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Who is turquoise suitable for according to their zodiac sign?

Turquoise is a stone of fantastic colors. The Aztecs believed that these were the frozen tears of the goddess of Heaven. Residents of the East dubbed it the “stone of happiness”, under whose protection is the well-being and love of every family.

Turquoise is a heavenly stone.

Turquoise is a stone of fantastic colors. The Aztecs believed that these were the frozen tears of the goddess of Heaven. Residents of the East dubbed it the “stone of happiness”, under whose protection is the well-being and love of every family. The mineral got its name due to its amazing color. In other words, other than “turquoise”, it was quite difficult to describe it. This shade made the stone so attractive that it gave it its name. In ancient times, turquoise was rightly revered by noble people, considering it petrified water. In Iran, it was believed that Nature itself filled the water with powerful energy, then turning it into a frozen mineral that brings incredible beauty and has amazing properties. The word “turquoise” itself came into Russian from Persian. Piryzen (pronounced “firuza”) means “victorious, victorious.” It is noteworthy that not one of the precious stones, of which there are a great many, namely turquoise, was revered as a sacred gift of nature, bringing good luck and acting as a powerful talisman. Jewelry with turquoise is found during expeditions to different countries. Turquoise was used in the ancient cultures of Egypt, America, Central Asia, China, and India. The scarab, the sacred beetle of Egypt, is depicted in turquoise. The burials of pharaohs and the royal clothes of queens were also decorated with this stone. It was even found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, in the decor of things that belonged to the famous Nefertiti. But we are talking about a culture that existed 8 thousand years ago! The found gold bracelet, decorated with turquoise, is still considered the oldest archaeological find of this stone. In India, there is a belief that turquoise helped Buddha defeat a dragon that lived in the depths of the sea. It, like water, can change its color. Due to this natural quality and the existing legend, the mineral is also known as the “stone of the sea.” A ring with turquoise was on A.S.’s hand. Pushkin when he went to the ill-fated duel. The decoration was given to the poet by Natalya Goncharova. And who knows, probably the amulet would have saved its owner if he had not taken it off and given it to the second before the fatal shot. Among the ancient Persians, turquoise was a symbol of endless love. During the wedding, the bride and groom exchanged this particular stone. The Indians living in America attached a special meaning to the mineral and believed that it would protect them from harm. Today, amazing turquoise continues to work wonders, if, of course, the owner knows how to use it.

Medicinal properties of turquoise

The healing qualities of turquoise are due to the fact that there are copper particles in its structure. Thanks to this, the stone is able to stop bleeding and inflammatory processes. Turquoise is indicated for peptic ulcers, diseases of the digestive system, and liver. The stone will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, eyes and vision, and will help cope with insomnia. If you wear turquoise jewelry regularly, observe the color of the stone. If it has darkened, this is a good reason to consult a doctor and undergo an urgent examination – a serious illness is possible. Those who want to sharpen their vision are advised to look at turquoise in the morning. The stone normalizes sleep in people who suffer from nightmares and headaches. During a cold, it is recommended to hold the mineral between your palms for a while. Turquoise will strengthen the body’s own immunity, which will fight off the disease. It is worth remembering that young minerals are better suited for medicinal purposes. For the pancreas to function properly, you should wear a turquoise pendant in the solar plexus area. This will also help balance internal forces. If you have problems with the thyroid gland, the pendant should be placed in the appropriate area, which will additionally help get rid of stress, irritation, and achieve calm and balance. Turquoise will help cleanse the liver, strengthen the immune system, and get rid of swelling caused by stagnation of fluid in the body. A pendant located at the level of the heart will have a positive effect on its functioning, prevent many diseases and help get rid of existing ones. A stone framed in silver is most effective for the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. To strengthen the body as a whole, you should wear a gold and turquoise bracelet on your right hand.

Of course, one should not rely solely on the healing properties of stones in the presence of a truly serious illness.

Turquoise for zodiac signs

Turquoise can be worn by almost all zodiac signs, paying special attention to its color. Aries и Pisces It’s worth taking a closer look at young, white turquoise. Pale blue stone is suitable Sagittarius. Green turquoise is ideal for Taurus и Scorpioswho, under the influence of the stone, will be able to improve their lives. Blue and blue turquoise will be an excellent companion to all other signs for whom this stone is in principle suitable.

