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Who is jasper suitable for according to their zodiac sign?

Jasper is an ornamental opaque stone with a matte sheen. Not only jewelry is made from it, but also home and interior decor, various boxes, figurines and souvenirs. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the incredible variety of shades. You still need to look for such a palette among all the jewelry stones! At the same time, the stunning range is often presented in one copy, forming original patterns, outlines of fantastic animals and plants. “Ukrzoloto” talks about the most interesting types of jasper and shows the most beautiful of them!

History of jasper jewelry stone

Usually we leave the moment with a boring list of dates and facts that are long in the past. This will not work with jasper. The roots of its history are Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt and China. This is one of the oldest stones known to mankind since Neolithic times. This is evidenced by finds in the former habitats of Neanderthals making spears and various tools from jasper. The Greeks and Romans carved special signets from red jasper with an engraving of their family’s coat of arms for stamping documents and sealing letters. During the Renaissance, brooches, intaglios, cameos and amulets were made. In the 18th century, large deposits were found in the Urals, which led to the emergence of many workshops. Vases, boxes and even fireplaces began to be made from jasper. The stone was used to create masterpieces in the workshops of the legendary Faberge firm at the end of the 19th century. It’s interesting that in Ancient Rus’ almost everyone considered jasper green stones. And the stone itself was compared to an emerald. Chrysoprase was even called emerald jasper. Until the 19th century, jasper was considered a whole group of multi-colored green stones: jade, varieties of agate and chalcedony. Moreover, differences of opinion regarding the definition of what exactly to call jasper still exist.

What is jasper in composition

It is difficult to identify jasper due to the variety of components in the composition. There are three main groups:
Properly jasper – opaque stones with small grains of quartz, chalcedony, which are sometimes held together with clay, sometimes with silicon or chalcedony. The composition may also contain particles of opal and garnet. Jasper-like rock – dense, opaque stones that lend themselves well to polishing. The composition may not contain quartz. Often this is feldspar, which is used for cladding buildings and room decoration.
Jasper – siliceous formations, where the main composition is chalcedony, not quartz.

Varieties of Jasper

The name of the stone is of Persian origin, meaning “spotted stone”. Another name for jasper is “jasper.” In Greek – “motley stone” or “speckled stone.” And the palette is truly impressive! Jaspers come in one color, but the stone is known precisely for its multi-colored varieties.

Due to the characteristics of its composition and according to scientific research, it is more correct to call jasper not a mineral, but a rock, because it contains at least 70% silica.

What color is jasper?

Due to the peculiarities of colors and types of jasper, there are many shades. We list some of the most interesting by color or name:
Arizona – red.
Breccia – red-brown with white spots.
Lilac – purple with different shades.
Zebra – dark brown with yellow or brown stripes.
California – yellow tint.
Kalkanskaya – gray.
Kinradit – jasper with white concentric circles of white quartz.
Leopard – yellow-brown with black edging around the edge. Tiger – stones with dark brown and brown stripes.
Lidit – black stone with coal additives.
Icy – association of the pattern with “snowflakes” and frosty patterns on glass.
Poppy – brown or red stone with black dots.
Moss Jasper with patterns reminiscent of moss.
Mukanit – Australian spotted stones with red-pink-yellow stains.
Oceanic – green and red jasper with yellow and white inclusions.
Opal – red-brown or yellow-brown jasper, where the particles are held together by opal, and not clay or silica.
Landscape — stones with a textured landscape pattern.
Picasso – dark gray with bright splashes.
Striped – American and Indian jasper with colored stripes.
Tape – a stone with thin and clear segments of different colors.
Wax wax – plain red or cherry.
Chernomorit – green-blue Crimean.

Interesting fact! Jasper is one of the 12 stones described in the Bible.

  • Basanite – black.
  • Unakite – unakite.
  • Limestone shell rock – shell.
  • Variscite – imperial.
  • Heliotrope – bloodstone, green-yellow or green with red hues.
  • Spotted cornfelium – bamboo.
  • Agate jasper.
  • Irnimite – a jasper-shaped rock of blue-brown color, consisting of quartz.

Where is jasper mined?

Germany, Russia, USA (Oregon, Arizona, California), France, India are the main deposits of the stone. There are deposits of various types in Altai, Crimea, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Egypt, Australia, Mongolia and Madagascar. There are also finds in Ukraine. These are local accumulations in the Crimea, the Carpathians, Volyn and locally in the East of the country, so there is no talk of an industrial scale. But in terms of quality and beauty, our jasper is in no way inferior to finds from other countries.

Jasper price

The cost depends on its quality, origin, and unique colors. Some of the most expensive are stones with unusual designs or unique colors. For example, imperial jasper (varsicite) from Mexico and Madagascar stones (oceanic jasper) cost between $2 and $5 per carat.

Healing and magical properties of jasper

The healing properties of jasper depend on its color, which is influenced by its composition. And the history of the stone goes back thousands of years, so there have been no fewer thoughts about its usefulness. But the main thing is what you believe in.

Jasper is called the stone of harmony and health. It maintains vitality, helps to recover and get rid of tension. In ancient times, it was believed that the stone helped to get rid of infertility, gave courage and confidence, and protected from the evil eye.

Red jasper – this is support for the vascular system and heart, women’s health. Talisman for pregnant women.

Green – an assistant for constant stress and stomach diseases, insomnia and colds.

Brown stones Protect from skin diseases and allergic reactions.

