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Whose zodiac sign is tanzanite suitable for?

Tanzanite is a truly unique gemstone, which is mined in a single place on earth – in the Tanzanian province of Arusha, located in the north of the country. It was first discovered a little over 50 years ago, so we can confidently say that it is one of the youngest gems. At first it was dubbed the African sapphire, but after some time it was identified as an independent stone.

Tanzanite – “African sapphire”!

Tanzanite is a truly unique gemstone, which is mined in a single place on earth – in the Tanzanian province of Arusha, located in the north of the country. It was first discovered a little over 50 years ago, so we can confidently say that it is one of the youngest gems. At first it was dubbed the African sapphire, but after some time it was identified as an independent stone. The Tiffany & Co company contributed to the popularity of tanzanite on the world market. It was its specialists who introduced the name “tanzanite” after the place where the stone was mined. The gem is also amazing because it has the effect of pleochorism – it is able to change its shade under the influence of light.

Medicinal properties of Tanzanite

Lithotherapists (stone treatment specialists) associate the healing properties of tanzanite with its color. It is blue, like the sky, which is so pleasant to admire. Therefore, the sphere of healing effects of the stone is precisely the eyes. Tanzanite will help make vision sharper and reduce eye pressure. Those people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer monitor are advised to examine the structure of the stone, which will reduce eye strain after a working day. Other healing abilities of tanzanite include helping with colds, fever, and spinal diseases. The stone has a beneficial effect on the skin, preventing acne, allergic rashes, lichen infection and other diseases.

Tanzanite for zodiac signs

Along with other blue-colored stones, tanzanite is recommended for people with water signs, such as Scorpios, Cancers, and Pisces. However, Aries will also feel harmony in their relationship with tanzanite. [Fish] Representatives of this sign, under the influence of tanzanite, will become more confident in their abilities. In general, their life will improve in all areas: Pisces will gain additional attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex, will be able to meet their love and create a strong, happy family. In addition, the stone will help you gain material well-being. [Cancer] Representatives of the Cancer sign, together with tanzanite, will become richer from a material point of view. It is good to go on a trip in the company of a stone – the talisman will make it safe. [Scorpion] In Scorpios, tanzanite will awaken the desire to climb the career ladder. And improvements in this area will not take long to arrive. [Aries] For Aries, tanzanite acts as a good relaxing agent, relieving anger, aggression, rage and giving calm, prudence, and internal balance. In addition, the stone will attract material well-being and true love.

The magical properties of Tanzanite

Tanzanite is considered a symbol of elegance, high class, a wealthy, luxurious life filled with happiness. Therefore, as a talisman, it will be indispensable for those people who strive for material wealth and well-being in the family. The stone’s help in love matters is selective: it is against relationships without marriage. Tanzanite will be an excellent gift for married couples, especially for a satin wedding (24 years of marriage), and will further strengthen the relationship.

Tanzanite in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on chakras

Tanzanite is associated with the frontal chakra. Ajna influences the state of the brain, stimulates the birth of new ideas, is responsible for a person’s supernatural abilities (clairvoyance, acute intuition), and helps to achieve wisdom. The intestines, bladder, and nervous system are also under its influence. The frontal chakra is associated with how active a person is in social life.

Tanzanite is a symbol of love and luxury!

Tanzanite is inextricably associated with love and luxury, and therefore is an effective talisman for those who crave family well-being and strive for prosperity. Tanzanite will have its beneficial effect in any case: whether it is used in jewelry or remains just a stone without any setting. Career success will be especially accompanied by brooches and pendants with tanzanite. Rings with stones will bring happiness to the family. Earrings will add additional charm and attractiveness to their owners. In principle, tanzanite is a stone that gives the fair sex brightness, attractiveness, and confidence in their irresistibility. In love matters, tanzanite is on the side of those who want to start a family. He will deprive his attention of those people who advocate love without marriage. Tanzanite is an amazing stone; it’s not difficult to understand the mineral that suits your zodiac sign; just study its description and characteristics. The element, color and characteristics of the crystal will tell you which properties are suitable for women and which for men.


Tanzanite is a natural zoisite with magical properties. Causes delight thanks to blue and purple shades, which can replace each other depending on the viewing angle and lighting. The mineral is just as popular among psychics as it is among connoisseurs of quality jewelry. One gets the feeling that the stone is capable of revealing the secrets of the world, and its deep shine fascinates with its radiance. In the video below you can see the natural color and shine of the stones:


Zoisite opens up new possibilities for its owner as easily as it changes its colors. Tanzanite in gold will enhance its magical properties; this metal will reveal all the abilities of the mineral. Psychics will be endowed with hypersensitivity and will enhance the effect of their rituals. The fragility given by nature does not prevent this amazing stone from being a symbol of reliability and tranquility. Any conflicts will be resolved thanks to the influence of zoisite, even the biggest quarrel will be reduced to peaceful negotiations.


