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Who is onyx suitable for according to their zodiac sign?

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Onyx stone

Onyx is a natural material with wonderful colors and easy to process properties. Onyx stone is not new to its peers in the jewelry and finishing industries. Mentions of onyx are found in Greek and Indian mythology. They decorated clothes, furniture, household items, places of worship and accessories.

Interior items were made from onyx: candlesticks, figurines of animals, fairy-tale characters and much more.

The incredible variety of color palettes and linear patterns has made onyx a favorite among jewelers.

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Is onyx a gemstone or not?

Onyx is not a gemstone. Modern mineralogy qualifies it as a jewelry and ornamental mineral. This is a type of quartz with unevenly colored layers. It is difficult to find two identical pieces of natural onyx. Natural stone is not inferior in beauty to expensive precious minerals and looks worthy in jewelry and decorative items.

Colors and types

The color of onyx depends on the amount and composition of impurities. In addition, the color scheme depends on the location of the mineral.

Basic colors and shades:

Sardonyx – a variety of onyx with smooth stripes of various colors: white, brown, red or orange.

Chalcedonyx – an opaque matte mineral of various shades with blue and gray layers.

Arabic onyx – a black mineral with white stripes of varying thickness, which may not be noticeable.

White onyx – mineral of light matte shades with stripes of white, yellow or brown shades.

carnelian – a mineral of red shades with iron impurities.

Common onyx – a single-color stone with or without stripes of a similar shade.

Onyx stone: magical properties

Its ancient origin, fascinating colors and physical properties naturally endowed the onyx gem with magical properties. The stone is mentioned under different names in the Bible, Greek mythology, and Muslim traditions.

Onyx has low thermal conductivity. In high temperatures or in the palms, it remains cool. This property has endowed onyx with the ability to protect its owner from emotional overload and rash decisions.

The main magical properties of onyx:

  • amulets with onyx bring good luck and victories, help strong individuals achieve their goals;
  • promotes physical and mental concentration;
  • warns against impulsive actions and mistakes;
  • protects in life from illness and misfortune, wards off unkind people and evil intentions;
  • talisman against the evil eye and damage;
  • enhances religious and occult practices;
  • improves health and general physical condition.

A variety of colors and shades brought additional magical subtleties for onyx owners.

Black (Arabic) onyx has significant positive energy. Gives strength and confidence, helps a person in difficult situations achieve the right decisions.

If you don’t like esotericism, then the mineral is worthy of attention as a decorative designer decoration. Black onyx bracelet combined with gilded silver.

Blue onyx helps solve financial problems. Promotes career growth.

Light Coloured onyx preserves home comfort and family happiness.

Onyx: who is suitable according to their zodiac sign

Astrologers believe that onyx is most suitable for Aries. Products with this stone increase the mental and physical concentration of this sign. Aries and onyx form the most fruitful magical union.

Cancers can use light blue onyx as a talisman against troubles.

Almost all zodiac signs can safely use onyx products. The stone does not have a negative effect on its owners and enhances positive qualities.

Astrologers do not recommend onyx for Gemini. This creative zodiac sign can be suppressed by the energy of onyx, aimed at limiting emotional perception.

Pisces It is recommended to approach the choice of onyx with caution. It is best to use light shades with positive energy.

Onyx is a type of agate stone. Its surface is decorated with alternating layers of different colors. The color determines the type of onyx. Agate stone is black and white, carnelian stone is red and white. White color in combination with brown is distinguished by sardonyx, and with gray – chalcedonyx. There are stones with a different color palette, including a combination of three shades. Thinner stripes give the stones additional value.

Onyx is a stone of light and sincerity!