Magical properties of Turquoise

Since ancient times, it has been believed that the main magical properties of turquoise are the ability to improve relationships in the family, eliminate conflict situations, and pacify the difficult character of the owner of the stone. The mineral will help you concentrate on primary tasks, strengthen your memory, develop a penchant for analytics, and provide support in the search for life goals and priorities. The owner of turquoise will be able to achieve high social positions. The stone will become an indispensable assistant in love. A medieval sign says: in order to achieve the love and sympathy of your chosen one, you need to sew a turquoise pebble to his clothes. Give and gratefully accept turquoise as a gift. In this capacity, it is guaranteed to improve the personal life of its new owner. If you keep a stone framed with gold in your wallet, it will bring good luck in trade, promote enrichment, financial stability, and high social status. There is a little secret: the stone should always be in contact with the coins. So keep at least some change in your wallet. Turquoise is an excellent talisman for those who lack determination and courage in achieving their goals. A bracelet made of this stone will help you gain confidence and determination if you wear it on your right hand. Turquoise allows its owner to concentrate on the main thing and not get distracted by trifles. The mineral is capable of making the mind clear, sober, crystal clear, and this will allow a person to cope even with seemingly impossible tasks. The stone will be appreciated by those involved in the exact sciences. Place a piece of turquoise on your desktop, sometimes hold it in your palms, and this will be enough to exchange positive energy with the stone.

Turquoise in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on the chakras

  • relieve a person from the consequences of black magic;
  • give women the joy of motherhood;
  • awaken in a person self-confidence;
  • provide support in good deeds;
  • punish for unworthy actions.

Esotericists of our day believe that the influence of turquoise is even wider. It is able to protect the owner from the harmful influences of the environment, promotes career advancement, attracts material wealth, and has a positive effect on human energy. Under the protection of the stone, thoughts and deeds become more noble, and a person will ultimately be rewarded with love.

Turquoise affects the Vishuddha chakra, which is responsible for the throat, respiratory and hearing organs, and skin condition. Thanks to this chakra, a person achieves the desired position in society and profession, as well as a feeling of satisfaction with what is happening.

Energy of the stone: receptive Yin.

Turquoise is the stone of your happiness!

At all times, turquoise has been considered a symbol of health, happiness, and good luck. For a long time, people believed that this stone brings peace and prosperity, but only to those who lead a righteous life. Thieves and murderers will be punished – the gem will attract troubles into their lives. Turquoise is a stone of truth and noble deeds. She demands the same from her owners. And if you follow these rules, then turquoise will bring limitless happiness!

An ancient sky-blue stone, symbolizing eternal love and capable of preserving and increasing the income of its owner if his thoughts are pure.

A mineral is a substance homogeneous in structure and composition that is part of a rock, meteorite or ore, formed in the earth’s crust or its water shell as a result of natural physical and chemical processes.

Jewelry stones (both precious and semi-precious) are beautiful and rare varieties of a particular mineral.

It is the ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume it occupies. When comparing two objects with the same volume, the one whose density is higher will be heavier.

2,6–2,8 g/cm³ Mohs hardness

A relative scale of mineral hardness, with Mohs 1 being the least hard and 10 being the hardest.

The standard for the greatest hardness is a diamond with a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale.

Shades of blue and green

History of turquoise

Turquoise is a popular ornamental stone of blue or greenish color. It was delivered to Europe from Iran along the Silk Road, which ran through Turkey, which is probably why Europeans often called the mineral turquoise, which translated from French means “Turkish stone.” In Persia, where turquoise was mined, it was called “firuze” – a lucky stone. Turquoise was known in Ancient Egypt already in the 2nd millennium BC, and the Indians of North America took it for the highest value.

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Physicochemical properties of turquoise

Turquoise has a complex chemical formula, it is a hydrated aluminum phosphate, CuAl6(OH)2· 4H2O.

The mineral is opaque, with a faint waxy sheen. The color is uneven, with veins and inclusions; the color of turquoise is directly dependent on its age. A light, almost white color means that the stone is very young; sky blue is the most valuable type of “ripe” turquoise; a greenish color is characteristic of a stone at an “advanced” age. The thing is that copper is responsible for the blue color, which over time is replaced in the mineral by iron oxide, giving it a greenish tint.

