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Who doesn t wear pearls according to their zodiac sign?

Pearls are the most popular organic jewelry stone. Unlike their counterparts born in water (amber, coral), selected sea and river beads have been highly valued since ancient times. Until the beginning of the 20th century, pearls competed in price with diamonds; only the rich could afford to add a large mother-of-pearl bead to their jewelry. In the world of astrology, pearls are considered an energetically strong stone, a symbol of the Moon and Shakti (vital energy). Which zodiac sign is ideally suited to calming and feminine pearls, and who should take a closer look at other gems? Today, in our article!

Color matters!

For people born under the constellation of the water element, pearls are close in spirit, but are especially favorable to Pisces and Cancer. For them, sea stone is a talisman in family relationships, an assistant in discovering creative and even extrasensory abilities. We advise Scorpios to opt for products with large black pearls; as astrologers assure, light stones are absolutely not suitable for representatives of this sign. But dark blue, gray, purple and green paired beads, on the contrary, help you find your soul mate and help you move up the career ladder!

Follow your mood!

This advice can be given to Aquarius; for those who are sociable and emotional, natural pearls are a talisman that controls and calms the passions boiling in the soul. During periods of bad mood and apathy, it is better for Aquarius to leave pearl jewelry in the box so as not to increase negative emotions. For passionate Scorpios and Aquarius, the ideal choice is products with black beads. According to astrologers, a necklace, bracelet or pendant with a chocolate Tahitian pearl can fulfill a woman’s deepest desires!

Harmony in soul and body!

For Libra, Virgo and Taurus, pearl jewelry helps restore strength, calm down, and make peace with family, friends, and loved ones. As for Taurus ladies, sea pearls in evening jewelry have the effect of an energetic aphrodisiac on men. Therefore, if your goal is to be the center of attention at a dinner or corporate party, feel free to choose pearl earrings, a ring, or a pendant in an original design.

Helps you maintain balance in your career!

If you follow logic, then sea stone is categorically not suitable for signs of the fire element. Astrologers claim that the opposition of the Sun and the Moon reduces the performance and leadership qualities inherent in Leo and Aries. To avoid negative lunar influence, “fiery” fashionistas should choose products with pearls and bright gems (amber, turquoise, amethyst). Sagittarius should not buy white beads; black beads, on the contrary, bring positive stability to the business life of representatives of this sign, help to objectively assess the situation, overcome difficulties and begin a bright streak in life. Sea pearls in cream shades are suitable for stubborn workaholics Capricorns, and if you are a business woman, then wear a necklace and beads made of mother-of-pearl beads at the peak of success, financial and business stability. In conclusion, we note that pearls are tactilely pleasant and a stone that is faithful to its owner; wear it with love, and it will definitely reciprocate! Pearl is a precious stone that humanity was one of the first to discover. According to a legend that came to us from India, pearls are drops of rain that fell into shellfish shells and froze in the rays of moonlight. These drops were born on the clouds, and therefore we can say that pearls are a stone not only of sea, but also of heavenly origin, which in its beauty is not inferior to the legend of its appearance on earth.

Pearls are magical moonlight frozen in mother-of-pearl.

Pearl is a precious stone that humanity was one of the first to discover. According to a legend that came to us from India, pearls are drops of rain that fell into shellfish shells and froze in the rays of moonlight. These drops were born on the clouds, and therefore we can say that pearls are a stone not only of sea, but also of heavenly origin, which in its beauty is not inferior to the legend of its appearance on earth. Pearls are a unique gift from nature. This is the only stone that does not require processing. It is so beautiful in its nature that its beauty attracted an ancient, semi-wild man who recognized not so much the functional benefits as the aesthetics of pearls. It turned out to be quite difficult to extract a shiny jewel from sea or river waters, and therefore the stone acquired high value. The beauty of pearls captivated even royalty. The legendary ruler of Assyria, Semiramis, according to legend, preferred jewelry with this stone, and on special occasions she wore beads made of bright pink pearls. There is a well-known legend according to which Cleopatra entered into a dispute with Mark Antony. The bet was that the drink that the queen would prepare would be incredibly expensive. And then Cleopatra dissolved a unique pearl in vinegar (according to another version, in wine). Whether the story is true is unknown, but it is believed that the queen won the argument. In the 19th century, it was considered bad manners for high-ranking nobles not to have a string of pearls in their jewelry collection. Coco Chanel offered a new look at the stone. Thanks to her, laconic pearl beads have become a casual yet elegant accessory for jackets, sweaters and the famous little black dress.

The healing properties of Pearls

Different peoples believe that pearls and their owner are mysteriously connected to each other. Adherents of Tibetan medicine methods have noticed: if a stone becomes dull and loses its characteristic pearlescent glow, its owner faces imminent death, even if he has not yet been diagnosed with any disease. Among the healing properties of pearls is the ability to reduce fever, relieve inflammation and infections, and reduce the manifestations of epilepsy and fever. It is also effective for fractures and bone diseases; diseases of the genitourinary system, if the uterus, bladder, and urinary tract are affected. Pearls have a beneficial effect on the liver and kidneys, help with diabetes, asthma, eczema, and allergies. As an obligatory component, the stone was included in recipes for healing potions, which have been widely used by different peoples since time immemorial. And in Japan, their pearl powder can still be bought in pharmacies, and it is in great demand. The Zhud-shi, a famous treatise on the principles and methods of Tibetan medicine, recommends pearls for restoring memory, strengthening nerves, treating more serious nervous disorders, and stopping bleeding. “Pearl water”, in which several stones lay at night, was valued for its healing properties.

