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Why can t you wear two rings on one finger?

The solemn wedding day is already approaching. A symbolic engagement ring shines on the bride’s slender finger, which will very soon have to be replaced with a laconic engagement ring. Where is the justice? Is it necessary to remove a ring with a stone before the wedding? Is it possible to wear a wedding and engagement ring at the same time? Let’s figure it out. Engagement in our country is more likely an excessive romanticism of the groom than a requirement of society. Giving up the engagement ring and simply going to the registry office to submit an application is the most common pre-wedding stage. But we will remain romantics and with all possible forces we will support the tradition of engagement with an expensive ring and tears of happiness from the bride.

What is an engagement ring: what it should look like and where it should be worn before the wedding

Typically, the right hand and ring finger are chosen for the engagement ring. That’s right, that’s exactly the finger where the wedding ring will appear in the future. Such placement will help others understand that the girl is already in the status of a bride, and you should not make plans on her heart and hand. During the engagement, girls become very attached to the ring, which is often set with a diamond. This gemstone is known for its high value, amazing beauty and high durability. All of the listed characteristics should be taken symbolically: price is the wealth of the groom, beauty is the bride, and strength is the longevity of the marital bond. Interestingly, the engagement ring should be smooth, without stones or relief patterns, so that life is smooth and filled only with pleasant surprises.

How to wear an engagement ring after marriage?

Many representatives of the fair half of humanity will agree that a ring with a diamond or other semi-precious stone is incredibly difficult to hide in a drawer after the wedding. How can such beauty be hidden from human eyes?! But these “nasty” traditions often haunt suspicious brides. The majority of married matrons surveyed unanimously affirm that the engagement ring must be removed in front of the registry office, where a wedding ring will be in its place. Interestingly, there is no basis for such statements. It just happened so historically – on the wedding day, the bride becomes a wife, and the ring with the stone is replaced with a smooth piece of jewelry, symbolizing the eternal marital bond. Thus, it is possible to wear the engagement ring after the wedding day.

Popular wedding and engagement rings

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Let us list the options for the “fate” of the engagement ring:

  • Family heirloom. The girl takes off the ring and saves it for her child, who can give it to his betrothed on the day of engagement. This type of jewelry is worn only on wedding anniversaries.
  • Wedding and engagement ring on one finger. Such a scenario should be thought through in advance, even at the stage of purchasing a ring for a marriage proposal. In a jewelry salon, they will select the most suitable pair of rings for you, which will look beautiful on one finger after the wedding. Here it doesn’t matter at all how the rings will be positioned or which first ring will be put on the finger. The main thing is that the combination of jewelry looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • The wedding ring is on the right hand, the engagement ring is on the left hand. This is the most common option. Convenient, beautiful, simple. There is no need to think about hidden meanings; the important thing here is to just wear jewelry and look stylish.
  • The engagement ring can be worn on any suitable finger. It is difficult for men to understand the sizes of rings and their suitability for women’s fingers. Often, trying to make a surprise, the groom buys a ring that is too large or too small for his betrothed. You will have to endure the inconvenience until the wedding, and then you can wear the jewelry on the finger that most closely matches the size of the ring.
  • The engagement ring is worn on a chain around the neck. We will not say that this is very convenient, because a gemstone can easily injure the skin, leaving unpleasant painful abrasions. Despite this, this option is acceptable for many married ladies.

Is it possible to wear a wedding ring on a chain around your neck?

Having decided on the fate of the engagement ring, it’s time to pay attention to the main symbol of love and marriage, the wedding ring. The traditions of our country clearly say that such jewelry is worn only on the ring finger of the right hand. This rule has been around for many centuries and is associated, first of all, with Orthodox canons. Getting married is a serious step in the life of every person; the symbol of such a decision should be on the hand with which one makes the sign of the cross, signs important documents, and enters into key agreements. The right hand symbolizes strength, confidence, steadfastness and durability.

However, the finger for a wedding ring may vary depending on the country. For example, European women prefer the left hand, since it is closer to the heart, and Jewish women generally wear a wedding ring on the index finger, ignoring everyone’s favorite ring finger. But gypsies do not use their hands, but wear a wedding ring dear to their hearts as a pendant for a chain.

Refusal to wear a wedding ring in the traditional way raises a huge number of questions. Most often, people are interested in what it means when a wedding ring is put on a chain and then worn around the neck. Isn’t this prohibited? Doesn’t this spell trouble?

It’s worth immediately discarding groundless superstitions and listing the most likely causes of a ring on a chain:

  • The person injured his hand and cannot place the ring in its usual place;
  • The girl gained weight, so the wedding ring ended up on her neck, from where it will go on her ring finger immediately after losing weight;
  • A person is engaged in physical work in which there is a high risk of losing or damaging expensive jewelry;
  • The ring belongs to someone else who has fond memories.

In Great Britain, wearing a ring on a chain means early marriage, but in France it is a symbol of lost love due to the death of the other half.

Thus, it is possible to wear a wedding ring on a chain. The hidden meaning of such a decision is absolutely unimportant here; the main thing is that the person feels comfortable.

