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Who is suitable for rhodonite according to their zodiac sign?

One of the most beautiful minerals is rhodonite stone. It is bright and memorable due to its color. It is manganese silicate, but with various impurities. The color of the stone is determined by their quantity and quality. Rhodonite can be cherry-pink, crimson, red. But most often it is not monochromatic, but with inclusions of other colors – black, yellow, brown. There are specimens in gray shades. The fewer impurities, the purer the original color. The degree of transparency also varies – from translucent to opaque. Maximum transparency – pure rhodonite. As a rule, the mineral is mined in the form of rhodonite rock, the crafts from which are mostly opaque. But it contains nests of pure rhodonite, which resembles a ruby ​​in color.

Always different

  1. Bustamite is a pinkish or gray stone with black veins (branching formations of manganese oxides), which can form bizarre landscape patterns.
  2. Fowlerite is a pink colored stone with yellow or brownish spots and stripes.
  3. Rhodonite, which has alternating stripes of its inherent colors: black, gray, pink, yellow, brown.
  4. Translucent clear stone of ruby ​​color.

The value of a rhodonite mineral is determined by its purity (minimum inclusions, spots, veins). So, black veins should occupy a maximum of 1/3 of the stone, spots – 1/10. Ruby rhodonite is the most expensive.

Medicine stone

He is credited with a variety of healing abilities. And although the healing properties of rhodonite have not been proven, this does not mean that it does not help.

Here are some of these properties:

  1. Improves heart function.
  2. Normalizes the activity of the digestive tract, heals stomach ulcers, improves liver functioning.
  3. Treats hearing and vision.
  4. Helps heal bones during fractures.
  5. Positively affects sexual activity; used to treat infertility; promotes the conception of a child and a favorable course of pregnancy.
  6. Increases the body’s resistance.
  7. Has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland.

In addition to these healing properties of the rhodonite stone, it also has the ability to heal the nerves and human psyche. The pink stone heals spiritual wounds and gives faith. And in general it makes the worldview more positive and the general psychological state more harmonious.

stone magic

The magical properties of rhodonite have been known since ancient times. It was used:

  1. To reveal human talents, develop dexterity and form new abilities.
  2. To relieve attacks of anger.
  3. To protect the family hearth and property.

In addition, this mineral:

  1. Attracts various benefits and material well-being to a person.
  2. Promotes happy and mutual love.

It is also recommended to make a talisman in the form of a bracelet from rhodonite and wear it on your left hand. It will help young people achieve their goals faster, become more confident and active, and give artists inspiration and recognition.

Who can wear rhodonite?

Any person, no matter what zodiac sign he belongs to. This is due to the fact that this mineral is ruled by two special planets. The first is Venus – a symbol of beauty and love. The second is Saturn – a symbol of order, discipline and system. Together they give birth to compassion in a person’s heart, encourage goodness, teach them to find and see the bright sides in life, and share joy with other people.

Rhodonite is best suited for Libra, since according to the horoscope this zodiac sign is the abode of Venus and the place of exaltation of Saturn. In Libra, two diverse planets help each other. Beauty and order create harmony.

It is believed that Aries should not wear rhodonite jewelry. In this zodiac sign, Venus and Saturn are at their worst. The first planet is expelled there, the second falls. But those Aries who have risen high in their development are quite compatible with this stone. It can also be worn by Aries who strive to develop and want to develop the qualities they lack: the ability to love (not for something, not because, but simply), submit to discipline and wait.

The stone is quite good for Gemini and not so good for the opposite zodiac sign, Sagittarius. For the first, it helps to concentrate and not get distracted by endless conversations and communication; for the second, it slows down their learning and gets distracted by trifles.

But the astrological characteristics of the mineral will be incomplete if you do not warn that jewelry made from it cannot be worn constantly. Rhodonite needs a break. At this moment it seems to be recharging.

Rhodonite products

This mineral is used to create both jewelry and interior items. Products made from it are original and attractive. Jewelry is very diverse due to both the large selection of rhodonite colors and shapes: stones are cut in the form of either cabochons or rectangular plates. The most commonly used interior items are boxes, vases, and sculptures.

This stone was known back in Byzantium. But it was so rare in nature that rhodonite products have not survived from that time. They began to be made only in 1780, when this stone began to be mined in the Urals. For more than 200 years, a large number of works of art have been created from the pink mineral, which are today stored in various museums.

There are a lot of rhodonite products in the Hermitage – from three-meter floor lamps to candlesticks and tabletops. In one of the cathedrals of St. Petersburg there is a 7-ton sarcophagus. In the Moscow metro, pink columns are installed at one of the stations.

Today, this ornamental stone is used mainly to create beads, brooches, pendants, rings, bracelets, and cufflinks. Amulets using the magical power of the pink mineral are popular. It is still actively used in stone cutting art.

