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Why can t I exchange jewelry?

October 23, 2018 The feeling of purchasing a new ring is certainly pleasant – you want to wear it without taking it off, and it is impossible to imagine that you will need to return the ring. But sometimes unpleasant situations happen – the ring turns out to be defective or of the wrong size, or you suddenly don’t like it at all. We tell you what to do and whether it is possible to exchange the ring in the store.

Is it possible to exchange a ring in a jewelry store for a different size?

Theoretically, it is possible to exchange a gold ring for the same one, but of a different size. But in practice, not everything is so simple – the fact is that the seller is not obliged to make such an exchange, because gold rings (like other products made of precious metals and stones) are included in the very list of goods that cannot be exchanged or returned. This list also includes cosmetics, perfumes, and child care products—law-abiding sellers will also not accept lipstick or baby pacifiers back. But if with children’s products or cosmetics almost everyone understands the reasons why they cannot be taken back to the store, then with jewelry it is more difficult. The peculiarity of this area is that people often buy jewelry as a gift, without the presence of the person to whom the ring is intended. Engagement, wedding, birthday, anniversary surprise – there are many reasons to give a new ring, but not every giver knows the exact size of the finger. Jewelry store owners are people too, so they are often willing to exchange a piece of jewelry for a different size if the ring they need is in stock. Advice: always check the possibility of exchange in advance. It happens that the seller does not fundamentally change the jewelry purchased from him – it’s unpleasant, but he has the right to do so. And it happens that the ring you bought is simply the only one in this design – no matter how hard you try, the seller will not be able to offer you a similar one, but in a different size.

Is it possible to exchange a new ring for another product?

  • If the ring is of high quality. According to the law, it is impossible to exchange a purchased gold ring of normal quality – jewelry is one of the goods that cannot be returned or exchanged (along with underwear and personal hygiene items). Don’t like it, don’t match the earrings, are uncomfortable – no reason to exchange. But some stores meet customers halfway and are ready to exchange one piece of jewelry for another if all the tags and receipts have been preserved – usually the seller gives the buyer 14 days to exchange. Check the return conditions in each specific store, and it is better not with one seller, but with the managers – sometimes sellers deliberately mislead customers and then refuse to change the rings.
  • If the ring is defective. The buyer has the right to exchange jewelry of poor quality or demand a refund. Of course, if the jewelry has a manufacturing defect, that is, the defect appeared due to the fault of the manufacturer. True, sometimes the seller refuses to admit the presence of a manufacturing defect and has to conduct an examination and go to court. If the buyer himself damaged the ring, then the store is not obliged to replace the jewelry with a new one, even if all the tags are kept and little time has passed since the purchase.

Is it possible to exchange an old ring at a jewelry store?

You won’t be able to simply bring your old ring and exchange it for a new one – no store is obliged to make such exchanges, even if you bought your old ring there. However, some salons hold promotions during which they offer to exchange old jewelry for new ones – such offers can be profitable. Sometimes you can just bring your old ring and leave with a new one, sometimes you need to make an additional payment – it all depends on the terms of the promotion, the cost of the old and new jewelry.

We do not recommend exchanging old rings for a special offer, because their cost may be much higher than the “new” one. Ancient jewelry may differ from modern jewelry in the way the stones are cut, the composition of the precious alloy; they can be completely unique products, the value of which is incomparable to modern products. We recommend that you contact professional jewelers to appraise antique rings.

Force majeure situations, just like unsuccessful purchases, happen to everyone. Even if you are super attentive to details, you cannot 100% predict how an item will behave when worn. For example, one clasp on gold earrings can perform its functions properly, but the same one on earrings with a stone may periodically jam. And all because any factory production does not exclude the risk of buying a product with hidden flaws that only appear during wear.

Who missed it: the buyer or the store? In what cases can I return a product and get my money back? Jewelry Card talks about the rules of its network and the possibilities of buyers. Read them – and you will know how to resolve the issue without unnecessary nerves!

Returning jewelry to the UK: when is it possible?

According to Ukrainian legislation, “jewelry of proper quality is included in the list of goods that are NOT subject to exchange or return.” This is stated in Resolution No. 172 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 19, 1994.

However, Jewelry Card always tries to meet the needs of its customers, therefore, as an exception, it can exchange/return jewelry that does not meet any specifications!

Within 14 calendar days, contact the UK store where you purchased the jewelry. You must have an identification document (passport) with you.

However, first make sure that:

  1. the decoration is sealed and has no signs of wear (abrasion, scratches, traces of liquid on the product);
  2. there is a tag and certificate for the precious stones attached to the product (if any);
  3. All documents for the product are present (warranty card, receipt, or sales receipt), factory markings, packaging.

According to Article 9 of the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, goods of good quality (without defects) can be exchanged/returned to the store if all the above conditions are met!

If, according to the documents, precious stones are fixed in the product, then before the exchange/return, at the discretion of the sales consultant, the product can be sent to a jewelry production facility for inspection and examination.

Attention! The examination period in the Law Firm can be up to 14 days.

Be carefull! The most common factory defects

If you have kept all the receipts and the appearance of the product has not been damaged in any way, then you have every chance of returning the product to the store.

Return/exchange of jewelry in the UK is possible in the case of a manufacturing defect, but not your careless handling!

Four common manufacturing defects:

  1. surface defects: pores, burrs, uneven coating. When trying on jewelry, it is not always possible to notice small flaws, especially in dim lighting conditions;
  2. problems with fasteners: looseness or, conversely, jamming;
  3. setting of the insert: not reliable compression of the stone, different shade of the frame, violation of the symmetry of the arrangement. If the last two options affect the aesthetics of the decoration, then the first – on its integrity;
  4. the hallmark on the gold ring/chain does not match the actual hallmark.

Procedure for returning products to UK

Claims regarding purchased goods are accepted in writing by sales consultants of the Jewelry Card network. In the document you indicate your last name, first name, patronymic, place of residence, the essence of the claim and requirements to the seller.

The claim is reviewed within 10-14 business days from receipt.

Did you like the decoration so much that you don’t want to part with it? At your request, the company can repair the product at its own expense.

Exchange of jewelry

If suddenly a bracelet or other jewelry does not fit the shape, size, style, or you want to change the color of the gold, we have an exchange procedure. This only applies to new and undamaged products that have a tag and sales receipt.

You can exchange the product for another similar one within 14 days from the date of purchase.

How to exchange jewelry in the UK: basic buyer steps

If all exchange conditions are met, the procedure itself is quite simple:

  • you come to the company store of the Jewelry Karta chain, where you bought the jewelry, presenting your passport;
  • submit an application to return the product, which is reviewed within 14 days;
  • after the issue is resolved in your favor, choose one of two options: refund or purchase of jewelry of the same type and design.

When is a return/exchange not possible?

However, the truth is not always on the buyer’s side. The seller may refuse to return the buyer in the following cases:

  • more than 14 days have passed since the date of sale of the jewelry;
  • the tag is damaged, the seal is damaged or removed;
  • the jewelry has traces of mechanical damage, chemical exposure or signs of wear;
  • the decoration was made to order.

When emotions take over, it is sometimes difficult to objectively evaluate all the advantages/disadvantages of the desired purchase. YUK specialists always carefully check products before shipping! However, excessive vigilance is never unnecessary.

Before making a purchase, make sure that the surface of the product is undamaged, and also double-check the fasteners/clasps on the outside and inside!

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