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Who is rauchtopaz suitable for according to their zodiac sign?

Rauchtopaz is a precious gem of extraordinary beauty. Available in different shades, with characteristic golden tints, it looks great dressed in any metal. Due to its strong brilliance, at all times it has been equated to a precious diamond. The mineral is budget-friendly and belongs to the middle price range, so the products can easily become a good gift for yourself or loved ones. Before purchasing a stone, you should study its magical properties, meaning and symbolism, find out who rauchtopaz is suitable for, which zodiac signs it will bring the greatest benefit and be able to distinguish it in the photo so as not to be deceived by dishonest sellers.

History of the formation of the stone

  • In the chronicles it was equated to a diamond, which is why “nicknames” were assigned to it – “Colorado diamond”, “radium diamond”;
  • In Old England it was called “kengorm” in honor of the mountain ranges of the same name in Scotland.
  • “Smazen” was spoken in Rus’. The name was given based on the color of the stone.
  • In Asia it was called the “Buddha Stone”.
  • Among the French, rauchtopaz was the “Alason diamond” in honor of the place of production (the city of Alason) and external characteristics. The gem sparkles and shimmers no worse than an expensive diamond.

Now the jewelry industry calls and classifies it exclusively as “smoky quartz” or “rauchtopaz” for short.

Variety and color

The mineral is characterized by a range of colors from pale gray with a slight brownish tint to almost chocolate color with golden tints. There is a subspecies of this gem called morions and has a completely black color.

The color of the crystal is determined by the impurities of iron and aluminum. It is noteworthy that if the surface is slowly heated at a temperature of 450 degrees, after a while it will completely discolor and will be identical to rock crystal.

The amount of raw materials mined makes it possible to produce numerous jewelry from it. There are a variety of stone sizes available. So, in one of the museums there is a sample weighing as much as 200 kg.

Depending on the angle at which the light falls, it can change color, and with a good and high-quality cut, and, accordingly, the resulting strong shine, it is very similar to an expensive diamond.

Rauchtopaz – is it a gemstone or not?

The gem is classified as a third-order mineral, but you can find reference books that indicate that it is a semi-precious item of the first order. In terms of category and price division, it is on a par with jasper, lapis lazuli, rock crystal, jade, aventurine, amazonite and rose quartz.

The name comes from the German “rauch”, which translates as smoke, that is, theoretically its name means smoky topaz, but it cannot be related to such a crystal except on the basis of visual similarity. Indicators such as optical data and hardness according to the Mohs index are much worse.

Where is mined

Distributed throughout the planet. As a rule, its deposits are adjacent to layers of rock crystal. It is extracted from the rock in the form of structural formations, which are often found of gigantic size. The work is usually carried out using machinery, and not with a pick and shovel, as is the case with rare and small precious stones.

South American Brazil is considered to be in first place in terms of production volume, but a lot of it is also located in the vast expanses of Scotland, the Spanish state, and the USA. Layers of smoky quartz are often dug up in the vast expanses of the Russian Federation and Germany.

Medicinal characteristics and properties

The healing properties of the crystal were discovered by ancient tribes. They performed surgical interventions on them, noticing that wounds made by the gem healed and healed much faster than those caused by working with metal tools. Nowadays, the mineral has not lost its healing popularity and is widely used in folk medicine.

According to healers, when regularly present on the body, it helps to overcome all types of addictions, including alcoholism, drugs, and gambling addiction, directing consciousness in the right direction. The effectiveness of its action also extends to the elimination of depression, nervous breakdowns and normalization of the emotional state. In addition, many years of experience show that rauchtopaz can help:

  • Get rid of moral dissatisfaction;
  • Clear thoughts;
  • Develop confidence;
  • Cleanse skin and blood;
  • Restore immunity and male power;
  • For a number of diseases and blockage of veins;
  • Normalize the functioning of the adrenal glands;
  • For infertility.

It also has healing properties and is able to quickly remove swelling and swelling.

Magical properties

For the first time, the spectrum of action of the stone began to be used in Tibet for organizing meditations. It gave a feeling of peace, relief from everyday worries and facilitated access to the astral plane. Later, sorcerers and specialists in the field of magic began to use it to conduct various occult sessions, communicate with another world, and communicate with spirits. Smoky quartz wards off evil spirits, is a good amulet, and increases intuition.

Experts recommend wearing the mineral uncut, since the quality of processing affects its properties. Specimens of dark colors have the greatest strength and energy, but their aura is not always positive. Light gems provide support in sincere endeavors, but they are not so effective.

