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Why is the horn frame called that?

The frame is an important design and functional element of both classic optical and fashion sunglasses. In most cases, it is a supporting structure or a kind of frame that securely fixes the lenses and allows the glasses to be kept in the correct static position on the nose and behind the ears. Today you can find a great variety of frames made of various materials on sale widely to suit every taste, color, style and budget. How not to get lost in such a variety of models and choose the best option for yourself or your child? How not to make a mistake, not to overpay extra money and purchase a high-quality, comfortable basis for future glasses that have the necessary and sufficient set of consumer characteristics? We will try to answer these and some other questions in this article.

Spectacle frame design

An eyeglass frame actually consists of just two elements: • frames – two eyepieces with inserts for lenses, which are connected to each other by a bridge with nose pads; • temples, the main function of which is to fix the frame behind the ears. Most often they are made folding, but sometimes there are other design options. Folding temples, also called temples, are usually attached to the frame using hinges and screws, although these may not be present. It should also be noted that almost all high-quality frames have temples or tips present on them made of hypoallergenic materials. Today, almost all frames can be divided into the following classes based on their design principle: • rim-shaped – represented by the largest number and variety of models. A frame of this type is a supporting structure and at the same time a frame for glasses, framing the glasses on all sides and securely fixing them; • semi-rimmed ones – more stylish and sophisticated compared to the rimmed ones. With this implementation, there is an upper supporting structure, to which the glass is attached from below using nylon fishing lines; • rimless – the most elegant, neat and light. The temples are secured through holes made directly in the lenses. The latter are connected to each other in a similar way using a bridge. With this design, the frame does not have a frame and the entire assembly is a load-bearing structure. When choosing a frame design, you should focus not only on your own taste, sense of style or fashion trends, but primarily based on considerations of comfort, safety and the type of lenses prescribed by the ophthalmologist.

frame material

Let us immediately answer one of the main questions often asked by people who are just starting to wear glasses: with all the achievements of modern technology, the best material for glasses frames simply does not exist. Each material used today has its own specifics, characteristic features, different purposes and service life. Therefore, the choice of the best frame for certain conditions and special modes of use of glasses is decided in each case on an individual basis. Widespread and most popular among buyers are frames made from the following materials: • metal is strong, reliable, durable and has already become a classic material. Used for a long time to make glasses and pince-nez, it has not lost its relevance to this day. In the manufacture of frames today, alloys of nickel, chromium, copper, titanium, aluminum and beryllium, as well as stainless steel, are most often used. Metal frames are almost always coated with a protective varnish with an additional hypoallergenic layer; • precious metals – as in jewelry, gold, platinum and silver are used in the form of various alloys or sputtering onto less expensive metals, so such frames are quite expensive; • plastic – a universal modern material, lightweight, durable and inexpensive. Spectacle frames made from special types of plastic are represented by the greatest variety of shapes, colors and design options; • combined – frames have functional elements made of metal and plastic; • silicone is a soft, flexible, comfortable and durable material. Silicone frames are characterized by special resistance to various deformations, reliable fit and a high level of comfort when wearing glasses. Silicone does not break, does not break and does not cause allergic reactions. When considering the strengths and weaknesses of different frame materials, it can be very difficult to choose one or another option. Plastic frames are characterized by greater lightness, comfort, accessibility, hypoallergenicity and a wide variety of colors. The main features of metal ones are their solidity, seriousness and natural severity, as well as less thickness and greater strength, which gives them some advantages in terms of practicality and durability. In addition, metal frames usually look much more respectable and are better suited to a business image or a strict corporate dress code. It is not always obvious to consumers that high-quality plastic frames can last for several years with everyday use. Therefore, in matters of durability, practicality, convenience and versatility, metal frames today have lost their once unshakable leadership position. Therefore, nowadays, sometimes the only strict requirement on which the choice of frame material depends is the type of optical lens prescribed by the doctor. In this regard, the following specifics of the combination of lenses and frames must be taken into account: • glass lenses (made from mineral glass) are not suitable for semi-rimless frames with lines; • lenses with diopters are not allowed for installation in open frames; • Astigmatic lenses are not suitable for screw-on frames. In addition, there may be other specific restrictions on the selection of frames depending on the type, type and characteristics of the lenses being installed, so you should always choose a frame only after you have decided on the lenses.

Requirements for glasses frames

Obviously, among the huge variety of products from different manufacturers, not every frame will be suitable for making glasses that are suitable for you. In addition to issues of quality, choice of material and individual customer preferences, there are also objective measurable parameters of frames, without which it becomes impossible to produce the right glasses. Any frame must first of all have an even, symmetrical geometry without obvious defects or distortions. In addition, it should also sit as straight as possible and not cause a desire to constantly adjust anything. All mechanics must be visually and functionally in good condition. The temple hinges should operate smoothly and not bind, be flimsy, or be too tight. When choosing a frame for yourself, try to consider models that satisfy the following condition: in a normal worn position, the middle line of the eyepiece of the lens should pass through the center of the pupil – in this case, the frame is considered correct and suits you. In practice, achieving such an ideal ratio can be quite difficult and most often the pupil is slightly above this imaginary line. In addition, most glasses, especially those with thick lenses, have a slight tendency to slide down towards the tip of the nose. No gaps or play are allowed in the temples: they must have the optimal length and secure the glasses tightly, preventing them from slipping. On the other hand, the temples should not fit too tightly, rub the skin at the contact points and cause any discomfort when wearing glasses for a long time. You should select frames only in specialized optical shops that have the appropriate license and offer quality products. When choosing frames and subsequent production of glasses, it is strictly not recommended to be guided by personal preferences of certain models, but to resort to the consultations and services of professional specialists.

