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Who is Amazonite suitable for according to their zodiac sign?

Amazonite is a beautiful ornamental mineral from which jewelry is made. The magical properties of this stone help people find family happiness, enlightenment, and inner peace. Light blue-green tints are pleasing to the eye and look stylish in jewelry and souvenirs.


Once upon a time, this stone adorned the clothes and weapons of the Amazons – the first female warriors, which is why the name “amazonite” is associated with these ancient tribes. The mineral was first discovered on the Scythian mounds, where the ancient burials of brave warriors are located. According to legend, women used the gem not only as decoration, but also knew about its special properties. The stone was ground into powder and then used in rituals or for treatment.
According to another version, the first Amazonites were discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun, the great pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. The famous “Book of the Dead” (a collection of texts and hymns on a religious theme that helped the dead in the afterlife) was carved on stone plates of this mineral.
The first “Amazonian” stones were discovered in copies of the Amazon River basin (hence another version of the origin of the name of the gem), from there they were brought to the European part of the world.
Amazonite is formed in magma, specifically in veins of pegmatite and granite. The main production sites are the Kola Peninsula, the Amazon Basin, the Ural Mountains, and Peru.


  1. Large perite – with bright shades of turquoise, a clear pattern, interspersed with white feldspar (albite), these are long cords or jagged ingrowths along the entire length of the plate;
  2. Fine perite is a mineral of a bluish hue, the white pattern is weakly expressed, there is a slight silvery tint.

The mineral has a wide range of color shades: blue, mint, turquoise, rich green, grassy, ​​gray, dove, always with a soft sparkle on the surface after grinding.


Stone specialists (lithotherapists) believe that amazonite helps improve human health. Who is Amazonite suitable for?

  • For those who want to improve their metabolism and lose excess weight;
  • Women and men with problem skin, since massage with amazonite plates and balls relieves rashes and pigmentation disorders;
  • Wearing these green-blue beads, necklaces, bracelets, earrings improves the condition of hair, teeth, nails;
  • For people with sleep disorders, in this case the stone builds a strong, calm night’s rest;
  • Meditation and massage practices with Amazonian minerals lead to the regeneration of skin, joints, and connective tissue.

Amazonite rock heals the body as a whole; it is often used for the rehabilitation period after operations and injuries.
Amazonite affects the functioning of the thyroid gland and slows down the development of cancer cells. The darker the shade, the stronger its healing properties, so “stone” therapy is strictly distributed over time. The amulet is used during sessions or to be worn on a specific part of the body, and after improving health, it is put away for storage in a box.

Its protection can also be used in the home; it is enough to install the mineral or a craft made from it next to equipment that produces radiation on the human body. A computer or TV will become safer if their energy is contained by an Amazonite stone.


A talisman made of green-blue rock is used in spiritual practices to develop intuition. Amazonite reveals inner strength, the ability to hear the world, and tune in to subtle energy. He is consulted when important decisions need to be made. Shamans and healers use it during clairvoyance sessions, and an ordinary person can put the amulet under the pillow to see a solution or prophecy in a dream.

In addition to strengthening your inner consciousness, wearing Amazonite jewelry improves your mood and gives you self-confidence. The stone supports a positive vision of the world, eliminates internal fears and negative emotions. In the family, in relationships, with the help of a talisman you can reduce the number of conflicts and negativity. It reduces temper and gives softness to the interaction between two people. With the appearance of an Amazonite talisman in the house, harmony blossoms, and all disagreements find a peaceful solution. Young people who want to find family happiness will be able to attract a suitable couple into their lives with the help of a talisman. This relationship will quickly lead to a happy marriage and children. For people suffering from depression, stubbornness or bad character, Amazonite jewelry can also be useful. It will reduce anxiety, aggression, and help establish contact with yourself, the world around you, and other people.

An important magical property of the mineral is its protective power; it works as a powerful amulet against evil forces. The negative influence of bad people, black thoughts, imbalances do not penetrate the protective layer. Higher powers and the universe send signals through the stone and direct energy, which is why shamans, sorcerers, and seers use it in their practices.

Application by zodiac sign

This is a universal talisman with light energy; it can be used by both women and men of different zodiac signs. Who is suitable for an amazonite amulet:

  • For those who want to bring stability and peace to their relationships at work, in the family or with loved ones;
  • When building a house, an amazonite piece can be laid in the foundation to guarantee the well-being of the home,
  • For housewives, a few Amazonite stones in the kitchen area will bring comfort and warmth to the family; The amulet will give attractiveness and self-confidence to young girls and insecure women;
  • If you purchase a talisman on a significant date (wedding, date), then make a cherished wish for it, it will strengthen the directed energy;
  • A talisman on men’s clothes will protect them from envy and improve communication with people around them, which has a positive effect on their career.

