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Whose stone is emerald according to zodiac sign?

Emerald is a green gemstone from the beryl group. It belongs to the first group of minerals along with diamond, ruby, sapphire and alexandrite. A mineral is a substance homogeneous in structure and composition that is part of a rock, meteorite or ore, formed in the earth’s crust or its water shell as a result of natural physical and chemical processes. Jewelry stones (both precious and semi-precious) are beautiful and rare varieties of a particular mineral. Beryl Density It is the ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume it occupies. When comparing two objects with the same volume, the one whose density is higher will be heavier. 2,69–2,78 g/cm³ Mohs hardness A relative scale of mineral hardness, with Mohs 1 being the least hard and 10 being the hardest. The standard for the greatest hardness is a diamond with a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale. Shades of green Emerald is one of the most valuable jewelry stones. It is rare to find a completely transparent specimen in nature. And such emeralds are highly valued. Basically, these gems contain cracks, bubbles and cloudy areas. Emerald colors are most often represented by shades of green. Advertising – Continued below


Now it is very difficult to determine when people first learned about this gemstone. After all, already in the 4th century BC. the inhabitants of Babylon traded emeralds. In addition, the emerald mines of Cleopatra are known, which were developed in the 300s BC. Video with interesting facts about emerald

Emerald deposits

Currently, the largest amount of all emeralds is mined in Colombia. Zambian emerald deposits also have a fairly high rate: about 20% of the total number of these minerals is mined here. And their quality is much better than Colombian emeralds. Advertising – Continued below The most famous, oldest and largest emerald deposit in Russia is the Ural emerald mines. Not only precious emeralds are mined here, but also alexandrite, apatite and other minerals.

Emerald price

As already mentioned, emerald is a precious stone and ranks alongside diamond, sapphire and ruby. That is why the cost of emerald is high. Even the lowest quality processed stones, pale green in color with many inclusions, cost from $40 per carat, cabochons from $1 per carat. Dark green emeralds of good clarity and weighing from 5 carats cost from $1000 per carat and above. The most exceptional representatives of green beryls can surpass diamonds in price. Read more:
10 largest diamonds in the world Advertising – Continued below As an example, consider the magnificent 18-carat Rockefeller emerald, which sold for $2017 million in 5,5. And two years earlier, a unique Piccadilly Princess Royal Emerald Green watch was released, literally woven from 245 Gemfields emeralds weighing almost 32 carats. Their cost was approximately $2,3 million.

The healing properties of emerald

According to legend, it was in an emerald cup that the blood of Christ was collected, and subsequently, anyone who was given the honor of drinking from it was instantly cured of all diseases. This vessel is now known as the “Grail” or “Holy Grail”. The emerald stone can relieve the owner from headaches, nightmares and insomnia. Helps get rid of various types of psoriasis, infections and high fever. If you wear jewelry with emerald, it can enhance the effect of any treatment, and will also relieve the owner from night blindness, various gastrointestinal diseases and coughs. Advertising – Continued below It is believed that if this stone is placed in a container of water for at least an hour, the liquid will be cleared of harmful microbes and bacteria.

Magical properties of emerald

According to people associated with esoteric teachings, if you meditate for a long time while looking at an emerald, you can see the future. It is not without reason that the famous tablets of Hermes, on which all the wisdom of the world is written, were made of solid emerald. It is believed that it protects the human soul while traveling through the Astral, and helps mediums quickly contact the souls of the dead. There are also a number of other magical properties of this precious mineral. Emerald fights the bad inclinations of its owner: laziness, theft, debauchery, deceit. If a person continues to indulge in vices, then the stone, instead of helping, can begin to harm its owner. And when his strength is depleted, the emerald will split. Advertising – Continued below If the stone is in the house, then over time its energy is cleared of negativity. The same applies to the person who constantly wears the jewelry with him.

Who will benefit from the stone?

Since ancient times, this green gemstone has been suggested to be worn by unmarried girls because it helps maintain chastity. Emerald is a talisman for sailors and protects them from storms. And for those who are looking for their love, it will help them find happiness and maintain harmony in the family, protecting them from betrayal. The favorite of kings, the pride of pirate treasures, a stone whose radiance will help. in the fight against dementia. All this is about the incomprehensible properties of emerald, the patron stone of all those born in May. We will tell you in our article what the gem contains and how it affects people.

What does an emerald look like?

