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Who suits emerald according to their zodiac sign?

Emerald is a stone that once you see, you fall in love with its depth forever. The amazing green crystal crowned the crowns of many rulers; it was passed on as a family treasure to aristocratic families in Europe. In addition to its mesmerizing beauty, it is credited with many magical and healing properties. The power of the stone is ready to support its faithful owner, who will not part with it for most of the day.

Magical properties

In esotericism, the emerald stone is known for its magical abilities. Its most important feature is the ability to simultaneously absorb negative energy and provide the owner with useful power. Green emerald has the most powerful energy. The magical properties of bluish or green stones are the ability to endow the owner with prudence, calmness and healthy sleep. In ancient times, it was believed that green cabochons in rings and pendants pacified the difficult temperament of hot-tempered people, gave them prudence and the ability to make decisions “with a cool head.” And for those who lack self-confidence, the crystal instills faith in success, helps to concentrate on what is important and not be afraid of failure. Green emerald is a stone of fidelity. It helps to restrain wrong thoughts and remain faithful to someone who is not nearby. There is an opinion that on the hand of a betrayed person, a stone can change color, fade or acquire a brown tint. Emerald, whose magical properties extend to the business sphere of life, is recommended to be worn by businessmen. He will protect them from risks and rash decisions, and protect them from envious people.

The healing properties of emerald

In ancient times, healers recommended hanging jewelry with a stone on the crib of newborns. There he could prevent bad dreams and nightmares, calm the baby and protect him from the evil eye. People with a weak nervous system should also wear a green crystal. It helps you recover from severe stress and get into a positive mood. The juicy green color of the stone is recommended for people with vision problems. It also helps the eyes rest after working at the computer or reading for a long time. Another problem that emerald can help its owner with is cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. To do this, it is enough to constantly wear the stone in a ring, earrings or pendant. If you come across a raw, natural version without cutting, you can carry it in a wallet or a special velvet bag. This way he can also show his properties.

Emerald: zodiac sign and name

According to the zodiac sign, the emerald stone is suitable for Aries, Leo and Libra. The hot-tempered choleric Aries receives from his amulet moderation in thoughts and actions, the ability to carefully approach important decisions. For Leo, the stone becomes a kind of assistant, telling them who is sincere and honest with them, and who, with the help of flattery, is trying to win their trust and use them for their own purposes. Libra, with the help of emerald, gains protection from energy vampires and restores energy balance. Despite all the beauty and power of the crystal, Scorpios and Capricorns should avoid it. It is worth considering that the emerald stone protects and gives powerful intuition to those whose character suits them.

Why do you dream of emeralds?

A beautiful green stone in dream books is a symbol of positive changes and new acquaintances. It symbolizes health and youth, powerful energy. In dreams, emeralds are harbingers of a promising acquaintance in the future. For girls, a ring with this stone can portend a romantic acquaintance, which has every chance of developing into a serious relationship. Finding an emerald stone in a dream means a pleasant surprise and sudden luck. Losing him means parting with a person with whom you have not been on the same path for a long time. To receive as a gift means acquiring new useful knowledge that will open up important prospects in the future. Emerald is a precious stone, one of the most amazing in its beauty. Just like a diamond, which becomes a diamond after processing, an emerald in jewelry also has its own special method of cutting.

Emerald is the purest energy of radiant color.

