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Who suits pomegranate according to their zodiac sign?

We learned about it from Alexander Kuprin’s story “The Garnet Bracelet,” and legend says that the blood-red stone was brought to earth by the ancient Greek titan Prometheus. Even Queen Elizabeth II has a luxurious garnet brooch. Why do jewelers call a whole group of minerals garnet and which garnets are considered Bohemian?

What is a pomegranate

Most pomegranates are small in size and in appearance are very similar to the grain of a juicy fruit. That is why their name comes from a Latin word that means ‘grain’. Basically, these stones are cut in the form of cabochons (stones with a smooth, convex shape), enhancing this similarity. But are garnets always red?

Nature and properties

  • Transparent, opaque or translucent minerals.
  • The hardness of the stone is 7,5 points out of 10.
  • Stones with a glassy or resinous sheen.
  • They contain impurities of aluminum, iron, magnesium, calcium, chromium, manganese and other metals, which affects the color.
  • Density – 3,57–4,30 g/cm³

Since garnets are a group of minerals, the properties of different types may differ slightly. In general, stones are resistant to temperature and damage.

Types of pomegranate

In the book by Anna Mudrova “Legends about stones. Protect me, my talisman” describes the main types of garnets and their names accepted in gemology (the science of stones). Some of them are precious stones, the rest are used for industrial purposes.

Most often, when we talk about garnets, we mean stones of red shades. These are pyralspites. Here are their subspecies:

  • The hardest, most expensive and most common red or red-violet garnets are almandines.
  • Blood red pyropes.
  • Pink, red, yellowish-brown spessartines.

But there are other varieties, for example by type and color:

  • Grossulars (hessonite, rosolite, tsavorite, leucogranate) are orange-brown, pink, green and colorless.
  • Andradites (demantoid, uvarovite, topazolite, melanite) – green, yellow, black.

There are also so-called hypothetical grenades, but they are not found in their pure form.

Legends and facts

Garnet stone has always attracted people’s attention. Therefore, there are interesting facts:

  1. Other names for the stone are “carbuncle”, “venis”, “bechet”, “lal”, “anthrax”.
  2. According to biblical legend, a pomegranate illuminated the path for Noah’s ark.
  3. Rings with garnets were worn by the crusaders to protect themselves from poisoning and mortal wounds.
  4. In Ancient Egypt, grenades were inserted into the eye sockets of statues of gods.
  5. The great Goethe gave his beloved a set of jewelry that contained 460 large garnets.
  6. The most beautiful garnet necklace in the world was a gift from Czech composer Bedřich Smetana to his wife.
  7. The Mongols called the pomegranate the frozen blood of the dragon. For them it is a sacred stone.
  8. Grenades were also loved in Rus’; several luxurious stones adorn the Monomakh Cap, which is kept in the Kremlin Armory.

Deposits and value of natural stone

The first deposits of garnets were discovered in the Czech Republic, which is how Bohemian garnets appeared, which are now considered a national treasure of the country. But there are other points on the map where grenades are found today.

Where is pomegranate mined and how is it used?

Valuable stones are mined in many countries, for example in:

  • Czech Republic, Italy, Scotland, Switzerland and Finland;
  • USA and Canada;
  • South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania;
  • Turkey;
  • Pakistan;
  • Russia.

Garnets are mined on the island of Madagascar and in Sri Lanka, and they have also been found in the debris of meteorites that fell to Earth.

Pomegranate cost

Back in the last century, scientists learned to create synthetic grenades. Synthetic stones of the highest quality look and cost no less than natural stones.

The most cunning businessmen try to counterfeit natural garnets using cheap materials. There is a simple way to detect a fake:

  1. Fill a shallow bowl with water.
  2. Place a piece of foam plastic in the water and a pomegranate decoration on it.
  3. Place a magnet near the decoration.
  4. A real garnet contains iron and will be attracted to a magnet and float towards it.

Natural pomegranates are sold in the Czech Republic. Remember this when traveling to a hospitable country.

Local jewelers care about the high authority of the country, accompanying each piece of jewelry with a certificate confirming the authenticity of the stone. In 2017, Czech President Milos Zeman presented the Queen of Britain with a unique brooch with garnets.

