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Why can t you twist the ring on your finger?

It has long been believed that a wedding ring has special power and energy, so there are a lot of superstitions and signs that say what should not be done with this jewelry so as not to destroy family happiness. We believe that it is important to know not only how to choose wedding rings, but also how to handle them correctly, because this can directly or indirectly affect the well-being and happiness of your family.

Why can’t you take off your wedding ring?

Superstitious people unanimously say that the wedding ring cannot be removed! This will lead to bad consequences for the family, since the ring is considered not only a symbol of fidelity, but also a talisman for spouses. So why is it absolutely forbidden to take off your wedding ring? What do folk signs promise? Nothing good for the relationship! Here’s what this can lead to:

  • the marriage may soon break up;
  • misfortune may happen to your spouse;
  • The spouse who removed the ring can change.

However, you should not fanatically believe in these superstitions; nothing will separate you if the marriage is really strong and you love each other. For example, the church does not at all recognize people’s belief in omens about wedding rings and does not prohibit couples from wearing these jewelry. But by not removing the ring from your finger, you will show your spouse a sign of respect.

Why can’t you wear a wedding ring before your wedding?

If you’ve asked yourself, “Why can’t you wear a wedding ring before your wedding?” Then you should know that there is a popular belief that you cannot wear this jewelry before the sacrament of marriage. This is because if you wear it before the wedding, it will not be considered a wedding dress and will not bring marital happiness to your couple. In fact, the ring is charged with magical energy at the very sacrament of marriage, and without it it is considered an ordinary piece of jewelry. You cannot wear a wedding ring before the wedding because, according to a sign, this may lead to the fact that the registration of the marriage may not take place.

Why can’t you try on strangers’ wedding rings?

Since a wedding ring, according to superstition, absorbs the energy of its owner, strangers should not be allowed to try it on. And if you don’t understand why this is so important, here are the main reasons:

  1. By giving a ring to a stranger, you are giving him part of your family well-being.
  1. A person who wears your wedding ring at least once can transfer his negative energy to you. Unfortunately, it can adversely affect relationships with your significant other. For example, you cannot try on the wedding rings of a divorced couple; you can take over their fate.

Superstitions categorically do not allow trying on someone else’s ring, but such fitting is considered the most dangerous for girls who are not married. People believe that if an unmarried girl tries on someone else’s jewelry, she will not marry.

You should never let your children try on an engagement ring, as this could lead to them taking on a part of your destiny. You can leave the ring as an inheritance and pass it on from generation to generation.

If you have received or passed on a ring by inheritance, then you should know that folk signs advise wearing such jewelry only in cases where the previous owners have been married for at least 25 years.

Why can’t you change wedding rings?

Why, according to superstitions, is it impossible to change wedding rings without good reason? Popular superstitions say that this is a bad sign, promising discord in the family. But it also happens that replacing wedding rings is necessary for a couple for several reasons:

  • It is common for a person to gain weight with age, the joints of the fingers may expand, and the ring will turn out to be small;
  • Some couples, due to the impossibility of buying expensive rings for a wedding, buy cheaper ones that suit their budget, and after a while they decide to buy something more expensive and of high quality;
  • the ring may get lost or break, which also means purchasing a new piece of jewelry.

Why can’t you sell engagement rings?

There is still a popular belief that you cannot sell an engagement ring. What to do with a broken or incorrectly sized ring? Is it possible to sell an old ring or should it be kept and passed on?

If you exchange a ring for money, you can bring trouble to your family, especially when it comes to wedding rings. The best option would be to roll out the old ring, especially since, according to popular belief, in this way you can even add happy years of life to your “family piggy bank.”

There is an exception: if you are divorced, then the ring should be sold immediately. Why can’t you keep your engagement ring after divorce? This is because by keeping it at home, you are preventing the creation of a new family life.

Why can’t you spin a wedding ring on your finger?

Since a ring is a symbol of marriage, endowed with a certain energy, it should be treated not as an ordinary thing, but as a certain sacred attribute. If you notice such a habit, then try to give it up as quickly as possible.

Firstly, according to superstitions, it can lead to divorce, and secondly, you may accidentally drop the ring. And this, for a moment, is also considered a bad omen. Popular superstitions say that you should not drop or throw rings on the floor, especially in the midst of a quarrel, as this can lead to the breakup of the family.

We really hope that you have received answers to all the important questions about engagement rings, including why you still can’t twist and take off, exchange and sell your engagement ring when you are married. Finally, we want to give one piece of advice: do not fanatically believe in omens. Remember that the main thing in family life is love and respect for your other half.

Before we figure out whether wedding rings can be changed, let’s look at history. There are several legends about the nature and origin of the main wedding attribute.
The legend of the endless circle says that the round shape of the ring, solid and endless, hints at a strong family connection. A circle has no beginning or end. So marriage is perfect in heaven, endless and indestructible. Another theory is that two souls, when united, grow together into an inextricable circle.

