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Who suits yellow sapphire according to their zodiac sign?

History attributes magical properties to sapphire; it is considered a stone with the most mysterious past; it is suitable for those who need to achieve their goals at any cost. Since ancient times, it was one of the main accessories of royal vestments and was featured in crowns, rings, tiaras and other royal attributes. In mineralogy, this is the name for a variety of corundum, which is often familiar to buyers in blue shades, but there are other colors that are much less common and therefore more valuable. They are part of multimillion-dollar private collections and are among the four most precious stones in the world.

Historical facts

History says that the first sapphire was found in southeast Asia, but there is no written or graphic evidence of this. The main characteristics that caught the eye of the discoverers were its density and hardness, as well as its extraordinary beauty. It was considered blasphemous to use a magnificent find in everyday life, so from the first days it was widely used in jewelry and used as currency. Its original name is corundum. Over time, corundums of all types and shades began to be called sapphires, from the Greek word “sappheiros”, which fully reflects the appearance of the mineral and translated means “blue stone”. The red variants were the only exception; they were placed in a separate group and given the name rubies. Some scientists have suggested that the modern name comes from the ancient Babylonian “sipru”, which means “scratching”, due to the high hardness of the stone. In the ancient Russian state, it was called “baus” or “azorevy yakhont,” as numerous sources say.


  • The territories of Tanzania, the United States of America, Kenya, Vietnam and Burma have good deposits. From time to time, very valuable specimens come across here.
  • In Cambodia and Thailand, there is intensive mining of minerals characterized by a greenish tint.
  • Light blue or sky ones are mined on the island of Sri Lanka.
  • Up to 25 percent of all global production is concentrated in Australia. From there they are delivered to other countries for further processing and cutting.
  • Pink stones are highly prized among collectors from all over the world and are quite rare in Sri Lanka and Madagascar.
  • Cornflower blue ones are considered the most expensive; they are almost impossible to find on the open market; all specimens have long been dispersed in private collections. They are mined exclusively by hand in India, dating back to the 19th century.

Varieties and their magical properties

  • Star-shaped is an opaque gem of special polishing. At a certain angle of incidence of a beam of light on its surface, a clear image of a star is visible. It consists of narrow stripes of green and blue, which can only be seen under a microscope. The stone relieves eye fatigue, helps to better perceive the meaning of things, and promotes memorization. It restores good spirits, lifts your spirits, improves your physical condition and organizes your thoughts.
  • Yellow usually ranges from light yellow to deep amber. There are also orange versions that have high hardness. It protects against curses, damage, the evil eye, and various phobias. Improves character traits and promotes the manifestation of good qualities, reveals talent. Promotes well-being in the family. It relieves depression and helps avoid mental disorders. Positively affects the performance of all human organs.
  • Blue or cornflower blue is the most expensive sapphire gem in the world. This is a real talisman of good luck, bringing the owner success in business and personal affairs. It symbolizes wisdom, sobriety, decency and purity. Promotes relaxation, balances emotions. Reveals the secret feelings of women, has the ability to emphasize and enrich spiritual qualities. It is also a symbol of thinkers and philosophers and supports travelers on the road. It is strongly not recommended for indifferent and inactive individuals, whose bad qualities can only get worse when wearing a gem.
  • Blue is the most common and familiar color of this corundum. The main value is represented by specimens of a rich, deep shade without inclusions. It is found quite rarely in nature, as a result of which it has enormous value. Variants with inclusions resembling ray stars are used as amulets. They attract financial luck. This stone stimulates the cardiovascular system, relieves headaches and inflammation.
  • Green sapphire only has a characteristic shade in appearance; in fact, it consists of tiny green-blue stripes. Helps you better understand people’s emotions and feelings.
  • Pink is a rare and beautiful gem, mined on only two islands on the planet – Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Sometimes, to obtain the required shade, the original mineral is exposed to high temperatures. This is a magnet stone that attracts to the owner everything he desires.
  • Black is a powerful amulet that protects the owner from evil spirits, enemies, and negative magical influences. It heals stress, relieves depression, and balances the internal state.
  • White symbolizes purity of thoughts and true love. It is recommended to be worn by people with a light heart, without evil intentions. This jewelry is presented as a gift to each other by lovers, wanting to emphasize high feelings. Helps you become more confident and purposeful.
  • Padparadscha is a mineral that is characterized by an orange-pink color; it is quite rare in nature and therefore is very valuable. This is an excellent amulet against love curses and love spells. The stone has a beneficial effect on the immune system and enhances the effect of medications, leading to rapid recovery.

