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Who is Charoite suitable for according to their zodiac sign?

Today, charoite continues to be a unique stone of its kind, discovered only in Russia.. Its amazing mysterious color, combined with a wide range of healing and magical properties, has led to the high popularity of the mineral not only in our country, but also abroad as an original ornamental stone. Charoite is an excellent astral protector Unfortunately, the influence of the stone on the main signs of the zodiac has not been fully studied. One thing is clear – the mineral has no categorical contraindications for astrological use. Charoite was discovered by researchers relatively recently, in the middle of the 20th century. The mineral owes its name to the river Chara of the same name, which flows in Siberia. The largest deposit of the rock, known as the “Lilac Stone,” is located on the territory of the Murun massif. The complex chemical formula of charoite is represented by silicon, barium, sodium, aluminum and strontium oxides, etc. The characteristic color of the stone is due to manganese impurities, the percentage of which directly determines the intensity of the violet tones. Charoite has a very special energy The government of Yakutia, where the mineral is mined, has set an annual limit on the extraction of charoite at 100 tons. As a result of demand unbalanced by supply, the mineral has a fairly high cost, but at the same time it is in great demand at international auctions. Despite the fact that charoite has truly magical decorative qualities, its appearance is not the only advantage of the mineral, which also has a whole list of healing and magical properties. Experts recommend wearing a talisman to quickly cure diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys and various inflammatory processes. Charoite beads are an excellent remedy for headaches, also helping to effectively combat fatigue and severe nervous tension. It’s easy to choose a product made from charoite – even the most common things are made from it Lithotherapists recommend applying the stone to the corresponding bodily area for a variety of diseases. It is known that charoite is able to activate the immune system and improve the body’s protective function, which is especially useful after a protracted illness. It is known that charoite contains Yang energy, which contributes to a beneficial effect on the chakras Vishuddha , Sahasrara и Anahata . It is traditionally accepted to consider the mineral as a unique symbol of spiritual purity and harmony, prudent and judicious behavior, internal and external charm. Contemplation of the mineral evokes calm and tranquility, lifts your spirits, and allows you to show proper restraint at a crucial moment. The stone helps its keeper develop a philosophical outlook on life and harmoniously perceive the reality around him. Charoite’s favorite zodiac sign is Gemini , which the stone seeks to patronize in every possible way. Planetary principles also found their embodiment in the mineral. Venus и Neptune . Charoite jewelry is the easiest way to astrologically communicate with a stone Choosing charoite in accordance with your feelings is one of the urgent recommendations of astrominerologists, Charoite is a truly magnificent gift, combining, along with healing and magical properties, a luxurious and sophisticated color scheme that can add an organic addition to even the most complex, multi-component image. Decide to attract the energy of charoite into your life right now! Other products made from this stone: Charoite is the most original, extraordinary, truly unique stone. The only known deposit of it in the whole world is still known. It was discovered in the 70s of the last century in Siberia near the Chara River, which gave the mineral its name. The color of the stone, which varies from light lilac to deep purple, is dictated by manganese impurities in its composition.

Charoite is the rarest and most exotic gem on the planet!

Charoite is the most original, extraordinary, truly unique stone. The only known deposit of it in the whole world is still known. It was discovered in the 70s of the last century in Siberia near the Chara River, which gave the mineral its name. The color of the stone, which varies from light lilac to deep purple, is dictated by manganese impurities in its composition. Among natural minerals, stones of purple colors are quite rare, and charoite is one of them. In addition to this, it has amazing designs. The fascinating, ornate interweaving of lines, forming a kind of lace on the surface of charoite, can be viewed endlessly. Thanks to such original beauty, the stone was even nicknamed “The Lilac Miracle of Siberia.” It quickly gained popularity not only among Russian jewelers and jewelry lovers, but also conquered the whole world. Charoite jewelry is preferred by the highest strata of society, major entrepreneurs and artists. The stone is difficult to find on the international market, so it has great value.

Medicinal properties of Charoite

Charoite is not only an element for creating jewelry or decorating interior items, but also an effective assistant in the fight against many diseases. The mineral is capable of absorbing and, conversely, producing powerful energy. Plates of the mineral are applied to diseased areas of the body, wounds that need to be freed from infection and inflammatory processes in them stopped. Using a stone massage and applying it to acupuncture points, you can get rid of headaches and fever. Charoite helps get rid of kidney stones, cleanses the gallbladder, has a relaxing effect on the nerves, and relieves stress.

Of course, one should not rely solely on the healing properties of stones in the presence of a truly serious illness.

Charoite for zodiac signs

Charoite is suitable for representatives absolutely all zodiac signs. But it best corresponds to people born under the constellations of Libra. [Scales] This is an “air” sign, which means that its representatives are dual, constantly in search and movement. A product with charoite will help Libra find internal balance. The stone will protect its owner from the negative influence of others, give self-confidence and peace of mind. Therefore, charoite is especially recommended for people working in stressful environments.

Magical properties of Charoite

Charoite is considered a symbol of philosophers, since the color purple has long been associated with life wisdom, acquired experience, and prudence in decision making. Among the magical abilities of the stone is the ability to give a person peace, a sense of balance with the world, peace of mind, and sanity. At the same time, charoite brings harmony in love and awakens additional charm in its owner. If there is a figurine made of mineral in the home, then mutual respect and love will forever settle in the family hearth. The owner of charoite jewelry will never be alone. This is also an excellent amulet for representatives of creative professions: the stone will provide support in difficult circumstances and help realize oneself in art.

Charoite in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on the chakras

Charoite is associated with the crown chakra (Sahasrara), throat chakra (Vishuddha), heart chakra (Anahata). Sahasrara is responsible for the general spiritual development of the individual, his religiosity, and sublimity. Vishuddha controls the respiratory organs and the hearing aid. Anahata is responsible for the functioning of the heart, the condition of blood vessels, the organs of the chest, and the health of the spine. Under its influence, a person becomes open and sensual, and acquires the ability to love.

Charoite is an ideal stone for people who are stressed!

Charoite gently affects male and female energy equally, helping its owner get rid of stress. Jewelry connoisseurs with exquisite taste have long appreciated the stone. Jewelry and decorative items are especially beautiful thanks to the unique color and ornament of charoite. The stone will look great in any setting, but silver suits it best. Even without the use of noble metal, jewelry made from this purple stone looks great, not leaving its owner unnoticed.

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