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Why aren t diamonds accepted at pawnshops?

The jewelry pawnshop “Valantis” accepts diamonds, products and jewelry with diamonds for purchase, as collateral, and for sale to a consignment store. Our comprehensive jewelry appraisal system allows clients to receive on average 20-30% more money than in conventional pawn shops. We do not send products to the factory, but try to sell them in the future through a showcase and catalog on the website.

How much does a pawnshop accept for diamond items?

  1. Condition – perfect (with original tags, in packaging), new and used.
  2. Design – products with a modern or classic design will be more expensive than a product with an outdated design.
  3. Brand/brand – jewelry from Cartier, Chopard, Graff, Tiffany are accepted for very substantial sums.
  4. Packaging – if you still have the original packaging, don’t forget to take it, this will have a positive effect on the final grade.
  5. Documents, certificates, checks.
  6. Weight and fineness of the precious metal.

The cost of diamonds is estimated based on:

  1. Quantity – each stone is counted.
  2. Weight – measured in carats (approximately 0.2 grams).
  3. Color is an important characteristic that affects the price.
  4. Cleanliness – internal and external deformations, stone inclusions.
  5. Cut – round cut is 10-15% more expensive than other cuts.
  6. The presence/absence of a certificate increases the cost of the stone, but is not a mandatory attribute.

What services are there?

  1. Purchase – a pawnshop accepts a diamond product and subsequently sells it.
  2. Collateral – a pawnshop accepts diamonds and jewelry as collateral, and then the owner buys it back by paying the loan amount and interest on the use of the funds.
  3. No hidden fees – a transparent and understandable consumer loan agreement is guaranteed to protect against unexpected expenses and expenses.
  4. Without “double interest” – we do not have an increase in interest on the loan.
  5. No fines or penalties – we do not charge fines or penalties for late payments.
  6. Without “minimum terms” – interest is accrued only for the actual time of use of funds. You can buy the jewelry back at any time, paying only for the time you used the loan.
  7. Commission sale – the owner of the jewelry names the desired sale amount, the pawnshop displays the product on its site and sells it for the specified amount, after which it takes a reward in the amount of 20% of the sale amount.

How much does gold cost in a pawn shop when accepting diamonds?

Gold prices can be found on the “Buying” page, where the minimum price per gram of a particular sample and the maximum price at which the jewelry itself can be valued are indicated.

Our advantages

If you are looking for a pawnshop that accepts diamonds, then you have probably already encountered the fact that despite the promise of a high valuation, many companies take precious stones into account very conditionally. This is dictated by the financial policy of such companies, since they specialize more in gold as such than in jewelry. They are intermediaries between jewelry factories that need raw materials to produce their own products.

We, being a jewelry pawnshop, specialize in diamond jewelry and are interested in the purchase and further sale of such jewelry. And in order to sell us more, we accept diamonds at very competitive prices.

  1. Valuation of jewelry and precious stones.
  2. High gold prices.
  3. Efficiency.
  4. Convenient location, in the center of Moscow, a 3-minute walk from Novokuznetskaya metro station.
  5. Free estimate.

If you need a pawnshop that accepts diamonds, we are waiting for you.

Assessing the authenticity and quality of diamond stones is a multi-step process that can be performed by a professional appraiser using special equipment. If you are planning to pawn or sell your jewelry to a pawnshop, then you should know that such specialists are not available everywhere, so you will need to look for a place where you can use appraisal services.

How to donate diamond jewelry

The pawnshop accepts not only certified, but also non-certified jewelry. However, if you plan to make a profitable transaction, then you should have documentation for the decoration and original packaging with you, which will significantly increase the cost. When going to a pawnshop, you must have your passport with you.

Diamond grading

To evaluate stones, the international 4C system is used, taking into account 4 parameters.

Product weight

Weight is measured in carats, 1 carat is 0,2 g. There are several weight groups:

  1. Large – 1 carat and above.
  2. Average – 0,2-0,99.
  3. Small – 0,01-0,29.

For weighing, special scales are designed, the level of accuracy of which is up to hundredths of grams, and a magnifying glass with tenfold measurement.

Diamond size and weight


Colorless stones are of particular value; there are practically no impurities in their composition. To determine color, appraisers use a magnifying glass or do it visually.

For the most accurate assessment, tools are used that prevent glare:

  1. White paper or plastic for the background.
  2. For lighting a lamp with white light.
  3. The devices used must be black or gray.


Purity is the same as the purity of gold – an indicator of value. High-quality gemstones do not have cracks, bubbles, or foreign elements.

Purity assessment is carried out according to all requirements; tables are used for this. There are 12 levels of purity, ranging from completely pure to highly contaminated. Diamonds belonging to levels 1 and 2 of purity are quite rare in natural conditions and their cost is high. Stones starting from level 8 are less attractive and weak in strength.


You can determine how well the cutting was done by the master by proportions, symmetry, and polishing. Beauty depends on the quality of the cut. If the cut is done poorly, the diamond is dull and the proportions do not match.

Determining the authenticity of stones

When evaluating a piece of jewelry, you can identify an imitation, that is, a mineral that, in appearance, has much in common with precious stones:

  • A diamond stone weighs approximately 50% less than zircon and cubic zirconia.
  • Purity above level 1 is the first sign that this is a fake. As you know, gems have defects.
  • If we compare the cut of a diamond and an imitation one, in the first case it will be more attractive.
  • Thanks to ultraviolet radiation, experienced craftsmen can easily recognize a diamond of synthetic origin.

In order to check the authenticity of a stone, appraisers use special equipment with which they can determine thermal conductivity and see the features of light refractions.

Valuing diamond jewelry at a pawnshop

The best option is to hand over the jewelry as collateral to a pawnshop, where an appraisal will be carried out. Otherwise, the assessment will be based on the weight of gold, without taking into account the price of stones.

At the legislative level, it is prohibited to buy and sell diamonds separately from jewelry. Unless you are a jeweler, retailer, jewelry manufacturer, or diamond miner, you are prohibited from purchasing and selling stones separately from jewelry. No pawnshop can officially accept such diamonds.

To determine the price of dyeing, I take into account the following parameters:

  1. Gold content.
  2. Weight of gold.
  3. Cut.
  4. Purity.
  5. Color.
  6. Number of carats.
  7. Method of fixing the stone.
  8. Wear and tear of decoration.
  9. Design.
  10. Brand

Using the equipment, it is possible to perform all the necessary checks without removing it from the jewelry.

We are ready to accept your jewelry in any condition:

We buy expensive jewelry and offer an honest appraisal of any gold rings

We will buy gold jewelry in any condition

Sell ​​expensive watches from famous brands with an extra charge for packaging and receipt

Jewelry with diamonds

We buy gold rings and accessories with diamonds.

We will buy dental gold 850, 900 samples

Buying scrap gold

We will profitably buy old jewelry, broken pieces of jewelry without a pair or without samples

Helpful information

We share the secrets of how to sell gold at a high price, how to get the maximum price for your jewelry in pawnshops and purchases in Penza.

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Valuation of jewelry with stones: is it possible to hand over the products without testing and filing?

Pawnshop jewelers have special knowledge and skills, so they can easily distinguish precious metals and stones from everything else. If you periodically go to a pawnshop, you should study the work of the establishments and the nuances of valuing gold and jewelry.

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