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Who owns the largest diamond in the world?

Well, who hasn’t heard the famous phrase: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” This “love” is due to the fact that the diamond gemstone has a luxurious appearance – its edges shimmer unusually under the sun’s rays, and the larger the gem, the more it attracts attention. Today the article is dedicated to the largest diamonds in the world found in the history of mankind. In this selection we will tell you where the largest diamonds were found and at what price they were sold.

10 largest diamonds found in the world

The list contains the most famous diamonds of the last 100 years:

First place: Cullinan

size – 3106 carats Discovered in 1905 in South Africa, the diamond can truly be called the largest stone. Its weight reached 3106 carats. The mineral deposit is the Premier Mine. “Cullian” had a visible chip, which just proves the fact that it was part of a diamond that has not yet been found. The stone received its name thanks to its owner, Thomas Cullian. In 1908, due to cracks, the diamond was divided by Joseph Acheron in front of the then popular jewelers. The result was nine large and 96 small stones.

Second place: “Lesedi La Rona”

size – 1109 carats Such a large diamond was discovered not so long ago – in 2015 in Botswana (Africa). The weight of the precious diamond was 1109 carats. Interestingly, Lesedi La Rona is translated as “our light”. The mineral became the largest stone of the century, corresponding to jewelry quality. The Gemological Institute of the United States has confirmed the maximum beauty, purity of color, and pure chemical composition of a Type IIa diamond. Only 2% of stones belong to the group. The diamond belonged to the Lucara Diamond company. A year after the discovery, the stone was put up for auction with a starting price of $70 million. However, there was no buyer until 2017, when Graff Diamonds, which had previously bought a piece of a breakaway diamond during the Lesedi La Rona mine, bought it for $53 million.

Third place: “Lukara”

size – 998 carats The diamond, called “Lukara”, was found quite recently – in November 2020. Deposit – Botswana, Karowe spring. So far, there is no detailed information about the diamond, there is no photo yet, but most experts believe that the cost of the Lucara can reach a price point of up to $50 million.

Fourth place: “Lesotho Legend”

size – 910 carats The diamond received the name “Legend of Lesotho” due to its deposit – the South African Kingdom of Lesotho. It was found in 2018. In appearance, the mineral was the size of two golf balls, because the weight of the rough diamond reached 910 carats. Like the Lesedi La Rona diamond, it belongs to the Tapa IIa group – the purest, most valuable stones. However, no one still knows who the owner of the Legend of Lesotho is. Initially, a couple of months after the discovery, the diamond was bought by an unknown buyer from Belgium, where the center of the world industry in the field of precious gems is located. The price of the diamond was $40 million. After the sale, his “trace” disappeared.

Fifth place: “Constellation”

size – 813 carats The Constellation Diamond, or original name Constellation, was discovered in 2015 by the Canadian diamond company Lucara Diamond, also in Botswana. A gemstone of extraordinary beauty was classified as tapa IIa. The following year, the mineral was bought by the Dubai company Nemesis International for $63,1 million. Thus, “Constellation” became the most expensive stone. Interestingly, the world only heard about the diamond deposit in 2019, when one of its pieces measuring 313 carats was presented at the world’s largest exhibition, the Dubai Diamond Conference.

Sixth place: “President Vargas”

size – 726,6 carats A large transparent diamond was found on the banks of the Santo Antonio River, near Brazil. This happened in 1938. The mineral, weighing 726,6 carats, was named in honor of Getulio Vargas, the then-functioning president of the state. Until now, the world does not know who exactly found the stone, farmers, builders or someone else. Interestingly, the diamond was resold several times. Later it was bought by Harry Winston, who turned the mineral into 29 small diamonds of extraordinary beauty. The largest diamond reached 48,26 carats.