The name of the stone “rhodonite” is rooted in the Greek language, where it means the word “rose”. Since the main color of the mineral is pink, in some countries it evokes associations with the rising sun. For example, in the East, rhodonite is called “stone of dawn.” However, the variety of shades of stone is much wider than classic pink. The color palette ranges from delicate pink to rich raspberry and cherry.

Rhodonite is the stone of dawn!

The name of the stone “rhodonite” is rooted in the Greek language, where it means the word “rose”. Since the main color of the mineral is pink, in some countries it evokes associations with the rising sun. For example, in the East, rhodonite is called “stone of dawn.” However, the variety of shades of stone is much wider than classic pink. The color palette ranges from delicate pink to rich raspberry and cherry. Stones of a dense structure, permeated with black veins, are the most common. They are called “eagle”. The Urals are famous for rhodonite deposits. The mineral is even considered an original Russian stone, which in importance and prevalence is second only to malachite. However, the stone was discovered in other countries and even continents: in Australia, Africa (Madagascar).

Healing properties of Rhodonite

Lithotherapists who study the healing properties of stones believe that rhodonite is effective in preventing eye diseases. To do this, you need to apply smooth minerals to your eyelids for a while. Rhodonite helps improve the functioning of the thyroid gland, improve immunity, and strengthen memory. It has a beneficial effect on the functions of the heart, blood vessels, and liver. The stone is good to use for problems of the nervous system: neuroses, stress, sleep disorders. Under the influence of rhodonite, a person will calm down, find inner harmony, and achieve a balanced perception of the world.

Of course, one should not rely solely on the healing properties of stones in the presence of a truly serious illness.

Rhodonite for zodiac signs

Rhodonite is considered a protector stone for Gemini and Libra. [Twins] The mineral has a very beneficial effect on Gemini, who are prone to erroneous actions and frequent mood swings. From the point of view of the mineral’s influence on the well-being and character of people of this sign, rhodonite increases Gemini’s ability to think. No other stone is capable of revealing with such force the positive properties of its owner’s character, his talents and abilities, as rhodonite does. The mineral will help overcome psychological shock, calm down excessive emotions, and direct energy in the right, effective direction. Gemini, under the influence of rhodonite, will learn to listen to their own intuition and “connect” it when necessary. Premonition will not let Gemini down, for which the owner of the stone will thank him more than once. Rhodonite will also strengthen memory and make it last longer. Under the influence of the stone, a person will develop new talents and skills. [Scales] Astrologers do not advise Libra to wear rhodonite often. But the effect of the stone that representatives of this sign will feel is in no way related to the frequency of wearing it. Rhodonite will give its owner confidence, courage, enthusiasm and a great desire to commit actions. At the same time, Libra will not lose their characteristic dreaminess. Representatives of this sign have the sin that, having succumbed to the power of an idea, they quickly forget about it, returning to the usual routine of life. So, rhodonite, having a gentle effect on the character of Libra, will develop the strengths of their character and help cope with their weaknesses. The stone will strengthen intuition, memory, determination. However, you should not wear it continuously; rhodonite requires some care in handling.

Magical properties of Rhodonite

In the East and in India, rhodonite is revered as a divine stone. It is able to awaken love, helps in family relationships and is a powerful protector of the home from gossip, gossip, and any negative influences from the outside. Rhodonite favors those who acquire works of art, thus contributing to the enrichment of a person. Under the influence of the stone, a person develops a craving and ability to create, hidden talents awaken and begin to actively manifest themselves. A person overcomes laziness, which hindered his development. A rhodonite bracelet is a must have for musicians, singers, writers, and designers. Wearing such a product on the left hand, a person will receive a charge of additional energy, gain confidence, and feel unprecedented inspiration.

Rhodonite in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on chakras

Rhodonite affects the heart chakra (Anahata) and the solar plexus chakra (Manipura). Anahata is an open, intact chakra that controls the functioning of the heart, the condition of blood vessels, the organs of the chest, is responsible for the health of the spine, and the mobility of the arms. Under its influence, a person acquires the ability to control himself, wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration come to him. Manipura is an open, intact chakra that affects the stomach and digestive organs, liver, spleen. The chakra is responsible for a person’s organizational abilities and the ability to quickly make the right decisions.

Rhodonite is a talisman for pregnant women and a good family amulet!

Rhodonite stone is traditionally considered one of the best women’s talismans and promotes successful conception, a successful pregnancy, and the birth of a healthy child. It is known that there are even obstetricians and gynecologists who store this mineral in the pocket of their dressing gown in order to also have a beneficial effect on the condition of women in labor and contribute to an easier birth. The stone becomes most effective in the form of a bracelet, pendant, or ring. It is recommended to have even an unprocessed mineral with you, which can be put in a wallet, bag, or even just in a pocket. Rhodonite will reliably protect the family from troubles, help avoid squabbles, unnecessary showdowns, and protect against the evil eye and human slander. All this makes the stone an excellent wedding gift. Lonely people under the auspices of rhodonite will soon meet their other half.

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