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Whose horoscope suits the turquoise stone?

The magical properties of the stone were revered in ancient Egypt. And its name among the Persians meant “crystal of happiness.” You can read more about the turquoise stone, its magical properties and who it’s suitable for. It is supplied by the following countries:

  • Iran (largest reserves);
  • Russia;
  • China;
  • Uzbekistan;
  • Israel;
  • Mexico;
  • Australia;
  • USA.

The color spectrum of the stone is quite wide. Everyone can choose a gem that they like. The main colors are:

  • white;
  • sky blue;
  • blue;
  • dark green;
  • greyish-olive.

Many shamans call this crystal “living.” The reason is that he changes throughout his existence, that is, he grows up and grows old. Remember that the gem is sensitive to temperature changes, sunlight and moisture. It also senses changes in the weather – it gets dark when bad weather is approaching, and if the owner is sick, then it dims.

Turquoise: stone of happiness

Many magicians believe that this crystal attracts happiness for its owner. Thanks to the stone, aggressiveness decreases, the ability to reconcile enemies and soften the harsh statements of opponents appears. According to legend, it protects children from the evil eye thanks to its powerful energy. And for those who travel, it is recommended to take the crystal with them on the road. This way it will protect the owner from dangerous situations and help him return home safe and sound. Turquoise in silver enhances its magical abilities and has a beneficial effect on the biofield of the one who wears it.

Why is it also called the stone of happiness? Probably because it brings financial well-being to its owner. True, this mineral helps only those who work hard and move towards their goals. The magic of the turquoise stone also lies in the acquisition of power, authority and strength to those who wear it.

This mineral suits almost all zodiac signs. The exception is Leos. But for Sagittarius, this is an important component that will help them correctly formulate goals and be more careful with various adventures. It will also enhance intellectual abilities and give sensuality. The gem will increase the vital energy of Scorpios, make them calmer and moderate their ardor.

Blue turquoise: magical properties

It helps to increase the level of spirituality, to find a balance between dreams and the real world. Magicians say that such a mineral helps expand the boundaries of consciousness and comprehend secret knowledge. Turquoise: The meaning of the stone is great for those who want their partner to be faithful. It’s worth giving it to your significant other or sewing a piece into some item of clothing. Esotericists also say that a crystal of this color will help you win both in love and in professional affairs.

Green turquoise: magical properties

It is most often used by shamans to perform magical rituals and fortune telling. An effective way of protection can be a spell; the turquoise with which the magician has worked becomes a reliable talisman for everyone. It will drive away evil spirits, warn of dangers and protect from evil spirits. If you look at rings or earrings with this mineral, the energy of turquoise will penetrate your biofield and interact more actively with it. It will help protect against negative influences from ill-wishers. However, the mineral can punish the owner if he has evil thoughts, acts dishonestly, or tries to harm someone.

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Other products made from this stone:

There are many legends and mysterious stories associated with it. Jewelry made from this mineral has been preserved, which was worn by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, Aztec tribes and Indians of the American continent.

Description and varieties

In terms of physical properties, turquoise is a sedimentary rock. It is a mineral of medium hardness and density, opaque and slightly cloudy in appearance. Although many people associate the name of the stone with blue-green color, the mineral has many shades. In the light, even on one copy, different tones play. As a rule, the following primary colors are distinguished:

  1. The pale blue gem is especially valued in eastern countries. Since ancient times, a mineral of this color was considered in the East as a stone of brides.
  2. Blue-blue turquoise is the most common and sought-after variety of this mineral. In addition, it is the strongest stone. It brings happiness and promotes success in any endeavor.
  3. Light green turquoise is a stone of calm and harmony. A gem of a light natural shade helps restore strength, recover from illnesses, and put your body and thoughts in order.
  4. The blue-green gem is considered a stone of the other world. It is often used by magicians and sorcerers in their rituals. It is better for an ordinary person not to wear jewelry with a blue-green stone, as a connection with the world of the dead can lead to mental disorders.
  5. The dark green mineral is suitable for older people. He protects and protects. It is recommended to wear it as an amulet.
  6. White turquoise protects against dangers. Jewelry with a stone of this color will be an excellent amulets for those who engage in extreme sports or work as a rescuer.