Seventh place: “Peace Diamond”

size – 709 carats Translated, it literally sounds like “Diamond of the World.” A fairly large diamond can easily be called a “successful find” for the residents of Sierra Leone, where the search for jewelry is constantly underway. The stone was found in 2017 by accident. A small group of miners working in the small village of Coryardou made a “lucky find” while digging. Interestingly, while sifting through gravel and sand, a diamond was accidentally spotted. The worker couldn’t believe his eyes at first. However, the Peace Diamond turned out to be a reality – weight 709 carats, size 6,3 by 2,5 centimeters. The mineral was later handed over to the authorities, who put it up for sale through legal channels (previously this was done illegally). That’s why the gem got its name. That same year, the “Diamond of the World” was bought by stone expert Lawrence Graff – the price reached $6,5 million.

Eighth place: “Lesotho Promise”

size – 603 carats The Lesotho Promise diamond was discovered in 2006 in the Kingdom of Lesotho. This is a small area but has a rich history of producing the largest diamonds of excellent quality. The stone belonged to Gem Diamonds, which stated that the largest diamond at that time was a Type IIa. It was called the “major find of the century.” The diamond was bought by the Graff jewelry house for $12,36 million. The mineral was then cut and polished, resulting in 26 perfect, flawless D-color stones. These gems were later used in the luxurious Lesotho Promise necklace.

Ninth place: “Davik”

size – 552 carats In 2018, the Diavik diamond was found in Canada in an area close to the Arctic Circle, where the weather conditions are the most unfavorable. However, it was there that some of the highest quality precious minerals were found, which corresponded to jewelry quality. The color of the diamond is yellow, and the weight reached 552 carats. Externally, Diavik was almost the size of a chicken egg, so at that time it was the largest gem found in North America. Thus, the diamond became an important event for the Canadian jewelry industry. Dominion, which owns the diamond, said it is not selling it yet because it is untreated. As soon as it is polished, they will announce the upcoming sale.

Tenth place: “Letseng Star”

size – 550 carats Like the Legend of Lesotho and the Promise of Lesotho, the Letseng Star diamond was discovered in 2011 in the small Kingdom of Lesotho, in the Maluti highlands. The “Star of Letseng” gem was enormous in size – 550 carats. Purchased the Lawrence Graff diamond from Gem Diamonds. After processing, 12 pear-shaped minerals with color purity D were obtained. It’s amazing what unusual, large diamonds have been found in the depths of our planet. I wonder if it will still be possible to find stones that will become the largest in human history? The largest diamond in the world was found 100 years ago. It has not been preserved in its original form. The mineral was divided into many pieces, which turned into magnificent diamonds. The search for diamonds has been going on since time immemorial, and some lucky ones managed to find large specimens that amaze with their beauty and luxury. Some stones were left as nuggets, others were turned into diamonds, giving them their own names.

Legendary minerals

Diamonds are one of the three most valuable minerals. Precious stones, even several carats, are highly valued. To get one small pebble, you sometimes have to process tons of rock. Gems of 5-7 carats are very rare. And stones weighing more than 1000 carats are completely unique. Such valuable specimens include the legendary “Cullinan”. This is the largest diamond in the world. It was discovered in 1905 at the South African Premier mine and named after the owner of the deposits. Another name for the gem is “Star of Africa”. The mineral weighed more than 3000 carats and was only part of a huge nugget. The gem was almost perfect. There were no inclusions, cracks or bubbles on it. Its transparency and purity of color amazed the imagination. Only a small black spot in the middle of the stone later caused it to split into pieces. There were no buyers for the huge mineral, and the Cullinan diamond was presented to King Edward VII of England. However, the monarch did not like the luxurious gift; he soon ordered the gem to be divided into parts. So the “Star of Africa” turned into 9 large and 96 small diamonds. The largest specimens adorned the royal regalia. The Cullinan II Diamond was set in the British crown. The crowning royal scepter, Cullinan I, weighs 530,2 carats and is the largest diamond in the world. The Koh-i-Noor is the world’s largest colored diamond. Initially, the stone had a slight yellow tint, but after several cuts it became almost white. “Koh-i-Noor” is a legendary gem. Initially, the mineral was pulled out to more than 1000 carats. But after a series of cuts it decreased to 100 carats. Legend has it that a huge gem was found in the XNUMXth century. and became a turban decoration for the rajas of the ancient state of Malwa. Afterwards the stone was sold to the Shah of Persia and then transported to India. During the Mongol raids, the wife of an Indian rajah exchanged the gem for her husband’s life. The beautiful stone wandered through the eastern lands for a long time until it returned to India again. In 1849 the country became a British colony. The magnificent Koh-i-Noor diamond was presented to Queen Victoria. Since then, Great Britain has been considered its rightful owner, although Indian authorities from time to time demand the return of the jewel. Interestingly, the stone is credited with negative magical properties. A diamond brings trouble to its owners if they obtained it dishonestly.