Green is one of the most important colors in our lives. This is the color of plants, trees, herbs, Nature itself, nature. Its shades and energy are embodied even in stones, and one of the most legendary and famous is the emerald. The sparkling, radiant mineral is named for its main quality – literally “green stone”. Emerald is a precious stone, one of the most amazing in its beauty. Just like a diamond, which becomes a diamond after processing, an emerald in jewelry also has its own special method of cutting. In ancient times, the stone was called “smaragd”. The word “zumurrud” came into use from the Arab peoples. It is possible that the borrowing was made from the Turkish language, where “green” sounds like “zümrüt”. But this is not the only name for the stone. The list of its names is impressive: maracat from Sanskrit, emerald from Old French, zamorrod from Persian, and only in the Middle Ages the familiar word “emerald” took root. Man discovered this stone in ancient times. Archaeological scientists have discovered it in burials made during the Bronze Age. It is believed that even then, jewelry with emerald indicated a person’s high position in society. The ancient Egyptian nobility also preferred emeralds. However, to this day the opportunity to possess a precious mineral speaks of the exclusive rights and special status of its owner in society. The Emperor of Rome, Nero, watched the progress of gladiatorial battles through a polished emerald, using it as a monocle. The legendary Queen of Sheba, who herself passionately loved emeralds, generously presented King Solomon with jewelry containing these stones. The mysterious ruler possessed untold wealth, but out of all the variety, she singled out emeralds. Cleopatra also paid special attention to green stones. Only they, as the queen of Egypt believed, are worthy to set off her incredible beauty and even compete with her. Thousands of slaves worked tirelessly in the mines of Queen Cleopatra, extracting the coveted emeralds for her. The stone on which the ruler’s profile was engraved was considered a special sign. Such a gift, received from the hands of Cleopatra herself, testified to her incredible disposition and bestowed royal favor. Before the advent of Columbus, the indigenous peoples of South America considered emerald a divine stone. To this day, there is a legend about a huge stone that bore the name of the Peruvian goddess Esmeralda and was supposedly her incarnation. Once seeing a sparkling jewel, everyone fell into awe and remained delighted throughout his life. All the surrounding tribes came to the temple of Esmeralda on holidays to praise her, glorify her in prayers, and brought gifts of smaller stones, which were considered the “daughters” of the goddess. The shine of emeralds attracted the Russian Empress Ekaterina Alekseevna. Among her impressive collection of jewelry was an amazingly beautiful brooch: a large hexagonal emerald set with diamonds. Subsequently, the queen gave the decoration to Maria Feodorovna, the bride of her son Paul (the future emperor), when they were legally married. Just a few years ago, a rare brooch went under the hammer at a Christie’s auction into a private collection. The buyer, who remains unknown, paid more than $1,5 million. The ring with a weighty square emerald was one of the main talismans of A.S. Pushkin. The poet’s biographers are still arguing. Some believe that the decoration was donated by V.A. Zhukovsky. Others claim that the jewel was presented by a certain lady captivated by the poet’s work. Be that as it may, it is known for certain that Pushkin dedicated the poem “Keep Me, My Talisman” to this ring. The poet believed that jewelry with an emerald protects him from adversity, inspires creativity, and brings good luck. Numerous stories and legends about beautiful green stones are still alive today.

Healing properties of Emerald

Emerald is considered a stone that has a positive effect on vision and helps prevent and cure eye diseases. It is also recommended for people who have problems with the cardiovascular system; the stone has the ability to normalize blood pressure. Emerald will reduce or completely relieve a person from frequent headaches. The stone has a beneficial effect on the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, and helps cope with diseases of these organs. Emerald is credited with antiseptic properties, the ability to disinfect water, and relieve a person from inflammatory processes (in particular, in the bladder). The stone is useful for those who suffer from chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, insomnia, increased excitability, and excessive anxiety. Emerald gives such people a clear mind, high performance, peace of mind, and sound sleep. In general, emerald has a very good effect on the entire body, strengthening it, positively affecting all organs, systems, and a person’s state of mind.

Of course, one should not rely solely on the healing properties of stones in the presence of a truly serious illness.