Turquoise deposits

The formation of turquoise is associated with hydrothermal processes in the earth’s crust. The most ancient deposits are located on the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, Iran, and Central Asia. Some of them are already exhausted, while others are still active. Currently, the bulk of natural turquoise is mined as a by-product in copper mines in the USA, Chile, Mexico, and Australia. But until now, the highest quality and most valuable minerals are supplied to the market from Iran, where turquoise is mined by hand.

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Artificial turquoise

Since natural reserves are rapidly depleting, today about 80% of the jewelry market is represented by synthetic turquoise. There are many methods of counterfeiting, from pressing powders of other minerals and then painting them to imitations made of plastic and bone. It is unlikely that the seller will allow a full examination of the stone using chemicals, so in order to distinguish real turquoise from a fake, you must first of all pay attention to the large size of the stones, its very rich and perfectly uniform color.

Magical and healing properties of turquoise

Turquoise is considered a lucky and kind stone. It carries strong protective powers and mothers often made turquoise charms for their children to ward off evil spirits, illnesses and bad dreams.

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The stone carries feminine energy, brings warmth and comfort to the home, imparts worldly wisdom and intuition, and helps preserve and increase the family budget. To attract money, turquoise was certainly set in gold. If a person is looking for love, he should wear turquoise in silver.

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In addition to its magical properties, turquoise, especially blue, can become a talented healer. It has a beneficial effect on a person’s psychological and nervous health. Turquoise relieves insomnia, promotes relaxation, and relieves headaches. Wearing turquoise jewelry around the neck helps in treating thyroid diseases.

Traditional healers recommend looking at this mineral for a long time to relax the optic nerves and improve vision.

Who will benefit from the stone?

Turquoise activates female sexuality; it will help single women attract fans and find love. It endows men with charisma, and is suitable for those who are seriously pursuing a career or struggling for power.

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However, whatever your goals, it is worth considering that turquoise helps only highly moral and ethical individuals; it does not tolerate deception and meanness. In the worst case, the stone can even turn against the owner if his thoughts are unclean.

Which zodiac signs are turquoise suitable for?

Astrologers attribute turquoise to the elements of Water and Earth, so first of all, turquoise is suitable for the zodiac sign Sagittarius, Scorpio and Taurus.

What stones are combined with

Turquoise belongs to the element of Earth, which means that dense, opaque stones go well with it: agate, malachite, jade, onyx, jasper. Their energy harmoniously complements and increases the power of turquoise. For example, agate helps turquoise protect the owner from the evil eye, and jade enhances its influence on family well-being.

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Delicate and calming turquoise will not tolerate combination with “fiery” minerals: diamond, ruby ​​and red garnet. Turquoise is in a state of parity with the “airy” amethyst: the stones do not strengthen, but do not weaken each other.

What metals does it combine with?

In terms of energy, turquoise is best suited to the most active and sunny metal – gold. A frame made of precious metal and its alloys makes the blue gem a real money magnet.

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Silver frames are not so popular. Some esotericists believe that lunar metal neutralizes the beneficial properties of turquoise. Others believe that a silver setting attracts love to the owner of the turquoise stone.

If you dreamed of turquoise

Turquoise seen in a dream, as a rule, serves as a favorable sign.

  • Miller’s dream book connects her with the fulfillment of her cherished desires.
  • The dream book of Nostradamus claims that if a person dreams of turquoise, then in real life he will soon commit a noble act, which will attract the attention and love of others. Many jewelry with this mineral promise a long-awaited meeting. If a sleeper receives turquoise as a gift, it means a wish will come true; if he gives it himself, he may have to help someone against his will.
  • Vanga, who is usually pessimistic about precious stones in the world of dreams, turns out to be unexpectedly lenient towards turquoise. In her interpretation, an exquisite stone symbolizes unexpected success and good luck in love affairs.
  • A commonplace is the negative interpretation of losing turquoise in a dream – in this case, the dreamer will face failure. If the sleeping person stole a stone, this means that he is overly scrupulous even in small everyday matters, and, in order to avoid conflicts with loved ones, he should treat many things more simply.

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