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Who owns the most expensive diamond ring?

There are rings in the world and Rings with a capital R. The first ones are those that are sold in jewelry stores, even though they sometimes cost comparable to a decent foreign car. Yes, a typical gold ring with a diamond is expensive, but it is still a mass product, if one can say so in relation to classy jewelry. Rings with a capital R are not sold in stores or antique shops. They find their owners at world auctions, and their value amounts to millions of dollars. Like true aristocrats, they have their own, very flowery names.

The most expensive and beautiful rings

Rings worth many millions of dollars are not even jewelry, but unique works of art created by jewelers in collaboration with Nature itself. So let us once again be amazed and admire the wonderful fruits of their joint labor!

As a rule, rings are named after the diamonds set in them. More precisely, the main stone, because its retinue can number dozens of smaller brothers. At the end there is the word Ring, that is, “ring”.

Bulgari Blue Ring ($15,7 million)

Our makeshift top opens with an incredible ring created by the designers of Bvlgari (read as “Bulgari”). Once upon a time, half a century ago, a jewelry house purchased a fantastic blue diamond for an astronomical sum at that time – a million dollars. The purest blue teardrop-shaped diamond weighing 10,95 carats has a transparent twin brother of a similar shape and almost the same weight. An amazing creative design ring with two multi-colored diamonds was purchased at auction by a collector from Southeast Asia who wished to remain anonymous.

Chopard Blue Diamond Ring ($16,1 million)

A ring with a blue diamond cannot but admire its incredible beauty, but its affordable price is even more impressive. For the price indicated above, it was purchased by a clearly not poor man who wished to remain anonymous. The ring was created by the jewelers of the Swiss house Chopard and is the quintessence of their craftsmanship. In the center of the composition is a 9-carat diamond of heavenly purity and blueness, capable of changing shade depending on the lighting. The oval blue diamond is supported by two faithful adjutants: transparent teardrop-shaped diamonds.

Graff Vivid Yellow Ring ($16,3 million)

Look at this fantastic ring! Although no photo can even come close to conveying its magnificence, because the epicenter of this incredible jewelry is a luxurious rich yellow diamond weighing over a hundred carats. This is one of the largest fancy-colored diamonds in the world, and its purity is amazing for a colored sample. In the ring he plays the main and only violin: nothing overshadows his incredible golden radiance. This ring was created by the Lawrence Graff Jewelry House and sold at Sotheby’s for the above amount. However, according to forecasts, it could be even higher – up to $25 million! Yellow and brown diamonds are the most common fancy diamonds. However, stones of great transparency and without flaws are extremely rare among them.

Aurora Green Diamond Ring ($16,8 million)

The diamond set in this ring is much smaller than the one described above, but this does not prevent it from being ahead in value of its closest competitor. Yes, yes, this is not an emerald, as it might seem, but a rare diamond of rich green color. The weight of this green miracle is only 5,3 carats, but this does not prevent it from being the largest (and, accordingly, the most expensive, even in terms of carat) green diamond in the history of auctions. The owner of the ring with the green Aurora was the Hong Kong jewelry house Chow Tai Fook.

Perfect Pink Diamond Ring ($23 million)

The buyer who paid a huge sum for the Perfect Pink Diamond Ring at the Christie’s auction did not want to disclose his name. However, this certainly does not prevent him from experiencing enchanting sensations from the possession of this unearthly beauty. The fact is that the star of this elite jewelry is the Ideal Pink Diamond – this is how its proud name is translated. The “Perfect Pink” weighs 14,23 carats, and only 10 pink diamonds weighing over 18 carats have been found. Of these, only two have the unsurpassed shade Fancy Intense Pink, and one of them is now in front of you! “Perfect Pink” is cut in the emerald style. It is framed by two transparent diamonds, smaller but amazingly clear. In short, a decoration worthy of a queen!

The Winston Blue Diamond Ring ($23 million)

Here is the hallmark of the House of Harry Winston, representing the pinnacle of the craftsmanship of cutters and jewelers. In the center of the composition is a fantastic blue diamond weighing 13,22 carats. Noteworthy is the incredibly deep shade, heavenly purity and the special almond-shaped cut of the central diamond. The stone, found in South America, perfectly cut and set into a ring, is beautiful in itself. But framed by its transparent teardrop-shaped counterparts, it shimmers even brighter and more attractive.

Diamond cutting is a high art that requires not only skill, but also special tools. And this is not surprising: with what and how to process the hardest substance in nature?

