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Why should you wear natural stones?

The scattering of natural stones fascinates with its beauty and diversity. Each pebble, born in the depths of the earth, imbued with the energy of the sun, is warmed by the love of a jewelry master. Svetlana Molodykh puts her love of art, her soul and heart into creating designer jewelry. In jewelry she uses natural stones: black and colored agate, rose quartz, moonstone, citrine, rauchtopaz, garnet, coral, hematite, marcasite, rock crystal, labradorite, larimar, lapis lazuli, black spinel, lava, chalcedony, turquoise , chrysoprase. When choosing natural stones for decoration, she, first of all, relies on their beauty and the properties of natural stones, the play of colors, the combination of textures that will merge into a single beautiful work of art. The magic of beauty and properties of natural stones in jewelry lies in the powerful natural energy, complemented by feminine happiness, which the author gives you.

Jewelry with natural stones – natural power

There are legends and amazing stories about stones, but one thing is beyond doubt: each of them has certain properties that are beneficial to humans. When choosing jewelry with stones, pay attention to them.

Black agate

Black agate is a mysterious and mysterious stone. Thanks to its properties, it helps its owner become confident, balanced, and find inner harmony. The properties of natural stone are useful for certain diseases: the cardiovascular system, joint diseases, stress conditions, chronic fatigue, and problems with nerves. If you are constantly sleepy, then natural stone will keep you in good shape. Frequently wearing agate is useful for strengthening the immune system. In addition, natural stone can improve logical thinking, concentration, and strengthen thought processes.


Rock crystal is often called petrified ice. One of the properties of natural stone is that it is a real amulet, since it accumulates only positive energy. It is as if he attracts all the negativity and transforms it into positivity. Decoration made from this stone is very useful for those who are constantly engaged in intellectual work. It is worn for good luck, for financial well-being, and is given with wishes of happiness, which the new owner will definitely have.

Black spinel

Black spinel is a symbol of abundance. This stone is suitable for strong, self-sufficient, extraordinary individuals. It has an interesting property: it is recharged with energy from a person, and at the same time shares it with its owner. It only helps a person with good intentions, for others it will cause harm. The properties of the black spinel stone are that it has a calming effect on the body, revitalizes it, and recharges it.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a natural stone of heaven and power; it is no coincidence that leaders love it. It will give composure, calmness, peace and improve well-being. A piece of lapis lazuli jewelry affects not only its owner, but also the world around him and is capable of changing it. This is a natural stone of friendliness, and anyone who wanted to deceive you or lie to you will be turned away from this idea by your stone. Lapis lazuli can be worn for anger, inexplicable fear, and depression. You can wear jewelry with these stones to improve the functioning of the thyroid gland and cardiovascular system.


Turquoise is an amazing natural stone with the aroma of the East, the keeper of fidelity. It brings fabulous purity, magic, love and happiness to its owner. The properties of natural stone are that it is able to balance the emotions of lovers, restore harmony and peace. It helps you become kinder, relieves you of feelings of vengeance and encourages forgiveness. Turquoise jewelry has a special magical power: it helps only honest people achieve results.


Lava is a natural stone of energy and strength. It contains the elements of Water, Earth, Fire and Air and is ready to generously share this energy with its owner. The properties of natural lava will help you make a revolution in your life: change your inner world, worldview, awaken dormant talent. Natural stone will help you reboot your consciousness, teach you to think creatively and bring your plans to life. In addition, lava jewelry is good for health: it strengthens the immune system and nervous system.


Amber is a living natural healer. Natural stone is suitable for both sick and healthy people. The properties of the stone are that it strengthens the immune system, activates metabolic processes, and improves brain function. Raw amber is especially useful for diseases of the thyroid gland, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and nervous systems. In these cases, it is recommended to wear it constantly. Jewelry with amber will help you gain vigor and optimism.

Jewelry with natural stones – the boundless energy of nature

Undoubtedly, great power and beauty lies in jewelry with natural stones. They look regal and magical, serving their owner as a talisman and amulet. Choose natural stones not according to your horoscope, but according to the beauty and strength they possess, trust your inner intuition, and your heart will tell you. Jewelry with natural stones is the best gift for a loved one, friend, mother or daughter. Hold the stones in your hand, charge them with your energy of happiness and give them a gift. Just remember: it must be from the heart! Wear jewelry with natural stones and believe that the stones will definitely bring you joy, happiness, health, and give you their energy and strength of life! Accessories with natural minerals
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Why do women need jewelry made from natural stones?

