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Who should not wear a magnetic bracelet?

The dream of eternal youth and indestructible health has haunted humanity since time immemorial. The search for the elixir of life, living water, all kinds of magic pills and other fantastic means to improve health and prolong life has occupied (and continues to occupy) many great minds of the world. So far, unfortunately, without success. A magnetic bracelet should not be considered a panacea for all diseases – such a thing does not yet exist. So why do you need a magnetic wrist bracelet? For the same purpose as other general strengthening and auxiliary means. A magnetic bracelet helps stabilize the body’s condition and can be used in the treatment of many diseases as an aid. Of course, he is not able to cope with a formidable illness alone, but he is quite capable of helping with the means of official medicine.

What are the benefits of a magnetic bracelet?

  • normalization of blood pressure and stabilization of heart function;
  • cleansing and strengthening the walls of blood vessels;
  • general strengthening and healing of the body;
  • removal of waste and toxins (as well as salts from joints and kidney stones);
  • improving appetite and the state of the digestive system;
  • eliminating the consequences of stress and chronic fatigue;
  • weight loss (due to acceleration of metabolic processes);
  • relieving nervous tension and improving sleep quality;
  • eliminating pain syndrome;
  • elimination of inflammatory processes;
  • increasing tone, improving performance, gaining vigor.

Don’t expect an instant effect from a magnetic bracelet. It stabilizes the body’s condition gradually. But no pronounced negative effects are usually observed.

What is a magnetic bracelet

Externally, magnetic bracelets look like stylish jewelry (there are women’s and men’s options). They are made in various designs, but the most common are a la a watch bracelet or a fairly narrow glider chain.

The main materials for the production of “medicinal” jewelry of this type are various metals (most often, stainless steel, tungsten and titanium). Color variations are mostly classic: silver, gold, black. Jewelry alloys are practically not used to make such bracelets (as a last resort, gilding).

But the most important thing is located inside the bracelet. It is on the inside that a system of magnets and (optionally) various additional elements (for ionization, IR radiation, and so on) are mounted. In short, no one will guess that what you wear on your hand is not just a trendy piece of jewelry, but an accessory for restoring health and strength.

Properties of a magnetic bracelet

When asked whether magnetic bracelets help, even ardent adherents of official medicine usually answer positively. And this is not surprising: magnetic therapy devices are installed even in ordinary district clinics, so it is simply impossible to deny the healing effects of magnetic fields. True, an alternating magnetic field is used there, but still!

Even the most avid skeptics are now inclined to believe that wearing a magnetic bracelet can bring some benefits to the body. But our tissues are endowed with low susceptibility to static magnetic fields, so serious researchers are very careful in speaking about this.

According to legend, the discoverer of magnets was a certain shepherd Magnus long before the beginning of our era. He was tending his flocks in the hills of Magnesia (in Asia Minor) and discovered that the metal tip of his staff was reaching for a strange black stone. It was magnetite!

On the left are magnetite crystals, on the right is a bracelet with magnets

Scientists still cannot accurately explain the nature of the effects of magnetic fields on the body. It is believed that they interact with hemoglobin containing iron molecules, activating blood circulation and oxygenation (oxygen saturation) of all organs and systems. This has a general strengthening effect on the body.

Unofficial medicine is more optimistic on this issue. Since ancient times, a certain “animal magnetism” has been studied, although evidence of its existence has never been found. Research in this direction was carried out by famous medicus and alchemists of the past: Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Mesmer, Gilbert. It was thanks to them that accessories with magnets began to be worn in Europe several centuries ago.

The healing power of magnets was also known in Ancient China – many diseases were treated there by applying magnetic plates to certain areas. Modern TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) connects the effects of magnets with the harmonization of human energy. It is she who prescribes wearing magnets at acupuncture points, which are scattered throughout the human body. They are also available on the wrists.

Traditional Chinese medicine has gained international recognition. The effectiveness of acupressure and acupuncture is recognized even by official medicine. So why not trust the TCM concept regarding magnets?

How to properly wear a magnetic pressure bracelet on your arm

A magnetic bracelet is useful for many diseases: inflammatory, infectious, chronic. It has a beneficial effect on many body systems: hematopoietic, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, endocrine, nervous.

Magnetic bracelets are good for health in principle, but the most important area of ​​their application is migraines, insomnia, joint diseases and, of course, cardiovascular diseases, in particular hypertension.

Correctly wearing a magnetic bracelet on your arm against blood pressure (and other ailments) is easy and simple: the main thing is to choose the right accessory in size. It should fit snugly around your wrist, but not squeeze it like a vice. As a last resort, if it is not possible to try on the bracelet, you should take a larger size, with a margin. Excess glider links can always be removed (either on your own or in a workshop, in a matter of minutes and rubles).

For hypertension of any degree, the bracelet should be worn on the right hand (opposite to the heart), and with diagnosed dextrocardia, the bracelet should be worn on the left. For other diseases and for their prevention, the bracelet can be worn on any hand just above the wrist bone.

Recently, very stylish magnetic cuff bracelets have appeared on sale, often in a vintage or ethnic style. This decoration is very impressive, but choosing it in such a way that the magnets adhere to the skin is quite problematic.

Does a magnetic bracelet help with weight loss?