Natural garnets are not very expensive, unless they are large stones of rare purity. The average price of a gem is $15–25 per 1 carat.

How to care for pomegranate products

Garnet products require attention, despite the hardness of the stone. To properly care for garnet jewelry, use the following instructions:

  1. Clean dirt with a soft brush after soaking the stones in a warm soap or saline solution.
  2. Do not keep the stone in water for more than 5 minutes to avoid clouding.
  3. Rinse in running water after cleaning, wipe dry with a soft cloth.
  4. Sometimes place it in the sun to “nourish” it with energy, but no longer than 10 minutes, so that the stones do not turn pale.
  5. Store in soft fabric bags in a jewelry box.

Garnet in magic, astrology and healing

The ancient Mongols had a belief that a person who independently found red garnets (pyropes) would own all the riches of the world. How else can you use the power of a pomegranate?

Magical properties

The magical red mineral helps a person achieve any ambitious goals, solve important life problems, up to the realization of the main life Mission. They say that pomegranate is capable of casting out demons and evil spirits from a person, but only an experienced priest or magician can do this.

In the book by Vera Kulikova “The Magic of Stones. Fortune telling, talismans and amulets” tells that people have endowed grenades with enormous magical powers since ancient times. In her opinion, the pomegranate is a symbol of faith, devotion, fortitude, constancy and wisdom.

Garnet is also a talisman for all lovers, a stone of love. It is believed that whoever wears a garnet necklace will definitely find love and be happy in a harmonious relationship.

The stone awakens sexuality, pleases the soul and gives its owner incredible charisma. It is impossible to resist such a person.

The red stone is also suitable for pregnant women. In order for pregnancy and childbirth to be successful, you must wear a pomegranate amulet. It would be better if it was a necklace or bracelet.

Pomegranates activate the most basic, root chakra, Muladhara, which is responsible for the sense of smell, for communication with the material world, and connects a person with the Earth, which nourishes him. It affects the genitals, potency and willpower, so the role of pomegranate in magical, occult and spiritual teachings is difficult to overestimate.

Healing amulets from pomegranate

The healing properties of pomegranate have long been known in lithotherapy (stone therapy). Most often, fire stone is used to:

  • cleanse the body of toxins and toxins;
  • accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues and cells during fractures, dislocations and bruises, recovery after surgery;
  • normalize cardiac activity;
  • strengthen the functions of the pituitary gland and improve brain function.

Here’s how pomegranate crystals are used in treatment, depending on their color:

  • Red – for the digestive organs and endocrine system.
  • Green – for the circulatory and lymphatic systems, as well as the nervous system.
  • White (transparent) – for the mucous membrane of internal organs, the oral cavity and intestines.
  • Yellow and brown – for skin, hair and nails.

Pomegranate as a talisman for zodiac signs

Garnets are very suitable for people of creative professions, namely such as:

  • composers, musicians;
  • poets and writers;
  • sculptors, painters and fashion designers;
  • actors and directors.

Nadezhda Lapina’s book “Selection of stones according to the astrological houses of the horoscope” says that pomegranate as an astrological amulet is most suitable for representatives of such zodiac signs as:

  • Aries – to maintain the inner fire that moves them forward.
  • Leos – to feel strong, wise and omnipotent.
  • Sagittarius – as an aid in choosing the right path.
  • Virgo – gives spiritual comfort and balance.
  • Scorpios will become an eternal source of strength and confidence.
  • Aquarius – for happiness in your personal life and career.
  • Capricorns – to achieve main goals, since garnets are the main stones of this sign.

Garnet is not suitable for Cancers and Pisces: it is too active and fiery stone for water signs. Other signs can wear red garnet.

A certain pattern has been observed in astrology: pomegranate does not immediately reveal its properties. He needs time (sometimes several years) to “get used” to his owner and begin to help him. But you should not buy garnets at the antique market, because the stones will have the energy of their owner, which can harm you.

When choosing amulets made from garnet, remember that it must be worn without taking it off. You should feel comfortable wearing garnet jewelry. Feel trust in the stone, and it will become a reliable protection for your body, soul and home.