Onyx is a type of agate stone. Its surface is decorated with alternating layers of different colors. The color determines the type of onyx. Agate stone is black and white, carnelian stone is red and white. White color in combination with brown is distinguished by sardonyx, and with gray – chalcedonyx. There are stones with a different color palette, including a combination of three shades. Thinner stripes give the stones additional value. A significant number of stones enter the market from countries such as India, Brazil, and Uruguay. The best quality onyxes are brought from America and the Arabian Peninsula. On the territory of our country, deposits of the mineral were discovered in Primorye, in the regions of Chukotka and Kamchatka, and partially in the Urals. The stone got its name from the Greek word “onux” (“nail”). Legend has it that onyx is a hardened piece of the nail of Aphrodite herself. Her son, the god of love Eros, played next to his sleeping mother. I got so carried away that I accidentally cut off a small piece of her nail with an arrow. Neither the naughty man nor the beautiful goddess noticed this. But the gods of Olympus did not ignore what happened. They decided not to allow even a piece of divine flesh to remain on the earth and decay over time, so they turned Aphrodite’s cut nail into a stone, which became known as onyx. The people of all countries endowed him with magical powers. For example, in France, people believed that onyx is a stone of light and sincerity, so only a person whose heart is open can find it.

Healing properties of Onyx

When wearing products with onyx on the body, the functions of almost all organs, primarily the liver and kidneys, improve. Onyx helps people who are negatively affected by changing weather. Lithotherapists claim that the mineral makes the spine stronger and hearing sharper. In addition, onyx helps in the fight against depression, nervousness, insomnia, and relieves bad dreams. In a number of countries, this mineral is believed to be beneficial for male strength. Stone treatment experts are confident that water in which a stone has been left for some time acquires the ability to reduce excessive appetite, which makes this drug effective in the fight against excess weight.

Onyx for zodiac signs

According to astrologers, onyx is most suitable for Aries. [Aries] For those born under the sign of Aries, the energy of the stone will ensure the achievement of their goal. In difficult, emotionally charged situations, onyx will help the owner cope with overly passionate emotions, irritation, and anger. The mineral seems to suggest thoughtful decisions and protect you from the negative consequences of spontaneous actions. Since the stone protects from the negative energy of others, jewelry with it will become a reliable amulet for business people who have many different contacts. In addition, thanks to the stone, Aries will be able to develop additional creative and intellectual abilities. [Virgo] People born under the sign of Virgo are often constrained and, due to exaggerated restraint, miss many opportunities in their lives. Onyx will help the owner overcome this quality. Uncertainty and suspiciousness will go away, which means Virgos will be able to act confidently, especially in cases where a decision needs to be made, but they will retain their softness and flexibility. The mineral will help people of this sign get rid of stress and migraines at the end of a difficult working day. For hardworking Virgos, who are also accustomed to doing everything scrupulously, onyx in general will be a good helper in restoring strength and vitality, and finding peace.

Magical properties of Onyx

Onyx helps its owner accumulate positive energy and gives additional strength to make the right decisions. With a stone it becomes easier to overcome difficult situations. An amulet made from this mineral protects against negative magical influences from the outside, from evil spirits, and protects a person from premature death. However, in order for the stone to begin to have its positive effect, you will have to wait some time. It is no coincidence that esotericists call him “slow-witted.” But when the mineral gets used to a person and the environment, the power of its impact will be fully manifested. Onyx is especially strong for people occupying leadership positions, including in the army, as well as pioneers and travelers.

Onyx in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on the chakras

The effect of onyx on the chakras is associated with its color. But in general, the stone is associated with the root (Muladhara) and sacral (Svadhisthana) chakras. The first is responsible for the work of all other chakras, being a certain foundation of the body. The second is the chakra of birth, the creative basis of man. Under the influence of onyx, the projective energy Yang is released and activated.

Onyx is a decoration with strong energy!

People keen on spiritual practices are advised to use onyx beads, which helps concentrate bioenergy. A silver ring with onyx will help overcome laziness, and a gold ring will give the owner an additional energy boost. Onyx will be an excellent talisman for people involved in creative activities, because the stone makes perception sharper and more subtle, enhances intuition, and develops memory. Since ancient times, onyx received the name “stone of leaders,” and this is no coincidence. Under its influence, a person gains the ability to make the right decisions, subtly sense the individual characteristics of the character of those around him, and acquires wisdom. Onyx beads help develop another leadership gift – eloquence.

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