Products from rauchtopaz

Accessories and toiletries with crystal inserts are characterized by an average price policy. Before being dressed in precious metal, they can be cut. Unprocessed, they are used only in the creation of jewelry or amulets, amulets and other magical items.

The mineral is used to make both men’s: cufflinks and rings, and women’s: rings, bracelets, earrings. The stone is framed mainly with white metals, but there are also examples in classic yellow and red gold. Silver, platinum and white gold can highlight the beauty, warm chocolate hue of the crystal, while yellow will merge with the brown tint and partially absorb and take on its beauty.

To whom does

Despite the large list of magical and healing properties, not everyone can wear it. It can oppress greedy, envious individuals with bad intentions and even lead to illness. Experts in the field of astrology do not advise wearing products with these stones, even for those for whom they are not contraindicated, if a repulsive effect is felt, brings discomfort and inconvenience.

It is important to figure out which zodiac sign rauchtopaz is suitable for. When given inappropriately, it can drown out positive qualities and have a negative impact on self-esteem, health, psychological balance and energy.

The crystal is suitable for yogis, seers and magicians who want to look behind the veil of everyday life or clear their consciousness. Male entrepreneurs are given cufflinks or pendants to attract profits and customers. The pendant should be worn by impressionable individuals to make it easier to experience emotional trauma and not take everything to heart. People of creative professions need to be given a mineral to attract the muse. Earrings with such an insert will bring happiness and joy to representatives of female professions, such as teacher, nurse, seamstress.

Suitable for zodiac signs

Let’s analyze this stone from the point of view of the horoscope – who should wear smoky quartz, its main properties and influence on the zodiac signs:

  • For Taurus, who are characterized by a quick temper, intemperance and narcissism, the crystal will help to restrain emotions and avoid conflict. However, you should not wear jewelry with this gem all the time – the best solution is to wear it to business meetings or family holidays.
  • Rauchtopaz makes Leo people decisive, prudent and practical. The zodiac representative has developed intuition, which allows him to calculate everything several steps ahead and avoid mistakes. For the fair sex, this is one of the best talismans for career growth.
  • Quartz helps Virgos become kind, hospitable, gentle and attentive. It will help single girls gain family happiness. The stone will bring femininity, a sense of motherhood, and care.
  • For Libra, this is a powerful amulet that not only protects against the evil eye or envious people, but also helps get rid of one’s own negative thoughts and rash steps.
  • For Scorpios, the mineral will bring determination, leaving all confusion and hesitation behind. It will help you find the meaning of life, contain your emotions, and overcome imbalance. There is no danger of wasting energy with such an amulet.
  • Capricorn should wear jewelry so that the jewelry does not come into contact with the body. It is better to choose accessories that will decorate clothes or will show off on your desktop. Then rauchtopaz will help overcome stress, fears, and bring peace, tranquility and positivity. It will be easy for women to create comfort with it.
  • It is not prescribed for constant wearing by Geminis. It is recommended more for preventive purposes and significant advantages for this sign will be getting rid of negative habits.

It is better to exclude the purchase and pass by the product if you are going to buy a gift for Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius or Aries. As for Cancers, the stone will strengthen all the negative traits of temperament, the person will begin to show anger, hot temper, and do things in defiance. Under the influence of the mineral, Aquarius’ mood deteriorates, self-esteem drops and a feeling of complete negativity appears. Aries are active and impulsive personalities, so the crystal, which often calms and motivates them to the best, will slow them down in achieving their plans. Aries are recommended to wear it only during yoga or meditation to free their thoughts.

How to distinguish a fake

A device such as a microscope or a good magnifying glass or magnifying glass will help you understand which type is in front of you. Counterfeits and synthetic analogues always contain air bubbles or curved grooves. In natural versions there may also be air inclusions, but of irregular shape; in artificial crystals they are always round. In addition, the original is very soft on the surface, so it is impossible to scratch it.

Artificial rauchtopaz

The stone is not expensive, so it is extremely rarely counterfeited. The synthetic analogue is made from glass.

Care of products

The mineral is quite durable, so it is not easy to ruin it mechanically, but jewelers still advise storing items and jewelry separately, wrapped in soft cloth in a cool and dry place. Clad in precious metal, the gem will sometimes have to be cleaned, along with the tarnished surface of gold, silver or platinum.

This is done with a brush and a soap-based solution, and then rinsed thoroughly with tap water. You can dry the accessories in the open sun so that they are saturated with heat energy or rub them with a piece of dry cloth. But remember that prolonged exposure to active sun can lead to lightening or complete discoloration of the crystal.