The natural “magic” of turquoise is that the gem can age. White specimens are considered immature, just gaining color. Gradually, the mineral turns different colors, and after some time it fades.

Use of the mineral

The oldest deposit of turquoise was found in the territory of modern Iran several thousand years ago. The highest quality variety of the mineral is still mined there. The magical characteristics of the stone were known to ancient people. They made protective amulets and amulets from it.

But the real cult of turquoise was created in Ancient Egypt. It was from this gem that craftsmen carved sacred scarabs, which became objects of worship. The value of the stone was also high in the Middle Ages. Many decorations have survived to this day. Moreover, the quality of processing of some gems was so skillful that they looked more like ornamental stones.

The turquoise gemstone was highly valued by American tribes. The Aztecs encrusted ritual masks of priests and figurines of gods with it, and used gems when burying leaders. In the East, turquoise of the heavenly color was most revered. This variety is called Izkhaki. Stones of white and golden color were sold, on the contrary, very cheaply, as they were considered ignoble specimens.

At all times, the gem has been used in alternative medicine and magic. Moreover, the longer the mineral comes into contact with the human body, the stronger its effect becomes. As a healing or magical amulet, you must constantly wear a turquoise pendant, bracelet or ring.

In our time, jewelry and various amulets made from this mineral have not lost their relevance. Prices for turquoise vary and depend on the decorative features of the stone. The gem is not getting cheaper, as its reserves on our planet are depleting. Today a small number of deposits are being developed. Therefore, more and more fakes are appearing on the jewelry market. Although ancient civilizations tried to obtain a material similar to a natural mineral. For example, the Egyptians made elaborate imitations of stone by mixing bone fossils with dyes.

Modern technologies make it possible to create ornamental specimens that are almost impossible to distinguish from real gems. They are very similar in appearance, only a special chemical analysis can detect a fake. High-quality imitations are made from turquoise waste remaining after processing natural stone. The crumbs are held together with a special adhesive solution and tinted. Sometimes, with the help of dyes, imitations of expensive stones are obtained from cheap varieties of turquoise. Low-quality fakes are made from ordinary plastic, painted to resemble a natural gem.

Magical and healing properties

The gem has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It helps normalize sleep, improve mood, get rid of stomach and liver diseases, and heal wounds and burns. However, its main healing value lies not in curing diseases, but in diagnosing them. It is believed that the mineral changes its color when it comes into contact with the human body.

Ivan the Terrible, who was very ill at the end of his life, demonstrated to those close to him the unusual properties of the gem. His turquoise rosary did not change in the hands of others. However, as soon as the sovereign touched the stones, they dimmed.

The magical properties of the turquoise stone, whose value has always been high, have also been used in past centuries. A change in the color of a mineral always indicated something harmful. Thus, for a long time it was believed that turquoise would change color if it fell into a vessel with poison. Many monarchs used turquoise, whose properties they trusted, when testing food for the presence of toxic substances. For example, the English king John the Landless never parted with the gem. However, after his shameful death from diarrhea, the mineral was endowed with one more property – to protect and bring good luck only to honest and decent people.

The magical properties of turquoise were especially valued in the East. The bride was dressed in turquoise jewelry, symbolizing her fragility and purity; soldiers took the mineral with them to war so that it would protect them from death. However, the gem will give happiness and good luck only to those who have good intentions. The mineral punishes evil and dishonest people, attracting troubles and failures to them.

According to the horoscope, the gem suits almost everyone. However, of all the zodiac signs for whom turquoise is suitable, it has the greatest influence on Sagittarius and Scorpio. It helps them achieve their goals, and also calms their violent temperament, gives them confidence and increases their intellectual abilities. Aquarius is another zodiac sign for whom turquoise is recommended. She gives him peace of mind and puts his thoughts in order. Turquoise does not affect Virgos and Cancers. Leos are completely contraindicated from wearing a gem. This fire sign will draw energy from the stone, draining it. As a result, the gem will begin to work against its owner.

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