It has long been believed that jewelry with natural stones has a beneficial effect on the fairer sex. Previously, it was believed that the only function of wearing jewelry with stones was to protect a woman from evil and unclean spirits. Times are changing, so the functions of stone products are becoming more and more numerous. Nowadays, women are recommended to wear jewelry not only as part of their wardrobe, that is, for beauty, but also as a talisman for women and a remedy, both mentally and physically. Stylists, psychologists, esotericists and scientists have developed different ideas and hypotheses about the benefits of wearing accessories with stones. Let’s look at them.

Most women wear jewelry for beauty, thereby complementing and completing their look. It’s not for nothing that people have the opinion that the true goal of a woman is to decorate the world. And in order to become an adornment to the world, you need to take care not only of your internal characteristics, but also of your appearance. Femininity, sexuality, brightness – these are the characteristics that can describe a woman wearing various accessories. The ability to choose the right accessory for yourself is a very difficult task. Therefore, it is not for nothing that stylists believe that “decorating” yourself correctly is an entire art.

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Psychologists, in turn, take a slightly different point of view. In addition to the fact that jewelry with natural stones makes the image unique, they believe that stones can influence a woman’s inner world. A correctly selected stone according to the horoscope instills in a woman the most positive characteristics, in turn eliminating negativity and bad thoughts.

Completely different thoughts are presented by groups of esotericists. In addition to the function of jewelry with natural stones as a talisman against bad influences, they add the functions of a talisman for good luck and a talisman for wealth. It is also believed that a correctly selected stone will affect physical health, help you find love, and even help you climb the career ladder! Of course, to achieve these goals, you need to carefully select a stone based on compatibility with your zodiac sign. You should also pay attention to the color of the stone, because different colors also carry different functions.

Carnelian set with carnelian pendulum

Modern scientists are also interested in the influence of accessories made of natural stones on a woman’s body. In the course of experiments and experiments, it was found that natural stones can relieve a woman of depression, blues and lift her spirits. I think many readers of this article have noticed more than once that even an ordinary trip to jewelry stores can relieve stress as much as possible and gain good spirits.

To solve important problems or make complex and responsible decisions, scientists advise holding your jewelry in your hands, sorting through them. Scientists believe that in this way, concentration will improve, thought processes will improve, and the right thoughts will come to mind. Of course, this exercise should be done alone, in a space where no outside influence will interfere with immersion in yourself and your thoughts.

The influence of accessories on energy zones.

Wearing a lot of jewelry is considered a necessity for any woman. After all, they influence all areas of life of the fair sex. For example, beads, chains, pendants, and necklaces have a beneficial effect on the throat, heart and solar plexus areas. The enrichment of these zones can evoke good nature, femininity, and compassion in a woman. It is these zones that influence the development of creative potential. Earrings, in turn, protect the upper energy zones. It is believed that the longer a woman’s earrings, the greater her feminine energy. On the contrary, energy flows out of the woman through the wrists. After all, representatives of the fair sex usually tend to give their energy and strength to those in need, to give love to others, often forgetting about self-love. It is jewelry made from natural stones, such as bracelets on the wrist, that can regulate the release of energy into the environment. Bracelets will help you think not only about others, but also, first of all, about yourself, not forgetting about your worries, desires and needs. But rings for the most part play the role of a talisman for women. The more rings on the hands, the more powerful and long-lasting the woman’s energy will be under total protection. You shouldn’t be surprised by the decorations made of stones on the hair, namely various hairpins, headbands, tiaras – after all, it has long been believed that hair is responsible for communication with higher powers and the Universe. When decorating her head, a woman receives energy and wisdom from the Universe.

ring with natural stones

Don’t be shy about choosing your jewelry carefully, for example in jewelry stores. You should hold them in your hands for a long time, try them on, “grind in” with each piece of jewelry with a stone in order to find exactly what you need. You must feel the chosen accessory, understand it, believe in its strength and abilities. If you find a piece of jewelry that suits your soul, you will not want to take it off, then you have found exactly what you want. Not only did you choose it, but it also chose you.

The person who gave the jewelry also plays a significant role in a woman’s life. Even in ancient chronicles it was said that buying and donating accessories is the direct responsibility of a man. After all, even on a subconscious level, upon receiving such a gift from a man, the woman immediately begins to belong to him in the mental plane. She completely surrenders to him, all thoughts are directed only to the giver. The male giver, in turn, receives a powerful charge of energy from the woman, he becomes more successful and attractive in his affairs. Therefore, by giving jewelry to his beloved, a man makes not only her, but also himself more successful and wealthy.

Silver set with quartz “Ice Labyrinth”

In any case, jewelry carries only positive energy and has a beneficial effect on all areas of life. Therefore, you need to wear your jewelry as often as possible, buy new accessories, please and pamper yourself! After all, they are the ones who will make you irresistible and the most attractive woman on the entire planet! Your mood will not leave you for a long time, and your physical and mental state will always be “at its best”! You will forget about all the problems and failures!

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