When worn regularly, natural tanzanite strengthens the immune system, protecting against colds. With prolonged contact with the skin, it can help in the fight against acne, and a person with panic attacks will return to normal faster. Read also: Tanzanite stone: properties, price, who is suitable for earrings and rings (30+ photos) Works great in jewelry. The ring will relieve hand pain and even develop fine motor skills. Earrings will relieve migraine symptoms.

Signs of the zodiac

Astrologers still cannot decide which horoscope signs the tanzanite stone is suitable for. Most often they are of the opinion that for representatives of the water element the mineral will become a reliable talisman in any activity. The rest of the elements can strengthen or weaken character traits, but more on that below.


An amulet with tanzanite will open up opportunities for earning money and attract financial well-being. Thanks to such a talisman, Aries will gain wisdom and analyze controversial situations without haste or fuss. He will tell those in need of love how to find a reliable life partner. Awakens feelings to show tenderness and sensitivity. Those who prefer frivolous relationships will be negatively influenced.


The owner of a tanzanite amulet will find time for family and relaxation, without plunging headlong into work, but remaining a diligent employee. Taurus will find the right path, reveal his talents and listen to the characteristics of the body.


The mineral will reveal its healing properties: with it, Gemini will strengthen their immunity and be able to ward off various diseases. Strength may also appear for additional hobbies, travel and the desire for discovery. Will solve the problem with social adaptation: will add confidence and decisiveness in actions.


Tanzanite develops and enhances the energy of Cancer’s personality: it will make him more attractive to others. At the same time, it will protect you from troubles: other people’s envy and slander will bypass you. Your approach to spending money will be more thoughtful. There is a chance of approaching business success.

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Zoisite will tame energetic Leos, making them more prudent and calmer. Reasonability will become more important than unexpected emotions: after realizing this simple truth, you will be able to establish communication with loved ones. Workaholics will be rewarded with career growth. A new achievement will push you to self-improvement.


A Virgo with a tanzanite talisman will boost your charisma: communication in a large company will no longer seem daunting. The zodiac sign of the earth element will be able to open up to strangers without feeling awkward.


Libra will balance the pros and cons, begin to act and change the world around them, making it more comfortable. Creative individuals will be inspired by unusual ideas. While studying, it will increase the level of concentration and interest in knowledge.


The Water sign of the zodiac will stop being afraid of being misunderstood and will become more courageous in opening up to people. When worn constantly, it will make your character softer and more sensitive. Since Scorpios usually perceive quarrels painfully, tanzanite will quickly calm the storm of emotions. Getting rid of constant worries will lead to positive changes in life.


Existing connections will improve and new ones will be found: jewelry with tanzanite helps you forget about modesty and encourages you to make new friends. With the right attitude, you can work through injuries and overcome phobias. Gradually, Sagittarius will learn to enjoy life and get used to the changed reality. Courage and self-confidence will be the main levers for conquering new heights.


Capricorn’s life will sparkle with colorful colors with the tanzanite stone. Positive energy will fill the soul, there will be a desire to change the environment and go on a trip. The strong energy of the mineral will give you confidence and the desire to act.


Tanzanite will be a worthy amulet for Aquarius – difficult life episodes will pass without exacerbation. Restores mental balance and encourages you to find reasons for joy. Introverts will be encouraged to interact more with people, discovering the benefits of communicating with acquaintances: it is quite possible that additional reliable connections can emerge this way.


The stone in the hands of Pisces has an interesting meaning: it can impart positive energy and push you to achieve goals even in a state of apathy. The mineral will “dull” negative character traits and make you more sociable with family and friends.


The heart and intuition can push you to the right choice of amulet, but it’s worth thinking about tactile sensations. For example, you can hold a stone in your hand or try on jewelry with tanzanite. A good sign is a feeling of warmth in your hand or in the shower. It may take a lot of time to get used to the iridescent mineral and realize its value. In silver or gold, tanzanite will quickly exhibit unusual properties. If you manage to make friends with a stone, it will reveal its beneficial side and allow you to touch a renewed life. How useful is the publication? Click on a star to rate! Average rating 5 / 5. Number of ratings: 3 No ratings yet. Be the first to rate.

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