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Whose zodiac sign suits the jade stone?

Jade stone is considered one of the most beautiful. It is a monomineral aggregate of entangled fibrous amphiboles. The classification of A.E. Fersman classifies it as a semi-precious stone of the first category. The same order includes rock crystal, jasper, and agate. However, many scientists consider it precious. This creation of nature has been known since the Neolithic. Many girls like the beautiful color of jade. But not only the shade is important in this mineral. What does the mineral look like? If polished in cold water, it will resemble a human kidney in appearance. And the name comes from the Greek word νεφρό, which literally translates as “kidney”. In the old days, it was believed that it could cure kidney failure. The use of jade is widely known. It protects its owner from evil, ensures a long and happy life, and promotes family well-being. It is best to wear the stone near the heart in the form of a brooch or long jade beads. Blue jade is considered the most expensive. A red mineral will protect you from fires and natural disasters, while a yellow one will activate vital energy. There are pebbles of other colors – green, blue, white. But rich green is the traditional shade of the mineral.

Jade in China

In China, this stone is considered national. They say that it shows the essence of a person, his body and soul. A sharply darkened stone means that its owner has committed many sins. In Ancient China, it was valued more than gold and could only be worn by a select few. The mineral personified immortality, power and strength. Chinese philosophers say that different types of this stone have different effects on the essence of a person. Some represent mercy, others wisdom and honesty. A famous Chinese proverb says: “All gold has its price, but jade is priceless.” Descriptions of the mineral can be found in the works of Confucius and other famous Chinese philosophers. There are other famous sayings associated with this divine gift of nature:

  1. “An unpolished stone does not sparkle.”
  2. “He’s as pure as jade.”

Jade jewelry began to be made in the Middle Kingdom 7000 years ago. Most often it was used in magic for sacred rituals. It was minimally processed. Round disks made of yellow stones represented the Earth, blue ones – the Sky.

The most famous varieties of jade in China are called Khotan and Xiuyan.

General information

Jade color depends on the content of various impurities in the stone. As already mentioned, most often in nature there are variations of a green shade – from grass to emerald. A truly unique mineral will be yellow-brown.

The properties of jade are:

  1. Density – up to 3,5 units (on the Mohs scale).
  2. Hardness – up to 3,02 units.
  3. High degree of strength and toughness.
  4. Polishes well.

Jade mining continues continuously. Most of the deposits are located in places where igneous rocks are intruded. The largest sources where the mineral is mined are China, the Russian Federation, the USA, Brazil and Mexico. Blue pebbles are mined in large quantities in Transbaikalia. It is worth noting that resources are still far from being depleted.

Artificial jade is gaining more and more fans every year. It is valued primarily for its low cost. It is distinguished from the real thing by low light transmission and a sharp color transition.

Green jades in Russia are quite valuable. They help fight stress and ward off evil spirits. It is best to wear multiple pieces of jewelry, such as rings or earrings.

The pink stone is considered the protector of lovers. He has the power to give family well-being and mutual respect, but sometimes he develops cynicism in a person.

Red jade will be especially useful for spouses who have been living together for a long time. It helps restore relationships to their former novelty and ignites passion.

White jade clears thoughts of bad things, improves logical thinking, and gives its owner peace of mind. The mineral of this shade is most valued in the East. A perfectly shaped lotus colored stone can cost several thousand dollars.

Dark jade gives the owner wisdom and insight. The best birthday gift for your beloved man is a small figurine made of this mineral, because black stone improves reproductive function.

Magical and healing properties

The healing effect of the mineral on humans is truly great. Products made from it improve overall well-being, give strength and vitality. The stone is always pleasant to the touch because it has a high heat capacity.

The most famous healing properties of jade:

  1. Normalizes blood pressure, kidney and heart function.
  2. Strengthens bones.
  3. Relieves migraines and dizziness.
  4. Protects vision and hearing.

If you apply a jade figurine to your stomach, you will get a kind of heating pad that can relieve pain.