Has an image of a similar name

Is an excellent amulet

The most expensive of corundums

The most common type of sapphire

Believed to attract good luck

One of the rarest gems

Heals stress and depression

Symbolizes love and purity

Corundum orange-pink color

physical properties

Sapphire’s chemical composition is aluminum oxide. Most often it is mined in crystals in the form of a barrel or fused pyramids. Entire growths of this mineral are very rarely found. The color can be different, the saturation depends on the number of inclusions of iron and titanium. Modern technologies make it possible to improve the color of the stone by heating it to a temperature of 1400 degrees Celsius.

The gem is endowed with a powerful shine; the density of the stone is 3,9-4,1 g/cm. cube On the Mohs scale it ranks 9 out of 10 in terms of hardness and is second only to diamond. Its melting occurs at a temperature of -2050 degrees Celsius. Capable of refracting light rays two or more times, resulting in inner radiance. The refractive index at its maximum value is 1,778.

Medicinal properties

  • The stone is recommended for curing heart ailments, diabetes, asthma and kidney diseases.
  • White perfectly harmonizes with aged women’s skin, removing wrinkles, refreshing its color and prolonging youth.
  • Yellow sapphire stimulates the immune system well, affects women’s health, calming hormonal levels, helping to quickly conceive and get rid of diseases.
  • Restores the musculoskeletal system, eliminates muscle problems and pain.
  • Excellently relieves the wearer’s internal tension, calms the nerves, and restores strength.
  • Improves blood circulation and prevents brain diseases from developing.
  • In addition to the mineral itself, water infused with it is also useful. By washing your face every morning, you can restore youth and beauty to outdated skin, support and cleanse problematic skin.

How to distinguish a fake from an original

  • It is impossible to scratch or damage natural corundum. It will easily scratch glass and withstand the mechanical impact of other stone or hard material.
  • These are quite rare crystals, so in places of certified sale, where it is recommended to buy products, jewelry must be confirmed by the appropriate papers.
  • It has a non-uniform structure, unlike ordinary glass, which is easy to notice with multiple magnification.
  • The best way to ensure its authenticity is to take it to a jeweler for inspection.

Caring for Sapphires

Jewelry and products made from such stone are periodically wiped with a brush. You can restore the original shine by wiping it with ammonia or a mixture of soda and bleach.

Protect from heat – under the influence of temperature it may change color, and accordingly its value will decrease.

Despite the fact that the mineral is hard, it is recommended to store it in a separate soft bag, avoiding contact with other jewelry.

Sapphire: to whom the stone suits according to the horoscope

It is believed that it is associated with the planet Saturn, which is responsible for sobriety of mind, strength of character and perseverance, therefore it is ideal as a talisman for the signs of the earth elements – Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. It will help to realize planned ideas, develop creative talents and mental abilities.

The crystal also has a beneficial effect on the air signs of the zodiac – Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. Helps strengthen connections, establish contacts, improves brain processes, promoting success in studies and education.

  • will moderate the ardor of Aries;
  • It will help Taurus to make the right decision;
  • Gemini – find true friends;
  • for Cancers – will improve the effect of medicinal products and drugs;
  • Leos with corundum will find balance and calm;
  • Virgos will become easier to communicate with;
  • for Libra it will serve as a powerful amulet;
  • Scorpios will be able to achieve success in love affairs;
  • Aquarians will become more self-confident;
  • Pisces will get rid of troubles and find true love.

Regardless of whose properties sapphire reveals most fully of all the zodiac signs, it is better for mature people to wear the stone. This mineral gains its greatest strength after turning 36 years old. It is then that he contributes to the growth of authority and the strengthening of justice in human affairs.

A piece of heaven in a world of precious stones and shining gems

Cornflower blue, deep blue. it seems that the sky was reflected in the sapphires and remained inside for centuries. For this heavenly color they were called “sapphire”, which literally means “blue stone”. Since ancient times, this mineral has become a symbol of spirituality. Once upon a time, the sacred sapphire was dedicated to the father of the gods – Zeus. There is a legend that the seal of the wise and fair King Solomon was made from this blue stone. In Rus’, this mineral was called “azure yacht”. And today in the global jewelry market, sapphire is valued on a par with diamond, ruby ​​and emerald.