Yellow Jasper relieves fatigue.

In ancient times, people believed that jasper prolongs life: it supports mental and physical health. And in order to expel evil spirits and bad energy from the house, the stone was ground into powder and added to water for washing floors. In ancient Rome, it was believed that in the same way it was possible to neutralize poison that enemies could pour into a glass of drink.

It is known that the mace of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky was made of jasper.

To whom is jasper suitable according to the horoscope?

Motley stone is considered Virgo stone – an earth sign that favors opaque, bright rocks. Jasper gives the sign self-confidence and a sense of security. And most importantly, it helps to be lenient towards other people, because Virgos are often demanding not only of themselves.

Gemini and Libra are also advised to have jasper in the home as decor, souvenirs or as decoration. A Taurus stone of muted color without bright transitions guides and helps to restrain emotions and pacify assertiveness. And examples of the hot palette, red, orange, yellow, fuel the energies of another Earth sign – Capricorn. Jasper has a similar effect on Pisces, Cancers and Scorpios. For the latter, it is especially relevant, because the November sign often gets into conflicts. In this case, jasper will take on some of the negative energy. Thanks to jasper, fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) calm down and stop rushing about and fussing, which is inherent in fiery characters.

Jasper is adored for its stunning and unique palette, affordable price and variety in jewelry and decor. The capabilities and potential of this stone are not always noticeable behind the pathos and aura of glory of more expensive minerals. But let this be your motivation to get to know him better.

Jasper is an opaque rock, dense in structure, with high strength. The obsolete name of the stone is jasper, which originates from the Greek word, translated meaning motley, speckled stone.

Jasper is an incredibly beautiful mineral!

Jasper is an opaque rock, dense in structure, with high strength. The obsolete name of the stone is jasper, which originates from the Greek word, translated meaning motley, speckled stone. The varieties of jasper depend on its color, structure, and composition. The stone is distinguished by a variety of color palettes. There is jasper of a uniform color, and there are specimens with ornate patterns in the form of stripes, specks, and inclusions of various colors. The main color of jasper is gray, but shades can vary from green to red-brown and even blue and purple tones. The highest quality jasper was found in the Urals. Mount Colonel, on the Or River, is the most generous with its gifts in the form of beautiful stones. Another large deposit is located near the Altai Zmeinogorsk. A rare brocade jasper was discovered in Crimea. Globally, the breed is distributed in countries such as Germany, France, Japan, India and America. The Bible will leave jasper among the 12 sacred stones that the high priests traditionally used to decorate their robes. It occupies an important place in the foundation of the City of the Lord. The range of shades of jasper is so wide that it includes almost all the colors of the rainbow, and the patterns on the surface are so diverse that they gave separate names to each type of stone. Brocade, patterned, striped – these are just a few varieties of jasper.

Healing properties of Jasper

Even the ancients considered jasper a healing stone. Modern lithotherapists endow it with the ability to restore physical strength, cleanse the body of harmful accumulations, and protect a person from various diseases. The stone has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and facilitates the course of mental illnesses. However, the main “area of ​​activity” of jasper is improving heart function and normalizing blood circulation. Red stones show themselves most strongly in this capacity.

Of course, one should not rely solely on the healing properties of stones in the presence of a truly serious illness.

Jasper for zodiac signs

The stone will work best with people born under the sign of Virgo. [Virgo] Representatives of this sign will become, under the influence of jasper, more tolerant, tolerant, loyal towards other people, and will stop criticizing them, which will not keep them waiting for positive changes in the field of communication and communication. Together with such an amulet, Virgos will even be able to develop their eloquence skills; they will have no equal in the art of business negotiations. The influence of the stone on Virgo has a lot to do with its color. Cold-colored jasper will give the owner a certain severity and hardness. Red stones will have a positive effect on the well-being of women, especially on their special days. Jasper in green tones will bring harmony and mutual understanding to the house.

Magical properties of Jasper

Jasper works as a powerful absorber of negative energy, protecting the owner from negative external influences and cleansing his body of “emotional sludge.” In return, the stone shares its positive vibrations with the person. How jasper will manifest itself in these two roles depends on its shape. An oblong stone works better as a purifier, while a round one is more successful as an energy storage device. Regardless of its shape and color, jasper is a powerful amulet that will protect its owner from the evil eye, damage, slander, envy and grant him good luck.

Jasper in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on the chakras

The clear effect of jasper on the psychoenergetic centers in the human body has not been established, since it has a wide palette of shades, and it is color that underlies the correct selection of a stone for a particular chakra. However, in general, experts say that jasper accumulates its own rather strong energy and, thanks to this, can be actively used in various spiritual practices.

Jasper is a talisman that brings good luck!

In ancient times, jasper was considered a reliable assistant to alchemists, travelers, and scientists. The stone is still actively used as a talisman. Ball-shaped jasper will help a person to keep himself from doing stupid things. The stone in its raw form will bring good luck and protect its owner from envious people. Jasper in cold shades will allow a person to look deeper into himself, to recognize his hidden abilities and character traits; The stone will give you self-confidence, determination, and the ability to emerge victorious from any circumstances. Warm-colored stones will be happy to share good, positive energy with their owner. Jasper has remained a popular semi-precious stone for centuries. All over the world, representatives of the fair sex love necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, for the creation of which the jeweler used jasper. This is a very durable, hard stone that is almost impossible to damage. Therefore, it will serve for many years, pleasing the eyes of its owner and everyone around him.

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