Massage with a jade roller has great beneficial properties. It improves complexion, fights wrinkles, makes the skin elastic and shiny. The stone helps restore youth, so women often use it on the body and face.

Massaging your head with a jade stone has a truly magical effect. It stimulates blood circulation and relieves chronic fatigue. This procedure is recommended to be carried out before an important event or meeting.

It is known that even during the Bronze Age, people made weapons and hunting tools from jade. The six-meter statue of Buddha, the tomb of Tamerlane, and the sarcophagus of Emperor Alexander III made from this mineral have earned worldwide fame.

Nowadays jade jewelry is in great demand. They should be given only to close people, with pure thoughts. Only natural minerals are welcome. The properties of the jade stone are such that it can bring both benefit and harm to its owner.

For example, they give a bracelet if they want to wish them good luck and financial well-being. The ring is presented to those who dream of a happy family. The pendant will bring long years of life, improve health, and the brooch will improve the functioning of all internal organs.

A little astrology

The stone is best suited for Aquarius. A jade bracelet will help you gain strength and protect you from failure. This zodiac sign is often skeptical about marriage. The mineral will help you believe in love.

Rings made of black jade will give Cancers confidence. The Cancer woman will become more restrained and flexible, while the stone will help the man to quickly climb the career ladder.

It will cure Pisces of laziness, anxiety, and will contribute to the accomplishment of important life actions. This zodiac sign is often unable to accept someone else’s point of view. The stone will help correct this deficiency.

For an Aries woman, jade earrings will help get rid of conflict, stubbornness, and selfishness. And the properties of the black mineral will help you achieve inner harmony and improve mental balance.

Taurus is too independent. To achieve his goal, he stops at nothing. Precious green jade will make him softer and kinder.

With the help of such jewelry, Geminis will be able to get rid of inconstancy and gain faith in themselves.

The magical properties of the stone will also affect Leo. Jade products will help them to endure life’s difficulties with firmness.

Virgos cannot always achieve positive results in friendship. Jewelry will help you make new friends and treat others with understanding.

Libras can fall into inexplicable melancholy. Native jade produces a positive effect on them, dispels sorrows.

It is difficult to argue with Scorpios; they are too self-confident. Purple jade will help you find justice and make you listen to your opponent. A brooch made of mineral will dispel jealousy and groundless suspicions.

Sagittarians are overly impulsive and tend to go to extremes. Yellow jade will make them more restrained and protect them from impulses. In addition, it will improve the oratory abilities of representatives of this sign.

Capricorns are too proud and self-centered. Jade jewelry will help them find people who will accept these shortcomings. It’s no secret that it is difficult for this zodiac sign to find a mate.

In conclusion

The healing and magical properties of jade have been known since ancient times, and for some time it was even considered a divine untouchable stone.

Jade is mined in many countries, but it is truly valued and even worshiped in China. There he is considered a divine living creature.

According to the horoscope, the mineral suits all zodiac signs and has a beneficial effect on human health. But its use is capable of demonstrating the essence of its owner, so evil people will not be able to possess it.

Jade – “Kidney stone” – this is how the name of jade is literally translated from Greek, and it is based on the word “nephros” (actually, kidney). The palette of mineral shades ranges from white to green. The translucent stone is highly durable, and its unique beauty is due to its special structure: microscopic crystal fibers are tightly intertwined.

Jade is a sacred stone of ancient China.

“Kidney stone” is the literal translation of the name jade from Greek, and it is based on the word “nephros” (actually, kidney). The palette of mineral shades ranges from white to green. The translucent stone is highly durable, and its unique beauty is due to its special structure: microscopic crystal fibers are tightly intertwined. For many years, jade was mainly mined in Burma (now Myanmar). Canadian jade is a stone found in British Columbia. In Russia, greenish-gray jade was discovered in the south of the Urals. Jade was a sacred mineral in Ancient China, where each color of the stone had its own vivid comparison. The white hue of jade resembled cream. Black – wax. But green was considered especially attractive for its diversity. The stone was endowed with five properties that symbolized human qualities. The subdued brilliance matched the kindness of the heart. High strength – the desire to act truthfully. The static nature of the stone represented masculinity. The sound that the mineral made when falling onto the surface symbolized the tendency to learn. And the fact that the stone cannot be counterfeited was correlated with internal purity. Jade is an important part of Chinese culture. He is the embodiment of everything sublime, perfect, supremely excellent. According to legend, the throne of Buddha himself was carved from this stone.