Origin of sapphire

The Tamils ​​(the peoples of Southeast Asia) were the first to discover this gem. They often found in the immediate vicinity incredibly hard and durable opaque stones, which they nicknamed “corundam”. Sapphire is an incredible mineral, second only to diamond in hardness.

The oldest deposit is located in Sri Lanka. This mysterious crystal is considered a national treasure and the hallmark of the island. Here you can find a unique purple sapphire or an equally rare “cat’s eye”. Yellow and orange colored stones are also common.

Today, sapphire is most often found in the USA, Australia, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The Earth has given this gem to all continents except Antarctica. Since the color of the stone directly depends on the deposit, it is quite easy to understand where a particular mineral comes from. For example, Ural pebbles are most often transparent or with a slight gray tint. And the black color of Australian crystals amazes the most famous jewelers in the world. Minerals mined in Thailand delight with all shades of green.

Precious kaleidoscope

Blue sapphire is the most common variety. The mineral acquires this color due to the admixtures of iron and titanium.

Yellow sapphire has shades from pale yellow, almost transparent, to a rich cognac color.

The gem turns blue due to a small amount of titanium and iron impurities. And it is sometimes classified as a member of the blue sapphire family.

White (transparent) sapphire is a mineral without any impurities. In addition to the jewelry industry, this stone is widely used in dentistry and engineering.

Green sapphire is very rarely found in deposits nowadays, but is nevertheless inexpensive. The palette of shades is apple, green, emerald, as well as green with a blue tint and green with a yellow tint.

Black sapphire, although called black, is actually a very dark gray color. Also classified as black are blues and blues of a dark deep shade.

A special place among gems is occupied by the so-called star sapphire. Gemstones of this type have the effect of asterism (the formation of intersecting rays on the surface of the stone). Such specimens are very rare in nature. The standard representative of this unusual species is a blue sapphire with six intersecting rays forming a star. But it is quite difficult to see it. It is necessary to examine the stone in natural light, rotating it at different angles. A pink sapphire with a pronounced star is considered a rare specimen. Chrome gives such a bright and rich shade to the gem.

Jewelers often use heat treatment to make the star’s image even more visible and to deepen the color of the mineral. But a natural crystal that has not been subjected to any technical influence is much more expensive.

Sapphire Magic

The value of an amazing crystal is not only in its beauty and splendor, but also in its unique properties. The mineral symbolizes purity and purity, innocence and chastity. The magical properties of sapphire help people discover the best in themselves. The purity of the crystal protects against lies and betrayal.

White sapphire is a talisman of pure true love; couples in love can have such a stone as a talisman of their union. An amulet with a blue stone will help in achieving academic heights, and will also relieve anger and irritability. Yellow is considered a talisman for creative people; it gives them inspiration and courage to decide to implement an unusual idea. Blue sapphire is considered a talisman for psychics – it helps them in contact with otherworldly forces and spirits. The green mineral is considered a talisman of compassion and understanding; it makes a person kinder. And black is considered the strongest magical amulet against various evil eyes, slander and damage. It is also a talisman for travelers and people exploring the world. A pink stone is capable of attracting into a person’s life everything that he thinks about, strives for, and wants.

There are no special indications for how to wear sapphire. The stone goes well with emeralds and diamonds, and the step cut allows the gems to shine with all their colors. In summer, it is advisable to choose jewelry with red or yellow gold, and for winter, a frame made of white gold or platinum is more suitable.

Who is sapphire suitable for?

Almost all zodiac signs. This stone will give Pisces and Libra a sense of purpose. It will help Scorpios cope with emotional instability. It will be a source of inspiration for Taurus, and will help Gemini to organize their inner world. For Virgo, sapphire will become a talisman that protects against people who can bring pain. For Leo and Aries, jewelry with such a stone is a great way to curb their tough temper. For Aquarius, the crystal will help to discover their spiritual and creative potential. And Sagittarius will feel an increase in natural magnetism. Only Capricorn is contraindicated in this mineral, as it can aggravate the negative qualities of the sign’s representative.

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