Graff Pink Diamond Ring ($46 million)

The fantastic 24,78-carat pink diamond at the center of this incredible ring has been around for a long time. About 70 years ago it was sold to an unknown private collector by the legendary Harry Winston. The transaction amount was not disclosed. Imagine the surprise of the respectable public when a lot with an incredible pink diamond became the star of a Christie’s auction in 2010. And Lawrence Graff, the founder and owner of the House of the same name, purchased it, and the amount exceeded the wildest forecasts. The unique Fancy Intense Pink diamond is set in yellow gold, but most of the setting is a surprising marriage of white gold and clear rectangular diamonds. Now it has its own name – “Graff’s Pink Diamond”. Through Graff’s efforts, the purity of the stone was increased by polishing, so one can expect that the once unique ring will go to the new owner for an even more mind-boggling sum.

Blue Moon of Josephine Ring ($48,4 million)

Admire the fantastic diamond adorning the Blue Moon of Josephine Ring, worth nearly fifty million dollars. This stone is relatively young: it was found only in 2014, at the famous Cullinan mine in South Africa. The rough diamond was purchased by Cora International NY for $25 million. The best cutters worked on it for more than six months until they created a fantastic diamond weighing 12,03 carats. It was set in white gold and put up for auction under the name “Blue Moon”. And this ring became “Josephine’s Blue Moon” after it was acquired by a financial tycoon from Hong Kong. He presented an incredible piece of jewelry to his youngest daughter. And her name, as you understand, is Josephine.

Oppenheimer Blue Ring ($58,2 million)

Here is another star of the Christie’s auction – a grandiose ring with a luxurious blue diamond. The stone was found in mines owned by the legendary diamond ex-monopoly De Beers. Its owner was a certain Philip Oppenheimer (a member of the company’s board of directors), who somewhat immodestly gave the stone his own name. The fantastic diamond received a rectangular baguette cut and weighed 14,62 carats. According to the American Gemological Association, this is the largest diamond of the rare Fancy Vivid Blue color, and is also endowed with phenomenal clarity. Its laconic but brilliant beauty is set off by white gold and two transparent, specially cut diamonds in the shape of trapezoids. Blue diamonds are among the rarest in the world. Less common are, perhaps, blood-red and emerald-green diamonds. They are never large: 5-carat stones can be counted on one hand.

The World’s First All Diamond Ring ($70 million)

It is unlikely that you will surprise anyone with a diamond ring, especially among the rich and famous. But how about a diamond ring? Yes, yes, this is not glass, not plastic or silicone, but the purest diamond. This ring is a masterpiece of jewelry art, because it could only be cut from a solid diamond (incredibly hard, but fragile) using unique laser equipment created specifically for this purpose. The Swiss jewelry house Shawish bought a large diamond at auction. After this, one of the founders, Mohamed Shawish, worked on the epoch-making decoration for a whole year in order to show this miracle to the world. In fact, this is a solid transparent diamond weighing 150 carats, which, for a minute, is as much as 30 grams! World’s First All Diamond Ring went on a world tour immediately after birth. He even visited Moscow, where he caused a real jewelry stir.

According to our information, the solid diamond ring has not yet been sold, and its price is only approximate. Perhaps because such a unique piece of jewelry cannot be adjusted to size?

Pink Star Diamond Ring ($71 million)

You have already met pink diamonds today, but this one is the most luxurious of them. Take a look and admire its magnificence and price! The honor of discovering this luxury belongs to the De Beers company. The uncut pink diamond was purchased by Steinmetz Diamonds, who worked to perfect it for two years. The result was an incredibly clear diamond weighing 59,6 carats, that is, more than 10 grams. According to experts, this is the largest pink diamond ever sold. In 2007, it was purchased by a private collector, but did not own it for long. In 2013, the Pink Star Diamond ring was put up for auction again. One of the famous jewelers intended to buy it for more than $80 million, but for some reason he never bought the lot he won. As a result, the Hong Kong House of Chow Tai Fook, already mentioned many times today, became the owner of the grandiose decoration, which bought the luxurious “illiquid stock” for 71 million American rubles.

Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond Ring ($80 million)

So we have come to the climax of our story and the leader of our impromptu top. The cost of the most expensive ring ever sold is approximately $80 million. So far this is an absolute record, but who knows what will be put up for auction in the near future? Our rating takes into account only rings that have ever been put up for auction. In private collections, museum collections and the caskets of European monarchs, there may be rings whose value exceeds the stunning sums described today. The star of the record holder, which determines its fabulous value, is a luxurious deep blue diamond weighing 35,56 carats. Unlike most of its competitors, this stone has a history spanning several centuries. This only inflates its already astronomical price. A large blue diamond was found back in the 17th century in India. It was roughly limited by the means available at the time and sent to Europe, where it became the property of Philip IV of Habsburg. For a long time, the blue diamond was listed among the family jewels of the royal family, even adorning the crown of the Bavarian kings, but after the First World War it disappeared from the field of view of specialists for a long time. The fantastic stone surfaced at auction in 2008. It was put up for auction by a private individual. Struck by the incredible color and transparency of the diamond, Lawrence Graff was quick to purchase it for almost $25 million. Graff recut the stone, making it even purer and more perfect, gave it a modern setting and was right. Subsequently, he very profitably sold the jewelry through an auction to the Emir of Qatar, who accidentally had an extra $80 million lying around.

TOP 5 most expensive ring brands

The jewelry mentioned above is exclusive, available to a few people whose names are probably featured in Forbes ratings. We will descend a little from heaven, but not to the ground, but will linger somewhere in the middle. Somewhere there, between the unattainable heights where the most expensive rings worth tens of millions of dollars are located, and mass public jewelry, rings from expensive brands are located.

Women’s rings and men’s rings from this category cannot be called cheap, but their cost is not in millions, but in thousands of dollars, and this, you see, is a huge difference. In addition, each brand produces mass jewelry lines that are close to the average budget.

  • Tiffany & Co. An American brand that will soon turn two centuries old. The famous turquoise boxes and their precious contents, created by Tiffany & Co jewelers, are recognized all over the world.
  • Piaget. A Swiss company known not only for its exclusive watches, but also for its exquisite jewelry. Her specialty is rings with floral motifs and oriental flavor. Here it is, the true spirit of the Old World!
  • Cartier. An illustrious brand that owns many epoch-making designs: exclusive men’s signets, recognizable Love engagement rings, provocative nail-shaped rings, and so on.
  • Chopard. Another Swiss brand that has become famous for its magnificent watches. Now his sphere of interests also includes exclusive jewelry, which is worn with pleasure by world celebrities.
  • Bvlgari. The Italian brand, founded by an ethnic Greek, has been on the fashion jewelry stage for more than a century. His specialty is masterful work with yellow gold and platinum, as well as unexpected designs and combinations of stones.

One cannot help but admire the masterpieces created by the hands of virtuoso jewelers. And it’s even more pleasant to admire your own fingers, decorated with rings from the best jewelry houses in the world!

Jewelry is of great importance in our lives. Some symbolize obligations – wedding and engagement rings, others conceal the continuity of generations – family jewels, others store happy memories and remind of important dates. Whatever the decoration, it always becomes a part of our life.

Due to their natural beauty and great rarity, jewelry with shining gems is considered the most mesmerizing and alluring. They sell for astronomical prices, and collectors eagerly await auctions to replenish their treasury with a rare curiosity. We will show you the TOP 10 most expensive jewelry in the world.

Pictured: L’Incomparable necklace.

1. Hope Diamond – The Diamond of Hope is priceless

Hope Diamond is the most expensive and famous gemstone in the world. The blue diamond, weighing 45,52 carats, is also known as the “Hope Diamond”. It was once valued at $250 million, but experts say the diamond has an extremely high status and enormous cultural value, making it truly priceless. Hope Diamond is kept at the Smithsonian Institution. Washington. USA.

Photo: “The Hope Diamond” on display at the Smithsonian Museum.

Experts believe that the unusual blue color of the stone is due to the small amount of boron atoms included in its composition. It is these particles that give the rare reddish glow, thanks to which many legends have arisen. You can learn about where the mineral was mined, who owned it and why many believed in its dark power in our article “The History of the Greatest King of Diamonds – Harry Winston.”

2. “A Heritage in Bloom” Necklace – $200 Million

In 2015, Wallace Chan created one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world, the intricate “A Heritage in Bloom” necklace. The design of the piece consists of hundreds of parts: 598 pink diamonds, 10953 small white diamonds and 24 large diamonds. It is these 24 diamonds that are the “heirs” of the Cullinan Heritage diamond.

Pictured: Cullinan Heritage diamond.

The Cullinan Heritage is a 507,55-carat rough diamond that was discovered in South Africa by diamond mining company Petra Diamonds. At an auction in South Africa in 2010, the gem was bought by Hong Kong jeweler Chow Tai Fook for a record amount of $35,3 million. After a three-year cutting and polishing process, the result was 24 crystal clear and flawless diamonds.

