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Why do you wear a volcanic lava bracelet?

About product: Magical properties – Helps to gain clarity of thought and cope with anxiety. Gives peace and wisdom to the owner, eliminates bad intentions, protects from wrong actions. Medicinal properties – Transfers heat, strengthens the name system, relieves stress and severe tension, treats varicose veins, joints, and blood vessels. Heals wounds. Suitable for: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius Manufacturer: Markstone Stone bead diameter, mm: 8 Connection type: Jewelry thread (elastic with a diameter of 1 mm) Country of brand: Russia Manufacture: Russia Stone: Volcanic lava Type: Bracelet made of stone All characteristics

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Lava stone is considered unique because, by the nature of its origin, it concentrates almost all trace elements. The most common type of lava stone group is basalt. This is a rock of volcanic nature, basaltic lava. The stone can be found in different shades, but the main and most common is black. It is formed from a mixture of lava and ash that hardens instantly. Fine porosity ensures the strength of the stone. A special feature of the mineral is its indifference to acids.

Volcanic lava

Lava stone is a product of the interaction of magma, air and water. It is precisely because the “birth” of the mineral occurs in close connection with all the elements that lava is endowed with magical properties. Among many peoples, lava is considered a stone endowed with magical properties, and its parts were used in secret sacred rituals. Coming from the very heart of the planet, the stone with a porous surface carries within it a continuous and endless flow of life.

Magical properties of Lava

Filled with natural rhythms, lava stone is able to give all the power and peace to a person searching for his destiny. In addition, lava is a talisman against wrong actions and bad thoughts that can adversely affect the owner. The mineral protects the home and family from evil people and negative energy, which they can bring into the house, willingly or unwillingly. At the same time, the stone attracts prosperity and harmony into the family hearth, complete mutual understanding between loved ones.

As we wrote earlier, lava has the power of the four elements and the power of nature. Therefore, it is a powerful amulet against loss of vitality, and, accordingly, helps strengthen the body’s immune system. The stone will be useful for those who are tired of the daily hustle and bustle and want to restore physical strength and internal balance.

Lava jewelry will be a real gift for people who strive for knowledge. The stone helps to cope with anxiety, collect thoughts in order and concentrate in order to achieve even the most daring goals. Such an amulet perfectly develops the owner’s intuition, helps to reveal unrealized potential and see new possibilities.

Healing properties of Lava

Volcanic lava promotes healing and healing of the human body. This mineral will be especially useful for people who need rest and renewal, for those who are tired of overexertion and long work. The stone will help restore physical strength, restore energy and balance. Here are some of the medicinal properties that many sources write about: improves blood quality, normalizes the functioning of the circulatory system, calms the psyche (helps cope with depression, aggression and outbursts of emotions), lava massage balls are used to solve problems with blood vessels (varicose veins, thrombosis) , relieve swelling.

Lava stone is not a panacea, but it can provide significant support when working with health.

Lava stone and zodiac signs

It is believed that lava is the patron stone of the fire signs of the Zodiac. However, we dare to assure you that this mineral as a talisman is suitable for all representatives of the zodiac constellation. Choose jewelry and wear it with pleasure.

Buy a bracelet made of natural lava stone

In our store you can purchase not only a bracelet made of natural lava stone with a diameter of 8 mm or 10 mm, but also add a charm to it that will add uniqueness to your new accessory.

You can clarify your wrist size and add charm in the metal you want with the help of our manager, who will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the most convenient delivery method if you do not live in Rostov-on-Don.

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Lava is a strong energy stone from a volcano. If we describe it externally, we cannot help but mention the lunar landscape, which is so reminiscent of Lava. The meaning of the stone is unique, as are its natural properties.

Even in ancient times, ancestors attributed the importance of the enormous power and strength of this mineral. According to people, it has magic and healing powers.

On a note! Lava is a stone whose properties have long been studied. This nugget has another name, and it says Basalt. It originated from the African country of Ethiopia. People called the stone this way because of the peculiarities of its origin. The local language of the Ethiopians translated the word “basal” as boiling. And the word lava comes from the French, and from Italian this name means “sliding.”

Brief description of Lava

One of the most unique and amazing natural nuggets in its composition is volcanic Lava, the stone properties of which have been proven for centuries!

The process of mineral formation is simple: a volcano releases all sorts of components onto the surface of the earth. When they harden, those same lava stones are formed.

One stone can contain about three different rocks (silicon, carbon compounds, basalt, etc.).

The color of the mineral is white, tea rose, black and with a blue tint. To the touch it always and without exception presents unevenness and roughness, as well as a predominance of holes and pores.

Lava stone: magical properties and who is suitable for it

The described mineral is widely used in jewelry. Lava jewelry looks not just beautiful, but with notes of magic and enchantment. Properties that are associated with magic are based on the following elements:

  • Water (filter);
  • Earth (strength);
  • Fire (does not cool down for a long time);
  • Air (porosity).

People have long found magic in Lava, which, apparently, appeared due to such a combination of natural forces.

Volcanic Lava is a stone whose magical properties are obvious! They consist in the fact that it helps to achieve everything that you really want. If a person who always has a Lava amulet with him wants to change his profession, place of residence and other moments in his life, then he will definitely make a sharp turn.

Other properties of lava mineral magic:

  • Helps in the pursuit of knowledge;
  • Allows you to hear and see the clues of fate;
  • Stimulates feats of creativity and helps determine your true purpose.

Stone – Volcanic lava: who is suitable and who should not use it

It is precisely because of its volcanic origin that the stone is highly revered by devotees of fire, namely representatives of the Fire Triad. However, if we consider the combination of lava with different zodiac signs, then the mineral suits almost everyone!

Astrological compatibility: lava stone + zodiac sign

Great astrologers still offer more detailed information on the compatibility of the stone with people of different zodiac signs. ТAries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn are highly recommended to use and wear jewelry with the presence of Lava. Everyday wearing will help stabilize the emotional background and improve the functioning of individual systems and organs in the body.

But Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces are still not advised to have this mineral nearby. Its properties can have a negative impact on both the psychological and physical background.

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