Healing properties of Jade

For a long time, jade has been considered a miracle cure for all sorts of ailments. It helps cure kidney and urinary tract diseases. The mineral in the form of bracelets and beads helps restore normal sleep, protecting a person from insomnia and nightmares. The stone, crushed into powder, will help with problems with the stomach and intestines, and will suppress inflammatory processes in the body. Stone plates promote healing of wounds and help with bruises. Many followers of traditional medicine use jade in the shape of a ball to massage the face and body, thus relieving the skin of various rashes and improving its condition: turgor increases and fine wrinkles disappear. Some beauty salons use jade rollers, which can handle even large creases on the skin. Women who may have certain problems with spontaneous childbirth are recommended to carry jade with them from conception and throughout pregnancy. The energy and beneficial effects of the stone will help them easily bear and give birth to a strong baby.

Jade for zodiac signs

Jade is most suitable for Virgo and Libra. [Virgo] Jade will bring good luck to Virgos and help expand their field of activity. The sensual world of the owner of the stone will become richer, wider in the range of experienced emotions and at the same time more transparent and clear for the person himself and his environment. Under the influence of jade, Virgos’ love affairs acquire ease and the right course. Another important property of the stone is its ability to help people of this sign act, show will and ability to work in the right situations. If Virgos have difficulty taking the first step towards something new (and this often entails additional efforts), then jade will give them energy for future achievements. The stone bestows clarity of thought, an understanding of how a person needs to express himself in current circumstances in order to turn them to his advantage. [Scales] Jade will help Libra develop a whole range of positive qualities: openness to people, the ability to establish communications, and make acquaintances. All this, under the influence of the stone, will occur according to the state of mind of its owner, who will experience a surge of vitality, additional energy, and vitality. While in a state of uplift, the owner of jade will experience a feeling of fullness of life, joy of every day, and happiness. The stone will help the owner gain willpower, which will allow him to overcome problems quickly and clearly, without delaying their solution. But delaying deadlines in making a decision is a drawback to which many Libras are susceptible. Jade will help its owner make decisions that correspond to events occurring in a person’s life.

Magical properties of Jade

Jade helps its owner realize his purpose. If you squeeze the stone tightly in your palms, you can cope with feelings of resentment toward someone and return to a calm state of mind. The mineral protects the owner from unfortunate incidents, bestows health and longevity. Jade in the form of a lock, hung on a child’s neck, will be a strong amulet. The stone is also a good amulet for scientists, military men, and athletes, symbolizing all the strong qualities of people in these professions: intelligence, courage, the will to win. Jade grants success in financial matters and helps in career development. The owner of the stone will always be a winner in everything.

Jade in Feng Shui philosophy, influence on the chakras

Jade has a positive effect on the heart chakra (Anahata) and solar plexus chakra (Manipura). Anahata is an open, intact chakra, which affects the functioning of the heart, the condition of blood vessels, the organs of the chest, is responsible for the health of the spine, and the mobility of the arms. Under its influence, a person is able to experience love for other people, becomes open and sensual. He develops a desire to improve the world around him. Manipura is an open, intact chakra that affects the stomach and digestive organs, liver, and spleen. The chakra is responsible for a person’s ability to exercise will and control feelings; imagination and fantasy depend on it.

Jade is a stone of wisdom and eternity!

Jade is revered as the stone of earth and sky. As a symbol of eternity and wisdom, the mineral plays a vital role in magic and religious rituals. Jade was especially valued for its virtues in China. The greatest philosopher Confucius called the mineral the personification of such human virtue as humanity. The stone is an ideal assistant for those who, together with wisdom, want to find inner balance, a strong nervous system and healthy sleep.

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