Of course, one should not rely solely on the healing properties of stones in the presence of a truly serious illness.

Pearls for zodiac signs

Even the wise men and astrologers of ancient times believed that pearls were a talisman of happiness. Its origin is connected with the Moon and its light, which endowed the stone, on the one hand, with its mysterious magic, and on the other, with high sensitivity to the environment and the owner. Pearls are also associated with Venus, which influences the desire to possess everything luxurious and develops refined taste. These qualities of the stone are associated with the signs of the zodiac. [Cancer] For Cancers, jewelry with pearls gives peace and stabilizes blood pressure. In secretive women of this sign, the stone will show feelings and encourage them to open them to their immediate environment. [Calf] People born under the sign of Taurus will be able to cope with a bad mood and the habit of taking out their irritation on others with the help of pearls. [Scales] Libra, under the influence of pearls, will be able to calm down their excessive vanity and pride, which will immediately attract people to them. Women of this sign, who have not yet found personal happiness, will be able to count on marriage. [Sagittarius] But pearls are not quite suitable for Sagittarius. However, a black stone becomes an indispensable assistant when Sagittarius has reached certain heights and needs to maintain the balance of their forces. [Aquarius] Aquarius pearls will make them softer, thanks to which they will be able to prevent conflicts, create and maintain strong relationships with other people, focus on family values, and be able to avoid manifestations of pride. In women of this sign, the stone will awaken sensuality, tenderness, and trepidation. [Capricorn] Capricorns, known for their tenacity and strength, under the influence of pearls will become calmer, more peaceful, and therefore will be able to soberly assess events and circumstances.

Magical properties of Pearls

In India, pearls are revered as a stone symbolizing wealth and prosperity. In European countries, it personifies longevity, impeccability, and virtue. In China, pearls are associated with fertility and the ability to have magical effects. The Greeks invariably associated this stone with marriage. In many parts of the world, people believe that pearls will protect them from diseases and bring them long life. Even just admiring a stone, you can improve your state of mind, find inner peace and harmony. Pearl is a stone that brings happiness, joy, and material well-being. It helps its owner to make all his dreams and hopes for the future come true. There are many good omens associated with the stone. If you dream about pearls, it means good luck and pleasant worries. If you were given a stone, expect additional material benefits. Pearls are capable of giving the owner the ability to clairvoyance and foresee his future, which will protect a person from rash actions, teach him to think clearly and make the most correct decisions. The stone will protect you from the evil eye, theft, and deception in business. Pearl concentrates positive lunar energy in itself – in response to a caring attitude, it will answer you in kind and bring happiness into your life.

Pearls in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on the chakras

Feng Shui followers consider pearls to be a stone of love, innocence, faith, kindness, fidelity, and justice. It will give its owner the gift of foreseeing the future, and in many ways this is what will protect a person from unreliable transactions associated with trade. Therefore, it is recommended to place a pearl product (for example, a figurine or figurine) on the office table for both businessmen and all trade workers at their workplace. Since pearls come in a variety of colors, Feng Shui gives them different properties. The white stone represents freedom. Black and brown pearls bestow wisdom. Stones of yellow and orange shades attract material wealth. Blue and green pearls are talismans of happiness. In general, according to Feng Shui, pearls are a person’s protector from excessive anxiety, other people’s negative energy, and nervousness. Under their influence, the owner can relax and concentrate on the main thing. Pearl is the patron saint of people of art, it awakens inspiration and promotes spiritual enlightenment. Pearls are associated with Anahata (heart chakra). This is an open, intact chakra, which affects the functioning of the heart, the condition of blood vessels, the organs of the chest, and is responsible for the health of the spine and the mobility of the arms. Under its influence, a person is able to feel love for other people, becomes open and sensual. He develops a desire to improve the world around him. Pearls are also associated with the frontal chakra, Ajna. She is responsible for the so-called third eye. Under its influence is the condition and health of the nose, ears, eyes. Thanks to Ajna, insight comes to a person, as if he knows something, but is not aware of where exactly this knowledge came from. Intuition, the ability to clearly foresee events without succumbing to the power of feelings and desires – all this is the sphere of the frontal chakra. At this point, energy for extrasensory perception abilities is accumulated. Of course, natural rather than artificially grown pearls have the maximum impact on a person.

Pearls are a generous gift from nature for you!

Pearl is a stone so deep, multifaceted, shrouded in a huge number of secrets and legends, possessing a lot of real characteristics that one can talk about it endlessly. One thing is obvious: a pearl product must be part of a jewelry collection. This is not only a noble classic, but also an amazing gift of nature, bringing inner peace, tranquility, and peace of mind.

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