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Why is red gold more expensive than yellow gold?

First of all, it is worth listing three main differences – physical, practical and aesthetic. Let’s look at each of them in more detail.

Physical differences, that’s the crux of the matter.

Red, yellow, white, green, but still – gold or, more precisely, its alloy. When we talk about any shade of a noble metal, we mean its alloy with other metals. The fact is that pure gold is not used in the jewelry industry, it is a very soft metal, products made from it will not retain their beauty for long, one careless movement and deep scratches, impact marks, tears and deformations will appear. This was known in ancient times. But by adding other metals to pure gold, people realized that such an alloy was much more suitable for jewelry. The product became stronger, less flexible, and more difficult to deform; all these qualities made it possible to wear the jewelry every day without fear that after a while it would become completely unusable. Red gold is obtained by fusing gold and copper; the more copper, the brighter and more saturated the red hue will be. The standard ratio is 59% gold and 41% copper. If you add other metals (for example, use palladium, nickel, silver), you can get a bright or warm pink tint. Which will already be called “rose gold”. The alloy we call “yellow gold” typically contains 75% gold, 18% silver and 7% copper. Gold itself has a yellow color, and calling it that is the same as “butter oil”; a more correct way to understand what kind of shade it is would be “lemon gold”. Sometimes you can come across comments like “yellow gold is very soft, don’t make products from it.” Any jewelry alloy has practical value; it was specially developed to produce products. Gold is “soft” only if it is pure, with minimal impurities, for example, an ingot of 999.5 or 999.9 fineness. And if it is an alloy, especially a jewelry one, then there is nothing to fear; if you treat it with care, it will delight you for many years without losing its beauty. Be careful with yellow gold and use it only at special occasions, while red gold is for everyday wear. The alloy is indeed softer, but not to the degree of “horror-horror”.

Practical differences, a matter of value.

Sometimes you can hear the question “Which gold is more valuable, red or yellow?” The most correct answer will be the one with a higher purity. The gold content of an alloy is a practical or commercial indicator of value. Products made of red gold most often have 585 hallmark (in Soviet times – 583). But yellow gold also comes in the same standard, although it is much less common (but this does not make it more valuable). Most often, wedding rings are made from yellow (I like lemon) gold, with a value of 750.

That is, if you take two rings of the same weight, but with different hallmarks, then the most valuable of them will be the one that has a higher hallmark. Of course, a bvlgari ring and an ordinary engagement ring won’t be anywhere near the same price, but this already applies to the area of ​​jewelry craftsmanship, designer work, brand fees, and so on.

There are aesthetic differences, but the love of gold unites everyone.

When discussing aesthetic differences, we enter the shaky ground of individual preferences and changing fashion trends. Everything is clear about individuality, it depends on taste and color, as they say, some people like one shade, others another.

Preferences can even change depending on the situation; a young girl on a date can be given a beautiful ring made of rose gold, for a wedding, wedding rings made of lemon gold. A confident and decisive business lady will suit a ring made of white gold with diamonds. And if you want to capture the imagination, there are blue, green and even black gold!

It is also difficult to keep up with fashion. The jewelry house has released a new collection, which means that fashionistas will be wearing this this season. And so on until someone no less eminent and talented amazes the noble public with a new product.

But still, jewelry is mostly bought seriously and for a long time. And there are some traditional options that go well together and will always look good.

If we talk about Russia, then the products made of red gold received the greatest love. In Europe, when given the opportunity to choose, they prefer higher quality yellow and white. In pre-revolutionary Russia and during the early Soviet Union, “red gold” was encountered. Jewelry made from it was very expensive. After all, it was 900 standard, the metal was very soft and in order to somehow extend the service life, they were made very massive. It was also used for minting coins, for example, the golden chervonets from red gold of 1923 – Sower.

Red gold looks very good in branded Swiss watches, in products with tourmalines, garnets, rubies, and black diamonds. The first association is a 583 ring with red corundum. It looked good and was reasonably priced. It is still quite common to bring them as collateral or for purchase. This alloy is most convenient for making various openwork decorations with many small and fancy elements.

