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Who is spinel suitable for according to their zodiac sign?

Spinel is a rare gemstone known for its special properties since ancient times. About the magical abilities of spinel, its healing power – in this article. Spinel is a very unusual rare stone. In addition to a rich color palette and incredible glossy shine, the mineral has a range of healing and magical properties, which makes it a real source of happiness and balance for the owner.

Magical properties

In this article we will discuss only some of the magical properties of natural spinel. It is mentioned in ancient Vedic treatises, in the notes of Doctor Paracelsus, heard in Dante’s diaries and is actively used by modern energy practitioners. This luxurious, truly imperial mineral turns a person’s energy towards optimism and favorable changes, making the owner successful, creative and purposeful. Spinel awakens a person’s interest in life, gives mutual understanding and protects against both the wrong step and the influence of insincere people.
The mineral enhances a person’s sensual energy, helps in finding a life partner and creating a happy union. Spinel, as a healing mineral, was first mentioned in the Akhtarvaveda (the first Indian text related to medicine). Doctors in India divided which stone was suitable for which disease based on its specific color.

  • Fiery lal – gives the owner amazing resistance to respiratory diseases, improves blood supply to the body, and gives greater sexual energy to men and women.
  • Black spinel was mentioned as an assistant in Buddhist sources. It is necessary for recovery after severe injuries, for healing bleeding – and always normalizes low blood pressure.
  • Pink stone – with its gentle effect it balances the human nervous system, relieves insomnia and periodic stress.
  • In Akhtarvaveda, with the help of blue spinel, diseases of the throat and breathing were overcome, and a person’s speech was made pure, correct, full of truth and meaning. Modern experts recommend the mineral for diseases of the digestive system, impaired metabolism and poor nutrition.
  • The rarest green variety of the stone helps to overcome headaches and relieve a person from migraines. It also normalizes heart function and stabilizes blood pressure. Modern lithotherapists advise to rest your eyes and restore visual acuity by focusing your gaze on this miracle helper for 10 minutes every day.

Signs of the zodiac

Possessing a unique set of properties, the ability to bring happiness to the owner and protect from the evil eye, spinel is a complex, capricious gem. Energy practitioners recommend wearing it constantly, then the effect of the lala will be effective and beneficial. First of all, it is a stone for the fire signs of the zodiac.

The stone improves a person’s mental and physical qualities, adds strength and energy. In terms of health, the mineral is considered a talisman for Taurus and Libra; it is most useful for Pisces and Cancer. For these representatives of the horoscope, spinel will be a help during long business trips and in responsible decision-making.

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Jewelry with spessartines

Spinel is a rare mineral with an intriguing biography and magical properties. The prosaic name of the nugget – “magnesium aluminate” – does not fit in with its amazing beauty. It is as perfect as a ruby ​​or sapphire, only less well known.

For countless centuries, this magnificent crystal has been treated as the “royal stone”. Many royal families, as well as mineral collectors and jewelry lovers, sought to add rare gems to their jewelry collections.

Nugget story

The biography of spinel resembles an adventurous detective story, which is why it was dubbed the “great impostor” in the family of precious stones. And all because she is a skilled pretender, capable of impersonating other gems. Identifying this crystal with the naked eye is a very difficult task. Even experienced collectors and jewelers could not distinguish it from a sapphire or ruby.

Known and revered since ancient times, spinel only allowed itself to be exposed a hundred and fifty years ago. This became possible thanks to chemical analysis introduced into the practice of gemology. Only from the end of the 19th century did spinel appear under its own name in the classifier of precious stones.

The story of the exposure of the “imposter” led to curious consequences in the gemological world. It turned out that many famous and even some legendary gems are not rubies at all, as was believed for 200-300 years in a row.

It was the spinels that were kept in the most prestigious collections in the world, including the treasury of the Persian Shahs. It turned out that the British crown was not inlaid with huge personalized rubies, like the crown of the Wittelsbach dynasty. In the famous Monomakh cap, like in the crown of Empress Catherine II, it was not rubies that sparkled either.

Origin of the name

According to the most common versions, the word “spinel” could come from one of the roots:

  • Greek σπίθα, meaning “bright”;
  • Latin spinella, translated as “thorn”.

Both assumptions look quite reliable, as they indicate characteristic features of the crystal:

  • mesmerizing radiance;
  • spiky shape.

Place of Birth

Spinel deposits are found in igneous rocks and sediments formed by water flows. Corundums and garnets are commonly found in these areas. The structure of the mineral is formed by cubic crystals of octahedral shape, similar to diamonds.

The most valuable nuggets come from Southeast Asia:

  • Sri Lanka;
  • Vietnam;
  • Myanmar;
  • Thailand

World-famous deposits are located in Afghanistan, Nepal, Madagascar, Nigeria, and Tanzania. On the territory of the former USSR, placers of gems were discovered in the Far East, the Kola Peninsula, the Urals, and the Baikal region. Yakutia, Tajikistan.

