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Who is Rhodolite suitable for according to their zodiac sign?

Rhodolite is a fairly rare and therefore valuable stone. It is most often included in the large family of garnets, namely the pyropes. It was identified as an independent stone by the mineralogist Andersen from the USA only in 1959. The stone has an attractive delicate color that ranges from pink to lilac-pink. Actually, this is where the name of the mineral comes from: rhodolite is translated from ancient Greek as “pink stone.”

Rhodolite is a rare and valuable “pink stone”!

Rhodolite is a fairly rare and therefore valuable stone. It is most often included in the large family of garnets, namely the pyropes. It was identified as an independent stone by the mineralogist Andersen from the USA only in 1959. The stone has an attractive delicate color that ranges from pink to lilac-pink. Actually, this is where the name of the mineral comes from: rhodolite is translated from ancient Greek as “pink stone.” The color of rhodolite is affected by its location. Thus, the brightest stones are found in Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Strawberry-colored minerals are considered especially valuable. Large pieces of stone are very rare. All these factors make rhodolite very valuable among jewelry craftsmen. However, there is no exact scale for determining the cost and quality of a stone: each specimen is simply visually compared with a standard.

Medicinal properties of Rhodolite

Some experts prescribe rhodolite to have a beneficial effect on blood circulation. Others believe that the stone is an indispensable aid for diseases of the digestive system. And absolutely all lithotherapists agree that the pink, pleasant, soothing color of rhodolite has a positive effect on the nerves, calming a person, eliminating the effects of stress, and also has a general strengthening effect on the body. The calming properties of the stone allow you to get rid of nervousness and insomnia, and strengthen memory. Rhodolite, designed in the form of a bracelet, if worn constantly, will help strengthen the immune system, and therefore resist colds. The stone will have a beneficial, including preventive effect on the respiratory system – during both acute and chronic diseases.

Of course, one should not rely solely on the healing properties of stones in the presence of a truly serious illness.

Rhodolite for zodiac signs

Products with rhodolite are ideal for Leo and Sagittarius. [Sagittarius] Thanks to rhodolite, Sagittarius will gain inner fire, passion, additional energy, and expressiveness of action. Representatives of this sign, under the influence of the stone, realize their life purpose, reach heights in creativity and scientific activity, and in general in their careers in any activity. With the help of the mineral, lonely Sagittarius, in whom sensuality awakens, will find their other half. [A lion] Leos under the auspices of rhodolite, on the one hand, will receive an energy impulse, a surge of positive energy, and on the other hand, they will gain mental balance, a harmonious inner sense of self, and therefore will become more patient with other people.

Magical properties of Rhodolite

If rhodolite is used to create a pendant, then in this form the stone will help a person overcome prolonged depression and smooth out the consequences of difficult situations, incidents, and clashes with other people. When wearing a rhodolite bracelet, moreover, on the right hand, women will become more confident in their charm, attractiveness, and in general will gain additional strength. The stronger half of humanity will also experience a similar effect of the mineral and will become more attractive in the eyes of women. As many beliefs say, faceted rhodolite gives a person a love of life and allows him to realize true inner aspirations and intuitive desires. In lovemaking under the influence of the stone, its owner will show unprecedented passion.

Rhodolite in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on the chakras

Rhodolite is associated with the heart chakra (Anahata). It affects the functioning of the circulatory and endocrine systems, the function of the heart and blood vessels. As for the psychological side of personality development, Anahata controls such qualities as the ability to perceive the world, feel love and empathy for people. Harmonization of the feminine and masculine principles, external and internal – all this is also under the control of the heart chakra.

Rhodolite in jewelry is an indispensable assistant!

Depending on the jewelry in which rhodolite is used, it has a different, but always strong and positive effect. In the form of a pendant around the neck, it protects against depression, paranoid states, and obsessive thoughts. A rhodolite bracelet awakens in both men and women confidence in their attractiveness, sexuality, and sensuality, which will not go unnoticed by the opposite sex. Rhodolite used to create earrings will help awaken faded sexual desire, increase libido, and awaken the imagination. Rhodolite is an unusual stone with an attractive pink color and is a type of garnet. However, it contains more iron. Large specimens are rare and therefore have a high cost. And connoisseurs attribute to it magical properties of a love nature.