Ancient peoples decided to give the circle the meaning of an inextricable connection. The circle is also endowed with mystical properties – shamans used it to protect themselves from evil spirits.

The first decorations were not externally similar to modern ones. The husband, protecting his chosen one from evil spirits, put round bracelets made of plants, fabric, wood, leather, stone and available materials on her hands and feet. Such bracelets were transformed into rings that are familiar to us. In Ancient Rome and in eastern countries, the ring did not have “romance”, but personified the woman’s belonging to a certain man.

Why the ring finger? Our ancestors believed in the “Love Vein,” which is located on the ring finger, paving the way to the heart. Evolutionarily, the attitude towards the attribute has changed. Now this is not a ritual, but a conceptual decoration with precious metals, a symbol of love, fidelity and family warmth.

The powerful symbolism makes it scary for couples to change rings. There are many folk superstitions associated with them that are passed down from generation to generation. Let’s figure out whether it is possible to change wedding rings before and after the wedding? What superstitions exist and should you believe them?

Signs and superstitions

Popular wisdom says: you should not drop, remove, twist, change, or admire jewelry in public to avoid the evil eye. Quarrels, separations, betrayals and even the death of one of the spouses are part of the consequences of mishandling rings according to signs.

We hasten to console you – these horrors are signs. Many superstitions can be believed, but we suggest looking at this list from the perspective of common sense and reason. If you are a believer, do not attach importance to signs. The Christian Church has an extremely negative attitude towards such manifestations.

“Bad” signs:

  1. “You can’t take off your wedding ring, you’ll lose your family happiness.” Doctors convincingly insist: you need to periodically remove all jewelry to restore blood flow. You should not wear rings with delicate gold during sports, cleaning, heat or rough physical labor – you will damage the metal and parts.
  2. “If you wear a wedding ring before the wedding, the marriage will not take place.” You may not want to wear an engagement ring before your wedding. The question arises “Why?”. But you won’t be able to guess the ring size by eye; fitting is required.
  3. “Twist the ring on your finger – it means divorce.” This action has nothing to do with separation and divorce. The urge to twirl the ring may be caused by a nervous habit or an awkward fit of the jewelry. Speaking of discomfort, take a closer look at comfort fit rings. The main rule is that jewelry should complement you as a person, and not interfere
  4. “You can’t let your friends try on your wedding ring – they’ll steal your happiness.” Maybe you just don’t want to let your friends try on your ring? As for the loss of happiness, there is no reasonable connection here. Go ahead.
  5. “Don’t drop the ring, especially during registration or wedding. This is for divorce.” We believe that the sign was invented by jewelers. A fall will not lead to divorce, but it is obvious that the decoration may become defective. Such powerful stones as diamonds cannot withstand sharp blows. At a special moment, newlyweds may worry. If your ring falls off with trembling hands, don’t worry, the worst thing that awaits you is a trip to the jewelry workshop.

  1. “The ring is lost or stolen – the marriage is living its last days: there will be quarrels and betrayals, then divorce”. Sincere and unconditional love is not affected by theft or loss of jewelry. Such events are uncontrollable in life. We believe that the power of love cannot be broken by a thief or signs.
  2. “You can’t change your wedding rings – change your spouse.” Some couples experience physical or aesthetic discomfort from wearing jewelry. The choice towards exchange is obvious. And the spouse has nothing to do with it.
  3. “It’s worth choosing classicwedding rings– without carving, engraving, precious stones.” They say that those who get married with a smooth ring also have a smooth family life. At the same time, there is a sign: “Jewelry with precious stones symbolizes wealth in the family.”. We advise you to choose rings “to your liking”, without relying on ambiguous signs.
  4. “You need to store jewelry together before the wedding, so the marriage will be stronger.” It is even advised to fill jewelry with water and freeze it, but let’s be reasonable – will these actions lead to defects in the ring? Quite possible.
  5. “You can’t put jewelry on a glove – it will lead to grief.” Gloves can be part of your look, where decoration will only complement the picture. Girls who follow fashion and trends – welcome, wear it.
  6. “If the family is married, you cannot sell rings. Sell ​​your destiny.” Obviously, circumstances vary. Financial problems may require you to sell your jewelry or take it to a pawnshop. Be grounded in reality.

Good omens

  1. “If a girl finds a wedding ring, she will soon get married.”. We advise you to believe in such positive signs, because they fill you with joy, hope and happiness.
  2. “Go to a jewelry store only when you’re in the mood.” They say that this way you can “charge” jewelry with light energy.
  3. “After the purchase, you need to say the spell “For a good life, for a faithful family.” These words will strengthen the connection on a metaphysical level. Maybe you can come up with your own phrase for a family ritual?

  1. “Whoever picks up the box of rings first will have their own wedding.” A good omen that will delight friends who dream of a wedding and strong love.
  2. “Do not use a ring from a previous wedding ceremony, so as not to repeat the fate of your first marriage”. When creating a new family, psychologists recommend creating fresh associations. The trick is that a different piece of jewelry will bring new meanings and feelings to the marriage.
  3. “Only wear grandparent’s rings if they have been married for more than 25 years.” The year limit is not necessary. By wearing such jewelry, you will take with you the energy of a long and happy life.