Pictured: “A Heritage in Bloom” necklace.

Chow Tai Fook wanted to combine all 24 parts into one whole and made a request to Wallace Chan, who soon turned the idea into a real triumph. Indeed, the design of the necklace is striking, as it is inspired by Chinese culture and symbolic features: bats symbolizing good luck and butterflies representing eternal love. The modular piece can be worn in 27 different ways.

Although such an exclusive item was valued at $200 million, it is still not for sale.

3. Peacock Brooch – $100 million

London jewelery house Graff has created the stunningly expensive 120,81 carat Peacock brooch, which is worth more than a private jet or an island. In 2013, at the TEFAF art exhibition in the Netherlands, the Peacock brooch was presented to the public for the first time.

Pictured: Peacock brooch.

The graceful bird design demonstrates the extravagance and beauty of gems. The jewelry features 1305 precious stones – white, yellow, blue and orange diamonds. In the center section is a very rare and fancy 20,02 carat deep blue diamond. This large gem can be removed from a brooch and worn separately as a pendant.

The cost of the brooch is 100 million dollars. The location and ownership of the jewelry are not being disclosed at this time.

4. Wittelsbach Graff Diamond – $80 million

King Philip IV of Spain purchased a stunningly beautiful blue diamond for his daughter, Margaret Theresa, who became engaged to the Austrian Emperor Leopold I. After 11 years, Margaret died and the gem remained with Leopold I, who after some time presented it as a gift to his third wife Eleanor Magdalena. The Empress then gave the stone to her granddaughter, Maria Amelia, when she married Bavarian Crown Prince Charles Albert Wittelsbach. Until 1918, the diamond was a decoration of the Bavarian crown, and until the First World War it belonged to the German feudal family of Wittelsbach. Financial difficulties during the Great Depression forced the royal family to put the gems up for auction, but the blue diamond was never purchased.

In the photo: Wittelsbach Graff Diamond.

In 1958, the stone was exhibited at the World Exhibition in Brussels and was not mentioned in any historical documents until the 60s. In 1962, the Goldmuntz family asked jeweler Joseph Kommer to recut the diamond, but the master recognized its historical significance and refused the job.

On December 10, 2008, Wittelsbach Blue set a world record when it was sold at auction for $24,3 million to Lawrence Graff. At that time, the diamond weighed 35,56 carats, but the jeweler decided that it needed to be polished and recut. Soon the stone got rid of chips, scratches and abrasions that had accumulated over many years. So the Wittelsbach Blue diamond not only changed its name to Wittelsbach Graff Diamond, but also its weight. The gem currently weighs 31,06 carats.

In the photo: Wittelsbach Graff Diamond.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graded the diamond as a “fancy deep blue.” The gem is distinguished by a rare blue hue with a slight shade of gray. For many years it was assumed that the Wittelsbach Graff Diamond and the Hope Diamond were mined from the same stone in the Golconda mines because they are very similar. However, scientists at the Smithsonian Institution conducted a thorough study of the two gems and disproved this theory.

In June 2011, Lawrence Graff sold the stone to the Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa, for $80 million.

5. Pink Star Diamond – $72 million

The Pink Star diamond ring is another piece of jewelry that is included in the list of the most expensive in the world and is estimated at $72 million.

The purest pink diamond was once mined in 1999 from the DeBeers mines in Africa and weighed 132,5 carats. It took jewelers 20 months to cut and polish the pink gem. Now its weight is 59,6 carats.

In the photo: Pink Star diamond ring.

In 2013, Pink Star was auctioned at Sotheby’s. Interest in the stone was so great that the final bid far exceeded the estimated $61 million and rose to $83 million. But, unfortunately, the buyer was unable to pay the amount on time and Sotheby’s kept the stone, valuing it at $72 million. In 2017, Sotheby’s put the Pink Star diamond up for auction for the second time. The stone was sold to the Hong Kong conglomerate Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, which created one of the most expensive jewelry in the world from it.

6. “The World’s First All Diamond Ring” – $70 million

The world’s first diamond ring weighs 150 carats. Over the course of a year, the jewelry masterpiece was developed by the Swiss company Shawish Jewelery under the leadership of executive director Mohamed Chaves. The craftsmen looked for a suitable diamond, processed it, and then turned it into a ring. The result is an incomparable decoration, the likes of which cannot be found anywhere in the world. But such exceptional luxury has one drawback – the size cannot be changed.