An indispensable inhabitant of royal treasuries, emerald is valued no less than a diamond, and sometimes much more, even with the same weight. Its aristocracy, depth of color – the whole appearance of the emerald impresses with its impeccability. And you literally look at some specimens, especially clean and transparent ones, with bated breath. Emerald is a gemstone that belongs to beryl. According to the Federal Law “On Precious Metals and Precious Stones” dated March 26.03.1998, 41 No. XNUMX-FZ, natural emerald is considered precious along with diamond, sapphire, ruby ​​and others. In any gemological classification, this beauty will also be listed as precious. It is by its bright herbaceous color that this beautiful mineral is recognized, but in fact its shades can be different – from light herbaceous, medium green to medium-dark, dark saturated with a blue undertone. And yet it is the green color that plays the leading role. Transparency depends on the quality of the crystal; samples are often found that appear to be foggy from the inside. Such crystals have internal cracks or bubbles that are visible to the naked eye. Therefore, they undergo an oiling procedure, that is, filling the voids with oil or epoxy resin. Depending on the degree of transparency, experts choose the shape of the future stone cut so that it can reveal its full potential. If a large crystal turns out to be of high quality – without inclusions or cracks – it can be valued by experts at many times higher than a diamond of the same size. This is because such samples weighing more than 5 carats are very rare.

The meaning and origin of the precious mineral

Since the time of Cleopatra, emerald has been used as a permanent attribute of royal power. A passionate fan of these stones, the Egyptian queen encrusted everything she could with them – outfits, jewelry, even the interiors of her chambers. Apparently, Cleopatra became the founder of the fashion for these minerals among royalty. After her, such jewelry became a mandatory part of the jewelry wardrobe of the rulers of Ancient Egypt and later states. The most numerous reserves of these delightful gems are concentrated in Colombia. The country, which is not rich economically, is generous with its nature and abundance of pure stones of the richest shades. Here, at the Muso and Gachala deposits, you can find a rare variety – Trapiche emeralds. The stones have inclusions that form a star shape, with each design being unique. It is the Colombian specimens that are the most valuable in the world. For comparison: Indian samples are estimated at 25-30 dollars per carat, and the cost of Colombian ones reaches $3000. The Malyshevskoye deposit, located in Russia, in the Urals, is of great value. It was discovered in the 60th century, and the reserves of this mine can exceed XNUMX tons, according to experts. In general, the global production of these precious minerals is estimated at 43,1 million carats, although the bulk of it comes from low-quality samples. No more than 5% of the total amount is mined of truly worthwhile crystals.

Physicochemical characteristics

By origin, the stone belongs to the beryl group. The hardness of the mineral is quite high, reaching 7,5-8 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, but it is very fragile and can easily crack. The density is 2,69-2,78 g/cm³, the luster is glassy, ​​the crystals are transparent or translucent. For convenience, we made a table of emerald characteristics:

Color green, yellowish-green
Brilliance glass
Transparency transparent, translucent
Hardness 7,5-8,0 on the Mohs scale
Cleavage imperfect
Kink conchoidal, uneven
Density 2,69-2,78 g / cm³
  • Color – the stone may have a bluish or yellowish tint, but the color of a real emerald will still remain green.
  • Imperfection – a natural crystal may have small defects that affect its price and appearance. The more inclusions, cracks, and other imperfections, the cheaper the natural stone, but it is their presence that creates the “soul” of the crystal, making it unique.
  • Transparency and cleanliness are valued by experts and influence prices.

An interesting feature is that if you heat a pebble to 700 degrees, it can completely lose its color, but at the same time it is resistant to acids and reagents.

All properties of emerald stone

In addition to valuable chemical and physical characteristics, the mineral has other incredible properties that lithotherapists and esotericists use in their practices.

Healing properties

Since the reign of Cleopatra, emerald has been known for its ability to rejuvenate and slow down aging. It is believed that the stone helps to prolong beauty, improve health, and also promises longevity for its owner. To feel the impact of the mineral, you need to constantly wear jewelry with a precious insert on yourself, and also place several jewelry with the stone near your bed.

Another useful property of the stone is its ability to improve vision or slow down its deterioration. Anyone whose work involves eye strain is advised to look closely at the mineral for several minutes several times a day. Lithotherapists believe that in this way fatigue is relieved. If your eyes are often inflamed or susceptible to infections, experts advise applying crystals to your eyelids for about half an hour.

To get rid of sleep problems, use the healing power of your assistant. Look at the soothing greenery of the stone for just a few minutes – after 5-7 days you will notice how anxious thoughts leave you, and your sleep improves, becoming stronger and calmer. If you suffer from nightmares, experts advise constantly wearing gold jewelry with an emerald.

Another healing effect of this useful mineral is that it helps with inflammation. It manifests itself especially clearly if a person suffers from liver and skin diseases. For prevention, wear an uncut mineral, and if the inflammation is in an acute stage, place a pebble on the sore spot.

For those who are subject to stress and often feel overwhelmed, lithotherapists advise constantly wearing the stone and keeping several samples of any quality and cut at home. A healing crystal promotes relaxation, helps to find peace of mind, internal energy, and also cope with depression and excessive anxiety.