In Myanmar, where spinel mines have been in operation for a long time, they learned to identify this stone much earlier. It was brought into a separate group back in the 1600s.

Main characteristics of spinel

The value of any gem is determined not only by its size, but also by a number of other parameters:

  • color;
  • transparency;
  • strength;
  • rarity.

For each of the listed criteria, spinel will give odds to any gemstone. Professional cutting will further emphasize its advantages.


Spinel is one of the few precious stones that delights with a rich color palette. Mineral impurities – iron, manganese, chromium – color the stone in a variety of colors. The range of shades is incredible: from bright red to neon blue, from calm green to fire orange, from golden yellow to mystical purple. There are even black as night and transparent ones. like a tear, crystals.

The most valuable is colorless spinel, and the most popular is red spinel, even surpassing some rubies in brightness of color.


“Lala” – that’s what red spinels were called in Rus’ – are not inferior in strength to topaz. They are ranked 8th on the 10-point Mohs scale, which confirms the hardness and durability of these stones. Resistant to rough influences, they can be diamond-cut and are virtually wear-resistant.


Pure spinel is a rare occurrence in nature. More often it contains long thin inclusions with clear graceful lines. When cut into a cabochon, these impurities can create a star-shaped effect on the surface of the stone, known as asterism.

Such stones look unusually presentable and are valued no less than the so-called noble spinels – immaculately transparent nuggets without any inclusions, as well as minerals of intense, uniformly saturated colors.


Interestingly, red spinel is much rarer than rubies. Therefore, when cutting it, methods are chosen that allow achieving minimal weight loss. Many stones are not cut to standard sizes. It is difficult to find high quality fine spinel larger than 1 carat.

Red spinel vs ruby

Distinguishing a spinel from a ruby ​​is not easy. Both crystals are similar in density, luster and even chemical composition, as both get their red hue from the presence of chromium.

Here are a few ways to differentiate between these stones:

  1. Rubies are double refractive: if you bring such a stone to a light source, then two refracted rays will be clearly visible inside. Spinel is a monorefractive mineral: in the light it has a single ray that can be seen.
  2. Spinel naturally has a strong shine. Most rubies are inferior to it in brightness. That is why they are often heated to achieve a more pronounced shine. This allows ruby ​​sellers to increase the price of an already expensive product.
  3. Rubies contain distinct cleavage and are prone to cracking and chipping. Spinel cannot be caught splitting.
  4. If ruby ​​is characterized by dichroism (the appearance of a purple tint when the lighting angle changes), then spinel is distinguished by the stability of its natural color.

True value and actual cost of twin stones

In the jewelry business, the following paradoxes are possible: the rarer the gemstone, the lower its cost. This is due to the low recognition of unique nuggets. Since spinel is rarely found in nature and therefore little known, it is not a bestseller and its price is relatively low. Not inferior in beauty and durability to ruby, this rare crystal can cost the buyer 60% less.

Genuine and imitation spinel stone

Scientists have learned how to create spinel in laboratories. Therefore, you can find synthetic imitation jewelry on the market. Such a product cannot be called a fake. It has the same chemical, physical and optical properties as natural crystal, with the only difference being that it is created artificially.

Synthetic stone, unlike natural stone, is much cheaper and is much more common. Some unscrupulous sellers may offer an imitation at the price of the original. To avoid falling for this trick, you should find out the origin of the gem before purchasing. It should be borne in mind that this type of mineral (if it is natural) is not characterized by birefringence.

Selecting jewelry with spinel

Spinel in jewelry looks impressive and lasts a long time. It is quite difficult to find jewelry with large natural stones, but miniature products with this gem look surprisingly elegant.


Connoisseurs of minimalist design should take a closer look at these stud earrings with blue spinel. This stylish and elegant piece is an ideal choice for everyday use. For special occasions, it is worth purchasing drop earrings with larger stones.

Wedding rings

Pink spinel is a great choice for an engagement ring. With daily use, the stone will not lose its inimitable shine. He is ready to go the long way of family life with you!

Pendants and necklaces

A small stylish pendant made of green spinel is the best addition to casual and work clothes. The mysterious black color accessory will go with any outfit, adding a touch of status elegance to it.

In the photo: jewelry made of black and red spinel Amoleto. See all products at the link >>

Healing properties of the stone

European alchemists and ancient Russian healers spoke about the healing effect of the many-sided mineral. Modern therapists echo them.

Treatment of physical ailments

Spinel is an effective aid in the treatment of joints, muscles and bones, especially the lower spine, as well as teeth and gums. It gives its owner additional energy, strength and endurance, especially during the process of recovery from a long-term illness or injury.

All variations of red spinel have a general strengthening effect on the body:

  • improve blood;
  • sharpen vision;
  • relieve pain from injuries;
  • increase sexual power;
  • protect against infectious diseases.

