strength and direct energy in the right direction.

Under the influence of alexandrite, children improve:

  • memory;
  • attentiveness;
  • perseverance;
  • patience.

There is a desire to learn new things and express yourself in interesting areas of life.

For girls and women

Some esotericists do not recommend that unmarried girls wear the stone. They are believed to bring misfortune to personal life. It’s not for nothing that another name for the crystal is “widow’s stone.”

For young people and men

Single men are not recommended to wear alexandrite jewelry. The mineral helps only married people. In general, the stone is considered more masculine than feminine.

For business and finance

The royal gem is suitable for leaders, bosses, and successful businessmen. He:

  • enhances leadership qualities;
  • brings good luck in any financial transactions;
  • makes the owner strong-willed and courageous in making the right decisions.

Natural stone alexandrite helps to achieve success in moving up the career ladder.

What names does it harmonize with?

The name of the mineral suggests that it is considered the patron saint of Alexander and Alexandra. This is true.

The stone helps change your life:

  • Ivan and Julia;
  • To Eva and Eugene;
  • Nicholas and Tatyana;
  • Irinam and Dmitry.

But only Sasha receives full protection from the alexandrite amulet. They will not be in any danger.

Compatibility with zodiac signs

The meaning of alexandrite for the zodiac signs will be as follows:

  • For Aquarius, the gem will help improve intuition and perceive the world more sensitively. This can have a positive impact on their creativity.
  • For Scorpios, the alexandrite stone will fulfill their most cherished dreams.
  • For Gemini, the crystal will be the best protector from harm.
  • It will help ambitious Leos reach career heights.
  • Aries will receive protection and good luck from the mineral in any endeavor.
  • At times, he will add confidence to timid Sagittarius.
  • Pisces with such an amulet become more successful.
  • Capricorns will be able to solve their financial difficulties.
  • Libras discover hidden talents within themselves.

However, Virgos, Taurus and Cancers are not recommended to wear the royal mineral, since its energy goes against their character.

Compatible with other stones and metals

The mineral itself is expensive, so jewelers often combine it with diamonds. Energetically, these stones combine perfectly.

The mineral also accepts topazes and citrines, but this is where the compatibility ends. The energy of the royal crystal is too different from other samples.

The best tandem is silver with alexandrite. Conditionally supports the magical properties of the stone platinum and cupronickel. Gold, copper, bronze “quench” or change positive energy flows.

How to choose and wear correctly

To correctly select and wear alexandrite stone, esotericists recommend:

  1. buy jewelry (amulets/amulets/talismans) from a reliable and trusted seller;
  2. at the selection stage, clarify the presence of a quality certificate for the crystal, and not for the jewelry as a whole;
  3. If possible, check its color properties.

In order to choose your crystal, to hear that it has chosen you, you should lightly squeeze it in your palm and close your eyes. It is important to listen to your inner feelings and feel the response. The rest will be dictated by intuition.

To “renew” the stone, you need to regularly clean the jewelry with a soft brush and soapy water. In order for him to replenish his strength, he will need moonlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is contraindicated for alexandrite.

Why does the color change

The mineral changes color only depending on the lighting. Clouding of the crystal from the inside can serve as a signal of energy depletion. The first thing you need to do is make sure there are no chips or cracks. If there are none, the fragment needs to spend 2-3 nights under the full moon and running water.

This mineral amazes at first sight with its beauty and originality. But before purchasing or wearing jewelry with it, you should find out what properties the alexandrite stone has and to whom it suits according to the zodiac sign.

A bit of history

Among jewelers, alexandrite is called one of the most exotic minerals, not often found in nature. Jewelry with a stone that changes colors depending on the lighting always attracts attention. In the morning rays of the sun it glows green, during the day it becomes rich red, and sometimes acquires a pink or lilac color. Changes occur due to chromium impurities in the formula and structural features of the crystal lattice.

The first alexandrite was found in an emerald mine in the 1832th century. This happened near Yekaterinburg, in the Urals. In 1934, archaeologist L. Petrovsky studied the crystal, describing it as an emerald. The scientist presented the find to Alexander II in 16, in honor of his XNUMXth birthday.

The monarch did not part with the gift, considering it a protective talisman. On the day when Alexander II forgot the gem at home, he was killed. Since that time, the alexandrite stone began to be perceived as a powerful amulet, a symbol of power and authority, worthy of monarchs and noble persons. It has a new name – “imperial”.

For a long time, the gem was mined in the Urals, for which it was called “Ural chrysoberyl” and was long positioned as an exclusively Russian stone that predicts the future. But over time, its deposits were found in India, Africa, Sri Lanka, and other countries.

Why did the stone come to be called “widow’s”?

You need to know how to wear alexandrite correctly so that it shows its positive qualities to the fullest and “forgets” the negativity hidden inside. The belief that married women should avoid him has survived to this day.

Few people can say why the crystal is called “widow’s”. The answer is simple: during the First and Second World Wars, the protective properties of the alexandrite stone were questioned. From a talisman it turned into a “widow’s” and “stone of loneliness”: many women who owned jewelry and amulets in which it was inserted lost their husbands.