Emerald for zodiac signs

Emerald, according to astrological teaching, carries the energy of the planet Mercury. In the hands of a person who knows how to use the stone and whose horoscope matches the emerald, it becomes a powerful talisman and begins to manifest its magical effects. Of course, for this the stone must be of natural and not artificial origin. Emerald is the ideal stone for the following zodiac signs: [Twins] To people born under the sign of Gemini, emerald gives wisdom and the necessary composure to make the right decisions. If you wear the stone constantly, you can get rid of excessive anxiety, irritability, and nervousness. [Calf] Emerald will bring fun, bright and joyful events into the life of Taurus. The magic of the stone will manifest itself in the fact that its owner will also gain wisdom, insight, and the ability to foresee the future, and this will help in the implementation of all his plans. [Cancer] Most of all, Cancers need the support of emerald. This is a very emotional, vulnerable, sensitive sign, but under the auspices of emerald he will be able to get rid of melancholy, excessive isolation, uncertainty, and constraint.

Magical properties of Emerald

Since time immemorial, people have believed that a beautiful emerald has unique, magical qualities, including the ability to awaken strong intuition in a person and communicate with the subtle worlds. That is why emerald is an ideal companion for those who are interested in esotericism and seek to penetrate the secrets of the universe. The stone of heaven, of heavenly protection, gives the owner a wise view of things, the ability to make decisions, the correctness of which is confirmed by life itself and the experience of previous generations. The emerald seems to tell a person what to do, and its advice is very precise and understandable. The stone itself stands up to protect its owner from various troubles, failures, and disappointments. Under the tutelage of emerald, a person acquires the ability to think soberly, reason sensibly, draw the right conclusions and make informed decisions based on them. Emerald in every possible way promotes the development of the artistic principle in its owner, encourages his desire for creativity and creative ideas. If a person directs this energy for the benefit of others, the stone will strengthen his perseverance in achieving his goals and give additional strength to realize his plans. The owner of the emerald is not in danger of sadness and despondency – the talisman gives him only happiness and a feeling of inner harmony. Emerald is sensitive to tender feelings and stands up for their defense. Even outwardly, the stone will change, become brighter if it feels that love has settled in the heart of its owner. But material benefits are not alien to emerald. It will strengthen the financial position of the owner and protect his house from everything bad.

Emerald in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on the chakras

The green color of the stone is associated with all life on Earth. Its energy promotes peace, achieving balance, and improving everything around. Emerald has such power that it can directly influence the psyche and emotions of the owner. Under its influence, a person can even experience Sacred Love – the highest, purest form of this feeling. Having experienced such an internal transformation, people begin to live exclusively according to the laws of harmony, spirituality, even holiness. Green energy entails the emergence and development in people of a sense of compassion, generosity, kindness towards others, the desire to give them love and bring comfort. Everyone’s happiness and well-being depends on whether a person’s soul is capable of expressing such emotions. Emerald is closely associated with one of the five elements of Feng Shui – Wood, which is responsible for creativity and overall human development. Emerald carries similar characteristics: it symbolizes growth, new beginnings, expansion, abundance. The stone helps a person to be in good physical shape and maintains his vitality at a high level. Emerald can improve any space with its influence, be it an office or a nursery, a dining room or a bedroom. The most suitable place for the stone is the eastern and south-eastern side of the entire house or a separate room. It is worth remembering that it is not customary to give emerald on specific dates (for example, birthdays, anniversaries). But it would be appropriate as a thank you for service, love, or healing of a patient. Emerald is associated with the heart chakra (Anahata). Energy – Receptive Yin. Emerald symbolizes absolute love, the ability to compassion, limitless patience, and inspiration. It brings joy to its owner, having a beneficial effect on all energy levels of a person.

Emerald is the Green Ray of your life!

Admiring the beauty of its color and amazing shine, emerald has been used for centuries to create the most expensive and valuable jewelry. There is not and has not been a woman in the world who would be left indifferent by a stone. From Egyptian queens to modern queens, from rich men’s wives to Hollywood stars, emerald jewelry wins hearts. Some of them are so amazing that they occupy a worthy place not in the jewelry boxes of their owners, but in museums. Thanks to its positive energy, emerald suits almost everyone. It brings joy to life, gives peace and tranquility to the soul, and gives rise to the best qualities in a person. Rarely will a beauty refuse such an acquisition.

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