History of origin

The fiery handsome man was known to the ancient Greeks. It was they who called it “pink stone”. According to legend, rhodolite is the frozen tears of Poseidon’s daughter, a nymph named Rhoda, who was waiting for her lover. In addition, pink garnet was known under the names “Arizona spinel”, “Bohemian garnet”, “Cape ruby”. It was only in 1959 that it was isolated as a mineral variety at the insistence of the American mineralogist Anderson. Rhodolite is mined all over the world: in the USA, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. In Russia, this pyrope is hidden in the depths of Karelia and the Kola Peninsula. A strawberry-colored stone is considered ideal. This mineral is most valued by jewelers and is honored with its designer cut.

How to determine authenticity

Rhodolite is found mainly in berry shades. Today the price of a 1 carat stone is approximately 1500 rubles. It happens that unscrupulous sellers disguise ordinary glass as a pink mineral, painting it in the desired tone. To purchase a real stone, you need to be able to distinguish a fake. This is not difficult to do. The body of natural rhodolite usually contains inclusions and defects that indicate the authenticity of the stone. Jewelers, as a rule, do not try to hide them. Pay attention to the uniformity of color. If you see natural color shifts, this is an original. Natural minerals shimmer and shine in the light, revealing the depth and heterogeneity of shades. The mineral contains iron, which means it has a magnetic attraction. Place rhodolite on the scales, pay attention to the mass. Take a magnet and bring it to the stone at a distance of about 1 cm. The genuine mineral will change its mass and become a little lighter, but the weight of the glass will remain unchanged. The size of a natural stone cannot be large, since only small inclusions are found in nature. Once cut, genuine rhodolite is typically the size of a garnet grain. If you see a mineral the size of a bean, then it is either a fake or a great rarity that costs incredible money.

Who is rhodolite suitable for?

Gemology considers pink stone a universal mineral that is suitable for both women and men. Examples of berry shades will emphasize the sensuality and tenderness of young ladies or the passion and beauty of mature ladies. By wearing a bracelet or ring with a fiery, enchanting rhodolite, women will arouse men’s interest. To do this, ladies are recommended to wear products with a pink mineral on their right hand. It also looks interesting in men’s jewelry. A ring, tie clip or cufflinks with rhodolite will reflect your status and impeccable taste. The mineral is also able to influence the business life of its owner. Therefore, if you are striving to get a promotion or already hold a high position, then feel free to choose a pink stone as your assistant. It will give you self-confidence and mental strength to solve any difficult problems. Jewelry with rhodolite gives the owner peace of mind and prudence. Even in an unexpected situation, a pebble helps you stay collected and solve any assigned tasks. The mineral is also recommended for shy people to wear as a talisman to establish contact with others. Rhodolite jewelry can restore lost mutual understanding to a married couple. To regain family happiness, restore freshness of feelings and bring a spark of passion into the relationship, both spouses should wear jewelry with rhodolites. The mineral most actively affects people born under the sign of Leo and Sagittarius. The energy of the stone corresponds to the temperament of the fire signs of the zodiac. He will teach Lviv patience and help them find inner harmony. It will give Sagittarius strength to make important decisions and help them choose the right path in life.

Medicinal properties

Lithotherapists recommend rhodolite as a means of preventing respiratory diseases. In order for the mineral to convey health and strength to the owner, it is recommended to wear jewelry with it near the throat. It can be a necklace, choker or pendant. Psychologists believe that the pink color of the mineral has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. It helps fight stress, relieves chronic fatigue, relieves nightmares and insomnia. The stone can also strengthen the immune system, especially if worn in the fall or spring, when the risk of colds increases.

Caring for jewelry with rhodolite

In order for a mineral to please you with its brilliance, give you energy and good luck for many years, you need to learn how to care for it. The pebble needs to be washed about once a month. To do this, dilute salt or baby soap in water at room temperature, carefully and carefully wash the product and be sure to dry it. Remember that rhodolite may lose its shine in hot water. Wipe it periodically with a soft, dry cloth to remove dirt. Since the stone gives strength to its owner, it must be periodically recharged with positive energy. To do this, it is better to relax with him in the shade in the fresh air, for example, lie in the grass. In this way, rhodolite will be recharged by the forces of nature. It is not recommended to take the stone out into the open sun. If you properly care for the fiery mineral, it will delight you with its shimmering berry shades and become a reliable talisman.

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