So, we figured out what rauchtopaz stone is and why this smoky quartz, discovered many thousands of years ago, is so popular. Its affordable price and distribution throughout the planet make it possible to decorate it with jewelry and insert it into various household items. The incredible, warm shade of the gem, which harmonizes well with precious metals, as well as a successful combination with light minerals, make it attractive and in demand, and its numerous healing and magical abilities help to sell it in large quantities on the global jewelry market.

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Rauchtopaz stone is not topaz, but a type of quartz. The stunning golden-brown crystals got their name due to a mistake, as the new mineral was initially mistaken for topaz. It looked like petrified smoke, which is why it was called “smoky topaz”, because in German the word “rauch” means “smoke”.

History and application

The transparent, shiny mineral is one of the most durable varieties of quartz. Its coefficient on the Mohs hardness scale is 7 points. The color range of rauchtopaz includes shades of gray and brown. Minerals with a golden tint are highly valued. Specimens with a purple or green tint are rarely found. Interestingly, the color of the mineral does not depend on the presence of impurities of other substances. Scientists agree that the smoky crystal gets its unusual color due to irradiation. This method is used by modern jewelers to obtain crystals of rare shades.

Rauchtopaz has been known to mankind since ancient times. It was mined in ancient India. The gem was called the Buddha stone and magical properties were attributed to rauchtopaz. The mineral quickly spread throughout Europe and immediately gained popularity among jewelers.

In Soviet times, smoky quartz was mined in the Urals. An interesting method is used by the Ural miners, who turned brown minerals into transparent golden gems. They wrapped them in dough and baked them at a high temperature. During the reign of Catherine II, striped rauchtopazes—smoky quartz with rutile inclusions—came into fashion at court. Such stones are still highly valued today.

Nowadays, rauchtopaz stone is mined in many countries. The leaders are Brazil, the USA, Spain and Switzerland. Brazilian stones are of the highest quality and are highly valued.

Previously, various figurines and writing instruments were made from smoky quartz. The mineral was considered more of a masculine stone. In Scotland, there is an old tradition of decorating men’s national costumes with dark rauchtopazes. In England of the century before last, gentlemen’s canes were necessarily inlaid with these gems.

Smoky quartz is a stone that continues to be popular in jewelry. Only today more women’s jewelry is made from it. This gem is inexpensive. A typical one-carat brown crystal is valued at about $5. Atypical shades, shine and degree of smoke increase the cost of the gem.

Stone properties

The healing and magical properties of the rauchtopaz stone have been known since ancient times. In alternative medicine it is used as a sedative. Healing amulets will benefit sensitive and easily excitable people. The smoky gem should be worn on oneself or at critical moments clenched in a fist, mentally turning to the stone. So it will help to recover from mental disorders, relieve nervous tension, and drive away negative thoughts.

A talisman with smoky quartz is suitable for those who suffer from various types of addiction. The gem cleanses the mind and gives stamina. It will quickly stop the craving for smoking and help cope with alcoholism and drug addiction. The mineral has a positive effect on internal organs and relieves diseases of the kidneys, pancreas, and stomach. The stone helps cure infertility in men and women, reduces pain, and neutralizes radioactive radiation.

Rauchtopaz, whose properties are widely used in magic, is especially loved by sorcerers and people with psychic abilities. It is considered a strong and powerful mineral. With its help it is possible to perform such magical actions as:

  • put a person into a trance state;
  • predict the future;
  • interpret dreams;
  • “penetrate” into the other world;
  • dispel negative energy;
  • block magical effects on a person.

If you put rauchtopaz under your pillow at night, you can have a prophetic dream. Using the gem for good will bring good luck to its owner, making him resilient and courageous. However, smoky quartz is also held in high esteem by black magicians. With the help of this gem they are able to summon the souls of dead people. It is believed that rauchtopaz has the ability to retain evil forces within itself, so through this crystal a person can be damaged.

The zodiac characteristic of the gem is quite strong, so it is recommended to be worn by signs such as Leo and Aries. With its powerful energy, the smoky mineral will tame the violent temper of representatives of fire signs, making them calmer and balanced.

Of those who are suitable for smoky quartz, we can also name Capricorns and Libra. They will be able to withstand the complex energy of the gem. The mineral will be especially useful for creative individuals. He will give them confidence in their own strengths and help them achieve success.

Other zodiac signs can use rauchtopaz for medicinal purposes. Only Cancers and Scorpios, who are not recommended to wear dark stones, are categorically contraindicated. Shy and timid natures with a smoky quartz talisman will become even more withdrawn and unsociable.

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