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Who is pyrite suitable for according to their zodiac sign?

The natural stone pyrite has the ability to throw sparks when impacted, it is for this that the mineral inherited its name. The literal translation from Greek means “pyrites lithos” – a mineral or stone that carves fires. If you hit a pyrite crystal sharply with a piece of silicon or metal, the stone will actually emit sparks. Other names for pyrite crystals: Inca stone, Alpine diamond, sulfur and iron pyrite. About 200 years ago, natural pyrite and flint (flint) were almost the only “lighters” in human hands. Also, the pyrite gem is known as “Inca gold”, because the gem was highly revered in America long before its discovery by Columbus. In their greedy race for wealth, the conquistadors and the gold miners who came with them, who were not particularly versed in minerals, tried to mine, and often took away, crystals of natural pyrite from the indigenous inhabitants, confusing them with gold. Because of this, pyrite came to be called “cat’s gold,” “fool’s gold,” or “fool’s gold.” However, the use of pyrite crystals was not limited to carving fire. The Incas, for example, used pyrite crystals as mirrors. Weapons were made from large samples, and jewelry and accessories were made from small ones. In Europe during the Middle Ages, pyrites were widely known as “Alpine diamonds.” This pompous semi-precious stone appealed to the taste of Parisian bohemians. In those days, many bracelets, brooches, belt buckles, and umbrella handles were made from this mineral.

Pyrite formula, origin, chemical composition.

The natural mineral pyrite is the so-called sulfur or ferruginous pyrite, which is considered the most common sulfide mineral. In this case, the formula of pyrite is FeS2 (46,6% Fe, 53,4% ​​S). Formation occurs during a variety of geoprocesses: magmatic, sedimentary, hydrothermal, etc. The crystals are found almost everywhere and are commonly found iron sulfides. This natural mineral usually comes in the shape of a cube and often has completely smooth, as if polished, mirror-like edges. There are also samples in the form of granular masses. This natural gem is present in rocks of various etymologies. Metasomatic rocks contain a particularly significant amount of it. Sedimentary rocks also mainly consist of pyrites and silicon. In magmatic ones, it enters as an accessory substance (in scanty volumes). Natural pyrites often form pseudomorphs after ancient fossils such as ammonites. Usually pyrites are found in the form of beautiful intergrowths and separately formed crystals. The most common shape of natural pyrite crystal samples is cubic. The stones are so perfectly formed and cut by nature that it is difficult to understand that this was not processed by a master. Sometimes you come across specimens containing microscopic inclusions of gold and other metals. Rocks of the sedimentary group often contain natural pyrites, which replace the remains of dead animals and plants. At the same time creating unique fossilized forms in the form of shells and entire pieces of fossil trees.

Pyrite sulfur pyrite – other varieties of mineral

In addition to natural pyrite itself, scientists divide it into several subspecies – marcasite and bravoite. Interestingly, their chemical components are almost identical. However, the first is a polymorphic subspecies and differs from the mineral in the structure of the crystal lattice. And the second contains a significant proportion of nickel (which can reach 20%) in its chemical composition.

The mineral pyrite is a deposit of natural stone.

However, despite the ubiquity of natural stone, well-formed examples are rare. The most significant deposits of pyrite rocks are developed in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, Poland, France, and the USA. We have places rich in pyrites in the Urals.

Pyrite roasting, application and oxidation of pyrite.

The development of pyrite deposits is carried out mainly for the purpose of extracting impurities present in the mineral. The stone is rich in valuable elements, namely gold, cobalt, nickel. Natural pyrites mined in the South African deposit contain a proportion of uranium. Natural pyrite tends to oxidize in air and is transformed into limonites or goethites. It is known that without pyrites the production of sulfuric acid is impossible. This process is called pyrite roasting, and it is very important for the economy of any country. Large pyrite crystals are in high demand among collectors; smaller specimens are used by jewelers to create jewelry.

Pyrite is the color of natural stone.

Natural pyrite is a mineral characterized by light brass-yellow, straw or golden-yellow hues. Sometimes there are inclusions of yellowish-brown color in sulfur-depleted specimens.

Pyrite physical properties of the mineral.

Pyrite is quite fragile, so pyrite jewelry must be handled with care. The shine of the gem is intensely metallic, very pronounced.

Pyrite stone has magical properties.

Ancient records have been found that say that natural pyrite gem has been used by magicians since ancient times as a powerful magical attribute. Therefore, in the Middle Ages it was very popular among healers. Current practicing healers insist on taking pyrite crystals without cracks or splits in order to achieve maximum impact from the stone. From time immemorial, the natural gem pyrite was classified as a “male” stone. Thanks to its qualities, the natural mineral pyrite gives its owner power and strength, both mental and physical. Manifestations of this power must be handled very carefully. The stone is also known for its help in winning in the love field. It is advisable to wear pyrite jewelry for no more than five days in a row, because increased emotional outbursts can cause anxiety to the owner of the gem. It was not for nothing that the Spartans considered pyrite stone a generator of courage in battles, unbridled courage and reckless bravery. The warriors believed that the mineral pyrite was a revered stone of the war deity Mars himself. Based on the opinion of the ancient Greeks, the mineral protected against sudden death and betrayal in open battle, bestowed strength, imparted perseverance and drove away fear to many generations of warriors. Nowadays, natural stone has not lost its qualities and is very helpful for people whose occupation is associated with the risk of physical impact – military, police, security guards. He is considered one of the talismans of people who fight crime and uphold the law.
Pyrite stone is great for people with the profession of firefighters and rescuers. However, not only representatives of law enforcement agencies will benefit from wearing pyrite products. After all, the natural stone pyrite gives the owner optimism, cheerfulness, good spirits and purposefulness. Keeping the semi-precious stone pyrite with you is also worth it for those people who may give up in difficult circumstances. Pyrite jewelry is also useful for loners (renegades), who are accustomed to independence and like to make decisions alone, but for some reason are forced to reckon with, obey, or put up with other people’s requests. In such difficult precedents, pyrite gem favors to avoid squabbles, intrigues and conflict situations.