The tradition of making wedding rings from yellow gold is especially common in Europe; this color is believed to symbolize stability. But basically the choice is limited to wedding rings; it’s difficult to do anything more complex, the metal is too soft.

Which gold is better, red or yellow?

Which gold is better, red or yellow, depends entirely on your individual preferences and purchasing goals. Yellow gold is the most popular type of gold and is used in most jewelry.

Red gold, a combination of gold and copper, has a unique reddish hue and is quite rare. It may be the ideal choice for those looking for something unusual and exclusive. Overall, the choice between yellow and red gold depends on your individual preferences.

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The question of which gold is best to buy will never lose its relevance. After all, the number of lovers of this noble metal is growing every day. In addition, there are also more and more types of this precious metal, and products made from it are becoming more sophisticated and varied.

To choose the right aurum jewelry, you should follow some simple principles that will allow you to choose not just a beautiful product, but a quality product that will last you for many years.

Step #1. Selecting a sample

According to government decree, any product containing 30 percent or more pure gold must have a hallmark – a hallmark, which is determined by the weight content of aurum in the alloy. The strength of the purchase, its durability, resistance to external negative influences and, of course, the price will depend on it.

In Russia, 585 and 750 samples are most often used for making jewelry. The first option is the most common for the production of “everyday jewelry”. This one contains up to 59% gold, is characterized by increased hardness, wear resistance and has excellent external characteristics. In addition, the metal does not lose its original shine and splendor for a long time, is resistant to damage, does not bend or break.

The second option contains up to 75,5% pure gold, which is why it has a rich yellow color and magnificent shine. However, the more precious metal the jewelry contains and the less ligature, the softer and more fragile it becomes. Such products quickly wear out from constant wear, become deformed, and scratches quickly appear on their surface. Therefore, such gold is better suited for creating rings, chains, earrings, and body icons for important events in life and special occasions.

Step #2. Deciding on the shade

The second thing you should pay attention to after testing is the shade of the product made of precious metal. Pure jewelry gold is called red gold and has a rich yellow color. However, it is quite soft, which is why it is mixed with ligature – other metals that increase the strength of jewelry, giving them a beautiful shade and shine. The color of the product is determined by what metal and in what quantity is used as an alloying additive:

  • Yellow indicates a high standard of gold – this is the natural color of the metal. However, high-carat jewelry is not durable and is quite expensive.
  • A pink or red tint is obtained when copper acts as a ligature. The greater the proportion of copper in the composition, the richer the red color of the finished product. Such an alloy is considered low-grade. However, jewelry made from it is very durable, able to withstand loads and retain any shape.
  • Today, white jewelry is especially popular, replacing very expensive platinum and silver, which is quickly losing its appearance. This color is achieved by adding platinum, palladium, rhodium or nickel. The most noble ligature is platinum – it makes jewelry more durable and also gives it a refined appearance. Palladium imparts a subtle yellowish tint. When rhodium plating, a thin layer of rhodium is applied to the product, which makes the color white. Nickel is not used as often as it is not suitable for everyone and can cause allergic reactions.
  • Fans of non-standard colors can choose set rings, bracelets, earrings or brooches with a pronounced greenish tint. This color is achieved when silver is used as a ligature.

The cost of various jewelry does not depend on the shade of gold. The price is determined by the breakdown, that is, by the weight content of the precious metal in the alloy. Which color is more sophisticated and looks more sophisticated is up to you to decide. The choice depends on your taste preferences.

Step #3. We check the quality

Really high-quality precious metal products are hallmarked. In our country, this is a print of a girl in a kokoshnik looking to the right. Then you should study the tag, which contains information about the manufacturer, weight and sample of the product, name of the product and its cost. Pay attention to whether the sample indicated on the jewelry matches the one on the tag – this information must match.

The fact that the jewelry is genuine is also indicated by its appearance. Please review the product carefully before purchasing. Gold should not be dull, it must shine and shimmer beautifully in the light. The structure of the metal must be uniform and free from defects, irregularities and scratches. Places of soldering and fastening must be done carefully and efficiently.

Consultants who work in large jewelry stores are always ready to help you decide which gold is best to buy. They will also help you choose a product or set of jewelry that suits your taste.

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