The UNA jewelry catalog includes bracelets, earrings, chokers and rings with garnet – a stone with a rich history, special aesthetic qualities and amazing properties.

In the photo there is a choker made of garnet, beads, pearls and porcelain

In the photo there is a choker made of garnet, beads, pearls and porcelain

In the photo there is a choker made of garnet, beads, pearls and porcelain

The history of mankind, like culture, would not be so rich without the garnet stone. Jewelry that amazes with its beauty and legends, filled with imagery and which have become part of the folklore of many countries around the world, have survived to this day.

Thanks to its natural brilliance and warm texture, garnet stone evokes an emotional response among mystics seeking the magical properties of the stone, and jewelers creating masterpieces in the form of jewelry.

In this article we will talk about this amazing and mysterious mineral, its chemical and magical properties, compatibility and compatibility with other stones and gems, and also show photos of jewelry made by UNA designers.

In the photo there is a choker made of garnet and pyrite

In the photo there is a choker made of garnet and pyrite

In the photo there is a choker made of garnet and pyrite

We owe the most famous legend about the pomegranate to Georgian folklore. The proud king was looking for a brave young man as a husband for his daughter. As proof, the daredevil had to fight the evil demons guarding the garden in the desert and bring three pomegranate fruits from the sacred tree. The fruits will stop hunger and war, and the brave young man will marry the king’s heiress.

The daredevil was found and fulfilled the conditions. However, when he brought the grenades to the palace, the king was dying. Then the hero broke the fruits. The king drank the juice of the first one, and his strength returned. The grains of the second scattered throughout the city, providing food for the hungry, and the third fell into the palms of the bride, turning into beautiful stones. Since then, products with pomegranate have been worn by everyone who is looking for a soul mate.

One of the earliest sources mentioning garnet stone is the Old Testament. The stone occupies a special place in it. The mineral is not mentioned in references to the jewelry of the high priests. The pomegranate, according to the holy book, decorated Noah’s Ark: the red crystal on the mast illuminated the path in the seething waves of the Flood.

The same image is revealed on the pages of the Koran, where the stone symbolizes a guiding ray to the Kingdom of Allah.

During Roman antiquity, Pliny the Elder compared the pomegranate to a smoldering coal, which is why people began to call it a carbuncle.

However, according to archaeologists, the first piece of jewelry, a garnet necklace, is about 3000 years old.

But the modern name known to us appeared in one thousand two hundred and seventy, thanks to the works of the eminent alchemist Albert Magnus. The medieval scientist used it as a standard of mass – a grain, a stone that weighed 500 milligrams.

Craftsmen and jewelers admired the beauty of garnet: fine examples of jewelry and luxury items inlaid with the beautiful mineral have survived to this day.

However, the pomegranate gained real popularity in the 17th century, when large deposits were found in Bohemia (Czech Republic). The exquisite jewelry of jewelers was appreciated by the nobility and raised the stone to the pedestal of fashion. Even today, Czech national costumes are decorated with pomegranates.

Spread in Europe began in the 18th century. Stones in the form of grains have come into fashion. It even had its own name – “garnet jewelry technique”. It was then, in the era of Romanticism, that real masterpieces of jewelry appeared, decorated with garnets of all types known to mankind.

The color of garnet directly depends on the geographical location and geological characteristics of the deposits.

  • Pyropes are formed among diamond rocks in South Africa and Yakutia.
  • Gneiss and schist rocks contain almandines throughout the globe.
  • Geologists find grossular in limestone rocks.
  • The Karelian Isthmus and the Kola Peninsula are rich in almandine.
  • There are large deposits of uvarovite in the Urals.

In addition to Russia, there are rich deposits:

  • in the USA,
  • Canada
  • Brazil,
  • Finland,
  • Azerbaijan,
  • Czech Republic,
  • in Madagascar.

The photo shows a bracelet made of garnet, shungite, hematite and agate

The photo shows a bracelet made of garnet, shungite, hematite and agate

The photo shows a bracelet made of garnet, shungite, hematite and agate

Initially, being in shale deposits, garnet crystals are not at all similar to those beautiful stones that we love so much in jewelry. They are completely opaque and matte. The usual charming shine appears after the work of jewelers.