Pyrite stone has healing properties.

It has been noticed that, due to its similarity with gold, pyrite can have a positive effect on the nervous system, and no less beneficial than gold. Healers and healers recommend the use of jewelry and jewelry made from pyrite as a means of preventing mental cachexia, since this natural stone can significantly improve mood, enhance performance and stimulate general vitality. With this stone, ancient healers eliminated cataracts, stopped internal and external bleeding, and relieved joint pain. Crushed pyrite crystals were also used to treat ulcers, inflammations and abscesses. It is known that pyrite crystals help get rid of depression, tremors and all kinds of mania. Wearing a product made of pyrite helps to increase the level of oxygen in the blood and its flow to tissues and organs. How does it have its invaluable healing effect?

Pyrite mineral and zodiac signs

Natural pyrite stone is a mineral of the fire element, which fills the owner with large reserves of vital energy. Pyrites are closely related to the sign of Aries. This natural crystal is suitable for owners of the signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius, Virgo. Unlike many natural minerals, pyrite is neutral to the proximity of other mineral stones and does not interact with them in any way. Except for hematite and serpentine. With them he enters into synergy and strengthens his influence. Pyrite has a bright metallic luster and golden color. It is often mistaken for a well-known precious metal, which is why it has earned the nickname “fool’s gold.” And the name “fire stone” was given to it because when it hits iron or any other hard surface hard, it produces a spark. Pyrite is a crystal that has protective and cleansing properties, and also stimulates the wearer’s creativity. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE

Pyrite – what kind of stone is it?

Pyrite is an iron sulfide mineral. It is quite hard and has a relatively high specific gravity. The richest deposits of this gem are found in Russia, Peru, Spain, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Norway, Greece, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

properties of pyrite


Pyrite has a protective function

Pyrite is a stone that seeks to protect its owner and protect him from harm, and in all possible ways. It eliminates negative vibrations, protects the emotional state, stops harmful thoughts and distances toxic people from us.

Pyrite strengthens the body

Pyrite helps increase strength and endurance. It is useful in fighting viral infections as it reduces fever and also supports the immune system. This gemstone is believed to promote lung health and is therefore recommended for use by those suffering from asthma and other breathing-related diseases. In addition, it has a positive effect on the human endocrine and circulatory systems. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE

Pyrite adds confidence

Pyrite knows how to light a fire in the soul of its owner. When we know that we are definitely protected from external factors, it is much easier to feel safe. The energy of this gem increases confidence. Using pyrite, you can fully reveal your leadership qualities. This stone will strengthen your willpower during difficult times. He will support you and help you do what you need to do to succeed and grow.

Pyrite eliminates anxiety

Pyrite can revive lost aspirations or faded passion. His energy gives you the feeling that everything will definitely be fine. It will help cope with depressive and anxious thoughts. This stone encourages you to overcome your fears and start living the way you really want. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE

Pyrite charges with positive energy

Pyrite has a lot of positive energy, which it constantly shares with its owner. The stone cleanses of negativity and makes you feel strong and confident. Using this gem will help you gain additional inner strength and vitality.

Pyrite gives inspiration

Pyrite gives its owner a surge of inspiration that will make him feel that he is ready to move mountains and fulfill all his dreams. There are many events in life that drain us energetically. This gem has the ability to replenish our strength and also push us to creativity even in the most difficult times.

Pyrite attracts wealth

This gem can attract wealth into the life of its owner. If you lack physical strength, mental clarity or motivation, using this stone will fill you with energy. Pyrite will help you overcome laziness and start working harder. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE

Pyrite helps in relationships

Pyrite is a stone of protection. He will fiercely protect your relationships with loved ones, including romantic ones. This gem will try to protect you from negative emotions, thoughts, words and actions. It will be able to alienate from you people who want to interfere in your personal life, as well as so-called friends who spread gossip. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE

Pyrite and zodiac signs

Pyrite is best suited Lions. Representatives of this zodiac sign are born leaders. These strong and proud individuals are always ready to take action. The gem enhances their positive qualities, moreover, it also helps them cover their weaknesses. The earthy nature of pyrite balances the fiery element of this sign. ADVERTISEMENT – PRODOLJENIE NIJE

Compatibility of pyrite with other stones

  • Black obsidian will work great in conjunction with pyrite. They can increase mental clarity, protect the owner and help him find the truth.
  • This gem can be paired with citrine, which will bring a flow of powerful positive energy and give a light shade to dark days.
  • Cornelian with pyrite they form a very harmonious duet. They will be able to increase the level of creativity and vitality.
  • If combined with this stone fluorite, then you will receive additional strength. Additionally, both crystals are associated with intuition, the search for truth, and positive energy.
  • You can also use it in combination with pyrite lapis lazuli, selenite, calcite and jade.

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