For people who tend to believe in mysticism, a ring on the neck has a completely different connotation. The fact is that magicians have long used rings with stones as amulets and protective talismans. It is believed that “enchanted” rings effectively protect against the evil eye, damage, envy, disease and the magical influence of others. For these purposes, the witches used gold rings on which they recited spells.

You should not wear wedding rings of people who were not happy in their married life on your chest. There is a chance to transfer the negative energy of the former owner onto yourself. Of course, this is speculation, but it’s better to protect yourself (just in case!).

Let’s say “YES!” the glitter of gold and diamonds on a woman’s hand

Whether or not to wear a wedding and engagement ring together is a personal choice. It is important to consider personal preferences and the possibility of combining these jewelry on one finger. The most important thing is to treat the symbols of married life with care and love.

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A ring on the ring finger of the right hand in Russia is a clear sign that its owner is united by marriage. This fact is known even to children, and therefore girls, when playing “mother,” put on plastic rings, accurately identifying the right finger. But on the ring finger of some women you can see two rings at once. What would that mean?

Why do you wear two wedding rings?

Today, wearing several rings at the same time is a trend, however, the rims on the ring finger usually have, in addition to a decorative function, a semantic load. Asking directly about such a set is not always convenient. So how can we decipher this message? There are several versions of why the rings became neighbors on the ring finger:

  • one of them is engagement, and the other is engagement;
  • one of them is wedding;
  • the second wedding ring is the ring of the deceased spouse, and in front of you is a widow;
  • second – engagement party insurance;
  • the second is a wedding anniversary ring.

By the way, sometimes one wide wedding ring can be mistaken for two separate ones, for example, if it is made of 2 types of gold.

Engagement with engagement

Most often, an engagement ring is distinguished by the presence of a top, although there are options without it, for example, in the form of a bezel richly decorated with stones – like this elegant twisted model. In this case, the engagement ring can easily be confused with a wedding ring. Many manufacturers produce special sets in which engagement and wedding rings fit perfectly on one finger. For information on how else you can wear an engagement ring after marriage, read our article on this topic.

Wedding plus engagement

Often a special ring is bought for a wedding ceremony, especially if the wedding and wedding do not take place on the same day, or the priest did not approve of a wedding model that is too bright. Different parishes may have different design requirements, so check with the priest who will be performing the ceremony for details. Models with non-Christian symbols, engraving with the sign of the Zodiac, or even decor in the shape of a heart may be prohibited.

Husband’s wedding ring

Sometimes widows wear both rings, theirs and their deceased husband’s, in memory of their loss. This may be a signal to others that the woman is not ready for a new relationship and is in mourning. To avoid getting into an awkward situation, just take a closer look at the rings: in the case of widowhood, one ring is slightly larger than the other in size – the smaller one is put on top as insurance against loss. At the same time, both may not represent any particular aesthetic value – just 2 smooth rims. Obviously, they are dear to the owner for another reason. Sometimes the ring of a deceased significant other is also worn on a chain instead of a pendant.

Loss Insurance

Yes, yes, sometimes a second ring is needed so as not to lose the main symbol of marriage, which is a little too big for the owner. This happens if you bought it without trying it on, chose the wrong size, or chose it during pregnancy, which is often accompanied by swelling. In this case, the design of the “insurance” can be anything, the main thing is that it is in harmony with the wedding ring.

Anniversary ring

Little by little, Russians began to adopt the wonderful tradition of the Italians, who often add an “eternity ring” to the ring finger – a model with stones in a circle. This is a gift for a wedding anniversary, which emphasizes that the feelings of the spouses have only become stronger over the years, and their love promises to be endless. Another popular anniversary gift option is a crown ring, with its help a man recognizes his wife as the queen of his heart. Romantic, isn’t it?

As a rule, a wedding anniversary ring is more expensive and luxurious than an engagement ring – evidence that the couple has achieved a lot together. Often, wedding rings are bought on a residual basis – what was enough after buying a dress and paying for a restaurant. But the celebration passes, and the newlyweds are left with boring “engagement” models. In this case, a wedding anniversary is an excellent occasion to supplement or replace the rings purchased “during the years of hungry youth.”

Is it possible to wear two wedding rings at once: signs

Folk signs are contradictory. Some say that doubling wedding rings on the ring finger, connecting them with an engagement ring, wedding ring, husband’s ring, or any other ring, is a direct path to a second marriage, lying through a forest of betrayals and all sorts of misfortunes. Others, on the contrary, claim that this is a sure way to strengthen the connection between spouses. Our advice: believe what you want and wear it however you want!

In addition to signs, you should be guided by simple logic. If the engagement ring is luxurious or family jewels, you should only wear it on special occasions. If your wedding takes place 5 years after the wedding and you like wedding rings better, replace them with wedding rings. If your anniversary ring perfectly harmonizes with your engagement ring and complements it, don’t hesitate to add it to your wedding ring! Well, the best models of rings for all occasions are waiting for you in the Palace.

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