People have noticed that chrysoberyl suddenly turning red or purple “predicts” the death of a loved one. It was believed that a single natural gem inserted into a ring attracts misfortune, illness, and death of the owner or one of his family members. Perhaps this superstition answers the question of why alexandrite should be worn in pairs. Preferably in the form of the same gem.

Years have passed. The wars are over. The notoriety gradually began to fade, although it was not completely forgotten. The 45th wedding anniversary was even named after the gem – “Alexandrite”. But some people believe that married women should not wear it without a pair. But widows, according to popular belief, can safely wear the controversial stone without “company.”

About magical properties

The changeable crystal is called a symbol of romance, love and jealousy. For Hindus, this is a talisman that gives luck, longevity, prosperity, and abundance.

Some astrologers perceive alexandrite as a prophet stone, possessing a kind of “gift of foresight.” After all, it warns the owner about upcoming life changes by changing its color:

  • the appearance of brown, golden or yellowish tones – impending failure;
  • yellowish highlights on a red-green background – misfortune;
  • emerald, like the play of green shades, means a pleasant surprise, good luck;
  • red highlights, increasing intensity, predict illness or loss of a loved one.

The magical properties of alexandrite are as follows:

  • development of intuition;
  • strengthening self-confidence, achieving internal balance and harmony;
  • relieving fatigue, getting rid of depression;
  • increased performance, physical activity;
  • attracting good luck in gambling;
  • giving strength in the fight against difficulties;
  • development of creativity and imagination.

Alexandrite is a stone whose properties have a beneficial effect on the financial side of life. Its owner, who strives for luxury, will certainly get what he wants.

Next to lazy, inactive people, alexandrite shows its worst properties, but it helps energetic people striving for wisdom and the development of intuition. According to the horoscope, it suits only some zodiac signs. Therefore, before you wear jewelry with a natural crystal, you should find out whether this is possible.

Who is alexandrite suitable for?

The controversial chrysoberyl has two patrons with different energies – Saturn and Mars. Astrologers believe that artificial alexandrite is harmless to any person, but natural alexandrite is very strong, capable of not only predicting events, but also influencing them. Therefore, it can only be worn by strong-willed, persistent, courageous people.

Zodiac signs that alexandrite is suitable for:

Jewelry with alexandrite is suitable for Gemini and will help them achieve success in all matters, and at the same time relieve them of empty, unreasonable anxiety. Leos who have a talisman will quickly come to power and become successful if they strive for this. With the crystal, they will become more confident in their abilities and will more easily overcome the difficulties encountered along the way.

In Aquarius, who have well-developed creative abilities, intuition, thanks to chrysoberyl, develops to the limits of foresight. Typical representatives of this zodiac sign, striving for freedom and knowing how to find a common language with everyone, will find a reflection of their nature in the stone, receiving powerful support from it.

Alexandrite enhances its existing properties several times if it falls into the hands of Scorpios. Representatives of this zodiac sign adequately withstand the tests presented by the stone, becoming even stronger.

Sagittarius, who is distinguished by his resilient character and energy, can wear chrysoberyl as a talisman. The beneficial effects of the mineral help people born under the sign of Sagittarius find the peace and peace of mind that they so often need.

Astrologers believe: For Aries, the gem brings good luck, glory and prosperity, and will help to cope with difficulties and failures. The mineral also has a positive effect on Capricorns, harmonizing their contradictory natures.

It is contraindicated for Cancers and Virgos to wear jewelry with chrysoberyl. The stone can attract failures to them, negatively affecting the energy shell.

Wearing rules

To reveal the positive properties and get rid of the negative meaning, you should know how to wear chrysoberyl correctly. To channel energy in a positive direction, you should wear it with a pair.

It is also necessary to take into account compatibility by zodiac sign and adhere to the following recommendations:

  • The positive characteristic is fully manifested when the stone is inserted into a ring or ring – this is what fans of the esotericism and zodiac influences of alexandrite believe.
  • The product should be gold – the gem goes best with this precious metal.
  • Magical properties are realized to the maximum when one piece of jewelry or set contains matching diamonds, amethysts, garnets, topazes, citrines or sapphires.
  • From a magical point of view, if a person is going to wear alexandrite with other stones, they need to act in a certain order. Jewelry with it is put on last and removed first.

It happens that alexandrite matches the zodiac sign, but wearing it causes discomfort. Unpleasant sensations indicate incompatibility between the energy of the stone and the owner, so it should be given away or given to someone else.

Alexandrites must be protected from contact with cosmetics. Household chemicals, chlorinated water, and various acids harm them. Jewelry containing chrysoberyls should be washed with warm water and soap and dried with a soft, lint-free cloth. For storage, use a box with a soft finish inside. It should not contain products with other inserts.

Knowing which zodiac sign alexandrite is suitable for, as well as following the wearing rules, you can achieve the full disclosure of its positive energy potential. A capricious crystal is suitable only for a strong, self-confident person and it will help him in everything.

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