The largest diamonds

No more such magnificent minerals have been found. However, the story of the largest gems does not end there. Famous jewelry houses, famous representatives of royal dynasties and simply wealthy collectors own other unique pieces that were once found in the depths of our planet. The perfectly pure and transparent Excelsior gem weighing 957 carats was discovered in 1873 in one of the African mines. A worker found the wonderful mineral and received a considerable sum for it at that time. “Excelsior” was transported to England, where after studying it was divided into many parts. During separation, more than half of the mineral was lost. The remaining part was used to make 20 diamonds, which were purchased by the most famous jewelry houses. The 968-carat mineral “Star of Sierra Leone” was found in one of the mines of the African city in 1972. The uniqueness of this stone is that it has perfect purity. 17 flawless diamonds were made from the gem. The name “Star of the Millennium” is the purest pear-shaped diamond of 203 carats. The diamond from which this masterpiece is made was discovered in the Congo in 1990 and weighed 777 carats. The cutting of this gem lasted 3 years and took place in several stages. Today the Millennium Star is owned by the British corporation De Beers. The flawless 599-carat Century Diamond was discovered in South Africa in the 1980s. The gem was cut in the shape of a heart. The Centenary Diamond received the highest category of color and clarity and was presented to the public in 1988. At one time, the luxurious stone was exhibited in the Tower of London, and then was sold to a private collection.

The largest colored diamonds

  1. “Incomparable”. The 407,48 carat Incomparable Diamond was obtained from a colored mineral. The golden-yellow stone weighed 890 carats when discovered. In the early 1980s in the Congo, the gem was accidentally found by a little girl walking near abandoned mines. “Incomparable” has been put up for auction several times. In 2013, the golden stone became the decoration of a rose gold necklace.
  2. “The Great Mongol”. A 787-carat gem with a blue tint was discovered in India in 1650. The luxurious find was presented as a gift to Shah Jehan. For some time the diamond was kept in the treasury of Agra. In 1739, Agra was conquered by Persian troops. The jewel was stolen and handed over to the Persian Shah Nadir. After Nadir’s death, the “Great Mongol” disappeared without a trace. His whereabouts are still unknown. Some experts believe that the famous Orlov diamond, kept in the Diamond Fund of Russia, was obtained from this diamond.
  3. “Golden Jubilee”. The largest fancy yellow-brown diamond. Its weight is 545 carats. Before cutting, the gem weighed 755 carats. Its cutting took 2 years. In 1995, the beautiful stone was presented as an anniversary gift to the Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Today the Golden Jubilee is kept in the royal treasury.
  4. “The Spirit of Grisogono”. It is the largest diamond of all black gems. The 587-carat stone was found in Central Africa. After processing, the unique gem “Spirit of Grisogono” began to weigh 312,24 carats. Top Swiss jeweler Fawaz Gruosi cut the rose-shaped mineral using ancient Indian techniques. Today, the black diamond belongs to the De Grisogono jewelry house. There are other luxurious pieces with a rich history and interesting fate.

Surprisingly, for a long time diamonds were used only in industry. They became jewelry relatively recently. And cut large or colored specimens are now equated to masterpieces of jewelry art.

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