The magnetic bracelet has a restorative effect on the entire body as a whole. When blood circulation and microcirculation are normalized, metabolism also “accelerates.” This is expressed in the acceleration of metabolic processes, stabilization of hormonal levels and activation of the removal of waste and toxins.

Conclusion – a magnetic bracelet is effective for weight loss, but only as an aid. It will not replace the need to normalize nutrition, exercise, or get rid of bad food and other habits.

Don’t think that by wearing such a bracelet, you will instantly gain the slimness and grace of a doe. However, it can slightly speed up the process of losing weight and prevent the kilograms already lost from returning.

Good alternative: copper and hematite bracelets

Magnetic bracelets are not the only jewelry with medical (or, rather, health) effects. Copper and hematite bracelets can be used for personal natural therapy.

A copper bracelet is good for improving the condition of the skin, strengthening the skeleton, improving the condition of the joints, accelerating metabolism and reducing the intensity of aging of the body. Copper microparticles, upon penetration into the body, have a pronounced healing effect on it. To enhance the effect, the copper bracelet can be supplemented with magnets.

Steel bracelet with hematite

The basis of a hematite bracelet is the corresponding mineral, which is iron oxide. Due to its composition, it creates a weak magnetic field around itself, which has a beneficial effect on the body.

Take a closer look at the stars’ wrists. On many of them you will find hematite bracelets. These are not just trendy jewelry, but natural energy stabilizers, especially needed by people in intellectual work and creative professions.

Contraindications and harm

No harm has been described from a magnetic bracelet: particular cases of deterioration in well-being are usually associated with its incorrect wearing during the adaptation period.

At first, the magnetic bracelet should be worn no more than half an hour to an hour a day, 2-3 times a week. If there are no alarming symptoms (headaches, dizziness, weakness, general deterioration in health), the time of wearing the bracelet can be gradually increased to 16-17 hours.

But some people do not remove the healing jewelry even at night, without experiencing the slightest discomfort. Moreover: sleep becomes stronger and healthier – the next morning a person wakes up truly rested and ready for new achievements.

The only absolute contraindication for wearing a magnetic bracelet is the presence of a pacemaker: the magnetic field can negatively affect the operation of the device. Other contraindications are relative:

  • cancer,
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation,
  • age up to 3 years,
  • period of hypertensive crisis.

When choosing a magnetic bracelet for yourself, you should pay attention to the presence of appropriate markings and reviews about its manufacturer. If you have any doubts about the quality of the products, you have the right to request certificates from the seller.

Even a fake will not cause any significant harm to your health: in the worst case, you will purchase a pacifier. Well, no one has yet canceled the placebo effect either.

Even the highest quality and most expensive magnetic bracelet is not able to cure a person from a serious illness, so do not neglect qualified medical care. But the bracelet will help medications and other therapeutic agents restore your failing health!

Luxor Shop magnetic bracelets are useful jewelry, but people believe that when they put them on their hands, they will immediately be able to immediately feel the positive impact that so much has been said about. For an accessory to be useful, it must be used correctly.

Recommendations for special use:

  1. Select size.
  2. Apply the jewelry with magnets to your body.
  3. The correct location on the hand is in the hand area.
  4. Wear regularly.
  5. If you have never used it before, take a break.
  6. Read the contraindications.

Before ordering, consult a therapist, ask him how to wear a magnetic bracelet correctly? If there is no such prospect, our consultant will be happy to help with advice. For those reading the article, we have collected all the useful recommendations.

1. Choose the right size.

If the length is too long, neodymium magnets will not be able to act on acupuncture points.

When the length is not enough, the accessory will put too much pressure on the hand and may interfere with normal blood circulation.

How to measure: tie the wrist with a centimeter or a simple thread, maintain the length, attach it to the ruler and add another centimeter. The correct size for your brush is plus one centimeter.

2. Apply magnets to your body.

After purchasing, take a careful look, we will clearly show you how to wear the accessory so that it brings benefits. The decoration has an external side and an internal one. Many models have patterns and designs on the outside. The inner side contains inserts with magnets and other elements that are evenly spaced. For a positive result, wear it with the inside facing the body.

3. Correct placement on the hand – in the hand area.

People can use accessories as it is convenient for them, move bracelets closer to the elbow and vice versa. Wear magnetic jewelry around your hand. There are many acupuncture points with which they will interact, giving maximum effect.

4. Wear the product regularly.

The therapy affects the blood, which contains metal particles and iron. Use regularly to improve circulation. The jewelry is not afraid of water and is conveniently located on the hand, so you can wear it without taking it off!

5 . If you have never used it before, take a break.

Each has a body characteristic, different skin types, skin conductivity, etc. We recommend that you begin using therapy gradually. The stronger the skin conductivity on the body, the stronger the effect of the beneficial inserts will be. In women’s, the field strength is less than in men’s.

The body gets used to the additional field gradually. If you have not used therapy before, read the instructions.

In our practice, there have been cases of complaints of headaches after the first application of magnetic bracelets. People didn’t know how to wear it correctly. There is no need to panic, this is a reaction of organs that are not accustomed to a sudden change.

To avoid such situations, you need to take breaks. The body must adapt; the process takes several days.

A positive effect is when a person knows how to wear a magnetic accessory correctly. Put it on for an hour, then take it off for a few hours, then repeat, increasing the time, and after a few days the body will fully adapt and the accessory will begin to have a positive effect.

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