The mineral is suitable for all representatives of the zodiac cycle, since its energy does not carry sharp vibrations. Ideal for Taurus and Scorpio to soften their explosive energy and protect them from conflicts. Leo and Aries will get rid of stubbornness and reveal hidden abilities thanks to the talisman. An amazonite amulet will make Cancers, Pisces, Capricorns by zodiac sign more resilient emotionally, and protect against melancholy and gloomy thoughts. Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, who often make wrong decisions in the flow of ideas, with the help of an Amazonite amulet will better feel their inner world; the mineral will protect them from unpleasant events and a negative environment.


In jewelry, Amazonite rock is combined with stones of similar shades – opal, turquoise, topaz, and aventurine in cool shades. Moreover, it belongs to the element of air, which means that “aquatic” pearls, opal, and corals are not compatible with it. Their combination will make the owner irritable and may have a bad effect on the mental state. The stone is used to make beautiful jewelry ensembles and decorative items for the home. The gem looks expensive and is easy to process, which is why it is used to make beads, pendants, and bracelets of various sizes. Multicolor Amazonite looks especially interesting when classic bluish elements are combined with beads of other shades. Polished stones are framed in silver, jewelry alloys, and wood.

In finishing, tabletops are made from durable amazonite plates, large floor vases are turned, and walls are lined. One of the special techniques used by decorators is “Russian mosaic” from the Peterhof Lapidary Factory. Craftsmen create paintings, panels, and complex designs from stone elements to decorate walls.

How to choose real amazonite mineral:

  • Hold a stone in your hand, its dense structure slowly transmits heat, so the surface should not heat up from the warmth of the skin;
  • Look at the pattern – it looks chaotic, but the pattern is very harmonious, with white inclusions more than half of the entire surface;
  • Even in the bright sun, an amazonite plate will not be visible due to its structure, and the stone itself is durable and resistant to mechanical stress.

An Amazonite amulet should not be worn constantly, as it reacts poorly to biological fluids (sweat) and household chemicals. Severe frost and heat are destructive to its surface – cracks, scratches may appear on it, and the color may fade. After wearing, it is better to wipe the mineral with a soft cloth and put it in a box trimmed with velvet or other delicate material. Occasionally, the pebble can be washed with water and a small amount of soap, then rinsed in clean water and blotted dry with a napkin. After being used as a talisman or as a healing stone, Amazonite needs to be cleansed and energized.

How to care for the amulet:

  • Salt water will cleanse the stone amulet of accumulated energy;
  • If you hold the talisman in the open air for a short time, it will be saturated with the energies of its element – air;
  • The sun or moon can also become sources of energy; for this, the stone must lie in their light for a short time;
  • Another source is the green power of plants; dried lettuce or rhubarb leaves can be placed in an Amazonite storage pouch.

Attention and careful attitude to Amazonite will nourish the talisman, and in return the stone will take care of its owner – it will give strength, get rid of negativity, and keep love in the house.

People wear jewelry with natural stones without thinking at all about the significance of this or that mineral. But it is important to know this, since each natural stone has unique properties and may not be suitable for everyone.

Much is said about the place of its origin, however, until now known, it was always believed that the only deposit of Amazonite was the Ilmen Mountains.

Amazonite is a green-colored stone with an unusual structure. It contains aluminum-silicon potassium salts. It can be found in the form of single crystals or in the form of coarse-grained veins.

What does Amazonite stone look like? Properties of the stone

Amazonite is a stone whose properties have long been known. It has a glassy sheen, some translucency around the edges, and light blue-green colors.

People have long isolated and proven the healing properties of the mineral. It is used to treat many diseases. Most often it helps in the following cases:

  • If necessary, relieve muscle pain;
  • For the speedy healing of fresh wounds or injuries;
  • If necessary, cure a cold (ARVI, ARI);
  • Mental disorders and the need to rid a person of mental disorders;
  • When a rejuvenating agent is needed;
  • To normalize metabolic processes in the body.

The meaning of the Amazonite stone is not known to everyone, but most of those who have jewelry with this mineral have long felt its benefits.

Amazonite. Magic properties

Speaking about the magical abilities of the stone, you can understand who Amazonite is suitable for according to their zodiac sign.

Jewelry containing this healing mineral in its design are real amulets. It is worth highlighting such a magical property of Amazonite as accompanying stability in work and social status.

Among other properties it is necessary to highlight:

  • The ability to overcome problems associated with self-esteem and self-doubt;
  • Increasing mood and strengthening fortitude;
  • Strengthening family and friendly relations between people;
  • Attracting kindness and tranquility into the home.

Amazonite stone. Who is suitable according to their zodiac sign?

Despite the many positive qualities of the mineral, it is worth understanding that it is not suitable for everyone. This is especially true for owners of certain zodiac signs.

Thus, Cancers, Scorpios, Gemini, Virgos and Sagittarius will receive only positive influences from the stone.

Amazonite for Scorpio and Cancer will protect against nerve-related diseases. The crystal will reduce the risk of depression and melancholy.

Amazonite for Geminis will be an excellent amulet because it will help them find good luck in matters of finance and business transactions. The mineral has the properties of attracting money in any work. To feel the effects of the crystal, it does not matter how you wear Amazonite. It can be used in any jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.). The main thing is to wear the product as often as possible. So you can use Amazonite to attract happiness, luck, success and health!

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