We remind you that minerals should only be used in combination with medications prescribed by a doctor. Despite the enormous power contained in the stones, you should not rely only on the energy of these little helpers.

Magical properties

Emerald has many mystical abilities that have been valued since the emergence of human civilization.

For example, Solomon believed that a stone could drive away bad thoughts, cleanse the soul and even. scare away snakes!

In the Caucasus, the mineral is valued for its ability to foresight. It is believed that if you wear the stone for a long time, you can learn to look into the future.

In Ancient Rus’ they believed that a magic crystal, which was then called smaragd, could help one become pregnant and safely bear a baby.

Currently, esotericists claim that the magical properties of emerald help preserve memory and a clear mind until old age. For those who do not want to meet the autumn of life while suffering from dementia, the pebble will be very useful – along with proper sleep, physical and mental activity.

Throughout the world, this mineral symbolizes honesty. There are legends when a precious crystal exposed the hypocrisy, lies, and dark thoughts of ill-wishers.

Stone colors

The main color of the stone is green, but there are differences in shades:

  • rich dark green or with blue undertones;
  • medium, grassy tone;
  • light, medium-light with a yellowish undertone.

The color is determined by the impurities that make up the mineral – oxides of chromium, iron or vanadium.

The metaphysical properties of the talisman are influenced not only by the power contained in the crystal, but also by its color. Our hero is able to awaken love, compassion, and give peace to its owner. Therefore, a person is recommended to wear emerald when he has lost his peace of mind or is looking for love and harmony.

Precious minerals have different effects on people depending on their color. The table showed what some colors mean:

Green Love, compassion, serenity
Red Passion, energy, vitality
Yellow Optimism, intelligence, confidence

Who suits emerald and what to wear it with

The emerald gemstone is the main patron of Taurus. In addition, it protects Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Pisces – these signs will definitely appreciate the influence of the stone.

  • Taurus, owning a powerful crystal, will protect themselves from loneliness.
  • Gemini will receive prudence and wisdom.
  • It will help Cancers to tune into a positive mood.
  • Leos will carry out the most daring plans with the patronage of their guardian.
  • Pisces, thanks to the stone, will keep the marriage strong, protect against betrayal, and return love.

The rest of the zodiac signs are unlikely to feel any special impact, but the gem will not cause them any harm. But you can simply wear it as a beautiful decoration, admiring the play of light in the edges

You can assess whether a stone is suitable for you using the table:

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries +
Taurus ++
Gemini + + +
Cancer + + +
a lion + + +
Virgo +
Scales +
Scorpio +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn +
Aquarius +
Pisces + + +

In addition to matching the zodiac sign, magic crystals are chosen for themselves or as gifts for people in creative professions and those whose work is related to money.

For designers, writers, actors or other representatives of the creative field, a magic crystal will help not only find their muse, but also become famous and get rich doing what they love.

Businessmen, bankers, and financiers should wear an emerald ring to important meetings or business negotiations. The talisman will become a faithful ally if you need to make a fateful decision.

Combination with other stones

From an astrological point of view, some combinations should be avoided due to the incompatibility of the stones. For example, our hero will definitely not make friends with moonstone, coral, aquamarine and opal. The energy of these crystals will either suppress the power of the emerald, or this combination will work to the detriment of its owner and worsen his condition.

Relationships will be ideal with the following minerals:

  • pearl;
  • agate;
  • sapphire;
  • turquoise;
  • amber;
  • jasper;
  • chalcedony;
  • topaz.

It is better not to wear other stones at the same time as your main assistant. Read more about emerald compatibility in the table:

Harmony Forbidden combination Undesirable combination Neutral combination
White pearl, agate, dark and blue sapphire, turquoise, amber, jasper, alabaster, capdonyx, chalcedony, amber, light topaz, lapis lazuli Beryl, moonstone, coral, aquamarine, opal Diamond, hyacinth, ruby, dark topaz, aventurine, heliotrope, amethyst, chrysoprase and peridot Obsidian, rock crystal, labradorite

If astrological theories are not close to you, and in your search for ideal combinations you are guided solely by aesthetics, take a look at these combinations:

  • lapis lazuli will complement the bright green coolness with its rich hue – fans of bold statements will appreciate this mix;
  • dark sapphire will make the emerald visually brighter;
  • agates will become excellent neighbors for those minerals that are not characterized by ideal transparency;
  • combination with colorless diamonds is a classic combination that is hard not to love; it looks great in any setting.

Pure emeralds set in white or yellow gold – next to noble or solo diamonds – can be found in our catalogue. If you have old jewelry in your jewelry box that you definitely won’t wear again, you can profitably exchange it for a completely new one using the trade-in program. All details on the website OUR GOLD.

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