Garnets, like most other stones, come in a variety of colors. For example, the classic look has all shades of red. In some cases, a non-specialist may even confuse it with a ruby. However, garnets are not as transparent and have a slight moiré haze.

Other types of garnet can be purple, black, and various types of green.

In the photo there are earrings with garnet

In the photo there are earrings with garnet

In the photo there are earrings with garnet

Varieties of pomegranate

  • Almandine. Stones of scarlet or red-violet shades were often compared to drops of blood, and therefore Turkish rulers decorated their outfits with them, demonstrating unlimited power to the people.
  • Pyrope is the most valuable type of gem among jewelers. It has a rich red, almost purple, color.
  • Spessartine is an orange, brown or yellow garnet that resembles an orange.
  • Grossular is a green-brown mineral. There may be glimpses of yellow. Some specimens are emerald. By the way, the name means “gooseberry” in Latin.
  • Uvarovite is a Ural gemstone distinguished by its rich emerald color.
  • Hessonite is a delicate honey-colored stone.
  • Andradite is a Brazilian garnet that is red, yellow or greenish in color.
  • Melanite has a deep black color.
  • Leucogranate is a transparent stone used for industrial purposes.

In the photo there is a ring and earrings with garnet

In the photo there is a ring with a garnet

In the photo there is a ring with a garnet

How is it that stones that are so different in appearance are united by one name? The fact is that a certain color is formed due to the admixtures of various metals.

  • The red color comes from iron.
  • Thanks to manganese – yellow.
  • Titanium contributes the black color.
  • Yellow or green due to calcium impurities.
  • Aluminum brightens the mineral.

All types of garnet have a complex molecular structure, the basis of which is silicon oxide, and the addition of metal impurities. Moreover, the physical properties of all types of garnet stone are approximately the same, regardless of the chemical composition. Therefore, all grenades have:

  • Glassy, ​​greasy, glassy and diamond shine.
  • Various transparency: transparent, translucent or translucent.
  • Strength ranges from 6 to 7,5 on the Mohs scale.
  • Conchoidal, uneven fracture.
  • The absence of cleavage.
  • Density from 3,4 to 4,3.
  • Fragility.
  • No reaction to acid.

Jewelry with the enchanting and mysterious shine of garnet symbolizes passion not only aesthetically. Magicians believe that the stone can ignite a flame in a person’s heart, endow him with charisma and charm, protect him from ill-wishers and danger, and help create strong, faithful relationships full of love.

However, remember that where there is passion, there is aggression. Yes, an insecure person will become bolder, but an initially aggressive person will become angrier.

Black garnets store intense, dangerous mystical energy. Black garnet jewelry should be used very carefully as an amulet. The stone will help you achieve what you want, but will charge a mystical fee for its help. It is not surprising that jewelry and clothes with black garnet were worn by kings and all those in power. The mineral strengthened their will and determination, brought good luck and gave them strength to fulfill their plans.

Protection is attributed to green, yellow and transparent minerals that provide soft energy. Amulets with these gems help create good relationships in the family and with work colleagues, because they teach wisdom and compliance.

Pomegranate does not teach life, does not instruct on the true path, but shares energy. This means that he can only help someone who already has a goal and is looking for the strength to go towards it. Therefore, the stone became an amulet for travelers, warriors and sailors.

A man who uses a pomegranate amulet has increased sexual energy and no fear of change. The mineral will impart prudence and foresight, help increase income and achieve success in your career.

Pomegranate will help a pregnant woman bear and give birth to a healthy child, as well as strengthen family ties. For a woman seeking recognition at work, stone will help her get a good position.

Ancient healers attributed medicinal properties to the scarlet-colored pomegranate:

  • It symbolized the heart, so it was recommended to wear the jewelry around the neck to normalize blood pressure.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Restore biorhythms.
  • Scarlet stone is a universal antidepressant. Looking at the mineral for a long time can relieve anxiety and fatigue.

For medical purposes, the mineral was used by midwives: they ground the gem into powder and prepared an ointment that should relieve pain during contractions. We recommend not to rely on this fact completely, but to contact a specialized medical institution.

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