Specifics of choosing frames for glasses

There are quite a lot of both objective and subjective criteria that determine the final choice of a particular frame. Some people prefer to have one universal pair of glasses for all occasions, while others prefer to have several in different frames for different purposes, activities and types of activity. Below we provide a small list of basic recommendations for choosing frames based on the interests and specifics of various customer groups.

Frames for men

Men’s frames, like any other, should suit the facial features and highlight its attractive sides, if possible hiding existing imperfections and minor defects. In addition, the frame should be in harmony with the overall style of clothing and, of course, please the future owner. Particular attention should be paid to the type of activity for which the glasses are selected. If a man leads a predominantly active lifestyle, then it is recommended to limit the choice to plastic models as the basis for future glasses. A frame made of high-quality modern plastic will withstand mechanical loads, temperature changes and does not deform when dropped, absorbing and cushioning some of the impact energy. Various metal frames that have high performance characteristics and create a sense of business style and a serious attitude are perfect for everyday office work. There are also separate models of frames designed and intended specifically for active or team sports. If the future owner of glasses is involved in such sports, then it makes sense to make separate glasses based on such a frame specifically for physical activities.

Frames for women

Obviously, in the case of women’s frame models, the choice is much wider and somewhat more complex. Fashionistas often prefer universal frames that perfectly match the current look of the glasses owner. In this case, it is better to limit your choice to semi-rimless or rimless frames. Such models harmoniously complement both strict business and light everyday style. It should be taken into account that the production of glasses in frames of the mentioned categories is possible only with small diopters. If the lenses have high diopters, then you will have to consider exclusively rim models. In the case of elegant rim frames for every day, the fair sex is recommended to turn their attention to the very popular “cat eye” or “fox” shapes. If for some reason you don’t like this shape or don’t suit your facial features, then you can always choose a perfectly suitable model of a different shape, since the range of women’s frames is truly huge. As for models for sports or outdoor activities, the recommendations here will be the same as for men, but adjusted for color, style, fashion trends and the personal taste of the owner of the glasses.

Frames for children

The requirements for children’s glasses and frames have always been stricter than those for adults. Doctors often give preference and recommendations to lightweight plastic models, since the bridge of the nose in babies is not fully formed and for this reason heavy glasses often slide down under their own weight. Before selecting children’s frames and making glasses, you must show your child to an ophthalmologist. Such examinations should be carried out regularly, since children grow quickly and the parameters of their visual apparatus, as well as the size of suitable glasses, can change quickly. In addition, when choosing children’s frames, you should always take into account the child’s age group and monitor the condition of the bridge of his nose. Among various children’s models, frames made of silicone have gained great popularity. They certainly deserve careful consideration for a number of special characteristics and distinctive features: they do not deform when twisted or bent, and do not break under impacts or other mechanical influences, thus ensuring safety for the child and their own durability. In addition, they are soft, light and hypoallergenic, as well as a bunch of different shapes and colors, which is the most important factor in the choice and condition for the daily wearing of glasses by children themselves.

Fashionable eyeglass frames

Congenital vision problems, as well as a decrease in its sharpness as a result of professional activity and existing diseases, today are not a reason to feel uncomfortable or break out of your usual style. Do you want to wear a fashionable dress, a formal suit, jeans with a thick sweater or shorts with a T-shirt? No problem! Nowadays, there are simply no obstacles or restrictions in choosing frames that are ideal for a particular look. Here is a description of some current and considered fashionable models today: • square – this frame shape is associated with old black and white TVs. The frame became a super hit a couple of years ago and has not gone out of style since then; • round vintage – round horn frames are back in fashion today and still remain one of the sexiest, especially in the opinion of women; • invisible – a delicate and discreet frame, almost invisible on the face – sometimes it seems as if it is simply missing. At the same time, it allows you to create the image of a serious, convincing and very stylish person; • cat’s eye – this form of women’s frames is always fashionable and therefore extremely popular. Has alternative names “cat eyes” and “chanterelles”. This shape has long become a classic in the women’s arsenal: the elongated corners of the frame add a touch of playfulness and intrigue, becoming an ideal addition to almost any female look.

Where to buy eyeglass frames in Moscow

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  • She held a bottle on her lap and, pushing her large horned glasses, looked at her carefully.

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  • Subsequently, the captain acquainted us with the dramatic vicissitudes of this struggle. Putting on horn-rimmed glasses and holding the paper high, he re-read with feeling Bankevich’s gossip and his answers.

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