Superstitions contradict common sense. Of course, if you are a superstitious person, we understand the importance of following the rules. But we advise you to rely on feelings and reason.

Is it possible to change wedding rings before and after the wedding?

We have studied the signs, let’s move on to answering the main question. Yes, you can change rings both before and after the wedding. Provided that you are not superstitious and both are comfortable taking this step. When making a decision, do not rely on the opinions of your friends and do not look for other people’s advice. You both should vote yes.

Common reasons for sharing

Jewelry is not insured against loss or theft. This is a good reason to buy a new ring. Your relationship will not suffer from this, on the contrary, it will strengthen. Creating an authentic piece of jewelry in a workshop is not a problem.

A busy holiday with delicacies or a diet will make its own adjustments. The ring will either become small or large. Age or pregnancy also plays a role when anthropometric parameters change. A piece of jewelry that is too large can be complemented with a ring with a smaller diameter – this way it will stay on the finger. But wearing a small ring is dangerous, it is a direct threat to blood circulation. Doctors advise pregnant girls not to wear jewelry

You can take the jewelry to a workshop, where a professional will adjust the size. If the design is simple, the process will not take much time and money. Sometimes alterations are fatal, such as with engraved or gemstone rings. You will have to pay dearly or think about buying a new wedding attribute

Some couples replace rings on the fifth, tenth, fifteenth anniversary of marriage. If you want to add something new, why not? At the same time, you can organize a party in honor of the anniversary and change the decorations with your loved ones.

But folk superstitions say that jewelry should be changed at a golden wedding, and old ones should be given to grandchildren.

  1. Exchange of jewelry in a store

About the practical. If you bought wedding rings that you didn’t like or didn’t fit, this is a good reason to exchange them. As a general rule, jewelry is included in a special list of things that cannot be returned or exchanged by law. Try to negotiate with the seller at the purchase stage. Find out if there is a private exchange or return option.

Over time, have you discovered noticeable defects and defects in the jewelry (scratches, abrasions, a stone has fallen out)? The jewelry can and should be returned, there are no obstacles here.

We already talked above about how important it is from a psychological point of view to get married with new rings. Leaving all associations in the past, abandoning past emotions associated with decoration is the right decision. Old jewelry can be sold or donated to charity.

Widows and widowers are encouraged to do the same, even if the marriage was happy and successful.

For modern brides and grooms, a stylish wedding ring is an addition to their everyday looks. Add gems? Change the design? Should you come up with a new engraving? If jewelry and clothing are an important factor for you, feel free to change your rings. New works of art regularly appear in the assortment of jewelry stores.

Idea for couples: You can create a personal collection of rings. So, each of them will carry a new meaning. For example, your first jewelry will represent love and romance. The second, on the fifth anniversary of the relationship, is family warmth and comfort. Third, on the tenth anniversary, strength and devotion. Such a collection can be passed on to your grandchildren by attaching a postcard to each piece of jewelry with the text “What have we lived through in five years?”

Modern ideas for new rings

  1. Wedding rings with an accent on the end. Jewelry made of thick metal can be decorated with engraving, pattern, colored stones (sapphires, emeralds, diamonds) or diamonds in a circle.
  2. Matte coating. A trend since 2020 that remains relevant. The surface can be made “under ice”; “under the sand”; “under fire.” Such textures can vary from bright to muted designs.

  1. Movable rings. Professionals create jewelry with unusual details – for example, with a rotating central part in the form of a circle or a diamond heart.
  2. Relief and patterns. Geometric, azure, and floral motifs on rings look interesting. And the reliefs look sharp, protruding beyond the boundaries of the ring. Such decorations do not require an abundance of decor – they are self-sufficient.
  3. Laconic engraving. Choosing complex fonts and monograms is not a good idea. Simple, stylish, strict engraving on a white gold ring is a timeless classic that will delight you for a long time.

Is it possible to change wedding rings?

An important question left for last. For the church, rings have a special sacred meaning, so things are more complicated with their exchange. They symbolize protection and God’s blessing for the family. The consecrated jewelry is identical and contains the words of the prayer with the engraving “Save and Preserve.”

If you are a believer who respects rules and traditions, then you will have to confess, take communion and consecrate new jewelry at a prayer service.

There is another successful way out of the situation. If there was no wedding, change the rings from the registry office without consequences. Go to the church, pick up new decorations in it, with which the wedding will take place.

Wedding is a sacred process that binds two people with a thread for life. Take it seriously.


Life changes quickly, as do our characters, tastes and desires. We do not recommend relying on superstitions and traditions when exchanging rings. Give preference to common sense – reasons, relevance and financial possibilities.

Psychologists say that every five years of a relationship a person undergoes a significant transformation. Perhaps the rings will bring new happiness to your relationship? Give jewelry meaning, so it will acquire special value for you and future generations.

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