Pictured: The World’s First All Diamond Ring and the stone from which it is made.

The presentation of the ring took place in 2011 at an exhibition in London, where Mohamed Shawish said: “Creating a single ring from a cut diamond has always been a fantasy; it seemed impossible. But we decided to take a risk and take on the challenge. But the “perfect” and completely diamond ring became a real work of art” After its debut at the exhibition, the ring went on tour and even visited Russia.

Pictured: “The World’s First All Diamond Ring”.

The World’s First All Diamond Ring design is protected by copyright. At the moment, the location of the exclusive jewelry is kept in the strictest confidence, but it is reported that the ring is still waiting for its lucky owner. This luxury is estimated at $70 million.

7. Oppenheimer Blue – $57,5 million

The blue diamond is considered one of the most coveted gemstones, as they account for only about 0,0001% of the world’s diamonds.

Pictured: Oppenheimer Blue.

Oppenheimer Blue is a blue diamond weighing 14,62 carats. The stone was named after Philip Oppenheimer, who was the owner of the De Beers company and oversaw mining. The history of the gem is still considered a mystery, but it is believed that it was found somewhere in the early 20th century in a mine in South Africa. Further details are unknown, as De Beers has classified its archives.

In the photo: May 18, 2016 – Christie’s auction in Geneva.

On May 18, 2016, at a Christie’s auction in Geneva, a sparkling Oppenheimer Blue was sold for $57,5 million to a private collector whose identity was not disclosed by the auction organizers. Bidding for the jewel went on between the two participants over the phone for as long as 30 minutes, and the final amount exceeded the preliminary estimate of $38-45 million.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has rated the blue diamond as the “brightest blue” ever sold at auction.

8. L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace – $55 million

The “L’Incomparable” diamond necklace was created by the Swiss and Emirati jewelry company Mouawad in 2012. A year later, in 2013, it was presented to the public at the Doha Jewelry and Watch Exhibition. The jewelry is valued at $55 million and is included in the list of the most expensive jewelry in the world.

Pictured: L’Incomparable necklace.

The unusual and asymmetrical design is made in the form of vine leaves, on which 91 diamonds weighing more than 200 carats flaunt. At the center of the jewelry creation is the largest known dark yellow diamond, weighing 407,48 carats. In an incredible stroke of luck, this stunning stone was discovered by chance by a young girl in the Congo in the 80s. And now the natural gem heads one of the most expensive jewelry in the world – L’Incomparable.

9. Blue Moon of Josephine – $48,4 million

The Blue Moon story began in January 2014 in South Africa, when Petra Diamonds discovered a 29,62-carat diamond in the Cullinan mine. It took the jewelers 6 months to give the gem a cushion cut. As a result, the blue diamond turned out to be so rare that its physical characteristics were studied by the Smithsonian Institution, and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) awarded it the highest color rating for blue diamonds, Fancy Vivid Blue.

On November 11, 2015, Blue Moon was sold at Sotheby’s in Geneva for a record $48,4 million. The flawlessly pure gem, weighing 12,03 carats, was bought by Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau, who renamed it “Blue Moon of Josephine” in honor of his daughter Josephine.

Pictured: Blue Moon of Josephine.

The pre-sale estimate of the jewelry ranged from 35 to 55 million dollars. According to David Bennett, head of Sotheby’s international jewelry division, the Blue Moon of Josephine diamond set the record for the highest price per carat at $4 million. This verdict instantly placed the gem on the pedestal of the most expensive gems ever sold at auction.

10. Graff Pink – $46,2 million

The Graff Pink is a rare pink diamond that originally weighed 24,78 carats. The stone once belonged to Harry Winston, but in 1959 he sold it to a private collector, who owned it until 2010.

Pictured: Graff Pink diamond ring.

On November 16, 2010, the gem was sold at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva. The pre-sale estimate of the diamond ranged from 27 to 38 million dollars, but in fact they paid 46,2 million dollars for it. Such a fabulous sum instantly elevated the pink diamond to the category of the most expensive precious stones. The crystal was purchased by British jeweler, billionaire and owner of the jewelry company Graff Diamonds, Lawrence Graff, who gave the name to the gem “Graff Pink”.

Rare gems sell for staggeringly high sums, making them arguably the most valuable objects on the planet for their size and weight. In the hands of real masters, natural stones turn into exclusive creations, light up with a mesmerizing brilliance and radiate happiness. You can look at the shining, highly artistic jewelry in the catalog.

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