Other color varieties of crystal are no less useful:

  • green supports the heart;
  • blue ones treat the lungs, liver and kidneys;
  • black ones stop bleeding;
  • pink ones give you a deep, sweet sleep;
  • orange helps with fertility problems in both men and women;
  • purple brings relief from migraines, sore throat and exacerbation of cervical osteochondrosis.

Crystals of all colors are indicated for detoxification and to regulate metabolism.

Before using the stone for medicinal purposes, it is recommended to find a quiet place, lie down and place the gem on the problem area. Complete relaxation and calm breathing will allow the healing crystal to do its work.

Getting rid of psychological problems

Spinel is an effective remedy in psychotherapy. It promotes the development of positive qualities and an optimistic attitude, helps to cope with internal struggle and psychological trauma.

When solving psychological problems, it is important to choose the right color of the stone:

  • black – relieves anxiety, gives a feeling of security and independence;
  • blue – improves communication skills;
  • green – renews mental strength;
  • orange – stimulates creativity;
  • gray – helps to achieve peace of mind and confront fears;
  • red – awakens passion and sexual desire.

This stone with magical properties is ready to serve as a faithful talisman for its owner. It can increase creativity and self-confidence, as well as impart determination and perseverance to cope with any difficulties.

The only caveat: do not wear lalas all the time. The legend about the Black Prince is still fresh – a huge spinel sparkling on the cross of the English crown. Because of this crystal, rivers of blood were shed. They say that this stone can either be erected under the stars or thrown into the abyss.

Who is suitable for spinel stone?

The nature of this crystal depends on the person. He favors the noble, and pays the evil with the same coin. Astrologers recommend wearing it primarily to the “kings of the Zodiac” – those born under the sign of Leo. Pisces, Taurus and Libra will also get along with spinel. It is also considered a traditional 22nd wedding anniversary gift. But whoever the amulet will harm is Cancer.

If you meet one of the listed criteria, spinel will become your talisman. She will attract love, help you find a family and protect your home with her radiant energy.

Care instructions

Expert recommendations will help preserve the amazing properties of a rare gem:

  • To avoid color fading, keep your pebbles away from heat sources;
  • to enhance the shine of the gem, wash it with soap and warm water, then rinse and dry (ultrasonic cleaners are not recommended, as they can damage your jewelry, especially if it contains inclusions);
  • The best way to prevent your gemstones from getting dirty or damaged is to wrap them in cotton or velvet (harder stones, such as diamonds or sapphires, can scratch the spinel, so don’t store all your jewelry in one box);
  • Try not to let spinel come into contact with chemicals or cosmetics.

Black spinel is often used as a protective talisman against negative energies, so it needs to be cleansed and charged regularly. Simply hold the stone under clean water (faucet water is fine) and then leave it in the sun to dry and recharge. Sun, water, salt, fire smoke will not harm the precious stone in any way.

Where to place the gem

Spinel is considered a driver of spiritual growth and a source of inspiration. The stone gives the owner the determination to complete any task. Therefore, placing a gem in a room where new projects are being developed would be a good idea.

The gem also accumulates the energy of passionate love and sexual desire. For a couple in love for whom intimate life is of great importance, one or two sparkling jewels in the bedroom will definitely not hurt.

Interesting Facts

Among the jewels that adorn the Iranian crown, pride of place is occupied by the largest spinel ever discovered. It is called “Sumerian”. A large gem weighs more than 100 grams.

The pride of the National Collection of the United Kingdom of Great Britain are two very famous spinels: “Ruby of the Black Prince” (weighing 34 g) and “Ruby of Timur” (weighing 72 g).

The first has been in the possession of the British royal family since 1367. He was given to the Castilian prince Edward of Woodstock (nicknamed the Black Prince for his cruelty) in gratitude for his help in suppressing the uprising. Subsequently, the gem adorned the helmets of Henry V and Richard III, until it shone in the most prominent place of the royal crown, surrounded by 3093 other gems.

The second “ruby” is an untreated red spinel that was intended for Queen Victoria’s necklace. The stone was named after its first owner, Emperor Timur, who founded the Timurid Empire. The gem was captured by the British Empire during the annexation of the Punjab region in 1849. The East India Trading Company later presented it as a gift to Queen Victoria in 1853. The names of six of its previous owners can be seen engraved on the gemstone.


Spinel is a strong and durable gemstone of indescribable beauty. Paradoxically, it remains underestimated precisely because of its uniqueness. Many simply do not know about it or unfairly consider it a semi-precious stone. Therefore, the price of spinel is too low for the “beauty queen among gems”, which true connoisseurs recognize it as.

Meanwhile, the decorative advantages and magical properties of a rare nugget are difficult to overestimate. Used as a talisman, it saves from many ailments, relieves depressing experiences, brings happiness, charges with energy and optimism.

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